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GOA Once Again Enters the Fray in Important Court Decision

GOA Once Again Enters the Fray in Important Court Decision

“The DC registration law [is] in violation of the Second Amendment [and] undermines the primary purposes of the right to keep and bear arms — to resist tyranny and to defend self, family and property.” — GOA amicus brief in Heller III

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Gun Owners of America submitted a vital amicus brief in Heller v. DC on Tuesday — in a case that is otherwise known as Heller III.

This case has national implications, as the courts continue to chip away at the Second Amendment and the DC v. Heller decision from 2008.

Gun owners remember that year well, as it marked the historic ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court which struck down the draconian gun ban in Washington, DC. The Court correctly noted that the right to keep and bear arms is one that “belongs to all Americans,” and is a right that “shall not be infringed” or denied, thus allowing citizens to better “resist tyranny.”

GOA was involved in the original Heller case — in what is now known as Heller I.

After DC lost this decision, the city council crafted registration and licensing regulations so onerous as to technically permit possession of handguns in the home, but in effect making it so difficult and expensive that many people found it impossible to legally acquire a firearm.  The District also banned so-called “high capacity magazines” and so-called “assault weapons.”

When Dick Heller, the plaintiff from Heller I, brought suit to challenge these new restrictions in 2010, GOA again came to his defense in what is known as Heller II.

But given the anti-gun animus of DC’s District Court, it was not surprising when the judge completely disregarded the Supreme Court’s decision in Heller I, and used a “balancing test” to pit gun owners’ rights against the need for public safety.

Never mind that the Second Amendment completely nullifies such balancing tests, saying that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

And never mind that all legitimate studies — both private and government — show that guns actually make people safer!

Regardless, the district court judge rejected every single pro-gun argument … rejected every single pro-gun study … all of our data, and every bit of expert testimony.

Not only that, the judge gave maximum weight and full credence to every bit of evidence put on by DC’s anti-gun lawyers.

So this is where we now stand.  Based on that subjective “balancing” of hearsay evidence, it is no wonder the district court judge found every one of DC’s registration regulations to be constitutional.

GOA’s amicus brief (in Heller III) reminds the DC Circuit Court of Appeals of the first principles articulated in Heller I that DC judges have consistently abandoned, and we take the District Court’s opinion to task for permitting sociology and statistics to trump constitutional rights.

Again, this case is important for gun owners around the country, as GOA works to ensure the courts are upholding the proper understanding of the Second Amendment.

Morning Miscellany ……………..

Harry Reid begins his push to retain his power as a corrupt politician…

With an attack, again, on those evil Koch brothers and the Constitution.

Refusing to knowledge how liberal rich bahs-turds spend a lot more buying elections then conservatives…

But appears those Repuplikens are onto his 1st Amendment assault!!


The war on terror was declared over by the Golfing President..

Now it isn’t?



Oblivious students, to 9/11, ISIS…But the Nude Hacking scandal? 

Hell yeah!!



What can happen to disarmed restaurant patrons…



The DemocRATs claim the GOP is old rich dudes..

Yet what the hell is this?

93% of DemocRAT candidates are white!


Morning Miscellany ………………

The Lying King Obama…

On National TeeWee!!


The War on Women

Using Gun Control in the efforts..

The leftist gun grabbers are missing one big fact…

Or ignoring it..

More and more women are buying guns..


Pisshead Morgan, leaving CNN..

Still threatening the NRA..

Didn’t he try to do that on his show?

And is one reason, after getting his ass handed to him, he no longer has a show?


Tom Udall – DemocRAT, Bernie Sanders – Socialist..

Trying to ‘fix’ the First Amendment..

In the DemocRATs favor..

Along with Harry Reid they are..


What would happen if you broke the Law 1800 times?

Probably find your ass in a cell somewhere!!
Then why hasn’t Buck Ofama?


This is today’s gun control nutjobs, advocating violence against law abiding, legally armed citizens..


The lousy economy…

Is all your fault you money hoarding, money saving, people!!
Well the Fed says it is!!

Miscellany …………..

Nothing to see here..

Move along..

No hate crime here, says the black police chief!!

If our Gun Poll does not say what we want!

We’ll fix that!!

CNN, no news to report here!!


Does not get the results they wanted in their gun poll!


Another no gun’s here business…

To avoid..


Morning Miscellany …………….

Nancy Pelosi…She of ‘We have to pass the Bill (obamaScare) to know what’s in it’!

Reading must be hard for her.

Caught in another lie…

But she is a career politician, self important, busily telling us peons and serfs how to live..


Obama’s scandal Regime…

Holder in another one?

Of course it involves guns and denying us out 2nd Amendment Rights..


Does not matter WHAT caliber your using…

If you cannot hit the damn target, won’t matter much what caliber it is!!

The phony lies used in the War on Women…

And loon Wasserman-Schultz has that pointed out to her!!

Called the Mooch a tranny..

And now she is dead..


Remember when?

Al ‘Clueless’ Gore told us all Polar Ice would be gone by now?


Not so much..


Self made idiot and racist Oprah…

Older people just have to die..

Bitch, effing worthless, bitch!

Morning Miscellany ………………..

I bet the the tree hugging, climate change scatterbrains will hate this!!
Electric cars not doing so well!!!

Gun maker stands up against Obama and Holder’s tyranny!!


Gun restriction of so called ‘assault’ weapons and CCW’s lead to higher murder rates?

But why is it then that the anti gun crowd and media try to make the sheeple believe the streets would run red with blood if CCW’s were issued to more law abiding citizens and the evil assault weapons were not banned?

That apparently is not happening!!


The difference between a confident President and a narcissist?


He is the Narcissist in Chief!!


So there, power move…


Loon Alert!!

On MSNBC of course…

Leave the ISIS alone!!
Because murdering and slaughtering women. children and anyone else whom does not bow to them is their business!!

Don’t mess with old dudes..

Especially those in Tuxedos..

Even when it is 3 to 1 in the thugs favor!!