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Why don’t more states honor the Minnesota Permit to Carry? How can we fix this issue in the upcoming election?

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

If you hold a Minnesota Permit to Carry, you learned during your training that your permit is valid in several other states.  For example, when driving across the state line to Wisconsin, your permit is valid in that state.  But, go a different direction and enter North Dakota, and your permit isn’t valid there.

Many states will not honor your Minnesota Permit to Carry because the Minnesota Department of Public Safety refuses to honor that state’s specific permit.

This concept, known as reciprocity, is at the heart of this week’s edition of the Minnesota Gun Owners PAC Podcast.

MNGOPAC Chairman Mark Okern walks through the reciprocity requirements within the Minnesota statutes and talks about how the MN Department of Public Safety has refused to do their job during the Governorships of Tim Pawlenty and Mark Dayton.

Click here to listen to the podcast anytime right here – it’s about 13 minutes long.

How do we fix the reciprocity issue in Minnesota?

There are two ways to fix this issue.

The short-term fix is to elect a Governor that will make this an issue and direct his Commissioner of Public Safety to address the issue immediately.  Our endorsed candidate for Governor, Jeff Johnson, has pledged to do this upon taking office.

The long-term fix is to change the law and remove the discretionary reciprocity clauses that give this regulatory power to the Commissioner of Public Safety and replace it with a revised statute with teeth.

These were questions that we asked all candidates running for the Minnesota House and Constitutional Offices and factored into our endorsement decisions.

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