No 9mm??

Was at Bill’s Gun Shop today in Robbinsdale. Thought I was use the range but found they had NO, NONE, ZERO!! 9mm ammo and they do not let you use CCI ammo(at least not the aluminum cased version!!) I had found this at Fleet Farm recently also, no 9mm. Good thing I have a few “hundred” rounds!!

So I wandered around and looked at all the “evil” black guns. Saigo has a couple I would not mind getting my hands on, also the Ruger Mini-14.

Talked with a couple of customers and the common theme was buy now before Holder and B Hussein go after our 2nd Amendment Rights. As one guy said “Are the bad guys going to run up and turn their weapons in?” Not hardly. Only the law abiding “sheeple” will do so. I guess I will be forced to be a criminal, a felon,  as I refuse to give up my rights.

But back to my wanderings in the retail area of Bill’s. Found a couple of snub nose revolvers that interest me(used). a Taurus 85 in .38 Special and a Taurus 856 in .38 Special. Both under 300 bucks and the only difference is the 856 is a 6 shot. Well that is a bit of a difference. They also have a number of CZ-82’s in 9×18 Makarov for under 200.

But of course none are in the budget right now and we had to buy new shoes for the kid as he went out for track, (GREAT) and they cost me 79 bucks!! Plus I guess he needs cleats also!! But am happy and proud that he has done this so I will support him as I can!!

But I may just say the heck with it and buy what I want before they make them illegal.  One of those awful black guns and a snubbie.

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