Rep David Bly

Bly’s latest gibberish on universal health care is here.

Here is a response.

Oh its nice how they show just tax credits which by the way in the Senate
plan expire after 3 years (yeah like anything expires in government)

In Senate:

Companies with fewer than 25 employees are exempt from so-called pay or
play requirements. Employers with 50 or fewer full-time workers that pay
60% or more of their premiums will get tax credits for up to three years
to offset the cost of coverage. Small businesses (as well as self-employed
workers) could join in statewide buying pools to reduce premiums.

In House:

The House plan requires all employers to provide coverage if they have at
least $250,000 in payroll. Companies would have to contribute 72.5% of
their workers’ premiums (or 65% for family coverage). Those that don’t
would face a payroll tax, starting at 2% for companies with a payroll of
$250,000 and increasing on a sliding scale to 8% for those with more than
$400,000. The House plan would offer small employers with low-wage workers
a tax credit toward premium costs that would phase out for companies with
higher wages and more workers. Some employers could let their workers buy
insurance through the exchange.

Here is the NFIB take on the early plans:

But when you supposedly help in one area (or buy off as I would like to
say) you hurt in other areas:

Sure as an economist myself you can pull one idea out the proposal and say
yes that works for me but forget that I as a consumer or my family will be
paying higher costs…etc that are not part of that proposal. Remember
businesses do not pay taxes ….. PEOPLE do!

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