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Bloomberg loses…again!

Voters Issue Another Rebuke to Bloomberg!
– Thanks to all of you who helped make it happen

This was a good week for liberty.

Why?  Because one of America’s most outspoken, pro-gun sheriffs defeated attempts by an anti-gun liberal Mayor who tried to take him out.

David Clarke, Jr., is the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He is a true patriot and has run public service ads saying things like:

* “Simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option….  Consider taking a certified safety course in handling of firearms, so you can defend yourself until we get there.  You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.”

* “Wisconsin’s [concealed carry law] now gives you the same advantage that I have.  Now it’s the crook who has to wonder what you might do.  It can be a great equalizer….”

GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt personally awarded the “High Noon Award” to Sheriff Clarke last year for “standing for truth when others run, and for telling the truth even though politically incorrect.”

For all these reasons, it’s no wonder that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hates him so much.

Bloomberg, who is a billionaire, poured $150,000 into the sheriff’s race in Milwaukee, trying to unseat him in his primary this past Tuesday.

But Daddy Warbucks’ money couldn’t buy an election in Milwaukee County, as Clarke won by a comfortable 52-48 percent margin.

GOA’s Political Victory Fund rallied gun owners in the state of Wisconsin to contribute to Sheriff Clarke’s campaign.  And GOA’s Facebook page made gun owners around the country aware of this important race.

In other social media news from GOA:

* Missouri residents are demonstrating they know more than federal judges like Catherine Blake, who ruled that AR-15s are not constitutionally protected in Maryland and are “dangerous and unusual.”

Looting in Ferguson, MO

In the Ferguson, Missouri area, AR-15s have become one of the top sellers, as residents are rushing to protect themselves from potential violence and rioting.  Check out GOA’s latest video on protecting the firearms that the courts want to ban.

* Thousands of gun owners are LIKING and COMMENTING on the story published by WorldNetDaily.com which reported on how GOA recently reprimanded President Obama for his erroneous views on the 2nd Amendment and for his confusion of rights versus privileges.

Morning Miscellany ……………….

Obama’s America…

Is not mine..


ISIS thanks McCain…



DemocRATs are idiots..


Isn’t it amazing when Gun Grabbing groups want to ‘educate’ Americans on the evils of guns!!
Like Bloomberg’s latest front group ‘Mom’s Demand’!!

Yet little or know knowledge, facts, truth or data will be used..Scare tactics and what not..

Just what ever they can pull out of their butts, dream up or distort?


So much for the American Dream..

Is now a nightmare and struggle to stay afloat..


Chicago..Gun Control’s Capital..

Obama’s town..

Led by Obama’s former head thug Rahm..

How their gun control works..


Or not..





For the want of a gun..

A family is savaged..


Like Obama thinks we care when his birthday is?


If this were to happen to one of my sons..

It would be open season on illegals in my world..


Morning Miscellany …………..

Idiot founder of Mom’s Demand Action, a Bloomberg anti gun group is okay with..

Left wing loons promoting gun violence..

Figure that one out!!!


Right wing threat?

Because some Americans stand against intrusive controlling Government..

Standing on the premise that this is a free country and individual liberty is held in high regard..

They have been declared a threat..


Paper targets..

As threatening as ‘evil’ black rifles apparently..

To anti gun folks…


Rolling Stone magazine has jumped on the Anti gun bandwagon..

And bring forth ‘7 steps’ to gun control..

Love it when folks whom know nothing about guns start chanting..



Miscellany …………………

So some judge claims man’s law higher then God’s..

Guess he’ll find out…



Kanye West..

Tougher then a US Soldier!!



To ban guns or not to ban guns?

That is the question everyone seems to be asking about Target supposedly caving into Bloomberg’s anti gun front group Mom’s Demand Action!
Did they?

Another take on it..


Got Linux?

NSA watching you!

If you visit Linux Journal!!


But wait!!

Minnesota DFL claims there is no such thing as voter fraud…

Oh wait!!



NOT Morning Miscellany…

A bit late…


CNN said what??


Criminals and thugs..

Working under the guise of Government Officials..

No such thing anymore..



Mom’s Demand Action front group for Bloomberg’s anti Freedom crowd..

Takes one here..


Vet are you?


Well the VA has a deal for you!

A red flag!!


SCOTUS gets one right regarding Free Speech!!

Bill loves him some Hillary..

Bill O’ Reilly talking head whom panders to gain viewers..

Never says much worth hearing..

Bashes real Journalists, because Bill forget how or like Boehner, lost his balls.


White House claims what?

GOP suing Obama for doing his job?


What is his job then?

Because the only one he is doing is screwing America!!!

Seems a bit over the top..

As if I would…

Who is going to make me?

I have a gun!!!

Remember that!




Morning Miscellany…………………

100’s will march for Bloomberg’s Anti Freedom crusade in Brooklyn..

Well see how many..

All paid to march I am betting!!


Palin calls for Congress to grow a spine..


Her’s is much stronger then most all now there.

We have this..

So now we have Obamacare, the Benghazi cover-up, the VA healthcare scandal, Common Core, Bowe Bergdahl, a huge influx of illegal immigrants, $17 trillion in debt, IRS targeting of political groups, federal land grabs, no Keystone pipeline, Russian aggression, Iraq and Syria in turmoil…and the list goes on. And on. And on.

 And Congress has so far done what?
Especially mine John Kline….the sounds of silence from him!!
Made squeaky noises is about it..

Obama does nothing about Marine held in Mexico…

But someone is…
Obama you pointless ass…
Facts the bane of those wanting to ban guns..

Reality is….


Gun control works — the number 1 cause of unnatural death confirms it:


I own guns..

For hunting and self defense!!

This is why!

Gun ban supporters..

Tell me again why I shouldn’t?

Because your belief the police will protect me is hopelessly wrong!!


Gun News…..

This will be ignored by the Media. Obama, Holder and Bloomberg’s anti gun groups..

Facts, the bane of the left..

Gun sales up, crime down.

They just don’t care.

Disarming us is all they want.

A good example of what happens when disarmed.

Easy targets/



Now that’s a chunk of change..

And what it has cost New York’s economy…

With it’s SAFE act causing tool makers to abandon them..


That pointless organization for terrorists, despots, dictators and such..

Often referred to as the United Nations…

Still working on banning guns..


In Kalifornistan…

A city council defies a majority of public opinion and it’s own planning commission..

Bans legal gunshops..

Wonder how this will work out in the next elections?

And also from Kalifornistan…

Your gonna have to register them bullets son…



Miscellany …………


Another fallacy from the Mom’s Demand Action anti gun crowd.

Or Bloomberg’s Lackeys.

Bogus…Because they have nothing else..


Obama ranting..

We should be ashamed….

We are ashamed Obama..Of having you as our President…


Jack in the Box and their leave your guns home policy is being ignored..

By those whom ignore most laws..

Robbed again..


Obama likes the Aussie version of gun control..

And limiting the amount of ammo you can have..

I don’t think so…


Well there ya go.

Is not the guns…

Is the person holding the gun…


Well this is just cool…



Bloomberg Sycophants Spring an Ambush in the U.S. House


Bloomberg Sycophants Spring an Ambush in the U.S. House
– And VA Secretary Shinseki gets dumped

“A growing number of lawmakers from both parties [have called] for the resignation of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.” — Los Angeles Times, May 29, 2014

Not a GOA member yet?  Click here to join Gun Owners of AmericaAnd click here to take action on this alert.

UPDATE:  VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned Friday morning.  GOA thanks those of you who contacted your legislators over the past couple of weeks in response to our earlier email alert.  In the end, over 20 Representatives and Senators called for the ouster of Shinseki — who, in addition to the recent scandals, has overseen an agency that has disarmed more than 175,000 military veterans.

GUN CONTROL VOTE IN HOUSE:  Disciples of anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg staged an ambush in the House of Representatives on Thursday.  And 76 Republicans fell right into the trap.

The vote was on a Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Peter King (R-NY) amendment to the Commerce-Justice-Science funding bill.  Both Representatives hold an “F” rating with Gun Owners of America.

Their amendment would add an additional $19.5 million to pay states to turn in more names to the federal gun-ban (NICS) list.

Already, more than 175,000 law-abiding veterans have lost their Second Amendment rights this way.  And, in states like New York, this money will pay to strip Americans of their constitutional rights, merely because they consult a psychiatrist and are prescribed a therapeutic drug.

The amendment was sprung so that GOA had only a few hours to send a letter to the Hill, and no time to send out a new alert to its members — although we told you earlier this week that Bloomberg and Obama minions were renewing efforts to exploit the recent California tragedy and pass gun control.  NRA took no public position at all on the legislation.

Despite the short turn-around time, GOA did manage to get a Facebook alert out to its members.

If you haven’t “liked” GOA’s Facebook page, please go here right now and do so. Don’t wait any longer, as you are missing very informative articles and critical alerts!

In the end, the Thompson-King amendment passed by a vote of 260-145.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the battle has just begun.  The bill now goes to the Senate, and will ultimately be shelved in favor of a massive government-wide funding bill — called a “continuing resolution” or CR.

Hence, there is still a possibility that we can get the Thompson-King amendment removed from the final CR.

That being said, the loss hurts.

Bloomberg can now spend weeks bragging that he has “crushed” the gun lobby, and this will give impetus to allow him to raise more money.

But when it comes to gun rights issues, the 76 Republicans who went wobbly will be defined almost exclusively by their vote for this anti-gun amendment.

The GOP could take a lesson from Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 “ground game” playbook.  As odious as Obama is to those who love the Constitution, he reached out to each of the major constituencies of the Democratic Party and gave them a reason to vote for him.  As a result, he won.

The 76 Republicans are hardly going to get Bloomberg’s endorsement for betraying their supporters.  And they have angered the Second Amendment community in a way that may take a long time for them to repair.

ACTION:  Write your Representative.  Thank him if he voted right and opposed the Thompson-King amendment.  If he voted wrong, let him know what you think about that.

Take Action and use the GOA Engage site, the correct letter will automatically be chosen.