Alright, this one’s really going to piss some people off..

From Facebook…

Alright, this one’s really going to piss some people off…

“A common misconception about sexual assault is that the rapist is motivated by a sexual desire stimulated by a victim seductive in her behavior or dress. A retrospective analysis of 740 reported sexual assaults revealed 21 cases involving a victim between the ages of 60 and 90 years of age. The elderly victim was more often white and the assailant more often black than when younger victims are involved. Also, the data suggest that the rape of elderly women may involve a relatively few rapists, and that their assaults are of a serial nature. This study concludes that these rapists are motivated by anger, possibly racially related, and a need to express power, rather than by sexual desire.” — from a study published in the August 1989 Southern Medical Journal

Now, where do you think anti-white Leftists would go with this? I can tell you exactly what they will say. They will argue that until white people stop “oppressing” black people, then elderly white women will continue to be raped by black men. And do you know what I say to them? Burn in hell, you lying, wicked, manipulative sons of satan.

Black liberation theology and black victomology, which are both supported by white Leftists, has led to increased hostility against whites by the black communities of America. It doesn’t matter that white people, especially white women, are friendly and non-violent towards black people. It doesn’t matter that white people are breaking their backs to support the tax burden of free-loading blacks and the black middle class (which relies heavily on government employment). Until our numbers significantly dwindle and as a group we become just as poor and as criminal and as uneducated as the black community, white Americans will continue to be seen as the oppressors. In other words, until we just give up all our wealth, lay down, and die, they (black America and the Leftists) will not be content. ~ lady N.

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5 thoughts on “Alright, this one’s really going to piss some people off..

  1. This post is filled with a lot of hate, anger,and ignorance. I understand that you have a right to free speech, but it would be better if you used your right to build people up.

    Let’s use this gift to promote unity and love.


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