Tentative congratulations are in order, Mr. Obama.

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Tentative congratulations are in order, Mr. Obama.

It was no landslide victory, no great popular vote, just half of America against the other half. Just remember, that now, more than ever, you own this.

You own the economy.

You own the Middle East crisis, where my son and daughter-in-law will physically be as Israel faces the greatest challenge of its existence. Israel knows

it doesn’t have your support. But Israel won’t go down without a fight.You will own the unemployment that will go up as part-time workers will not be able to work past 28 hours, due to your health care plan. You will own the increase in food stamps and welfare benefits and other costs as those former self-sustaining folks seek ways to take care of their families.

You will own the increases in healthcare as it becomes more costly and scarce as Obamacare takes full affect. You will own the lack of doctors who don’t want to practice medicine that treats numbers instead of people.

You will own the loss of middle class income as it plummets as more taxes go into effect. More people on the dole. Who will pay for that?

You will own the costs of unions who are taking from the very people they were designed to help. We will owe our children’s future to China because we can’t afford the goods made in America because of union costs. We will owe our future monetarily to China because of the loans you keep taking from them and the imbalance of trade that has become the new norm under your administration.

Be prepared to OWN it, Mr. Obama, because the legacy of our United States is at a critical juncture. Your policies will probably continue to tear down the economy and tear down the personal wealth of millions of ‘average’ folks. So all those who want a handout for your vaginas and cigarettes and phones…be prepared to lose those also as the source of money for them will be taken away by the very policies you supported. Small businesses cannot afford to carry that burden. The middle class cannot continue to carry that burden. Even if all the so-called rich gave ALL their money and assets, it would not even begin to put a dent in the deficit you have brought to this country. You have brought division to a country that you swore to bring together. Some great communicator you are.

If I am proven wrong in four years, I will admit it here (or wherever) publicly.

Until then, I guess I stand here like Leonidas did, crying “????? ????”…you are in the process of taking everything else, but I will fight to bring my country back to the place it deserves to be, not in the cesspool of destitution you seem to want to bring it. Mr. Obama, you will own the mess, but decent Americans will fight like hell to bring it back. It may not be the bloody fight of the ancient Spartans, and it well may seem like a losing battle, but there is at least half of America which will continue the fight for America’s greatness. You see, that’s what’s great about America. There are people here who are ready to clean up others’ messes for the greater good. And that greater good will come again.

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