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Zombie Kit? Ready?


Food Stamp Nation TheDC’s Caroline May reports on a depressing statistic:

“One in four children in America participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, in fiscal year 2011, according to data from the United States Department of Agriculture and U.S. Census Bureau. The USDA’s “Characteristics of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Households: Fiscal Year 2011” shows that in 2011, 19.9 million children, or people under 18, received food stamp benefits. In 2011, the Census estimates there were 73.9 million children under age 18, meaning that 26.9 percent of children, or approximately one in four, were on food stamps in 2011.”

Guatemalan Children Starve Due To Ethanol Mandates

With its corn-based diet and proximity to the United States, Central America has long been vulnerable to economic riptides related to the United States’ corn policy. Now that the United States is using 40 percent of its crop to make biofuel, it is not surprising that tortilla prices have doubled in Guatemala, which imports nearly half of its corn.

Journalists Complain of Death Threats After Revealing Controversial Gun Owners Map

Oh really? And you expected thank yous? Well from various crooks, thugs, hoodlums etc. I am sure…

When the Journal News published a map that details the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties, the paper’s editors say, they expected some criticism — but not death threats.

Ed Schultz: The Constitution is ‘archaic’ regarding Second Amendment [VIDEO]

Hey get a clue. what protects your other rights especially the 1st Amendment

“The bottom line here, folks, is that we are at a crossroads in this country in this conversation,” Schultz said. “If we don’t do it now, when are we going to do it? When do the people’s opinion matter to the lawmakers in Congress? How many more children do we have to see die? And how many more bogus promotional sound bites do we have to have from the National Rifle Association that don’t tell the truth about gun violence in this country? It’s not just laws, it is a societal problem. But we have to take the step forward and do something right.”

Charles Krauthammer: ‘In a second term, Obama is going to show who he really is’

According to Krauthammer, Obama is already making good on his March 2012 comments to then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” after Election Day.

Here it comes…New York gun laws...More criminals and mobsters then you can shake a stick at and they’ll……ban the gun…bet those bad guys will laugh all the way into your world as they take what they want!!!

How the English gave it up…for what? You make sure they are dead…if this should happen…

You’re sound asleep when you hear a thump outside your bedroom door.  Half-awake, and nearly paralyzed with fear, you hear muffled whispers.  At least two people have broken into your house and are moving your way.  With your heart pumping, you reach down beside your bed and pick up your shotgun.  You rack a shell into the chamber, then inch toward the door and open it.

It seems every time the anti gun anti freedom crowd has a attacked a business be it because of their marriage beliefs, or they refuse to allow Joe Biden in or they hate the guns, has been beneficial to those business. So I am thinking good. Let them make noise and bring more business to me…

The Buck Ofama car. Spell it J U N K !!

Four more years with Barack Obama as our President, and we are likely to see many green schemes whose time has not come. Who can doubt that the idiocy of the electric car is just coming into fruition? It will mark only more than a century of engineering on a project that shows little spark and even less hopeFour more years with Barack Obama as our President, and we are likely to see many green schemes whose time has not come. Who can doubt that the idiocy of the electric car is just coming into fruition? It will mark only more than a century of engineering on a project that shows little spark and even less hope

Buck Ofama’s $7 million Hawaii vacation is an insult to America’s struggling middle class

I could take one heck of a lot of vacations on 7 million dollars!!!!

Gregory Kane: Hate speech against gun owners shows double standard

Gregory Kane

Talk radio show Rush Limbaugh was widely criticized when he called a reproductive-rights advocate a slut. But the left has sat silently…
Read more…

Dishonest Educators

By Walter Williams

The secret fraud committed against black and minority students in public schools.

Obama Power Grabs on the Horizon

By Arnold Ahlert

How the Democratic Party will show its totalitarian face in the coming weeks.

I doubt he will but….

Will Obama rebuke Hollywood pals, donors over gun violence?

President Obama has a Hollywood problem — at least when it comes to guns. In the wake of the Newtown, Conn., massacre, the president vowed to examine a “culture that all too often glorifies…
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Krauthammer Speaks

And as usual speaks with great wisdom and commonsense. Something so lacking on the left these days!

From Dissecting Leftism.

The Fruits of Weakness on display

by Charles Krauthammer

It is perfectly obvious that Iran’s latest uranium maneuver, brokered by Brazil and Turkey, is a ruse. Iran retains more than enough enriched uranium to make a bomb. And it continues enriching at an accelerated pace and to a greater purity (20 percent). Which is why the French foreign ministry immediately declared that the trumpeted temporary shipping of some Iranian uranium to Turkey will do nothing to halt Iran’s nuclear program.

It will, however, make meaningful sanctions more difficult. America’s proposed Security Council resolution is already laughably weak — no blacklisting of Iran’s central bank, no sanctions against Iran’s oil and gas industry, no nonconsensual inspections on the high seas. Yet Turkey and Brazil — both current members of the Security Council — are so opposed to sanctions that they will not even discuss the resolution. And China will now have a new excuse to weaken it further.

But the deeper meaning of the uranium-export stunt is the brazenness with which Brazil and Turkey gave cover to the mullahs’ nuclear ambitions and deliberately undermined U.S. efforts to curb Iran’s program.

The real news is that already notorious photo: the president of Brazil, our largest ally in Latin America, and the prime minister of Turkey, for more than half a century the Muslim anchor of NATO, raising hands together with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the most virulently anti-American leader in the world.

That picture — a defiant, triumphant take-that-Uncle-Sam — is a crushing verdict on the Obama foreign policy. It demonstrates how rising powers, traditional American allies, having watched this administration in action, have decided that there’s no cost in lining up with America’s enemies and no profit in lining up with a U.S. president given to apologies and appeasement.

They’ve watched President Obama’s humiliating attempts to appease Iran, as every rejected overture is met with abjectly renewed U.S. negotiating offers. American acquiescence reached such a point that the president was late, hesitant and flaccid in expressing even rhetorical support for democracy demonstrators who were being brutally suppressed and whose call for regime change offered the potential for the most significant U.S. strategic advance in the region in 30 years.

They’ve watched America acquiesce to Russia’s re-exerting sway over Eastern Europe, over Ukraine (pressured by Russia last month into extending for 25 years its lease of the Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol) and over Georgia (Russia’s de facto annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is no longer an issue under the Obama “reset” policy).

They’ve watched our appeasement of Syria, Iran’s agent in the Arab Levant — sending our ambassador back to Syria even as it tightens its grip on Lebanon, supplies Hezbollah with Scuds, and intensifies its role as the pivot of the Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas alliance. The price for this ostentatious flouting of the U.S. and its interests? Ever more eager U.S. “engagement.”

They’ve observed the administration’s gratuitous slap at Britain over the Falklands, its contemptuous treatment of Israel, its undercutting of the Czech Republic and Poland, and its indifference to Lebanon and Georgia. And in Latin America, they see not just U.S. passivity as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez organizes his anti-American “Bolivarian” coalition while deepening military and commercial ties with Iran and Russia. They saw active U.S. support in Honduras for a pro-Chavez would-be dictator seeking unconstitutional powers in defiance of the democratic institutions of that country.

This is not just an America in decline. This is an America in retreat — accepting, ratifying and declaring its decline, and inviting rising powers to fill the vacuum.

More here

Truths, Lies, Inconvenient Truths and Where is The One?

And what is he doing? American Thinker: Obama Attends Non-Existent Soccer Game?

He continues to embarass us here at an Old Broads Ramblings

Not only is The One a loser, he appoints losers, to unelected positions called Czars so they can tell us we will all be losers!! CNS News

The Inconvenient Truths about Obamacare that The One forgot to tell us about, or maybe mislead(lied) to us about?

A sinking feeling? Poor Dhimmicrats. From Hot Air.

58% of Americans want Obamacare gone!! So when will they figure it out!

From Hotair we have this about a Letterman interview with Tea Party member Pam Stout. Hmm she does not seem to be one of them racist, gun toting extremists. WOonder if that is what libtarded Letterman was looking for?

Racism!!! From the Leftists yes it is!!

Obama’s America. Is this what he wants? From what he has done it sure looks like it!!!

And this won’t go away. Why?

From Judicial Watch. Why I do not trust Judges to do the right thing.

From Gateway Pundit. Al “Clueless” Gore gets owned and squirms like the girly man(leftist) he truly is!

More lies from the left on racism. When they can’t even look in mirror without seeing a racist! Hypocrites. Kathleen McKinley has it.

A Little This Date in History.

1943 – World War II: The discovery of a mass grave of Polish prisoners of war executed by Soviet forces in the Katyn Forest Massacre is announced, alienating the Western Allies, the Polish government in exile in London, from the Soviet Union. But that was part of the deal between Stalin and Hitler: Split Poland, you kill who you want and we kill who we want. Irony? The Katyn Massacre was discovered by Germans. Their countrymen were busy filling other mass graves at the time.

1948 – The Hadassah medical convoy massacre: In an ambush, 79 Jewish doctors, nurses and medical students from Hadassah Hospital and a British soldier are massacred by Arabs in Sheikh Jarra near Jerusalem. Arabs are trying to take up where Hitler left off. They still are, except now we have an American “President” who might just stand back and watch it happen…

Sobering isn’t it?

Charles Krauthammer. More taxes. The VAT (Value Added Tax) Cometh!!! So goes the no mew taxes bullshit.

Enough for now.

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Right or Wrong?

UPDATE!!! Have to add this, Dr Charles Krauthammer and Excuses for Obama’s  failure to lead!!

Wrong!! More discrimination and violation  of 1st Amendment Rights. !!

Right! Go over and sign it! The Mount Vernon Statement!

WRONG!!! Tell me again why you want my guns? Cause your ass is going to save me when needed right? Sure you are!

Wrong! And Obama is protecting us how??

WRONG!! A Billion dollar bonding bill that puts more debt on the State is good? How so?

Wrong! In fact stupid!! What the  hell does a State legislator whom has worked as a teacher, has probably never seen anything other then a paycheck from the taxpayer, supports unions and thinks the only way to create jobs is via the Governmemt know about creating jobs?

Wrong!! Bill O’Reilly, never watch him, feel he is a sanctimonious, talking head. He can do join the other Libtards like Matthews, Oblabberman, Maddow, and Garofalo!

Right! Lets get it on! Activist training the “right” way!!

Wrong! Obama is tanking and not geting his way and like a petulant child has expressed that more then once with a whiney statement or throught hat idiot spokeman of his Gibbs. So it appears he will do whatever he has to to get his way, in spite of his tanking ratings and the fact people do not want his from fo Government controlled health care.

Right! You know it and cool at the same time!! Laser beams and death rays!! Oh yeah!!

Right! Bring a knife to a gun fight! How stupid is that? Gun wins!!!

Right! Grannie kicks butt!!

Right! Gun PrOn!

Right!! The problem with keeping conservatives in office is?? The problem is we need more of them!!

Wrong!! The spending problem that is the dhimmicrats!

Right! Oh yeah! Pass me the butter! Lots of it!!

Right! The 1st and 2nd Amendments and the students that realize this!! Most don’t because of the crap our public schools foist on them!!MORE!!

Wrong! If the left advocates killing or maiming republicans, don’t even think about coming after my guns.

Wrong! Would you ever trust anyone in Government whose last name was LaHood? I think not!! Esp an Obama LaHood!!

Right! 2nd Amendment news!!!

Wrong! Government run schools!

Enough for now!!! Hungry and have electrical outlets to replace and people to see!

Rice County BPOU Convention tomorrow, as is the Rejoice! Men’s Breakfast and I am expected at both!! How did I manage this one….???

Friday, with wind, freezing rain, sleet, snow, Global Warming!! Plus extras!!

With all the evidence of Gorebal Warming being undone one wonders why? Why did these people perpetuate this hoax on us? Money? Power? What?

Climategate: CRU Was But the Tip of the Iceberg

a new study has uncovered compelling evidence that our(USA’s) government’s principal climate centers have also been manipulating worldwide temperature data in order to fraudulently advance the global warming political agenda.

Here we have another reason to have guns!!

From America’s Watchtower we have a couple of items about our dear beloved Leader (I’m kidding!). First he continues to blame others and reinforce my belief that the Left and Liberals in general will never hold theselves responsible nor accoountable for whatever happens! They will always blame others!!

Like this one! Obumer’s favorite fallback!! Blame Bush!!

Which leads us to this! And I am liking it and hoping it carries on and on and on….

From One Big Dog we have this Obama Says He Lost Touch With The People. Will someone please tell me when he had touch with real people? Not those on the left whom feel the government should (it shouldn’t) and could (it cannot) provide for their every whim and fantasy? But those of us whom work hard, pay our taxes, beleive in this great country of ours and are smart enough to have realized the Obama was/is a sham and has no clue what is really happening?  Lost touch?? Hell he never was in touch with those that make this country work!!

And speaking of this Great Country of ours, I see over at ARRA News this about the “Land of the “Mostly” Free!” But I think we can right that wrong!!

Over at Townhall, Charles Krauthammer gives us his version and take on what happened in Massachusetts and Scott Browns victory. As usual Krauthammer “nails” it. No pun intended!!

Over at Charming, Just Charming we have this tidbit, click it and go read the rest of his “Good Morning  Blog World” for 01/22/2010

We are…or at least we were…a representative constitutional republic. And my friends, what that means is that the majority is not supposed to be able to take away the rights of the minority by popular vote. However, the left wing forgets this unless it is going against them and then they scream about their rights….and the NY Times will be the first to scream

One of my favorite blogs, although I have plenty I like to read when I can, is Conservative Libertarian Outpost.

Here a couple of posts which caught my attention this morning, Feds Respond to Firearms Freedom Act out of Montana, which I think is a great idea!! As it is time for the States to assert their rightful powers as granted them by the Constitution and stop this steamroller of a Federal Government that is trampling its way across the land and ignoring “We the People”! Also check out  State of Disunion : Epic Fail Obama. Yeppers Jim Bob that pretty much says it all about this Mistake you idiots elected!!

Sure looks like he is giving us the finger!!

Oh yes found this today. Awesome!! especially the last line “Government is the PROBLEM!”


Allright! Enough for now! This dang cheapass mouse I have is history!!