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Video games kill!!

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A Mooslim sniper in Kansas..

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Christianity in Troubled Times


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Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. NC Police Block Private Buyers from Buying Guns at Buyback After Money Ran Out - 2014-04-14 12:10:04-04
    North Carolina held another gun buyback program on Saturday in Winston Salem.   This is the second one the city has held this year and this time the city bought 111 firearms before they ran out of money. The first buyback brought in 364 firearms and combined, both buybacks cost the city $25,000.  And I’m willing Continue reading here…
  2. 36 Are Shot in 36 Hours in Chicago — Gun Control Haven of the US - 2014-04-15 12:09:27-04
    Despite the fact that Illinois is now forced to allow concealed carry, Chicago residents still face some of the most limiting and restrictive gun control laws in the country. Just to exercise your rights to own a firearm or purchase ammunition you have to have a FOID card (Firearm Owners Identification Card).  Without that card, Continue reading here…
  3. Bloomberg to Spend $50 Million on New Gun Control Group to Fight the NRA - 2014-04-16 13:09:39-04
    Why a man who is filthy rich and has his own armed security would want to disarm the rest of America is beyond me.  But former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is poised to do just that. Bloomberg has announced his plans to spend $50 million on a new gun control group — yes Continue reading here…
  4. Home Invasion Suspect Sues Police Department for $450,000 After Being Paralyzed by Gunshot - 2014-04-17 13:37:21-04
    Lawsuits like this are often what scare people from using deadly force when confronted with intruders in their homes, but it can also be the reason many will advocate making sure the job is done if you are going to use deadly at all. In this case a man is suing the police after he Continue reading here…
  5. Pro-gun Group Nabs “Everytown for Gun Safety” Facebook Page Before Bloomberg Could Take It - 2014-04-17 16:03:27-04
    Bloomberg was a little slow on the draw for setting up a Facebook page for his new anti-gun group called Everytown for Gun Safety, which was just announced a couple days ago. A pro-gun group nabbed the Facebook  page and is actively using to show what REAL gun safety is.  After all, we all know Continue reading here…
  6. Another Detroit DGU: Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who Dies in Car Crash After Fleeing - 2014-04-17 19:27:20-04
    In this case 2 intruders broke into a Detroit home while a 3rd waiting in a get-away vehicle. The homeowner shot at the suspects who broke through a window and the intruders shot back. Apparently criminals are still able to get guns. Who knew?
  7. Harry Reid Says Supporters of Bundy Nevada Ranch Are Terrorists - 2014-04-17 21:52:24-04
    So Senator Reid, tell us what you really think of folks who support the constitution and love this country. Apparently, Mr. Reid puts the Bundy ranchers in the same category as the Boston bombers.  But who were the ones stealing cattle, shooting them, and tearing up property?  If the Bundy ranchers are terrorists then whatContinue reading here…
  8. Colorado Woman Shot Dead While on Phone with 911 for 13 Minutes - 2014-04-18 12:14:48-04
    I don’t enjoy posting stories like this, but I think it’s important for people to realize that calling 911 will not always mean the police will be there on time.  In this case, a wife and mother of 3 children was on the phone with 911 operators for 13 minutes when she was shot dead Continue reading here…
  9. [Video] NRA Protestors Voice Their Ignorance on 2nd Amendment and Self-Defense - 2014-04-18 15:48:24-04
    Dan Joseph from MRCTV decided to interview a few people at a recent NRA protest.  Although he was quite unwelcome at this event he did a great job revealing the mindset behind some of these anti-gunners. The reason some of these protestors have for protesting the NRA is beyond me, but their answers are priceless Continue reading here…
  10. California Cop Shoots Himself in Leg While Trying to Shoot Family’s Dog - 2014-04-18 18:28:09-04
    This is the image of a family’s pet dog.  A TV news crew filmed the dog calmly playing with the children of the family who almost witnessed their dog being killed.  Instead, it was the California deputy who shot himself when he pulled out his gun in an attempt to shoot the dog. According to Continue reading here…


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Harry Reid…Who has hurt American’s more then Reid?

And he calls Bundy supporters terrorists?

That is damn laughable coming from that crooked SOB.


In a  police state..

Everyone is a terrorist..

Including children.


Government…Fear and loathing..

Facing mid-term elections and burdened with persistently high unemployment, President Obama is playing the race, gender, and class cards. Fabricating fear and injustice, such tactics keep the economy in slow gear and make worse the very people the president professes to help.


Real gun safety..Not the crap Bloomberg and his idiots are trying to sell..


SHTF…Human nature goes to hell..


Unconstitutional Judge…


Obama Fully Ready To Kill Americans

BEHIND THE LINES – More Photos of ‘DC Federales’ – Preparing to Shoot Americans?




Disobedience…Is what Americans do when they are wronged by politicians and bad laws..


GOA Slams Bloomberg and Justice Stevens for their Idiotic Ideas on the 2nd Amendment

GOA Slams Bloomberg and Justice Stevens for their Idiotic Ideas on the 2nd Amendment
While gun owners dramatically winning the culture war
“The founders did not establish a right to bear arms,” GOA’s Erich Pratt was quoted as saying to Newsmax.  “They assumed it already existed [and] said that it ‘shall not be infringed.’ [But] gun-control advocates frequently want to skip over those words.” 

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Gun Owners of America joined a chorus of pro-gun organizations in slamming idiotic comments made recently by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

In a newly released book, Justice Stevens said the Second Amendment should be altered to say that people only have the right to bear arms “when serving in the militia.” 

GOA blasted the comments, adding that gun owners would welcome the opportunity to demolish Stevens’ arguments in the court of public opinion.  

“Bring on the debate,” said GOA Communications Director Erich Pratt in an interview with Newsmax over the weekend.  Gun control advocates are always “pushing for draconian gun restrictions” while hiding behind words like “gun safety.”

But to a gun banner, those words are code for, “We just want the military and the police to have guns,” Pratt said.  “So let’s get them out of the closet.”

Gun owners need not worry about Stevens’ idea gaining traction.  Even an anti-gun liberal, like Professor Alan Dershowitz, opposes Stevens’ proposal.

“You don’t amend the Magna Carta,” Dershowitz said. “You don’t amend the Bill of Rights. There are certain things that you just leave pristine.”

GOA agrees.  And increasingly, so do the American people.

Polls show more Americans opposing gun control

Remember all the phony polls which were used by Obama last year in order to push gun control? 

Remember the unrelenting unilateral media pressure to ban guns — pressure reflected in even the “conservative” media? 

Well, who’s laughing now? 

Tuesday, the liberal USA Today was forced to concede that even liberal pollsters have found a massive, cataclysmic shift by Americans in favor of the right to keep and bear arms. 

We bet that USA Today trolled all of the polls for some evidence that Americans embraced gun control to the same extent as their editorial board.  What they found was a liberal Pew poll — conducted immediately after last year’s Newtown vote in April — that found that Americans were statistically evenly divided between pro-gunners and anti-gunners.  Okay, it’s a liberal poll. 

But what was even more interesting is that, in 2000, the same poll, asking the same questions, had found Americans supporting gun control by a margin of 66% to 29% — a 37% gap in favor of gun control. 

And Pew is not alone. 

Later in 2013, Gallup found that 51% of all Americans do not support stricter gun control.  In 2000, that number was 38% — with 62% of Americans supposedly favoring more anti-gun laws. 

Of course, 2000 was the year when gun owners confounded the pollsters and elected George Bush as president, over the anti-gun Democratic candidate, Al Gore. 

Hence, you shouldn’t trust the polls.  But when liberal gun grabbers are forced to concede that the polls are against them, that tells you something really interesting. 

So, guess what, in this Easter week, we note that even Satan quotes scripture when he has no choice.

Bloomberg gets it really, really wrong

Speaking of the forces of darkness quoting Scripture, anti-gun former Mayor Michael Bloomberg chose this Easter week to try his hand at some biblical exposition.

But before we tell you about his whopper, Bloomberg made headlines on Wednesday after announcing his “threat” to spend $50 million to change people’s hearts and minds in favor of gun control.

Never mind the fact that Bloomberg has anything but the Midas touch when it comes to pushing gun control, as he’s lost almost every battle where he’s spent his millions.  

“I guess he’s free to do so; he’s got money to waste,” said GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt on MSNBC.  “But frankly, I think he’s going to find out why his side keeps losing.”

Indeed, Bloomberg lost in Nevada last year, where he tried to get a universal gun registry and universal background checks enacted.  

He lost in Colorado, where he tried to rescue two state senators from being recalled because of their gun control votes.  

And he lost in the U.S. Senate, where a concealed carry amendment actually garnered more Senate votes than did his proposal for expanding background checks on guns.

But it’s not just on guns where he gets it wrong.  Obviously proud of his efforts in pushing firearms restrictions, Bloomberg said this week that:

“If there is a God, when I get to heaven, I’m not stopping to be interviewed.  I’m heading right in.  I’ve earned my place in heaven.  It’s not even close.”

Wow, if he thinks he’s blessed because of his efforts to disarm the public, he should consider passages like I Samuel 13:16-22, where arms control was considered a curse; and Luke 22:36, where Jesus told His disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword (if they didn’t already have one).

And as for breezing right through the pearly gates, without an interview, and gaining entrance on the basis of his own very tainted efforts?  Does he really think that he can buy his way into heaven because of the millions he’s spent on “social issues”? 

Most people would find that disgusting.

Sadly, it appears that Bloomberg has no idea what this Easter weekend is all about.  And so on that note, we here at Gun Owners of America hope that you and your family will have a blessed holiday.

Click here for “What does the Bible say about gun control?” — in English or Spanish — to get additional arguments refuting Bloomberg’s views on religion and gun control.

Cartoon Uses a Child Playing with a Gun in a Closet and Shooting Himself to Push Gun Storage Laws

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. Cartoon Uses a Child Playing with a Gun in a Closet and Shooting Himself to Push Gun Storage Laws - 2014-04-10 12:27:38-04
    No one wants to see a child get hurt or killed because he/she was playing with a gun that a parent did not secure.  And if the video below was simply a service announcement to remind parents to teach gun proper gun safety I would be all for it. But this cartoon is not trying Continue reading here…
  2. New Revelations that NY SAFE Act Allows the Confiscation of Guns without Warrant - 2014-04-10 15:17:21-04
    Anti-gunners are always trying to sidestep that pesky word “confiscation” and tell us that no one is really talking about taking our guns.  Well hopefully none of our dear readers are still believing that delusional fantasy. It has just been revealed that New York’s recent gun control law called the SAFE Act actually permits the Continue reading here…
  3. Palin Tells Holder She Doesn’t Need His Gun Tracking Bracelets. She Already Has Her Own - 2014-04-10 17:00:28-04
    After hearing Eric Holder push for more gun control and advocating gun tracking bracelets, Sarah Palin just couldn’t sit by and let him get away with that nonsense. She’s not about to let Holder give her fashion tips on how she should accessorize.
  4. Nevada Rancher Won’t Rule Out Range War to Get His Liberties and Freedoms Back - 2014-04-10 17:21:03-04
    It’s hard to believe this story is taking place in this country.  In our country.   A Nevada rancher is having his cattle and open public land seized by the federal government.   The feds are saying that Rancher Cliven Bundy can no longer use the public land for his cattle because of  the endangered desert tortoise Continue reading here…
  5. The All New Ares SCR Being Touted as AR-15 Alternative for Gun Control States - 2014-04-11 10:02:38-04
    Well it’s not nearly as ugly and reprehensible as some of the modified AR-15 rifles that some gun shops have started making to comply with overreaching gun control laws. Ares Defense Systems, Inc has introduced the Ares SCR (Sport Configurable Rifle).  The rifle has many of the same configurations as the AR-15 but with someContinue reading here…
  6. In 7 Weeks 7 Intruders Have Been Fatally Shot by Armed Homeowners in Detroit - 2014-04-11 11:35:49-04
    Last month we reported that 5 times in a 2 week stretch homeowners defended their homes against home invaders in Detroit.  Now it seems like the trend of homeowners refusing to become victims is continuing. Homeowners have fatally shot intruders 7 times in the last 7 weeks, and according to the Huffington Post, “In the Continue reading here…
  7. [VIDEO] Instructor Put in “Teacher Jail” for Science Projects: Coil Gun and Air Cannon - 2014-04-11 12:31:09-04
    An instructor in Los Angeles believes he is being punished in what is known at the school as “teacher jail” because of a couple science projects that involved propulsion devices.  But because they were called “guns” the school took irrational action against the teacher. Here we have yet another case of the our educational system’sContinue reading here…
  8. 92-Year-Old WWII Vet and Armed Wife Outgun Knife Wielding Home Invader - 2014-04-11 15:03:11-04
    Here is another defensive gun use for the books that will probably get ignored by the main stream media.  No shots were fired, and no one was hurt.  And this elderly couple is safe and sound because they were armed. A knife-toting robber thought he had the upper hand when he tried to rob an Continue reading here…
  9. Bundy Ranch Update: Firearms Confiscated and Area Declared a No Flight Zone - 2014-04-12 12:26:02-04
    I have to note that this is not completely confirmed except through reports on the Bundy Facebook page that has grown to over 30,000 fans since this whole government takeover of the Bundy ranch began. The situation in Nevada is getting more intense and is blowing up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading here…
  10. California Denies Heroic Cop Her CCW Because She Collects Disability - 2014-04-14 11:39:13-04
    Is anyone surprised that this story came from California?  I know there are some good freedom-loving patriots in Cali, but information like this helps us all see what pro gun supporters are up against on the left coast. Source: via Bulletsfirst.net. In 2009, Ally Jacobs, a police officer at UC Berkeley, was credited for helping Continue reading here…




Mike McFadden on AM1130′s “Up and At Em” show TODAY around 8:0am – Give him a call!

Mike McFadden, Candidate for US Senate, will be on the Jack and Ben “Up and At Em” show Friday on AM1130 – most likely around 8am, but may be on earlier.

As many of you know, McFadden has refused to answer direct questions about his position on our Second Amendment rights.  In June of last year, he stated that he was looking to close the gun show loophole – but more recently he’s started to back off of that position.

He’s even recently send out letters to state campaign delegates touting his “strong support of the Second Amendment”.

McFadden has been notoriously vague on a number of issues – but his vagueness on the Second Amendment should be a frightening prospect to any gun owner in Minnesota.

Today’s show is a great chance to ask McFadden some very specific questions about the Second Amendment.


  • Listen to “Up and At Em” today on AM1130 or online.
  • Call in as soon as you hear Mike McFadden’s segment is next at 651-989-5855.
  • Ask one simple direct question – and be sure to mention that you don’t want to just hear that McFadden “supports the Second Amendment”, because President Obama and Senator Franken say that just before they start arguing for new gun control.
  • Remember:  Be polite, be direct, but demand a specific answer.
  1. Do you believe that the Second Amendment grants a meaningful, individual right to keep, bear, and carry firearms to a citizen?  Can you describe your vision for that right?
  2. As a Senator, would Mr. McFadden vote to support any type of “Assault Weapons” ban.  If so, why – and what exactly would he support banning?  If not, why not?
  3. As a Senator, would Mr. McFadden vote to support any sort of magazine restrictions in terms of the size/capacity of the magazine?  If so, why – and what exactly would he want to restrict or ban?  If not, why not?
  4. As a Senator, would Mr. McFadden support a bill requiring states to honor each other’s concealed carry permits? (i.e. national reciprocity).  Why or why not?
  5. As a Senator, would Mr. McFadden vote to support national or state based licensing of gun owners, as called for by some in Congress?  Why or why not?
  6. On your website, you state that this country has an illegal gun problem. What is an illegal gun and specifically what do you believe needs to be done about them?
  7. You stated several times last year that you supported closing the gun show loophole – what specific legislation do you think needs to be passed to do this?
  8. What federal gun control laws do you think should be repealed?
  9. Mike, do you hunt?  And if so, what rifle, shotgun, or handgun do you use?  And what do you hunt?
  10. Mike, do you think the gun show loophole exists?  (If he says no – ask him what changed his mind from his June 2013 statements)
We need to send Mr. McFadden a clear message that Minnesotans will not support a candidate that is not a rock-solid Pro-Second Amendment supporter – and that we expect clear unambiguous answers to specific questions about our Second Amendment rights.

You can learn about Mr. McFadden’s stance on the Second Amendment via his campaign website.

Unlike Mr. McFadden, the Minnesota Gun Owners PAC has endorsed a strong Pro-Second Amendment candidate for US Senate – Julianne Ortman.  You can read more about our endorsement in our announcement on our website.


Obama Budget Lays Groundwork for Universal Gun Registry


Obama Budget Lays Groundwork
for Universal Gun Registry
And ATF makes the import ban on 5.45×39 ammo official

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Last Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder testified before a House appropriations subcommittee on behalf of his department’s proposed budget for FY2015.

Apparently, Holder didn’t think anyone would read his written submission, because he all-but-admitted that Obama intends to implement a Universal Gun Registry by executive fiat.

He also asked Congress to help fund so-called “smart gun” technology, which would prevent a gun from firing unless the shooter is wearing an accompanying bracelet or ring.

“Smart guns” are a dumb idea

Given that “smart gun” technology only works about 80 percent of the time — according to the New Jersey Institute of Technology — gun owners almost universally consider this a “dumb” idea.

Even police have rejected the “dumb gun” approach for themselves.

Currently, there are no such guns on the market in the United States.  One gun store did briefly offer an Armatix .22 caliber earlier this year, but public outrage forced them to pull the handgun from the shelves.

Holder pushes a Universal Gun Registry

This year’s Obama budget shows how the administration is trying to quietly create the infrastructure for a universal gun registry.

In proposed “Program Increases” for the FBI, Holder has this to say:

“This program enhancement will double the capacity of the existing NICS [National Instant Check System] system.  These expansions are vital in ensuring that the NICS system can support a Universal Background Check requirement, which is expected to double gross NICS transactions.”


It may have escaped the Attorney General’s notice, but the Democrat Senate defeated his Universal Background Check requirement.

So, in effect, Holder’s asking for $100 million and 524 personnel to implement a program Congress rejected.

But that’s not all.

Holder seeking more ATF agents to copy to 4473 forms

In the section on ATF “Program Increases,” Holder demands $51.1 million and 255 agents and other personnel for enforcement and inspections.

In case anyone has forgotten, these are the people who are going to the FFL’s in connection with “annual inspections” — and physically copying all the 4473′s and bound book entries.  GOA has reported on these efforts before, and one can read first-hand accounts from gun dealers here and here.

So under Holder’s proposed budget, many more 4473′s would be copied and fed into ATF’s de facto registry.

At the same time, Obama’s illegal Universal Background Check — implemented, presumably, by executive fiat — would ensure every gun transaction would have to go through an FFL.  And this, of course, would guarantee that every American gun owner would have a 4473 which can be copied.

Think about it.  With Republicans expected to take the Senate this fall — and Obama stymied legislatively — he has every incentive to go “full tyrant.”  And that, apparently, is exactly what he intends to do.

But we have no intention to sit back and let Holder take away our Second Amendment rights.  We have drafted legislation to prohibit ATF from copying 4473′s — and to require it to destroy any 4473′s it currently has.

UPDATE:  GOA recently alerted you that an import ban on certain ammunition could be forthcoming from the ATF.  Well, it’s official now — the ATF just declared that Russian-made 7N6 5.45×39 ammo is armor piercing.  This lawlessness represents another reason that Congress needs to cut t he ATF’s budget.

ACTION:  Click here to Contact your Representative.  Demand that the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill contain language to prohibit ATF from compiling a national gun registry by copying and retaining the 4473′s of every American.


Gun Owners win key victories, including one before the Supreme Court


Gun Owners win key victories, including one
before the Supreme Court

And gunnies say goodbye to a good friend

“Otis McDonald was a gracious Christian gentleman who loved his family and wanted nothing more than to keep them safe,” said GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt, who interviewed McDonald (for his NewsHour radio program) after the Supreme Court ruled in McDonald’s favor and struck down Chicago’s gun control law.

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GOA won a huge victory before the Supreme Court in the McCutcheon case last week — a decision which will effectively allow GOA supporters to contribute greater total dollar amounts to help pro-gun candidates get elected.

One of the arguments that Gun Owners of America made in its amicus brief was that the Court should not trust Congress to regulate elections — a point that was echoed by Chief Justice John Roberts on page 3 of the McCutcheondecision:  “And those who govern should be the last people to help decide whoshould govern.”

GOA is also thankful for Justice Clarence Thomas, whose opinion most closely resembled the arguments made in GOA’s brief.

While Justice Thomas concurred in the majority decision, he also issued his own opinion, saying he would have gone further to overturn all contribution limits — something that Justice Thomas has urged for years, and something that GOA’s brief urged, as well.

Gun owners can read GOA’s amicus brief here; and the U.S. Supreme Court decision here.

GOA helping states block federal gun laws

Gun Owners of America recently thanked its Idaho members for their activism in helping their state become the latest to nullify President Obama’s gun control agenda.

GOA issued several alerts into the state in favor of the nullification bill, and GOA activists rose to the occasion.

After Governor Butch Otter (R) signed the bill into law in late March, GOA issued a statement to the media congratulating residents of the Gem State.

“By signing this nullification bill into law,” said GOA’s Director of Communications Erich Pratt, “Idaho has joined an elite class of states that are telling the feds to ‘get lost’ — especially when it comes to unconstitutional gun control infringements.”

The new law will bar Idaho officials from enforcing federal gun control laws, and the law will penalize officers who give such orders.

“Almost a dozen states have introduced similar bills this year,” Pratt said.  “And Alaska and Kansas enacted their own nullification bills last year.”

Gun owners smack down Bloomberg gun control in New Hampshire

It has been a long, hard battle in the Granite State, but the self-proclaimed nation’s Mayor — the anti-gun Michael Bloomberg — has come up empty-handed.

The former New York City Mayor is spending millions of dollars all over the country in an effort to expand background checks to prevent more and more law-abiding citizens from owning guns.

In New Hampshire, Senate Bill 244 was introduced with this end in mind by an anti-gun Democrat.  As introduced, the bill would have imposed gun bans on large classes of Granite Staters.

This ban could have covered police and firemen with PTSD; or seniors with Alzheimer’s, many of whom have very large and valuable gun collections which they would like to pass on to their children.

GOA worked with the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition in the state to get the onerous provisions stripped out of the bill.  After a long hard battle — where some weak-kneed gun groups in the state even supported gun control “lite” as an alternative — the state Senate did the right thing and stripped out every word of gun control.

The legislature is still in session, and thus, it “ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”  But this is a big victory for the Second Amendment in New Hampshire, and another huge defeat for the Bloomberg agenda nationwide.

Saying goodbye to Otis McDonald

Finally, we report, with great sadness, that Otis McDonald — a recent icon in the gun movement — died last Friday, April 4.

Gun owners will remember him as the valiant resident of Chicago who brought down the city’s handgun ban — a case which was finally decided in 2010 by the U.S. Supreme Court in the now famous McDonald v. Chicago.

GOA Executive Director interviewed him for his radio program and later appeared with him on the Judge Jeanine Pirro show on Fox News last year.

McDonald died last week at the age of 80 after a long illness.

“While Otis is no longer with us, his legacy will continue on for years,” Pratt said.  “Otis McDonald will truly be missed.”

Gun owners can read GOA’s amicus brief in the McDonald decision here and the U.S. Supreme Court decision here.


Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. [VIDEO] Police Seize Fake Cut Out Rifle at NY Rally Against SAFE Act – 2014-04-02 17:29:15-04
    We are told again and again by the anti-gunners that no one is really talking about confiscating firearms.  But in this video a protestor against the New York SAFE Act can’t even keep his fake plastic rifle or cardboard rifle from being confiscated. At a pro-gun rally in Albany,  New York a speaker can be Continue reading here…
  2. Fort Hood Shooter Kills 3 and Himself with Unregistered Gun – 2014-04-02 23:26:51-04
    Details are still sketchy from an active shooter situation that took place today at Fort Hood.  But again we have a tragic shooting in a place where guns are strictly regulated.  We have just discovered from an interview with a General at the base that the shooter used an unregistered gun to carry out these Continue reading here…
  3. [VIDEO] Texas Man Open Carrying Rifle is Stopped by Police, Told He Can Go, and Then Gets Hit with Taser – 2014-04-03 12:35:02-04
    After being told he is free to go, Henry Vichique, 19, probably thought the whole incident would be over soon, but just a couple minutes later he was getting hit with a taser and was detained for 5 hours. The San Antonio man was walking near his home while open carrying his rifle.  Under Texas Continue reading here…
  4. The “Gun Free Zone”: Is it Time to Put an End to Gun Restrictions on Military Bases? – 2014-04-03 14:11:53-04
    Strict gun regulations did not stop the gunman from going on a shooting spree, killing 3 and wounding at least 16 at Fort Hood yesterday.  A veritable “gun free zone” did not stop a crazed shooter from taking innocent lives. But what these strict gun regulations did do was stop these brave soldiers from being Continue reading here…
  5. Milwaukee Sheriff Gives Unforgettable Speech for Gun Rights – 2014-04-03 15:33:33-04
    We need sheriffs like this in EVERY county in the U.S.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke gave an unforgettable and passionate speech for gun rights that the anti-gun movement absolutely hates. The speech took place at a USCCA Open House Event held in West Bend, Wisconsin.   Clarke is known for his ads and public service Continue reading here…
  6. [VIDEO] Fort Hood Survivor Says “More Guns Would Have Prevented Shootings” – 2014-04-03 21:38:46-04
    In this video the msnbc reporter asks a survivor from the 2009 Fort Hood shootings if more guns or less guns was the answer to the Fort Hood shootings on Wednesday.  Retired Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford responded that more guns was the answer. Lunsford was shot 7 times in the 2009 Fort Hood shootings and realizes Continue reading here…
  7. Piers Morgan Makes Irrational Tweet After Fort Hood Shooting; We Tear it Apart – 2014-04-04 12:00:57-04
    Yes, I know.  This guy just won’t go away.  But I guess in order for Piers Morgan to stay relevant he has to make outrageous comments like the tweet he made after the Fort Hood shooting on Wednesday. The tweet really shows how irrational his argument is and how ignorant of the facts he is Continue reading here…
  8. Oklahoma Homeowner in Wheelchair Shoots at Armed Intruder – 2014-04-04 13:32:08-04
    When an armed intruder jumped a fence in Oklahoma little did he know that the wheelchair bound  homeowner would be armed and ready to defend his life and property. Steven Ferguson is in a wheelchair because of a motorcycle accident when he was a teenager.  But he has a modified holster on his wheelchair that Continue reading here…
  9. After Illinois Gets Concealed Carry Chicago Sees Drop in Murder Totals – 2014-04-04 15:44:17-04
    Don’t look for this news to be plastered all over the major media outlets.   They are too busy reporting on the Fort Hood shootings and doing everything they can to blame gun owners for what happened. When concealed carry was introduced in Illinois last year it was the last state in the US to Continue reading here…
  10. NRA Accepts Bob Costas’s Bet on Defensive Gun Uses – 2014-04-04 23:39:39-04
    On Wednesday Bob Costas decided to flaunt his anti-gun views by challenging any pro gun supporters to a little wager.   NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox decided to accept this bet on Friday. So here is the bet.  Costas has long been an outspoken critic of gun ownership, especially with athletes.   He bet that if Continue reading here…