Silenced! Reject! Terrorist! Consequences! Dead Voters!

Benghazi Security Co. Silenced

ObamaCare contractors ostensibly weren’t the only ones being told to hush up. A new report from Judicial Watch claims, “Days after terrorists attacked the U.S. mission in Benghazi, a State Department official ordered an executive at the security company charged with protecting the special compound not to respond to media inquiries, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.” Wouldn’t want the truth to get in the way of a pivotal election and Obama’s campaign narrative about Benghazi and al-Qaida.



Most States Reject Gun Control

The Left has done everything in their power to exploit last December’s dreadful massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The only way to prevent these tragic rampages, we’re told, is to tighten gun control. Indeed, several states — notably Colorado and New York — were quick to implement stringent gun laws, but most states have seen through the rhetoric and actually loosened restrictions. The New York Times reports: “About 1,500 state gun bills have been introduced since the Newtown massacre. 178 passed at least one chamber of a state legislature. 109 have become law. In the 12 months since the mass shooting … almost every state has enacted at least one new gun law. Nearly two-thirds of the new laws ease restrictions and expand the rights of gun owners.” (Emphasis added). Finally, some good news.



Hillary, terrorist!

Report: Hillary Clinton tied to Terrorism


North Carolina Cities Who Violate Gun Law, Face Consequences


And the dead will have another chance to vote in Minnesota!!

See Al Franken’s voting dead…

Along with the felon’s whom voted for him!!


Drones! MRAP! Media BiASS!!

Don’t drone me in the woods PETA..

And if you do…

New Product Lets Sportsmen Know When Drones Are Near

Yeah..And then your drone is fair game!!

And just in case…

One would need to worry about this and why not? Why does local and State LEOs need such devices?

How to disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles


Media BiASS!

How can one separate themselves from what is obviously under their responsibility..Oh..wait..She works for Obama, a master at deflecting blame and responsibility..

NBC Host: Has Sebelius ‘Separated Herself’ from ObamaCare Failure? ‘Is Her Job Safer?’

On Sunday’s NBC Today, co-host Lester Holt wondered if Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had “successfully separated herself now from this trouble” with the ObamaCare website failure. He further asked: “Is her job safer than it was maybe a week ago?” A somewhat puzzled David Gregory, moderator of Meet the Press, replied: “Well, I think her job may be okay for the moment. But I don’t think she’s separated herself from it….all of these problems really do undercut the potential effectiveness of ObamaCare, whether it can be affordable to insure more and more people. If they don’t achieve that, there are enormous problems….enormous problems for how it works for years to come.”


And you idiot Mostly Shit, Nothing But Crap talking head, what is ObamaScare doing to people? Tea Party has nothing to do with that monstrosity!

MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: Tea Partiers ‘Don’t Care If It Hurts People’


Appearing as a guest on Friday’s PoliticsNation, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry asserted that Tea Party Republicans “don’t care if it hurts people” when they oppose government programs like ObamaCare. As she discussed with host Al Sharpton whether Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz could be considered a “populist,” Harris-Perry brought up opposition to Medicaid expansion by some Republicans: “So what we do see is not so much populism, but a kind of ideological rigidity that says we don’t care if it hurts people. We are just going to have a very strong and consistent stance that we want government to be so ineffective, so incapable of doing anything that it can’t even help people who need the most help.”

A light? For the truth to finally come out? From the Carrying Barack’s Shit network?

CBS’s Logan Lets Benghazi Witness, Stevens’ Advisers Cut Through Obama ‘Misinformation’


On Sunday’s 60 Minutes, CBS’s Lara Logan bluntly pointed out how the September 11, 2012 Islamist attack on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya “have been overshadowed by misinformation, confusion, and intense partisanship,” Logan turned to an actual eyewitness of the attack, along with two former advisers to deceased Ambassador Chris Stevens – Greg Hicks and a Green Beret officer – to refreshingly outline what actually happened that infamous night. However, the correspondent failed to explicitly mention President Barack Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her report. She only vaguely noted that “contrary to the White House’s public statements, which were still being made a full week later, it’s now well established that the Americans were attacked by al Qaeda in a well-planned assault.”


Damn, if this Mostly Shit, Nothing But Crap talking worm had a tingle up his leg over Obama, I don’t want to know what he will do in his pants over Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton…

Ready for 2016? Chris Matthews Admits to ‘Giggling’ With ‘Playful’ ‘Girlish’ Hillary Clinton


Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who famously admitted to a “thrill” that Barack Obama sent up his leg, on Friday praised the “girlish” and “playful” Hillary Clinton. The Hardball anchor appeared on Alec Baldwin’s new Friday night show and conceded that he and the potential 2016 candidate “giggle” and “laugh” together. Matthews was talking to Baldwin about gay rights and made one of his customary thought digressions. Even though the host allowed for a “tussle or two” over the years with Clinton, he lauded, “Although when I am with her. I just think she is great as a person. And we giggle, everything, laugh…I hope this doesn’t offend anybody. There is a part of her that is very girlish. She’s still very youthful.”



5. NBC Frets: Nobel-Prize-Winning ‘Rock Star’ Obama Now ‘Subject of Europe’s Scorn’


Showing more concern for President Obama’s popularity than the national security implications of the latest leaks in the NSA spying scandal, on Monday’s NBC Today, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell lamented: “When he was a candidate, Barack Obama was a rock star in Europe. That was then, this is now. As Europe reacts angrily to news that the U.S. spied on 35 leaders…” Moments later, Mitchell continued to worry: “How did the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize just months into his presidency become the subject of Europe’s scorn?” She denounced the leaks, but not the spying itself: “The White House can thank NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who’s latest revelations have forced President Obama to apologize to France’s President Hollande, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, as well as current and former leaders in Mexico, and Brazil’s President Rousseff, who even cancelled a state visit to Washington she was so angry.”


DemocRATS Own It! ObamaScare! Obama’s Terrorists!

“We should never despair, our Situation before has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again.” –George Washington


The DemocRATS lied. They really do not want a ‘clean’ resolution that gives them what they want.

They were given one but said no!

Proof that the Democrats Own the Shutdown

Sadly for the Democrats, we now have conclusive evidence that the shutdown is completely their fault. Indeed, the evidence is so damning that we can say without a shadow of a doubt, the Democrats OWN the shutdown.


Turning against Obama?

One hopes…

Chicago Tribune drops the hammer on Obamacare


Falling down…..

Now what is oh fearless assO leader Buck Ofama going to do to us?

Fail some more?

WaPo: Traffic plunges 88% at since launch



Has no real clue what he is talking about and is apparent whomever feeds him his bull, has no clue either..Or is just lying..


CNN’s Piers Morgan: “I have no problem in a country with so many guns in circulation with a family exercising their First [sic] Amendment right to defend their families with a handgun at home. But nobody can tell me that any civilian in America needs a military-style assault weapon or a magazine which has 30 to 100 bullets as we saw in Aurora or Sandy Hook.”


Experts Warn of Obama-backed Al Qaeda Biological Weapon

But but but Obama’s arming and aiding these very same jihadists in Syria.

Experts Warn of Al Qaeda Biological Weapons Threat INN, October 16, 2013 (thanks to Christian)

Experts warn of “grave danger” to global security over Syrian bioweapons; say Al Qaeda may already possess lethal agents.

As international attention in Syria focuses on efforts to dismantle the Assad regime’s chemical weapons stockpile, British experts are warning of another, potentially more lethal threat.

Experts from the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) have issued a stark warning over what they say is the “clear and present danger” of Al Qaeda gaining possession of the Assad regime’s stockpile of biological weapons, claiming to have substantial evidence that Al Qaeda-linked groups may already have possession of toxic agents.

Unlike chemical weapons, which utilize chemical agents to poison victims, biological weapons make use of diseases, toxins and other contagious agents. Biological weapons have the potential to kill far greater numbers, and are also far harder to detect or protect against.

Both are banned under international treaties, but the Syrian government possesses active programs in both fields. However, whilst the use of chemical weapons during the Syrian civil war has been seen on numerous occasions – most notably, but by no means exclusively, during the August 21 attack which killed more than 1,000 people in a number of Damascus suburbs – biological weapons have not been used by either side.

That is likely because bioweapons are notoriously difficult to control or contain.

But the HJS report, released on Tuesday, says that jihadists in Syria are actively seeking to gain control of the regime’s biological weapons’ stockpile and, chillingly, suggests they may already have done so.

The report claims that the Assad regime is losing control of its bioweapons arsenal, in part because it was never centrally-controlled in the way the country’s chemical weapons stockpile has been.

“Unlike chemical weapons, maintained in military designated stockpiles which are generally identifiable and which Assad maintains command and control over, the structure of Syria’s biological warfare programs are latent, compartmentalized and spread across its remaining bio-pharmaceutical infrastructure. The programs are designed to be highly agile to allow swift production if required.”

Worryingly, the report suggests that the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front may already have possession of “biological pathogens or weaponized agents either of which would pose a threat to the international community.”

It points to the widespread looting of bio-pharmasuitical laboratories throughout the country, and cites a “credible eyewitness” as claiming to have personally witnessed “a looted pharmaceutical laboratory,” near Aleppo, where Syria’s biological weapons program is concentrated, “which was probably a cover for a biological weapons production site.”

The fact that a Malaysian Al Qaeda operative named as Yazid Sufaat, identified as “Al Qaeda’s primary biological weapon expert”, was arrested in February as he attempted to enter Syria, was said to indicate the clear interest that the group has in developing such a program in the country.

Other Al Qaeda branches, most notably in Yemen and North Africa, have previously attempted to obtain such weapons, and the group’s founder, Osama Bin Laden, had expressed an interest in them prior to the infamous 9/11 attacks.

While the report does not cite any clear and definitive evidence of Al Qaeda physically possessing biological agents, the circumstantial evidence paints a fairly alarming picture.


Weapons R’ Us!!! Lying Media! Kerry, AssO! Fake! Failing!

Well this is good news..

Hey Obama!


Theft of US weapons in Libya involved hundreds of guns, sources say


The Obama Ministry of Propaganda strikes again!!

Lying liars and the lies they spread for Buck Ofama!

 AP ‘real reporters’ spread disinformation to support gun ban agenda

“Those behind a late-night attack … used an assault-style weapon to spray the crowd with bullets, making it ‘a miracle’ no one was killed,” an Associated Press “report” by “Authorized Journalists” Carla K. Johnson and Herbert G. McCann breathlessly declared. “Ballistics evidence shows that those behind Thursday night’s attack used a 7.62 mm rifle fed by a high-capacity magazine, police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told reporters.”


AssO signed it!!

Kerry signs UN Arms Treaty!


What do you expect?

Fake pResident..

Fake followers and lord knows how many fake voters!!

Barack Obama is political king of the fake Twitter followers, with more than 19.5 MILLION online fans who don’t really exist


Village Academic Curriculum: Failing Schools

“Philadelphia’s schools,” notes The Wall Street Journal, “are a textbook case of chronic, systemic failure.” Why? Well, just 40% of Philadelphia’s students tested proficient or better in reading. Paradoxically, 99.5% of teachers have a satisfactory rating. On top of that, the average teacher at a traditional school in Philadelphia earns $110,000 in salary and benefits. Last year, the district borrowed $300 million to cover a budget deficit and this year closed more than 20 schools and laid off 3,000 employees to cover another $300 million hole, all while union benefits remain lavish. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican, is working to get some concessions from the union, but, as usual, they’re putting the kids, er, their bottom line first.

While Philadelphia’s schools crumble, a New York teacher fired earlier this year for possessing a stash of heroin could get his job back after a judge found his firing to be “unduly harsh.”

And then there’s the story of the Virginia seventh graders who were suspended and could be expelled for firing airsoft guns on private property. They allegedly violated their school’s “zero tolerance” policy while waiting for the bus. We’d say it’s time the U.S. education system displayed “zero tolerance” for mindless leftists.

DISGRACE: Spitting on their graves has a shocking story tonight – as Democrats on the House Oversight Committee walked out of the Benghazi hearing today right before the parents of those who died in the Benghazi terrorist attack were poised to testify.

In short, the Obama administration continues to cover up the truth behind the Benghazi attack, why no help was sent once our diplomats and CIA agents came under attack, and why the Obama administration has not fessed up about the allegations that the Benghazi mission was about supplying arms – and training – for Syrian rebels who are aligned with al-Qaida.

And now Obama’s allies are openly disrespecting the families of those who lost their lives on that fateful night of September 11, 2012.

Please, help us keep the heat on the Obama administration by supporting our TV ad campaign demanding that the truth be told about Benghazi. You can make a contribution to our Benghazi TV ad campaign – HERE.

And you can view the TV ads we have aired and will continue to air below:

Please make a contribution to our Benghazi TV ad campaign by making a contribution – HERE.

You can contribute any amount from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000. Again, to make a contribution, simply – CLICK HERE.

Conservative Campaign Committee
ATTN: Benghazi TV Ad Campaign
P.O. Box 1585
Sacramento, CA 95812

Licensed to Kill. Executive Orders! Facts? Gun Control. Obama Supporter!

Is why I will not submit, nor surrender my guns..

Molon Labe and most likely ‘cold, dead, fingers’.

Licensed to Kill: The Growing Phenomenon of Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens

This first paragraph says a lot.

Here’s a recipe for disaster: Take a young man (or woman), raise him on a diet of violence, hype him up on the power of the gun in his holster and the superiority of his uniform, render him woefully ignorant of how to handle a situation without resorting to violence, train him well in military tactics but allow him to be illiterate about the Constitution, and never stress to him that he is to be a peacemaker and a peacekeeper, respectful of and subservient to the taxpayers, who are in fact his masters and employers.

Yeah. I see it. I teach a lot of officers throughout the year.. Many, many over the last 7 years..

And some of the younger ones have no respect for anyone..and can be complete jerks, not all, but enough to make it disappointing…and worrisome..


Here it comes…

Buck Ofama, using his dicKtorial powers to subvert our Freedoms!

Obama firing off more executive orders


Facts? The media knows nothing about ‘facts’ only a story and that is what they do well…Tell stories..

AR-15: Anti-Gun Narrative Blows Up In Face of CNN, Daily News

Liberal idiots will always blame the gun instead of the murderer. And of course, once we ban forks people won’t be fat.


A little commonsense rhetoric…From CNN of all places!

Gun control is not the answer

And it will keep continue to happen until the advocates accept that ridding the country of guns is a hopeless — and unconstitutional mission — and that the real goal should be addressing the factors that lead to the various forms of gun violence: factors such as poverty, mental health and failing schools.


Really? Seems most of these nutz are DemocRATS and Obama Supporters…

Friend of Navy Yard Shooter: He Was A Liberal Obama Supporter…


1,610 Victims! Shocking! CNN Idiot! Islamic Idiocy!

In a city notorious for Gun laws and Gun control..We have..

“1,610 shooting victims in 2013″

That would be Chicago.

Obama’s hometown..

And the Anti gun crowd is in a lather over the Navy Yard shootings..

Especially this idiot…

Pisshead Morgan…Rants…

Yet ….



10 Shocking Examples of Police Killing Innocent People in the “War on Drugs”

Without consequences..



This is CNN: Fort Hood Never Happened; Anchor Can’t Remember the Last Shooting at ‘U.S. Military Facility’

Come on now…This is plain idiotic!


Really? Disciplined?

Florida Man To Be Disciplined For Facebook Post About Islam?

For this?

On 9/11.2013, Jamason wrote on his Facebook page,” “Never forget. There is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that preaches hate,” the message said, according to WPTV.

When those same people pull this murderous crap?

Against Christians?

Syrian Rebels to Christian Woman after Slitting Her Fiance’s Throat: “Jesus Didn’t Come to Save Him”

Murderous thugs, whom Buck Ofama is backing!!

Robbed! ObamaScare! Obama’s Mooslim Pals!

Carry a damn gun!!
But wait!

Was in the People’s Republic of MassaSHOOTme!!

Oh well!

Worshippers robbed during Massachusetts church service



Congress don’t’ want it! Exempts itself!!

But dammit nothing for us Citizens and VOTERS!!


Go to Doctor and get grilled about…What?

Obamacare will question your sex life

That could cause some problems…For my Doctor, for asking stupid questions that are none of their damn business!!!

“This is nasty business,” says New York cardiologist Dr. Adam Budzikowski. He called the sex questions “insensitive, stupid and very intrusive.” He couldn’t think of an occasion when a cardiologist would need such information — but he knows he’ll be pushed to ask for it.


These are Obama  backed Jihadists, terrorists, Al Qaeda members!!

In Syria!

Syria: nearly half rebel fighters are jihadists or hardline Islamists, says IHS Jane’s report

In Washington. Homeland Security…Like putting a fox out to guard the hen house? Or a Pimp to run a Beauty Pageant!!

Muslim Brotherhood Operative, Mohamed Elibiary, gets Homeland Security promotion

And his favorite television network, besides MSNBC…

Terror TV Al Jazeera floods American markets with bloody cash to propagandize and build readership for jihad TV

And lets appoint ANOTHER racist, hater to another needless Government Commission…Just because Buck Ofama can!!

Obama Appoints Vicious Antisemite James Zogby to Commission on Religious Freedom

Wow…Commission on Religious Freedom, will lead to Oppression of And Other Religion besides Islam…Worlds leading hate group of Mooslims, Sheetheads, Terrorists, Camel Jockey’s, Pedophiles and Goat herders!



Ban guns!!

BREAKING NEWS: Manhunt on for gunman at Washington Navy Yard

I can hear it already..

At Washington Navy Yard..

In a gun control city..

In a military facility…

They have a shooter..

And the anti gun media, gun control moonbats and politicians..

Ban the Gun..

Because that will stop this..

In a repressive, gun control city..With numerous laws prohibiting most every thing!!!

Yep …the shooter closely appears to have followed all those laws right to his victims..



Britain Loses! TSA or Gestapo? Different. Hillary! Islam!

Britain. Where noting is ‘Great’ anymore and Islam rules…Pathetic..

Preacher Jailed Over False Hate Speech Charge


TSA or Gestapo?

Armed federal enforcers now actively roam in public, conducting suspicionless searches on anyone they want. The TSA deploys Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams to set up unannounced checkpoints used to “Dominate, Intimidate, & Control” the terrorists. The purpose of VIPR teams is to walk up to a person in a public area and force them to submit to a search, including opening up bags and performing patdowns.

TSA records show that the teams ran more than 8,800 unannounced checkpoints outside of airports last year alone. These included searches at train stations, bust stations, the Indianapolis 500, the Democratic and Republican national political conventions, political speeches, and sports stadiums, more. VIPR now has a $100 million annual budget and is growing rapidly, increasing to several hundred people and 37 teams last year, up from 10 teams in 2008.

“It was an incredible waste of taxpayers’ money,” said attorney Robert Fickman. “Did we need to have T.S.A. in here for a couple of minor busts?”

“The problem with TSA stopping and searching people in public places outside the airport is that there are no real legal standards, or probable cause,” said Khaliah Barnes, law counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). “It’s something that is easily abused because the reason that they are conducting the stops is shrouded in secrecy.”

To justify their unconstitutional infringements, they claim the checkpoints are “administrative searches” that are exempt from probable cause therefore conveniently impervious to constitutional scrutiny.

TSA now has grown to a whopping 56,000 agents, violating rights at 450 American airports. Its complete disregard for individual liberties and the constitution illustrates the uncomfortable fact that the United States is becoming a police state.


This Week’s ‘Braying Jackass’ Award

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “[T]he anarchists have taken over. … We’re in a position here where people who don’t believe in government — and that’s what the Tea Party is all about — are winning, and that’s a shame.”

Village Idiots

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: “[B]ased on past experience, there was not a lot of optimism about resolving this [Syrian conflict] diplomatically with Russia’s help, given the role Russia had played in the past.”

Short Cuts

Comedian Jay Leno: “You know the polls show many Americans are ill-informed about Syria. In fact, 9 out of 10 people surveyed thought Syria is the female voice in their iPhone.”


And now for something completely different!!

30 Super Strange Houses


Really? Thats a damn shame Hillary and now we know why you let Americans die in Benghazi!!

You and the assO pResident support the Mooslims!!!

Hillary Clinton Pushes to Make Criticism of Islam a Crime in the US.


Islam. You know that Peace and Tolerance bullshit!

Islam… it’ll charm the pants right off you

Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh

to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

2013.09.11 (Nazimabad, Pakistan) – A Shia scholar is brought down outside his home by Sunni assassins.

2013.09.11 (Baghdad, Iraq) – At least thirty Shia worshippers are torn to shreds by a suicide bomber at the entrance of their mosque.

2013.09.11 (Rafah, Egypt) – A Fedayeen suicide car bombing leaves eleven dead.

2013.09.10 (Maksar al-Hesan, Syria) – Women and children are among two dozen villagers massacred by al-Nusra over their status as religious minorities.

2013.09.10 (Baqubah, Iraq) – Ten people at an outdoor market are sent to Allah by al-Qaeda bombers.

2013.09.10 (Ghazni, Afghanistan) – Three children are among seven civilians blown to bits by the Taliban.