Bill Gates or Al Franken? Who knows more about Jobs?

This week's Franken's Friday Fail comes once again from the facebook page of one Al<br />
Franken.<br />
                                It’s a Facebook post promoting a petition to raise the minimum wage. In the post, Franken argues that such a move<br />
would give our economy a shot in the arm.” /></a></p>
<p><span style=This week’s Franken’s Friday Fail comes once again from the Facebook page of one Al Franken. 

It’s a Facebook post promoting a petition to raise the minimum wage. In the post, Franken argues that such a move would “give our economy a shot in the arm.” 

Well, as you know, Al Franken and Barack Obama have spent the last six years tampering with the free market, and just look where that’s gotten us: record unemployment, massive numbers leaving the work force altogether, and ObamaCare wreaking havoc with the finest health care system in the world. 

I’d also refer you to an 
interview Microsoft founder Bill Gates — someone who knows a thing or two about job creation — gave earlier this year in which he makes mince-meat of Franken’s minimum wage argument. Gates said: 

“You have to be a bit careful: If you raise the minimum wage, you’re encouraging labor substitution and you’re going to go buy machines and automate things — or cause jobs to appear outside of that jurisdiction. And so within certain limits, you know, it does cause job destruction. If you really start pushing it, then you’re just making a huge trade-off.” 

Franken’s Friday Fail is that he’d rather keep his spot as Obama’s #1 cheerleader in the Senate than open his eyes to the truth that leftist redistribution schemes just don’t work. 

Sorry, Al — I’m sticking with Bill Gates and basic math on this one. 

P.S. Barack Obama and Al Franken are up to their old class warfare tactics to divide the electorate again this year. This time they’re pushing to increase the minimum wage and decrease the “pay gap” for women. 

But, according to a recent American Enterprise Institute report, female staffers in Obama’s White House earn only $0.88 on the dollar compared to men. And, a quick numbers crunch on the site Legistorm reveals the median salary for women in Al Franken’s Senate office is $1,408.08 less than for men. Just saying. 

The Truth Is… Franken is a Stamp for Obama!!

The Truth Is… 

Former Saturday Night Live comedian turned Senator Al Franken has proven himself a rubber stamp on President Obama’s harmful liberal agenda. In fact, he has voted in favor of the president 100% of the time, despite the president’s plummeting approval numbers.

And the results of his loyalty to Obama and the progressive left are devastating, especially for women.


  • The poverty rate for women under the Obama/Franken agenda has increased from 14.4 percent to 16 percent. (US Census Department)
  • Only 35% of the jobs created so far in 2014 have gone to women. (Bureau of Labor & Statistics)
  • 3.7 Million women have fallen into poverty with President Obama & his rubber stamp Senators in charge. (US Census Department)
  • While Senator Franken may have been a funny comedian, this is no laughing matter.

Together we can stop the reckless policies dictated from Washington, D.C. Democrats, but we need your help.  Republicans have real solutions and ideas that work for women in Minnesota, and we are trying to get that message heard across the state. With your help, we can reach hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans to share our positive vision for the future.


Really, Al Franken? Really??

Our momentum continues to grow. As<br />
you probably heard, Sarah Palin endorsed my bid for U.S. Senate this week. ” width=”650″ border=”0″ /></a></p>
<p> </p>
<p><span style= I’ll make this week’s post a quick one.

It comes directly from Al Franken’s facebook page:

“Four years ago this month marks the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and millions of Americans are already seeing the benefits.

Read how Al is working hard to make sure the law works for the people of Minnesota—and just a few of the health care stories Team Franken heard on the road.”

ObamaCare is a nightmare. But Al Franken thinks it should be celebrated.

Really, Al Franken? Really??

It’s no wonder hard-working Minnesotans have responded so well to our campaign’s rallying cry of “Keep your Doctor. Fire your Senator!”

Our momentum continues to grow. As you probably heard, Sarah Palin endorsed my bid for U.S. Senate this week.

Meanwhile, Al Franken’s approval and his chances of getting re-elected continue to crater.

Small wonder, too. Franken is clinging to the failed policies of the last 6 years — especially ObamaCare.

And that is Franken’s Friday Fail.

Where Is Senator Al Franken?

Where Is Senator Al Franken?
Obamacare’s Biggest Supporter Now in Hiding

As the stories of canceled plans, rising premiums, reduced choice, and sky-high deductibles continue to roll in from across the Country (50 States of Obamacare Failure) Minnesotans are wondering, “Where is Al Franken?”

The last time we heard from Senator Franken on Obamacare was nearly 5 months ago when he promised to hold the Administration accountable for its catastrophic rollout (Star Tribune, 11/06/13).

So much for that. Senator Franken cast the deciding 60th vote giving us Obamacare – known as MNsure here in Minnesota. But he is avoiding us now that this expensive and damaging government overreach is hurting Minnesotans and is more unpopular than ever. In fact, 88% of people in a recent poll believe Obamacare will raise their costs or have no impact at all (The Hill).

Moreover, recent reports show MNsure (which is Obamacare here in MN) facing huge financial troubles. If continued, these troubles will eventually require a taxpayer bailout in addition to the real harm already done to MN families. 
(KSTP, 3/24/14).

In a press release Franken said, “We owe it to the people who elected us to this body to tell the truth about the health reform law.” (Press Release, 9/26/13). We agree, Minnesotans deserve leaders that tell the truth. So what is the truth Sen. Franken? How is Obamacare doing?  Is it working?  Are canceled plans, higher costs and reduced choice what you had in mind?

Republicans are offering ideas that work for healthcare reform, something Al Franken has yet to do from his office in Washington DC. Tell Democrats like Al Franken to stop playing with Minnesotan’s healthcare and together we can elect a new leader with ideas that work.


Will Al Franken Ask Obama To Stay Away?

According to a report in the Washington Post, President Obama has offered to avoid states where his presence would hurt vulnerable Senate Democrats.

The news came the same week that Congressional Quarterly announced that Sen. Al Franken votes with President Obama 100% of the time, and shows that he had the fewest bipartisan bills of any U.S. Senator. Republican Party of Minnesota chairman Keith Downey released thefollowing statement asking if Sen. Franken will have President Obama campaign for him in 2014. 

“Between voting for a healthcare law that is canceling insurance coverage and costing us jobs, Al Franken has a lot to answer for,” said Chairman Downey. “As President Obama’s number one cheerleader, Al Franken won’t be able to run from his record of putting his party first.”

Strib: “At Least 140,000 Minnesotans Will Lose Current Health Policies” Because Of Obamacare. “At least 140,000 Minnesotans who buy health insurance on their own are being notified that their plans will no longer be available under the new federal health care law, adding to the national furor over canceled policies that has overtaken the health care debate.”
(Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oct. 31, 2013)

“More than 2 million Americans who would otherwise rely on a job for health insurance will quit working, reduce their hours or stop looking for employment because of new health benefits available under the Affordable Care Act, congressional budget analysts said Tuesday.”
(Source: Washington Post, Feb. 4, 2014)

President Offers To Stay Away From States With Competitive Senate Races. “President Obama, struggling with low approval ratings after a dispiriting year of setbacks, conceded in private remarks Wednesday that some fellow Democrats might not want his help in this fall’s elections. … ‘He said he knew he is not popular in some of the states so he would not be offended if he were not invited to visit them this year,’ said one senator who requested anonymity to discuss the private meeting. ‘But he said he could be helpful in some parts of some states.’”
(Source: Washington PostFeb. 6, 2014)

In 2013, Al Franken Voted With President Obama 100 Percent Of The Time. (CQ Voting Studies - Sen. Al Franken, CQ Roll Call, Updated February 2014)

Franken’s Support of ObamaCare Will Reduce Employment in MN

Franken’s Support of ObamaCare Will Reduce Employment in MN
Equivalent of 50,855 Jobs Could Be Lost

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) detailed that ObamaCare will cost the economy the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs by 2024. A new state-by-state analysis by the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) shows that ObamaCare will have harmful effects on employment and the workforce in Minnesota.

In 2009, when trying to justify ObamaCare, Senator Al Franken gushed, “I’m proud of what we’re doing, I’m really proud.”

It is difficult to reconcile Franken’s words in light of the news from the Congressional Budget Office that makes clear that fewer people will be employed and fewer hours worked because of the unpopular law.  According to the new ATR analysis, it is estimated that ObamaCare will reduce employment and cost Minnesota the equivalent of over 50,000 jobs.

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal made clear how this news is politically harmful to Senators who championed the law like Al Franken:  “All of this is one more contradiction of the arguments that were used to sell ObamaCare. The law would reduce health-care costs and shrink the deficit, you could keep your health plan and your doctor, and businesses could hire more workers and be more competitive. All of this is turning out to be false, and now we learn that the law is a job destroyer that is removing rungs from the ladder of upward economic mobility.”


  • Franken On Health Care: “I’m Proud Of What We’re Doing, I’m Really Proud.” (Senator Al Franken, “Sen. Franken Delivers Final Speech on Health Care Reform,” Press Release, 12/23/09)

This…is Al Franken….

From a failed clown, radio DJ and worthless Senator…


Al Franken has said and done a number of incenidary things in his career.  Among them, Franken famously authored the book:  “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot.”  

Al Franken must have been looking in the mirror.

Franken’s idiocy has brought real harm to the American people.  He was the deciding vote for the radical ObamaCare healthcare scheme.  He even helped write part of the law.  

Franken wrote to the IRS and asked them to investigate and harass conservative organizations.

Franken voted for higher taxes, higher deficits, Obama’s stimulus and he not only supported military intervention in Syria, he urged Barack Obama to go forward without seeking congressional authorization.

Here’s the good news:  New polls show Franken is in serious trouble and might lose his re-election bid.

  • Citizens Against Government Waste. Franken received 0% rating.
  • National Association of Manufacturers:  Franken received 0% rating.
  • Campaign for Working Families:  Franken received 0% rating.
  • Concerned Women for America:  Franken received 0% rating.
  • American Library Association:  Franken received 0% rating.
  • Sportsmen and Animal Owner’s Voting Alliance:  Franken received 0% rating.
  • American Conservative Union: Franken received 0% rating

Silenced! Reject! Terrorist! Consequences! Dead Voters!

Benghazi Security Co. Silenced

ObamaCare contractors ostensibly weren’t the only ones being told to hush up. A new report from Judicial Watch claims, “Days after terrorists attacked the U.S. mission in Benghazi, a State Department official ordered an executive at the security company charged with protecting the special compound not to respond to media inquiries, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.” Wouldn’t want the truth to get in the way of a pivotal election and Obama’s campaign narrative about Benghazi and al-Qaida.



Most States Reject Gun Control

The Left has done everything in their power to exploit last December’s dreadful massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The only way to prevent these tragic rampages, we’re told, is to tighten gun control. Indeed, several states — notably Colorado and New York — were quick to implement stringent gun laws, but most states have seen through the rhetoric and actually loosened restrictions. The New York Times reports: “About 1,500 state gun bills have been introduced since the Newtown massacre. 178 passed at least one chamber of a state legislature. 109 have become law. In the 12 months since the mass shooting … almost every state has enacted at least one new gun law. Nearly two-thirds of the new laws ease restrictions and expand the rights of gun owners.” (Emphasis added). Finally, some good news.



Hillary, terrorist!

Report: Hillary Clinton tied to Terrorism


North Carolina Cities Who Violate Gun Law, Face Consequences


And the dead will have another chance to vote in Minnesota!!

See Al Franken’s voting dead…

Along with the felon’s whom voted for him!!


MNsure! Voice!!


KSTP reporters learned that the MNSure website is one of 58% of state-run “Obamacare” exchanges that are vulnerable to a Wi-Fi cyber attack.

Rep. Kathy Lohmer (39B) – Legislative Update 
Dear Neighbor,
On Wednesday, MNsure – the Minnesota arm of Obamacare – held a board meeting to review the status of its enrollment process. We discovered that after one month into MNsure’s failed launch, zero Minnesotans have completed enrollment in a health plan. Because MNsure officials are unable to transfer application information into health plans – the critical last step of the enrollment process – a person cannot be completely enrolled in a health plan. After spending $150 million taxpayer dollars on this government-organized bureaucracy, Minnesotans should truly expect better of their government.
Additionally, you can expect to pay a brand new tax on your health insurance plans. The unelected board of directors for MNsure voted to impose a 1.5% tax on your health insurance. Revenue from this tax will be held in a special account to be used by MNsure to cover operation costs, with few limitations, in later years. Minnesota taxpayers can’t afford to pay even more for the implementation of Obamacare by Governor Dayton and Democrats. Even worse, it’s not only MNsure enrollees who are seeing their costs go up. It has beenreported that as many as 1 in 20 Minnesotans (280,000) will be forced to give up policies they like, with doctors of their choosing, for policies that will be more expensive and involve services they do not want.
Meanwhile, the legislative auditor issued his review of the MNsure privacy breach that occurred back in September when an employee released the social security numbers of over 1500 Minnesotans. The legislative auditor concluded that this was not an isolated incident, but a top-to-bottom problem for MNsure as it relates to properly training employees and instituting safeguards of the personal information of Minnesotans. It’s time for this trend of data breaches to end. 


IRS the new weapon against your free speech

Now they’re coming after your political voice!

At National Right to Life, we are ever on the guard against regulations that would take away the free speech rights of groups like NRLC who speak up for the unborn.

We have to be.  Attacking our free speech rights has long been a favorite tactic of pro-abortion policymakers as a way to undermine public support for the unborn.

Now, proposed new regulations by Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service would dramatically limit the rights of advocacy organizations like NRLC to inform the public about the positions of candidates, how members of Congress voted, what statements they made about issues, etc.  Limits would even be imposed on our right to discuss the positions of nominees for federal judgeships, including those nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court!

If you are a member of the National Right to Life Committee – if you believe in and support our right to inform voters of these facts before an election – these new regulations would mean that not just our rights, but your rights to free speech and association would be severely violated.

The Obama team sees organizations like National Right to Life as a threat.  They see you and your views as a threat.  They want to muzzle those views.  It’s that simple.

Free speech is a birthright of the American people and has been for more than 200 years.  It is not a commodity any American president or administration, who hold office for just a few short years, can take away for crass political reasons.

Please help us fight this threat to our free speech and to the unborn.  We need to raise a storm of public protest against these regulations, to make it as hard as possible for the IRS to give final approval.  We need to educate the American people that it seems every group that opposes Obama’s policies is now under threat of having their most fundamental rights taken away.

Can you help us fight this scourge, and help protect the voice of the unborn with a generous donation of $500 or $250 today?  The IRS has already been implicated in over-zealously investigating pro-life organizations – the use of the IRS as a political weapon has to stop!

If the amounts above are too much, I completely understand, and hope you can support us with a needed gift of $100, $50 or $35.  Together we’ll stand to defend our free speech rights . . . and the rights of the unborn who have no other voice but us!

For an excellent short summary of this new threat from the IRS, see The Latest IRS Power Grab, by former Federal Elections Commission Chair Bradley Smith, which you can read here.


Homemade! Sticking It! Moronic! Debunked! Police State! Threats? Al Franken!!

And once they ban guns…

How will they stop this?

Homemade Coilgun Energy Weapon.


For who?

The Mooslims?

Because Buck Ofama sure is sticking it to everyone else!!

Obama Administration Brags about Sticking Up for Religious and Press Freedom


Laugh, shake you head..

This is just….moronic..

Sophomoric Anti-Gun Article a Fun Read But Not Much Else


One of the anti-gun lobby’s leading arguments is that fewer guns equals less violence. This seems like a logical argument, and is often passed on as fact. But, as with most of the arguments the anti-gun left recycles over and over, the facts simply do not back it up.

In the fall issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, (and below) Jane M. Orient, M.D. argues there is no evidence-based support for more gun control measures. Rather, the statistics gun-control proponents cite are cherry-picked from larger data sets that show no correlation between more gun laws and less violence.

Medical Journal Article Debunks Major Anti-Gun Talking Point

New York City…Police State…

NYPD: Modify or Surrender Rifles, Shotguns with Greater Than Five Round Capacity

This brings a tear to ones eye!

Surprised all them guns laying there are not killing everyone in the room as those idiots in New York believe they do!



Really? Threats? This is the police today?

I would start shooting back…

I am a light sleeper, very light..So is our dog…

And I may or may not have a couple of handguns, shotguns and what not…Handy in the bedroom..and I know how to use and operate them.

I also spend many hours yearly working with and training LEOs in first aid, scenario based, so have much opportunity to observe their methods and training..

Bring boys…

Cops Intent on Search Without a Warrant Threaten to Kill Dogs

I may lose…But my family would not be the only sad ones…I probably would lose..But I am at the point I really don’t care anymore..

I’ve had it..


HOT PETITION!  Stop Sen. Al Franken from homosexualizing public school classrooms. Stop federal curricula to kids.  Please select, sign, and WE WILL FAX your petition to all 535 members of Congress (saving you time!) to filibuster Franken’s “No Child Left Unmolested” amendment to Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Free option here..

Subject: Stop Al Franken-No Child Left Unmolested

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that you OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, formerly known as “No Child Left Behind.” Specifically you must oppose Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) addition of language proposed by Senator Al Franken (D-MN) that requires mandatory pro-homosexual lectures to all public school children, promoting sin under the disguise of bullying prevention. STOP THREATENING TO CUT FUNDING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS THAT WON’T PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY AS NORMAL. The legislation’s text promoting homosexuality begins on Page 694 of the massive school bill, over 1,150 pages.

Since Al Franken could not pass his “Homosexual Classrooms Act” in 2010, improperly called the Student Non-Discrimination Act, he has co-opted Senator Harkin to insert identical language into this year’s No Child Left Behind “Elementary and Secondary Education Act.” But when you threaten to cut public school funding if teachers refuse to promote homosexuality, you really want NO CHILD LEFT UNMOLESTED by pro-homosexual propaganda. As parents we all should, honestly, pull our kids from public schools, if you force kids and parents to violate their conscience, religion, and moral views.

Stop these immoral COMMON CORE STANDARDS, which violate the 1979 National Education Act which forbids federal curricula from being imposed on local schools. SEX EDUCATION IS THE PARENT’S JOB, not the government’s job. Local school boards should decide these matters, not the BULLY AL FRANKEN who intimidates Christian kids into accepting homosexuality as normal, with deceitful lectures by adults who bully Christian kids, without permission from parents. Read more here: PLEASE OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER this child abuse.