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Chicago! Respect! Open Mic! Scripture! Occupied!

Gun control working at it’s finest! In Buck Ofama‘s town…What he wants for the rest of America!!

Chicago see’s 7 Dead in 49 Shootings so far this Holiday Weekend


Respect, the left, progressives etc do not have it. THey expect it, but won’t give it.AssOs!!

So get over it!

Hey, Secularists: Our Founders Respected ChristianityGet Over It

Buck Ofama’s mouth..Proof he is an ASSHOLE!!

God, this holiday sucks! All this national pride shit get’s on my nerves.”

“You’d think we’d stop celebrating the birth of the worst imperial power in history –but nooooo…we have to do this flag-waving bullshit every year,” Obama muttered more as he made his way from the podium. “I can’t believe I have to miss a good day of golf for this crap!”

“…Could have been at Oakmont with Jay-Z now trying out that new Callaway set Alec (Baldwin) gave me last year! Damn this day sucks!”

Obama’s Open Mic


Find this in the Moolsim Koran!!

Scripture: “Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior. Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)


We are already occupied, owned and controlled. Now what to do about it?

Soap Box?

That seems to be NOT working as the Government and lame stream media are in bed together…

Ballot Box?

That about covers what has happened the last few election cycles!!

Which leaves us with????

Militarized police gone wild across America; terrorizing citizens, shooting pet dogs, behaving like occupying military force


Dick-Tator! Psychopath!! Scandal? NFL Thugs! Bloomberg. Just In Case..

So the overlord and Messiah of the Hopelessly insane has spoken..

Buck Ofama’s Final Word: Catholics MUST Provide/Buy Abortion Drugs

Screw you Buck Ofama, the Jackass your riding and the goat you are chasing!!!

The Meaning Behind Obama’s Ums and Uhs


What? Another scandal?

Is how Buck Ofama and the Shit-cago machine rolls…

Email exchange: Obama tried to steer $10 million to Chicago nonprofit under investigation


NFL..License to thuggery!!

This year’s NFL fantasy prison draft.


One hopes..

Bloomberg’s gun control group begins to fizzle

Two dozen other mayors have deferred to propriety and withdrew from the group after they were variously convicted of bribery, extortion, fraud, assault and child molesting. The Second Amendment Foundation keeps a growing tally of the naughty mayors against guns. These include Sheila Dixon, the former mayor of Baltimore, who has appeared in Mayor Bloomberg‘s television commercials against guns. She was convicted of “misappropriating” money intended for needy families and putting it into her own pocket.


If things were not in the state they are..I would pay this a passing glance..But I cannot. I worry about getting home from my work, 50 miles one way through Urbanopolis..


Cache Contents Discussion: Re-Equip/Operational Cache

Guns Seized! Life! Liar! Doomed! Posers! Illegals! Deen. Thunder!!

Apparently they should have securely stashed a few…here, there, everywhere!

Canadian Police Seize Guns from Homes After Town is Flooded: Residents Furious


I agree. The Government has no damn business knowing anything about a person.

Because when they know to much…Look what around and see what is happening..Your either a sheep or a wolf…Which are you?

My Private Life.. and Guns


Only the Intolerant Call Christianity Intolerant, Expect Silence No Longer (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

Let us give thanks that God shed his grace on thee. For we can receive that grace due to the death of Jesus Christ, the greatest prognosticator and teacher of the word of God. Jesus was born, lived, and died as a man and ascended into Heaven as a Divine…


Does Buck Ofama do anything but lie?

Obama’s Enormous Climate Lies




Certainly is not happening in Minnesota!!

Midwest shows GOP how to win


The Truth About Posers

I agree. I do not offer ‘advice’ to anyone. Other then buy whatever you want!! I certainly am no ‘expert’ even though I am getting close to have the 1/2 century mark in terms of shooting and hunting…

But to offer advice? Or pretend to?



Insuring their political base and making sure they can continue to rape the American Taxpayer and LEGAL Citizen!!

Senate Votes 68-32 to Legalize Illegal Aliens


Good for Her! Ta hell with you real intolerant asswipes whom are trying to bring her down for something you have probably done yourself used the ‘N’ word!! NIGGER!!

Paula Deen Surges Past ‘Game of Thrones’ to Top Spot on Amazon


I like the Bagpipes….


Tough Guy! War Against? Pelosi. MAIG! Murderous Windmills! Open Carry! Fool! Ouch!

Or what? Buck Ofama will send his drones after them?

Spineless shit that Ofama is!

US Warns Against Snowden Travel; Fugitive Asks Ecuador for Asylum


Seems to about cover it..The Buck Ofama Regime that is!

The War Against the Constitution and Christianity in the Age of Obama


Like this will happen…Catholic Church has been to liberal for to long now..Trying to change stripes and sound ‘tough’? Not buying it here..Maybe they should bring back the Inquisition?

Priests Rebuke Nancy Pelosi: Repent or Join a Satanic Church

Rich Billionaire, wanna be Despot and Dictator Bloomberg loses one..Whom sees through Bloomberg’s bullshit!!
Windmills kill. But that is okay because they are ‘green’ or some dumbass thing..

“According to a Wall Street Journal op-ed (9/7/2009) by Manhattan Institute‘s energy expert Robert Bryce, Exxon Mobil pleaded guilty in federal court to killing 85 birds that had come into contact with its pollutants. The company paid $600,000 in fines and fees. A recent Associated Press story (5/14/2013) reported that ‘more than 573,000 birds are killed by the country’s wind farms each year, including 83,000 hunting birds such as hawks, falcons and eagles, according to an estimate published in March in the peer-reviewed Wildlife Society Bulletin.’ The Obama administration has never fined or prosecuted windmill farms, sometimes called bird Cuisinarts, for killing eagles and other protected bird species. … It’s interesting that The Associated Press chose to report the story only after the news about its reporters being secretly investigated. That caused the Obama administration to fall a bit out of favor with them. But what the heck, the 14th Amendment’s requirement of ‘equal protection’ before the law for everybody can be cast aside in the name of diversity, so why can’t it be cast aside in the name of saving the planet?” –economist Walter E. Williams


If we don’t stand up for our Rights. Whom will?

Buck Ofama!!???

Not hardly!

Gun Advocates Open Carry in Pennsylvania Park in Defiance of City Ordinance


Buck Ofama does a pretty good job of making a fool of himself on his own….

Snowden, the World, Making a Fool of Obama

From DailyKos?
Waking up….Finally to the sham that is government and whom the real Dictators, Despots are?

Guess We Screwed This One Up!!

Exodus 20:8-11

(8) “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (9) Six days you shall labor and do all your work, (10) but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. (11) For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.