Great Article From a White Coat

The following excerpt pretty much nails the Socialized Health care is the same as public funded health care. Period. In spite of what the talking heads and [ro Obamacare tell you it will be managed care and someone other then you will make th decisions. You may say that happens today wioth our current system. It does to a point but I have never NOT had a problem taken care of nor my family dues to anyone telling us no.

But they want to take our choices away.  And they tell us they won’t. Liars!

What I do not understand is how Politicians and those supporting these nitwits supporting them cannot realize that when you have “X” number of dollars you can only do so much and need to decide where to spend it. Now some nitwits like our very own House Rep in Minnesota 25b seesm to think this is not how it will work. But then this same a$$hat tried to explain to me that budget is not a budget when comparing government vs Joe Publics.

Any how below is an excerpt foolwed by a link to the whole article.

Socialized medicine = publicly funded health care. Period. I don’t think that anyone can draw a line between “socialized” medicine and “single payer” medicine (in which government pays, but does not participate in delivery of care). The “golden rule” always applies – he who has the gold makes the rules. Look at the Medicare system now. The government pays for care, but conditions payment on a plethora of byzantine rules. Fail to follow the rules – even if you provide the care – and you don’t get paid. Technically, even though the government is not “providing” the care, it is orchestrating the care – sometimes on an “ubermicromanagment” level.
Many people are content with Medicare because they get what they want at no current cost to them. Don’t forget that most people receiving Medicare have paid into the system through payroll deduction for all of their lives. I think that people in stories like
this or this or this would disagree with your general assertion that Medicare patients have “higher satisfaction than other insured patients”. Being “insured” by Medicare doesn’t mean much if no providers accept it. Our Medicaid crisis right now is what Medicare will look like 10 years from now unless the system changes.

Go here for the rest….

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