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Why is our health and safety endangered when shooting because Minnesota prohibits civilian possession of suppressors?

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

Minnesota prohibits civilians like you and I from possessing and using a suppressor, often inaccurately called a “silencer”.

They’re prohibited here even though the possession of a suppressor requires a special tax stamp from the US Government, an extensive background check process, and approval for each device from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

In fact, Minnesota is one of an ever-shrinking small number of states that still prohibits the civilian possession and use of suppressors. We share this distinction with many anti-gun havens like California, New Jersey, and Illinois.

In this week’s edition of the MN Gun Owners PAC Podcast, Chairman Mark Okern takes on the issue of suppressor possession and the extensive effort that will be required to change this in upcoming sessions – beginning with ensuring that we have a Pro-Second Amendment legislature and Governor.

You can click here to listen to the podcast – it’s just about 12 minutes long.

Where do the candidates stand?

In our survey we conducted of MN Gun Owners PAC supporters earlier this year, you told us clearly that possession and use of suppressors by civilians in Minnesota was a priority for you in the upcoming legislative session.

We couldn’t agree more!

We asked this question on the joint MNGOPAC / GOCRA Gun Rights Candidate Survey that we conducted earlier this year so that we could understand where candidates stood on passing or signing legislation to legalize suppressor possession for all lawful purposes in Minnesota.

Their answer was one of the key factors we used to determine whether or not we would endorse each candidate this year.

You can read the candidate’s responses over at GOCRA’s website to understand where your local candidates stand.

Our choice for Governor of Minnesota in 2014 is…

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

We’re excited to share our endorsement decision in the 2014 race to become Minnesota’s next governor.

At 8:00am today, we’ll announce to the public and the media that we’re endorsing Jeff Johnson for Governor of Minnesota in 2014.


We chose to endorse Jeff because of his years of solid support for the constitutional rights of Minnesota’s more than two and a half million law-abiding gun owners.  We know, based on public statements and his track record of votes, that Jeff will stand up for the rights of Minnesota’s gun owners.

But rather than listen to Mark or I, here’s what Jeff said upon learning of our endorsement:

“I’m excited to receive the endorsement of the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee. I believe that the Second Amendment is unequivocal and clear. Self-defense is a fundamental individual right. As Governor, I will continue to protect the Second Amendment rights of Minnesotans.”

Where does Jeff stand on specific gun rights issues?

You’ve told us throughout the past year about the key Second Amendment issues that you want to see addressed in Minnesota.  Throughout the endorsement process, we asked each candidate to explain their point of view on each of these issues.

On every question, without exception, Jeff supports our point of view on the issue.

  • He supports a right to keep and bear arms amendment to the Minnesota Constitution
  • He will sign a Stand Your Ground bill, if passed by the legislature
  • He will sign legislation repealing a ban on suppressors in Minnesota, if passed by the legislature
  • He supports age-appropriate firearm safety training in K-12 schools
  • He will sign legislation implementing Constitutional Carry, if passed by the legislature
  • He will direct his Commissioner of Public Safety to immediately resolve the reciprocity issue with other states that Governor Dayton has refused to address

For these reasons, we believe that Jeff Johnson is the right choice to lead Minnesota as our next Governor.

To learn more about Jeff and his campaign, visit his campaign website.  To support his efforts, visit his volunteer page, or click here to donate to Jeff’s campaign.

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It gets a bit messier…

Russia tossing threats around..

Against the US.


Are you an Oath Keeper?

Liberty minded?

Is so you are an extremist!!


See what Obama said about the Arms Treaty at the UN.

Not good!!


Good thing Oklahoma has..

Bring your gun to work laws!!

MSNBC, Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap..

“Workplace Violence”!!


Shaneen Allen is Basically Free

Shaneen Allen is Basically Free
— GOA thanks its members for sending postcards to Gov. Christie

“I applaud GOA for pushing constitutional carry in the states and concealed carry reciprocity around the country.” — Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN)

Not a GOA member yet?  Make sure to join Gun Owners of America!

You may remember the story of Shaneen Allen — a mother of two who is a concealed carry permit holder in Pennsylvania, but who was arrested for having her gun in New Jersey.

Yes, Shaneen broke New Jersey law. But the law she broke is clearly in violation of the Second Amendment, which guarantees citizens the right to keep and BEAR arms.

So GOA snail-mailed its members and provided them postcards addressed to Governor Chris Christie, demanding that he put pressure on the prosecutor to drop the case.

Well, National Review published a very encouraging update to this story last week:

The prosecutor in Atlantic County has relented, and Shaneen Allen will be admitted into a pre-trial intervention (PTI) program. In consequence, she will avoid jail time, a felony conviction, and the destruction of her life.

This is great news!

After all, Shaneen did NOT commit a violent crime. She was extremely cooperative with the arresting officer.  So much so, he never even would have known about Shaneen’s firearm had she not volunteered the information.

Before the decision to keep Shaneen out of jail, Governor Chris Christie had gone on record saying that he was “monitoring” the case and had hinted at an eventual solution, noting that “the pardon power of the governor is broad and extensive.

GOA defending the right to carry

Shaneen’s ordeal should be coming to an end soon.  But not so for many other gun owners.  And that’s why Gun Owners of America has pursued a multi-pronged attack to prevent future Shaneen Allens from being persecuted:

* In the courts, GOA and its foundation (GOF) have helped defend the right of gun owners by challenging “may issue” carry laws — all of which are discretionary and discriminatory.

* At the state level, GOA has pushed constitutional carry laws that recognize the right of citizens to carry guns without getting permission from government officials.

* And at the federal level, GOA has lobbied for reciprocity legislation to ensure that people like Shaneen Allen can travel out-of-state without sacrificing their right to protect themselves or their families.

GOA pushing legislation to solidify out-of-state carrying of guns

Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) authored H.R. 578, which is, unquestionably, the best reciprocity bill in the Congress — given that it doesn’t force constitutional carry states to adopt permit systems.

Put another way:  Other reciprocity bills in Congress would force gun owners, in constitutional carry states like Arizona or Vermont, to first get a carry permit before traveling armed into other states.

The beauty of Stutzman’s bill is that it’s constitutional carry-friendly.  His language protects the God-given right to protect oneself while traveling, while honoring federalist principles at the same time.

But until Stutzman’s bill becomes law, gun owners will need to remain vigilant in helping their fellow brothers and sisters in arms who are persecuted by aggressive, unscrupulous prosecutors.

So thank you, once again, to everyone who sent their postcards to Governor Chris Christie.  Your activism makes a difference!

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This is Freedom?

This is Government, not of the Free!!

Charging a fee to take a ‘picture?



Ignorant does not cover this op-ed about the Right to NOT Bear Arms!!


With this kind of crap going on in today’s government run schools.

It is a good thing my boys are not still in them!!

Would get me in a world of trouble.



PETA will hassle folks with drones?

Well a good waterfowl load should take one down!!




Apparently Walgreens would rather have dead Pharmacists and customers..

I’ll be NOT bringing them any business!!


Obama backs these murderous thugs!!

Breaking the Law..

Politicians aiding and abetting illegals…Is illegal!!

So lets toss the whole damn lot into a prison!!