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Miscellany …………………


How much is enough?

Depends…I guess…


When you have a son whom lives in this area…

Right on 169..

It can be a bit disconcerting to see this headline..

Pedestrian hit and killed on Hwy. 169 in Mille Lacs County


This is the ISIS…

Christian women hacked to death..


And Obama will do what?

Go golfing..


To live in this Colorado town..

One must own a gun..

Because it’s the law!!


Well this is a bit of a slam for old Harry Reid..


Another one coming for our guns!
Will Ira be leading the charge?


Phone in one hand calling 911..

Gun in the other hand…

Intruder kicks door in..

Which worked faster to save the day?


Morning Miscellany ……….

Anti Gun Sheriff says you don’t need a gun, he will protect you..

This how ‘protected’ you will be!!

As opposed to this Sheriff..

Try to take our guns..

And get Civil War..

Louisiana land grab…

Taking people’s property away..

Over something unseen..


Animals, barbarians, pieces of crap..

ISIS takes Lebanese Soldiers prisoner..

Beheads one..

Obama owns this..


Top 101 ‘Armed’ Counties in the United States!!

Here in Minnesota our two most populated and Liberal counties , Hennepin and Ramsey, are on the list!!


One of the things we stress!

Is what to do in this situation when doing CPR…

No excuse for not getting the AED on and attached ASAP when one is available..


Apps for Gun Owners…

Maybe useful, maybe not..


Media BiASS: Made Up Crap..

Chuck Todd: Women Reject GOP ‘Crazy White Guys’ With ‘Crazy Theories’ About Contraception


In an interview with Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus on MSNBC’sThe Daily Rundown on Thursday, host and incoming Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd proposed a cause for the GOP’s difficulty in attracting women voters: “…do the arguments about contraception end up…putting the party on mute with those same women voters who may like your economic proposals but say, ‘You know what? There’s just too many crazy white guys who have crazy theories about my reproductive system and I’m not listening.'” Priebus rejected the notion: “No, I don’t think that’s the case at all.” Todd continued, this time imagining the thoughts of Hispanic voters: “And Hispanics, same thing. Hispanics who maybe on some social issues would be with you, but the immigration talk says, ‘You know what? I can’t trust because they’ve got a whole bunch of crazy guys that talk crazy on immigration.’ Isn’t that an issue?”


Bloomberg’s Jeanne Cummings Claims GOP Wants To Take Away Birth Control


Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on Thursday afternoon, Jeanne Cummings, Deputy Managing Editor for Bloomberg News, decided to attack the GOP over their supposed problem with female voters. The Bloomberg reporter argued that the GOP has “moved the abortion debate into birth control. This is a huge step where women — that’s a threshold issue for women. That’s about birth control, controlling your life. This is being in control of your life. And they want to talk about taking that away? That’s a whole different conversation than abortion.”


Ed Show Guest: Former NFL Coach Mike Ditka Was a ‘Segregation-Era’ Player Who Dictated ‘His Will’ to ‘Black Players’


To close out his MSNBC show on Thursday, Ed Schultz invited on a Native American social activist to discuss the push by liberals and sympathetic members of the sports media to force the NFL’s Washington Redskins to change their name. In discussing recent supporters of the name in Sarah Palin and former NFL coach and player Mike Ditka, author and Native American activist Gyasi Ross smeared Ditka for being a “segregation-era football player who became, appropriately, a coach of – of a team – a team – an NFL team that was comprised largely of black players that he could dictate his will to.”


NBC and ABC Ignore Obama Fundraising Trip Snarling Holiday Travel, CBS Barely Mentions


Despite a Thursday New York Post report that President Obama’s upcoming Labor Day weekend fundraising junket would shut down airspace across the northeast and hurt business for local pilots, neither NBC’s Today nor ABC’s Good Morning America covered the controversy. CBS This Morning offered a mere 18-second news brief on the topic. This Morning fill-in co-host Vinita Nair informed viewers: “…the FAA is forcing no-fly zones beginning Friday. That includes grounding sea planes from the Hamptons to Nantucket. One company says it is a major hit on their busiest weekend of the year.”


AP, Politico, WashPo Reporters Fail to Completely Read Report on Phoenix VA Hospital


As reported on Tuesday night, two of the three major broadcast networks covered a new report from the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Veterans Affairs on the scandal-ridden agency and its Phoenix VA hospital that led to a nationwide investigation of delayed wait times and secret waiting lists. While the coverage was mixed with ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer completely omitting the story, the coverage in print and online sources such as Politico, the Associated Press, and The Washington Post completely missed the boat.


As Diane Sawyer Signs-Off, a Look Back at Her Fawning Chats With Repressive Dictators


World News anchor and long-time ABC journalist Diane Sawyer signed off for the last time on Wednesday night. The host’s final show included a music montage as she offered a behind the scenes look at how the program is created. Sawyer praised World News as “the flagship broadcast of ABC where Peter Jennings created a signature of such curiosity and courage.” Talking to viewers, Sawyer said of the people behind her show: “Determination and the certainty of purpose: They’re doing it for you.” Sawyer joined ABC in 1989 and if there’s been one constant during her long career, it’s been fawning, credulous reporting on dictators.

Al Franken : FACT CHECK: Lies & The Lying Liars Who Tell Them

FACT CHECK: Lies & The Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Eagan, Minn. – Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is now running full-sprint from his record as the most loyal Democrat in the Senate, the Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate campaign said today. The Franken for Senate campaign is out with a new ad in which Franken claims to work well with Republicans in the Senate. Earlier this month, National Journal reported that Franken has broken with his party leadership only twice this year, making him the most loyal Democrat in the Senate. In January, Politico reported that Franken is the Senator least likely to reach across the aisle and co-sponsor bipartisan legislation.

“Al Franken, who votes with President Obama 97% of the time, is the most loyal, partisan Democrat in Washington. That is a fact,” said McFadden spokesman Tom Erickson. “For Senator Franken to make the audacious claim that he is bipartisan is a whopper of a lie. Franken broke from his party only twice in the past year and is the Senator least likely to reach across the aisle to work on bipartisan legislation. If Senator Franken is lying about his work with Republicans, it really makes you wonder what else he isn’t being honest about.”

FALSE FRANKEN CLAIM: ANNOUNCER: “Franken owes much of his success so far to his ability to forge alliances with Republican Senators.” (Source: Franken TV Ad, August 27, 2014)

THE FACTS: Franken Is Most Loyal, Most Partisan Democrat In The Senate:

REPORT: Sen. Franken Is The Most Loyal Democrat In The Senate, Breaking With His Party Just Twice In The Last Year. “Looking back to 2014, there’s a notable name on the other end of the Senate’s party unity scale. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., is running for a second term after winning his first by just 312 votes in 2008. But Franken has only voted against his party twice out of 161 votes in 2013 and 2014, a 99 percent record that beats Elizabeth Warren’s.”   (Scott Bland, “Vulnerable Incumbents Were Most Likely to Stray From Party Line This Congress,” National Journal, August 19, 2014)

REPORT: Sen. Franken Is The Most Partisan Senator In Washington. “The most likely to co-sponsor a bipartisan bill in the House was Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah), with 73.1 percent of the bills he co-sponsored introduced by a member of the other party. The least was Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), with 1.2 percent of the bills he co-sponsored authored by someone on the other side of the aisle. In the Senate, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) led the way, with 72.9 percent of her bills. Last among senators counted was Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), at 9.7 percent.”   (Tal Koplan, “Report: David Vitter, Alan Grayson introduce most bills,” Politico, January 9, 2014)

Star Tribune’s Doug Tice Likens Franken To A Mindless Chicken Pecking For Corn.“Franken has become a typical climber on Capitol Hill: He almost always votes in lockstep with the majority of his party, demonstrating all the independence of mind of a well-trained rooster pecking the proper button to obtain a kernel of corn.”  (Doug Tice, “Franken’s ‘rubber stamp’ ways are pretty normal,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, August 16, 2014)

WCCO-TV: It’s True That Franken Votes With Obama 97% Of The Time. “The ad, with a humorous tone, ties Franken to Obama with a very Minnesotan insult: a Franken look-alike struggling to back his boat into the water. ‘Al Franken keeps missing the mark. Badly,’ the ad says. ‘Franken has a 97 percent voting record with President Obama.’ McFadden’s claim is true. In every year since 2008, Franken overwhelmingly voted with the Democrats and President Obama.”  (Pat Kessler, “Reality Check: Ad Slams Franken’s Record Voting In Line With Obama,” WCCO-TV, August 25, 2014)

Miscellany ………………..


I for one would not like this..

And would be a bit unwilling to be part of it..

I’ll be down in my bunker doing some reloading now…


Tim Tebow gets blasted for his Christian Faith, and some so called sports media are no better then the asswipes on CNN, MSNBC, etc. for the comments they have made..

Well tell me this..

Do they do anything like…



Where the heck is the logic in this!!!??

Never mind…

Mooch and the USDA involved..


Black thug, suspect in robbery, assaults police officer and gets his thuggish ass blown away..

LIEberal media and racists Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder go nuts…

700 men, women, children are slaughtered by ISIS and you hear..[chirpchirp]..

Go figure..


Police shootings anywhere?

Lets protest!!

In Chicago? [chirp,chirp]


The kids are upset.

With self appointed school lunch nutritionist Mooch Obama!!!


Even in Connecticut..

Being anti gun and reporting stupidly..

Can cost you your job..


This how the free market works..

Get the damn government out of it!!

But of course oh blameless one Obama!!
You have to blame someone..

So blame America!!

Islamists demand what?

CAIR needs to be run out of America and back to whatever sandpile they came from..