Children’s Blood! Exemption! Idiots!

Yeah this will work..Not much concerned with protecting our kids are you White House?

Your kids go to private secure schools yet everyone else?

Not so much, huh?

Run and hide…You people hate Americans don’t you?

So much you’ll pave the way with our children’s blood to force Gun Control, resulting in People Control on us!!

‘Run and hide’ is Obama administration’s clever plan for next school shooting

The U.S. Department of Education’s “live-shooter” section doesn’t recommend that schools arm teachers or employ armed guards. It doesn’t even advise schools to add door locks for classrooms.

Instead, the section counsels teachers and students to “run,” “hide” and then “fight”—but only “if neither running nor hiding is a safe option.”


Obamacare Exemption: None Dare Call It Treason

All the legal, constitutional and parliamentary maneuvering is enough to confuse Albert Einstein, but here is the bottom line: Congress and staff managed to get themselves exempted from one of the most punishing aspects of Obamacare.

Yes, you should be sharpening the tines of your pitchforks.

Pitchforks hell…Reloading ammo….Lots..


Useful Idiots..


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