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Does your House candidate support gun rights?


During election cycles, GOCRA evaluates Minnesota candidates to determine their positions on issues of importance to gun owners We examine voting records of incumbents, send questionnaires to all candidates, and review candidates’ public statements and actions.

As a GOCRA mailing list member, we wanted you to be the first to see how the candidates for Minnesota House for your district scored.

To view the grades for the candidates in House district 20B, just click here:

House District 20B Candidate Grades


Both Bly the incumbent socialist and Matejcek the GOP challenger rate an ‘F’!
Bly rating an ‘F’ is not surprising..He wants us all to line in a Big Government. Socialist world…

The GOP challenger whom I really know nothing about..

Would expect better..



Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Ignorance Is Not Bliss.

It is not. Ignorance and apathy lead to loss of rights and freedoms.

I know a few gun owners and fellow hunters whom are damn clueless about what is happening. Or feel it won’t.

Click the a bone link and go read it.

Stay informed. Make some noise..Even persistent letters and calling your elected representatives, local, State and Federal will make them aware.

Bug your fellow gun owners that sit blissfully by…

If you do not think it could happen.

Your part of the problem..


And then there were 5, Arkansas enacts Constitutional Carry

And then there were 5, Arkansas enacts Constitutional Carry | Bullets First.

Well I know we cannot expect this from our current crop of Freedom hating, big government loving, nanny wanna be’s in St. Paul..Buncha, socialists, union supporting, DFL (Dumb F**king Liberals) holding both Houses and the Governor’s office. Pandering to the libtards, unions and Minn Ed is all they know how to do!!

Minnesota Proposes Universal Gun Registration

Minnesota Proposes Universal Gun Registration

“SF 458, among other faults, would make you a criminal, punishable with up to a year in jail, if you buy or sell a pistol or cosmetically frightening rifle without doing the transfer through a licensed dealer (who will charge you $25 to make a permanent record for the federal government) or without the buyer getting a purchase permit (for which the police chief or sheriff will charge another $25).”

Once again, this wouldn’t deal with the criminal element. What criminal is going to care that the law requires that he register his weapon or that he get a background check? All this would do is give the feds a list of people in the state of Minnesota who own a firearm, and they’re using the background check to do it. Criminals would be exempt.

Minnesota: Senate Gun Control Hearings Start Next Thursday

 Minnesota: Senate Gun Control Hearings Start Next Thursday.

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Ron Latz (DFL-46) – Chairman


Phone:  651-297-8065

Senator Barb Goodwin (DFL-41) – Vice Chairman


Phone:  651-296-4334

Senator Warren Limmer (R-34)

Phone:  651-296-2159

Senator Richard Cohen (DFL-64)


Phone:  651-296-5931

Senator Kari Dziedzic (DFL-60)


Phone:  651-296-7809

Senator Dan Hall (R-56)

Phone:  651-296-5975

Senator Julianne Ortman (R-47)

Phone:  651-296-4837

Senator Kathy Sheran (DFL-19)

Phone:  651-296-6153

Minnesotans Its A Fight For Your Rights At The Capitol Next Tue/Wed/Thu

Minnesotans Its A Fight For Your Rights At The Capitol Next Tue/Wed/Thu.

The Bad Bills
We’ll have some analysis soon, but you don’t need to be a lawyer to see the problems for the law-abiding gun owner.

Please forward this article to gun owners and civil rights supporters, and ask them to sign up at