Racist! Rally! Waste. Lying Democrat! Print It!

Half-Cocked: Isn’t That Racist?


Gun Rights Rally Behind Enemy Lines


The Arms Trade Treaty: Reactions to the Final Draft

Obscene Government Waste


Montana Governor Lies About the Constitution, Vetoes 2nd Amendment Protection Bill

Here’s why Bullock is clueless about the Constitution.  In his veto message he wrote that the bill would put “law enforcement in the position of violating laws they have sworn to uphold” and “subject our peace officers to criminal sanctions for upholding the oath we ask that they take.”

Here’s a message for you, Steve.  You’re a liar, and we know it.

There is absolutely ZERO serious discussion from anyone beyond a 4th grade education about the fact that the federal government cannot “commandeer” the states to carry out its laws.  None.


The Government has to get their ‘cut’ on everything. God forbid they did not meddle in our lives and affairs as often and taking from the Citizens and Taxpayers at every turn…Sick of it yet?

The Costs of Owning a Gun, a State-by-State Permit Breakdown ___

Skilled: “Print” Gun Parts from Home? 3D GunsThis 25-minute video documentary from VICE explores the new phenomenon of 3D printing. One of its more controversial proponents, Cody Wilson, is using the technology to “print” gun parts. That means he clicks a few buttons on his computer, and a printer uses moldable plastic to create fully operational gun parts – even those that aren’t allowed under law.What do you think of this controversial technology? Would you use it?

Click here to watch the controversial video on Living Ready‘s Facebook page.___

Need a bomb shelter

How much Does an Old Bomb Shelter Cost?

Bomb ShelterThose icons of the Cold War, bomb shelters, seem like obvious choices for the prepared lifestyle. Because of their unique designs, they should fetch high prices, right?

Actually, the prices are often relatively low . This is because of Cold War shelters’ age and lack of maintenance.

Consider this 7,700 square-foot Florida bomb shelter from 1967. It’s been on the market for six months at an asking price of $499,500. Judging from the pictures, there’s a reason why.

Click here to see its official real estate listing.


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