Facebook Wednesday!!

Is 12 above zero out there!!

Heat wave!!! Headed to a high of……………12 above!!

And a dusting of snow…glad I do not have to head into the Metro and the mess it will be this morning..

Headed south, only a few miles to teach and ACLS class..

Oh yeah..


3barrelled 3Branches 55Million 690correlation AllIwant Another plan AReason Backgroundchecks Bengahzi bstrain ByHim Change ColdDead courage DOneWithBWWW Explained FearingDeer FedUp Flames Freedom GirlsBestFriend GiveUpGuns gotallCs GreatFiction guns16 HumanRight IWin LiarfromHawaii LineintheSand MA martiallaw MoreMotor MySOurces Never NoBans Nothingtosee ObamaStickers ObamaSuppoorters. Obamath OfTheYear Rally RoadRage SchoolShooters SocialistParty Statement Stooges SympathyCard talent TheWholePeople ThoughShallNot ToleranceorDiversity ToStop TwoBlondes Unions UNonsense Utilityknife Warning WasAthiest Why Willing WorthDefending YourEnemy

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