Looking around with anger

Looking around with anger
Mark 3
"He looked round at them in anger …" (v.5)

Did Jesus ever lose His temper? Some, looking at the passage before us today, might think so. In fact, I once heard a Christian defending his temper by saying: "If Jesus could not control His temper when faced with the scorn of the Pharisees in Mark 3, why should I be condemned for my inability to control mine?"Did the behavior of Jesus on this occasion result from a loss of temper? Of course not. One luminous phrase lights up the story and puts the matter in its proper perspective: "being grieved by the hardness of their hearts" (v.5, NKJV). The reason why Jesus "looked around at them with anger" was because He was "grieved by the hardness of their hearts." The cause of His anger was grief, not loss of temper — grief at their insensibility to human need. It was grief at what was happening to someone else, not personal pique at what was happening to Him.

Whenever we get angry, it is usually because our ego has been wounded and hits back, not in redemption but in retaliation. There is a temper that is redemptive and there is a temper that is retaliatory. The redemptive temper burns with the steady fire of redemptive intention; the retaliatory temper simply burns you up. It was intended to burn the other person up, but all it serves to do is to burn you. Patience, the fruit of the Spirit, works in us — if we let it — to temper our purposes to the Kingdom, and to Kingdom purposes alone.

My Father and my God, dwell so deeply in me by Your Spirit that my temper shall be tempered and produce no tempests — either in myself or in others. For Jesus’ sake I ask it. Amen.

For Further Study
Ephesians 4:1-27; Proverbs 19:11; Ecclesiastes 7:9
1. How can we be angry without committing sin?
2. Why is it important "not to let the sun go down on our wrath"?

Car Shopping……

I am not a car nut!

If it starts, stops, runs, heats, cools, has a radio…

I’m good.

But youngest needs a car..As he has a part time job and does not want to borrow roommate’s cars all the time…Which I agree with.

He is 4 hours away and keeps ‘finding’ cars on Craigslist and sending me links…

And I tell him is tough for me to help that way..

Especially with all those hucksters, shysters and scum buckets on Craigslist..

So we are biting the bullet, going to ‘donate’ my 2001 Toyota with 160,000 plus on it to him and find ourselves, ‘me’, something a little ‘newer’.

And I hate shopping for cars..


Media BiASS; Lying For DemocRATs!!!

CBS Peddles False Democratic Talking Point That GOP Cuts Hurt Ebola Response


In a report for Tuesday’s CBS This Morning on the political fallout from the Obama administration’s mishandling of the Ebola crisis, correspondent Chip Reid touted a Democratic attack line being used against Republicans in the midterm campaign: “Some Democrats are firing back, claiming that Republican spending cuts have made the problem worse….An independent liberal group called The Agenda Project has even released a new ad with the tag line, ‘Republican Cuts Kill.'” After playing a clip of the nasty ad, Reid didn’t bother to mention that The Washington Post completely dismantled the false accusation. Fact-checker Glenn Kessler reported on October 15: “The absurd claim that only Republicans are to blame for cuts to Ebola research….For fiscal year 2015, the documents show, it was the Obama White House that proposed to cut the NIH’s budget from the previous year.”


ABC and NBC Omit Any Mention of Midterm Elections on Day Two Weeks from Election Day


On Tuesday, ABC and NBC made no mention of the upcoming midterm elections, which were two weeks away from Tuesday and include numerous Senate races that will decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the U.S. Senate. ABC’s Good Morning America,ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, NBC’s Today, and NBC Nightly News made no mention of the midterm elections in their newscasts while the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley ran not one but two segments on the topic during its Tuesday night broadcast. Instead of acknowledging President Obama’s unpopularity ahead of the midterm elections or even the midterms itself, ABC World News Tonight found it important to inform viewers that the band Led Zeppelin is being sued by an artist claiming the music from their song “Stairway to Heaven” was stolen.


As Lewinsky Returns, ABC and CBS Gloss Over Clinton Culpability


All three networks on Tuesday hyped the return of Monica Lewinsky in the form of a speechon Monday, but ABC and CBS mostly glossed over the embarrassing details of Bill Clinton’s culpability. Good Morning America kept the focus on the former White House intern and it was only at the very end of the segment that Jon Karl allowed: “Lewinsky’s campaign against cyber-bullying just happens to be getting under way as we are about to start another presidential campaign featuring, probably, most likely, another Clinton.”

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