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The Boehner-Pelosi ANTI-GUN Government-Funding Deal:

The Boehner-Pelosi ANTI-GUN Government-Funding Deal: 
“We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”

“The Republicans [want to] agree to an omnibus continuing resolution [which] will be all the way from now through September 30th.  Meaning the Democrats, even though they lost, are going to run the budget show for yet another year, and we’re all sitting out here and asking ourselves ‘why’ and scratching our heads.” — Rush Limbaugh, December 8, 2014

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It’s no wonder why Washington fears our grass-roots activists so intensely.

The $1.1 trillion deal between Boehner and Pelosi to fund the government untilSeptember 30, 2015, was supposed to be anointed by every member of the Republican caucus.

But, thankfully, you’ve given valuable aid and support to several dozen conservative members of

the House of Representatives.


“Gun Owners of America warned against doing exactly what the Republican leadership is planning in a November 17 alert.” — David Codrea, The Examiner, December 8, 2014

Now, because of your efforts, between 40 and 50 Republican representatives have ALREADY jumped ship and are opposing the Republican leadership, says Rep. John Fleming (R-LA), who is a also a GOA Life Member.  And with Rush Limbaugh on Monday echoing the message we have been spreading for the last two weeks, the hemorrhaging of the Boehner-Pelosi loyalists can only spread.

This means that at least a fifth — and maybe more — of Pelosi’s minions will have to be ordered to support Boehner for it to pass.  And Pelosi has made it clear to the press that the bill will have to be altered to be satisfactory to her in order for her to provide those votes.

The $1.1 trillion bill — which may run for thousands of pages — will be sprung soon, in anticipation of a House vote on Wednesday or Thursday.  This is precisely the type of ObamaCare-like fraud and secrecy that Republicans said they would abandon when they took control.


On guns, there will be both pro-gun and anti-gun provisions which will be carried forward from previous years.

But if we could just delay writing the bill till January — when Republicans will control both the House and the Senate — there is so much more we could do:

* We could push to eliminate the Schumer amendment, which prohibits non-violent Americans who have made mistakes from EVER getting their gun rights back.

* We could stop the ATF from creating regional gun registries by copying 4473’s during routine annual inspections.

* We could put the “kibosh” on the anti-gun aspects of ObamaCare, including the entering of gun-related information in the federally run health database.

Instead, we are faced with a Boehner-Pelosi “December surprise” which effectively gives Obama a pass with respect to all of his illegal actions on guns and immigration.

And what about last Thursday’s House vote, where Republicans declared, in effect, that they were very, very angry that Obama had stripped them of their powers?  MSNBC’s Sam Stein put it pretty well when he said this was just a Boehner trick to allow hapless Republicans to “show their rage … without undermining everything we have to do.”

One more thing — and that is the precedent this may create for Boehner’s actions during the 114th Congress which is coming up: According to Politico’s Glenn Thrush, there is an open question as to whether a Boehner-Pelosi deal to crush Republicans could cause Boehner to “acknowledge reality and actually start passing bigger, more important pieces of legislation [like an anti-gun amnesty] using this across-the-aisle Nancy Pelosi thing….”

ACTIONContact your Representative.  Tell him or her to vote against the Boehner-Pelosi “you-have-to-pass-it-to-know-what’s-in-it” giant non-transparent funding bill.

NOTE: This alert contains different messages for Republican and Democrat Representatives. By using the GOA Engage site to contact your Representative, the system will automatically select the correct letter.

Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

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Loretta Lynch Needs to Come Clean — Or Be Defeated!

Loretta Lynch Needs to Come Clean — Or Be Defeated! 


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Loretta Lynch — nominated to replace Attorney General Eric Holder — is making the rounds among Senators.  She is schmoozing them and trying to win their votes with sugary one-on-one private meetings in which she says nothing.

But we know the drill.  Eric Holder and Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan did the same.  In the case of Sotomayor, Kagan, and now Lynch, they had a limited paper trail on guns, and professed to believe in the Second Amendment.

Then, the day after they were confirmed, they became our worst enemies.  And it became pretty clear that they hated us — and the Second Amendment — all along.

There’s no absolute way to weed out lying anti-constitution nominees.  But we need to do a better job than we’ve been doing.

For this reason, Gun Owners of America is asking Senators to force Lynch to go on record with respect to the legality of anti-gun actions by the Obama administration.  Not to determine whether she agrees with the President, but to hear her views on the legality of his actions.

For instance, in some parts of the country the ATF is routinely copying all dealer 4473’s and bound book entries in connection with its routine annual inspection — thus creating ade facto national gun registry of law-abiding gun owners.  And make no mistake about it:  If regionally held records can be accessed in Washington by the push of a keystroke, it’s a national gun registry — prohibited by federal law.

Does Lynch believe this process is unlawful?  If not, her disregard for the law makes her unqualified to serve as attorney general.

The Obama administration has tried to outlaw the importation of shotguns and ammunition.  And it is being urged to ban the import of semi-autos, thus circumventing Congress’ decision to reject that ban.  In the case of shotguns, the administration has argued that they have no “sporting purpose.”  Huh??!!

Irrespective of whose signature was on that ban, we know the real “mover” was Eric Holder and the ATF.

And then there’s Operation Fast and Furious.  Does Lynch have a problem with that?

Does she favor semi-auto and magazine bans?

What about ATF’s illegal efforts to register multiple sales of firearms?  Or the administration’s efforts to financially strangle gun dealers and manufacturers by labeling them as “risky businesses” under Operation Choke Point?

All of these questions need to be answered.  And, if Lynch refuses to answer them or answers them wrong, she needs to be opposed.

What about the argument that the defeat of Lynch keeps Eric Holder in place — given that he has said he would serve until she was confirmed?

It’s not an easy problem.  But we see no moral way that Senators can vote for Lynch if she refuses to say whether she would abide by the law.

And, while Holder’s hatred of the law has pretty well discredited him, Lynch could still use the lame-duck Attorney General gig as a stepping stone for the Supreme Court.

ACTIONContact your Senators.  Ask them to vote against the confirmation of Loretta Lynch unless she fully and satisfactorily states that she will uphold the Second Amendment and gun owners’ rights

Why We Win…

Because the gun control crowd has fools like..


Liberal Columnist: Black Friday Gun Sales Fueled By ‘Scared White Guys’

And this…

“Progressive” Writer Blames Michael Brown
Shooting on Inadequate “Gun Control

Neither one has anything to back their claims up…

As for the ‘scared white guys’ claim…

Don’t know to many of them..

Know a lot of pissed off ones though..



“Decision Day” Quickly Approaching on Whether Obama and Reid Will Dictate Gun Policy for the Next Ten Months

“Decision Day” Quickly Approaching on Whether Obama and Reid Will Dictate Gun Policy for the Next Ten Months

We knew that giving Boehner 247 Republican members and McConnell, 54 GOP senators, was not going to solve all of our problems — and allow us to relax for the next two years. And, sure enough, it took Boehner and McConnell only a few days to hoist the first white flag of surrender — on a transcendently important issue.

Let’s face it:  None of the “Republican agenda” legislation being planned by Boehner and his minions is going anywhere.  Not Keystone Pipeline.  Not a repeal of the anti-gun ObamaCare law.  Not anything. Rather, all government spending and policy will be contained in a single bill:  the government-funding “continuing resolution” — or “omnibus.” So now, the debate raging in Washington is this:  Do the newly elected Republicans allow Reid’s discredited, repudiated “lame duck” Democrats to write a “continuing resolution” or “omnibus” which will set all spending and gun policy through September 30, 2015 (the end of the fiscal year). Or do they do a short-term bill, which expires in January, February, or March, and allows the newly elected Republicans to make these decisions?  Certainly, the new Republicans would make gun-related decisions which would be much better than those made by Reid in the next ten days. Better decisions on whether to extend Schumer’s ban on forgiveness for “prohibited persons.”  Better decisions on whether to defund ammunition and firearms import bans implemented by Obama. Better decisions with respect to anti-gun ObamaCare provisions. So why would Boehner and McConnell, who trumpeted the benefits of a Republican Congress, seek to cede these decisions to Harry Reid? The answer is that, if all important legislation goes away until September, House conservatives will lose their ability to force Boehner to stand up to Obama — in any context where it matters. But at this point, the war is waging — and the outcome of the battle is up in the air. Boehner has offered to do short-term funding for immigration, but funding for ten months for everything else. While not nothing, this Boehner “compromise” does nothing to keep Reid from implementing bad policy on guns — or ObamaCare — or virtually anything else. The good news is that Pelosi has rejected the Boehner “compromise,” and virtually all Democrats will therefore vote against it.  This means that the defection of only a few pro-gun conservatives will kill the anti-gun deal — and force a short-term CR which allows newly elected Republicans to decide gun policy. Boehner is expected to try and bludgeon conservatives into submission.  Whether he succeeds may depend on you.

ACTION:  Contact your Representative.  Tell him to support a short-term CR which will allow Republicans to decide government spending and policy, rather than Harry Reid.