MN Senators aim to reverse religious freedoms, Hobby Lobby ruling?

On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores that the Administration’s contraceptive mandate as applied to closely held for-profit corporations violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) passed by Congress in 1993.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) has now introduced the “Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act (S. 2578)”that would reverse the Hobby Lobby decision and go even farther by jeopardizing the conscience rights of all employers to opt out of covering healthcare services that they deem morally objectionable.

Both Minnesota Senators, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Al Franken, have signed on to this bill, which could more aptly be described as a “religious freedom deprivation act.”  

The bill they have co-authored negates any current and future right that employers, insurers, or employees may have, under RFRA or any other federal law, to opt out of federally mandated coverage for specific reasons of conscience. This would include late-term abortion coverage, if the federal government decided to add it to its list of “preventative services.”

The U.S. Senate may vote on this anti-conscience rights bill as soon as TODAY. Please urge senators Klobuchar and Franken to reconsider their sponsorship of S. 2578 and to vote AGAINST this bill.

If you have one minute, click on the following link to send a message to senators Klobuchar and Franken right now:

Even better, call their D.C. office to voice your concern directly! Share this message with them:

“Please do NOT support the Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act (S. 2578). This misnamed measure revokes conscience rights guaranteed not only by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, but other federal laws too. Congress has never passed legislation with the specific purpose of reducing Americans’ religious freedom. It should not consider doing so now.”
Senator Klobuchar’s D.C. office number:
202-224-3244 or 1-888-224-9043
Senator Franken’s D.C. office number:

MNCC Letter to Klobuchar and Franken

Franken Hiding From His Record After Backing Out Of Obama Events

Franken Hiding From His Record After Backing Out Of Obama Events

President Obama is visiting Minnesota today and tomorrow and even though Sen. Franken said he would “welcome Pres. Obama” he backed out at the last second. We all know Sen. Franken’s record is a rubber stamp of the unpopular President and now Franken is hiding from his record.

In response to President Obama’s campaign swing into Minnesota, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey released the following statement today:

“Just ten Months after promising to welcome the president to Minnesota, Al Franken is now running from the President he has supported 98% of the time. The Obama-Franken agenda is sending this country in the wrong direction. Just yesterday we learned that the healthcare law is another reason for the shrinking economy,” said Keith Downey MNGOP Chairman. “Al Franken may be able to run away from Obama today, but he won’t be able to run from his record on election day.”

Is Franken Avoiding President Obama?

Is Franken Avoiding President Obama?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last night that Sen. Al Franken is “noncommittal” about attending the President’s events in MinnesotaThursday and Friday.

According to the Associated Press, Sen. Franken welcomed a visit from the President just 10 months ago saying he’d “really enjoy it”.

Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey released the following statement today:

“Al Franken has committed to voting with President Obama 98% of the time, so why won’t he commit to meeting with the President in Minneapolis tomorrow,” asked Chairman Keith Downey. “Franken can try to run from his record, but Minnesotans will still remember that he cast the decisive vote to kick 140,000 Minnesotans off of their health insurance and has been a rubber-stamp for the Obama agenda that has caused our economy to shrink. With a record like this, it’s no wonder Al Franken won’t commit to appearing with President Obama this week.”
Minnesotans deserve to know if Sen. Franken will continue aligning himself with the President and his failed policies.

Sen. Franken is a rubber stamp of President Obama and wrong for Minnesota. Sign the petition to help us Fire Franken!

Al Franken Mum on Latest IRS Scandal, But Takes Campaign Contributions From IRS Union

Al Franken Mum on Latest IRS Scandal, But Takes Campaign Contributions From IRS Union


In 2012, a group of seven Senate Democrats, including Al Franken, pushed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to impose strict limits on certain non-profits involved in political advocacy. Subsequently the IRS targeted the Tea Party and other conservative groups. An ongoing investigation into the actions of the IRS revealed something interesting.

This weekend, news broke that “After months of delay in responding to congressional inquiries, the IRS now claims that, for the period of January 2009 to April 2011, all e-mails between Lois Lerner — the IRS official at the center of the scandal — and anyone outside the IRS were wiped out by a ‘computer crash.’”

Over a year ago, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent the IRS a Freedom of Information Act request asking for “any and all documents or records, including but not limited to electronic documents, e-mails, paper documents, photographs (electronic or hard copy), or audio files,” related to correspondence from January 1, 2009 and May 21, 2013 between thirteen different Democrat members of Congress and top IRS officials – including Minnesota Senator Al Franken. We’ve been repeatedly stonewalled by the IRS.

Al Franken has benefitted from the Democrats’ close relationship with the IRS, accepting$5,000 from the National Treasury Employees Union, which covers IRS employees.

“Al Franken hasn’t said a word about the missing emails and is sitting back rather than demanding answers,” said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “This is just another instance of Al Franken putting his own political career above the well-being of Minnesotans. Sen. Franken not only refuses to say whether he will return the contributions from the IRS Union, but he refuses to demand additional information from President Obama and the IRS about this deeply concerning scandal.” 

Morning Miscellany ……


Code compliance?

Some cities are way out of line..

Including the one I live in that dictates no garbage disposals and the latest..No three car garages on new residential home construction..


We elect idiots to do this crap?



Ethics? What are ethics?

Using government agencies to oppress those that oppose them.

Now face ethics charges…

And our very own Al Franken amongst them….

It also specifically cites Charles Schumer of New York, who was the lead author of letters to the IRS signed by Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire; Tom Udall of New Mexico; Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island; Al Franken of Minnesota; Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Jeff Merkley of Oregon.


Gun control will not cause thugs to think differently…Nor will it make it difficult to obtain weapons..Think about the war on drugs..

But some think differently..

Like Chicago.

Where they have had the gun control and the highest murder rate in the country for just as long as they have had gun control..

Think about it..


Why so many ‘no-knock’ police home invasions? 

Follow the money…

finding very little drugs, but generating plenty of federal grants because of the raids.


 Is the flashlights fault I tell you!

Blaming the tacticool flashlights on police service weapons for shooting someone?



Oh there would be force if this was ever tried on my residence…

Lots of force…

Trust me on that!


Dom Raso “Military & Law Enforcement”


Bill Gates or Al Franken? Who knows more about Jobs?

This week's Franken's Friday Fail comes once again from the facebook page of one Al<br />
Franken.<br />
                                It’s a Facebook post promoting a petition to raise the minimum wage. In the post, Franken argues that such a move<br />
would give our economy a shot in the arm.” /></a></p>
<p><span style=This week’s Franken’s Friday Fail comes once again from the Facebook page of one Al Franken. 

It’s a Facebook post promoting a petition to raise the minimum wage. In the post, Franken argues that such a move would “give our economy a shot in the arm.” 

Well, as you know, Al Franken and Barack Obama have spent the last six years tampering with the free market, and just look where that’s gotten us: record unemployment, massive numbers leaving the work force altogether, and ObamaCare wreaking havoc with the finest health care system in the world. 

I’d also refer you to an 
interview Microsoft founder Bill Gates — someone who knows a thing or two about job creation — gave earlier this year in which he makes mince-meat of Franken’s minimum wage argument. Gates said: 

“You have to be a bit careful: If you raise the minimum wage, you’re encouraging labor substitution and you’re going to go buy machines and automate things — or cause jobs to appear outside of that jurisdiction. And so within certain limits, you know, it does cause job destruction. If you really start pushing it, then you’re just making a huge trade-off.” 

Franken’s Friday Fail is that he’d rather keep his spot as Obama’s #1 cheerleader in the Senate than open his eyes to the truth that leftist redistribution schemes just don’t work. 

Sorry, Al — I’m sticking with Bill Gates and basic math on this one. 

P.S. Barack Obama and Al Franken are up to their old class warfare tactics to divide the electorate again this year. This time they’re pushing to increase the minimum wage and decrease the “pay gap” for women. 

But, according to a recent American Enterprise Institute report, female staffers in Obama’s White House earn only $0.88 on the dollar compared to men. And, a quick numbers crunch on the site Legistorm reveals the median salary for women in Al Franken’s Senate office is $1,408.08 less than for men. Just saying. 

The Truth Is… Franken is a Stamp for Obama!!

The Truth Is… 

Former Saturday Night Live comedian turned Senator Al Franken has proven himself a rubber stamp on President Obama’s harmful liberal agenda. In fact, he has voted in favor of the president 100% of the time, despite the president’s plummeting approval numbers.

And the results of his loyalty to Obama and the progressive left are devastating, especially for women.


  • The poverty rate for women under the Obama/Franken agenda has increased from 14.4 percent to 16 percent. (US Census Department)
  • Only 35% of the jobs created so far in 2014 have gone to women. (Bureau of Labor & Statistics)
  • 3.7 Million women have fallen into poverty with President Obama & his rubber stamp Senators in charge. (US Census Department)
  • While Senator Franken may have been a funny comedian, this is no laughing matter.

Together we can stop the reckless policies dictated from Washington, D.C. Democrats, but we need your help.  Republicans have real solutions and ideas that work for women in Minnesota, and we are trying to get that message heard across the state. With your help, we can reach hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans to share our positive vision for the future.


Really, Al Franken? Really??

Our momentum continues to grow. As<br />
you probably heard, Sarah Palin endorsed my bid for U.S. Senate this week. ” width=”650″ border=”0″ /></a></p>
<p> </p>
<p><span style= I’ll make this week’s post a quick one.

It comes directly from Al Franken’s facebook page:

“Four years ago this month marks the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and millions of Americans are already seeing the benefits.

Read how Al is working hard to make sure the law works for the people of Minnesota—and just a few of the health care stories Team Franken heard on the road.”

ObamaCare is a nightmare. But Al Franken thinks it should be celebrated.

Really, Al Franken? Really??

It’s no wonder hard-working Minnesotans have responded so well to our campaign’s rallying cry of “Keep your Doctor. Fire your Senator!”

Our momentum continues to grow. As you probably heard, Sarah Palin endorsed my bid for U.S. Senate this week.

Meanwhile, Al Franken’s approval and his chances of getting re-elected continue to crater.

Small wonder, too. Franken is clinging to the failed policies of the last 6 years — especially ObamaCare.

And that is Franken’s Friday Fail.

Where Is Senator Al Franken?

Where Is Senator Al Franken?
Obamacare’s Biggest Supporter Now in Hiding

As the stories of canceled plans, rising premiums, reduced choice, and sky-high deductibles continue to roll in from across the Country (50 States of Obamacare Failure) Minnesotans are wondering, “Where is Al Franken?”

The last time we heard from Senator Franken on Obamacare was nearly 5 months ago when he promised to hold the Administration accountable for its catastrophic rollout (Star Tribune, 11/06/13).

So much for that. Senator Franken cast the deciding 60th vote giving us Obamacare – known as MNsure here in Minnesota. But he is avoiding us now that this expensive and damaging government overreach is hurting Minnesotans and is more unpopular than ever. In fact, 88% of people in a recent poll believe Obamacare will raise their costs or have no impact at all (The Hill).

Moreover, recent reports show MNsure (which is Obamacare here in MN) facing huge financial troubles. If continued, these troubles will eventually require a taxpayer bailout in addition to the real harm already done to MN families. 
(KSTP, 3/24/14).

In a press release Franken said, “We owe it to the people who elected us to this body to tell the truth about the health reform law.” (Press Release, 9/26/13). We agree, Minnesotans deserve leaders that tell the truth. So what is the truth Sen. Franken? How is Obamacare doing?  Is it working?  Are canceled plans, higher costs and reduced choice what you had in mind?

Republicans are offering ideas that work for healthcare reform, something Al Franken has yet to do from his office in Washington DC. Tell Democrats like Al Franken to stop playing with Minnesotan’s healthcare and together we can elect a new leader with ideas that work.