Help Support Those..

That fight for our Rights and Freedoms..
Use Amazon?
Then why not this?

Dear SAF supporter and friend of liberty,

You already know that shopping at Amazon through supports our Second Amendment-advancing lawsuits and educational efforts like the exciting new Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors project. But what you may not know is how fast your everyday purchases, even small ones, can really add up to big-time support for your gun rights.

Let’s say you spend about $100 every month on general household stuff (much of which you can get delivered for free in 2 days or less as an Amazon Prime member). By shopping through, as much as $25 of that $100 order would go directly to help SAF fight for your rights. That’s no exaggeration – up to 25% of each order through goes right back to support our right to keep and bear arms! Over the course of a year, that $100 a month could add up to as much as $300 we need to help fund the lawsuits and other activities that restore our Second Amendment civil rights.

If just 25,000 of you buy $100 of products (even gift cards!) through this holiday season, we could fund a number of new and significant Second Amendment lawsuits in 2013. Isn’t that kind of news worth sharing with your friends, family, co-workers, and range buddies?

It’s really that simple. Even buying basics like coffee and paper towels, conveniently delivered to your door, through go a long way toward keeping top-notch constitutional lawyers like Alan Gura winning in the courtroom for you.

Whether you’re shopping for special holiday gifts, looking for the next great toothbrush, or stocking up on office stuff like paper and ink, please make a difference by pointing your web browser to and make your purchase through our shopping program.

As always, we really appreciate your help and support!

- The Second Amendment Foundation Team

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