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Holder begins gun-control push

Sure the turd can run guns to Mexico and get people murdered and get away with it. Now he wants to control MY guns? Eff you dipwad..

Fortress? My home? Why???

Trend #1: Crime Skyrockets As The Economy Plummets

Trend #2: Broke Governments Mean Broken Law Enforcement

Trend #3: There’s No Such Thing As ‘Right’ Or ‘Wrong’ Anymore

From Off Grid…And I am thinking one should get ‘off’ grid…

Trend #1: The government stockpiles over 1.6 billion rounds of ammo.

Since last spring, the federal government has purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. The Department of Homeland Security has been the biggest stockpiler, but other agencies are in on the game, too – including FEMA, the National Weather Service, and, believe it or not, the Social Security Administration.

That’s five rounds, by the way, per U.S. citizen. That’s a chilling thought. Even more chilling…

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