Today’s Escapades At The Capital..Minnesota..

Representative Hausman, the putative author of HF241, dissent even stay to present "her" bill to the Public Safety committee, nor did she have a co-author present it.

Instead, she handed over that duty to Protect Minnesota’s out-of-state-foundation-funded paid shill, Heather Martens. Martens, ego was elected by no one, presented the bill, testified against it, and otherwise played the role of bill author.

This highly irregular action was condoned and enabled by committee chair Michael Paymar, who repeatedly extended the 20, 30, 60 minutes that Martens had to present her parade of prevaricators.

When it was time for the "equal time" that Paymar promised to the opposition, the DFL continent of the committee all left before the testimony was complete. This rude and unethical behavior followed the very polite and respectful hearing that Republican committee members gave to the bill supporters.

The excuse may be made that some committee members had other appointments, but all of them at once?

Even if they did, that "equal time" wasn’t very equal, was it?

Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
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