Disasters. Gun Rights. Gun Bills. Worrying. Universal. Nullification. Drones. Terrorist. Puppies.

As in disasters unleashed by Buck Ofama and his reelection..


New Yorkers and the support of their 2nd Amendment Rights against another Dhimmicrap wannabe tyrant, not named Buck Ofama or Nanny Bloomberg!!


This is a good thing…Unfortunately not in this Nanny State run by Dhimmicraps I reside in…currently…

Gun Rights Bills Make Headway in Several States


Why Worrying is a Failure to Grasp the Gospel

The root cause of worry is not misplaced priorities. It’s misplaced faith. It’s a failure to grasp the gospel of a God worthy of our trust. Read the full article here


Guess I am done buying guns or had better do so soon…Before this bullshit gets passed and like Obamacare rammed down our throats..

Universal Background Check Equates to Backdoor Gun Registry


2 More Nullification Bills Move Forward

Montana House passes Nullify NDAA Detention, 98-0

Arizona Senate passes Constitutional Tender Act

Fayette County TN passes 2nd Amendment Preservation

Track all nullification legislation here:


Damn straight..

Poll: Americans Believe They Have Right To Shoot Down Government Spy Drones


When this happens...

And I see this at my door..

The shooting starts and granted I may be dead, probably will be .. But so will some of these anti Freedom, anti Constitution Buck Ofama goon squad members.

And I’ll be free of this shit Buck Ofama has foisted on us.


As Washington politicians aim to restrict the Second Amendment, they should look in the mirror. The time to control government’s guns is now. Overarmed federal officials increasingly employ military tactics as a first resort in routine law enforcement. From food-safety cases to mundane financial matters, battle-ready public employees are turning America into the United States of SWAT.

And Your Little Dog, Too


Muslims. Generals. Stupid. Stop. Fluke.

Hamas-CAIR Gave the Islamic Prayer Cursing Christians and Jews Before the Arizona State Senate

How unConstitutional was that?


Demand competency from Buck Ofama and the pointless left…and get fired…is how the assOs roll..

Buck Ofama’s War on American Generals


A stupid approach to gun control.

What happened to Colorado? They let to many left coasters from Kalifornistan in?


Some states are trying to stop the tyranny of the Washington Leftists and Buck Ofama’s power grab and effort to disarm the People to impose his will on them.

Some not so much..



Missouri.. But

GOP fighting back..

Is the stupid that strong amongst these idiots that they think turning taxpaying, voting citizens into outlaws by making what they legally own illegal will make these same folks roll over and surrender?

I think we are close to the last ‘box’ the ammo box is next….


Self rule..Or Fluke rule.

What is it you want?

Independence or dependence?


Man Stuff: Boys, Guns and Sissified Windbags


The Left is laboring assiduously to indoctrinate an entire generation of young boys to believe the following: Guns are evil. And fruits of this treacherous tutoring will be evident 15 to 20 years from now when the US Marine Corps can’t find a single male recruit.

Oh? really? Letting Government take care of you and becoming entitled and lazy leftists tends to do this to people..