Stopping the Obama gun ban, and a rally for your rights



Yesterday, President Obama announced his agenda for gun control — taking away more of your rights by banning certain rifles and all magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

The only thing that stands between the president and this infringement is Congress.

Please contact Senator Franken, Senator Klobuchar, and your U.S. Representative TODAY and tell them, briefly and politely, that such bans only punish the law-abiding citizen, and do nothing to stop criminals and crazies. Their contact info is at the bottom of this email.

Special note: Senator Franken has shown signs of being open to reason on "assault weapons." Please give him very positive, calm support for rejecting this pointless infringements.

Some things you can point out:

  • Rifles of ANY kind are used in less than 3% of all murders in the United States. More people are killed with knifes, clubs, and bare hands.
  • We tried an "assault weapon" ban before, from 1994-2004. It did nothing.
  • The police that protect our communities and our Congress use full-capacity magazines, because they are necessary and effective. Why should individual citizens be deprived of their use?
  • Violent crime has been falling for the last 20 years. We are safer today than we have been since 1983.


This Saturday, January 19, gun rights supporters from around the state will rally at the Minnesota Capitol. The event starts at noon, and GOCRA Vice President Andrew Rothman will be the keynote speaker.

Please join us and make your voice heard!

You can find more information here:


We need your help to fight for your rights. Please pitch in today!

Please forward this email to gun owners and civil rights supporters, and ask them to sign up at

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GOCRA – P. O. Box 131254 – St. Paul, MN 55113

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