Facebook Thursday….

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Is Thursday already…Temp is 17 above and NOAA says the high for the day will be ‘near’ 15…close enough for Government work!!
Another day in office, tomorrow CPR class off site and Saturday 1st Responder Refresher, out west of metro.

Then next week the grind really starts up. But so far looks like I will have one small EMR Initial class. No complaints as I usually get the biggest and most racially diverse, which makes it interesting..

Doing an EMT class for a college I am an adjunct instructor for that starts this month….Lots of road time and classroom time!! Pay is decent though…



Facebook Monday….

Back at it..

Classroom full of Law Enforcement this AM..

Not always the most receptive of audiences, especially CPR and 1st Responder refresher stuff.

Be glad when this year is done as it has been CPR year and we have recerted thousands of LEOs, FFs and others…

Well my classes are done until January, am just assisting with others until then.

50 degrees out there this morning a bit unseasonable for us..But better then snow and cold we usually have..



New CPR guidelines stress compressions before mouth-to-mouth

New CPR guidelines stress compressions before mouth-to-mouth.

Not quite what we were expecting.

Many of us that teach BLS/CPR expected a higher ratio of compressions, in fact some expected all compressions.

In our system 1st Responders are taught to do 2 minutes of Compressions with no rescue breathing or just placing a partial non-rebreather mask on patient at 15 lpm.

This is not a big change.


Week so far…..

Tuesday headed up to Forest Lake to help with a 1st Responder/CPR class at Forest Lake Fire.

All passed.

Test time

Also saw this

Was used in this rescue down by Owatonna during the recent floods.

The was by a good friends home place where they ended up rescuing some dude who was being stupid.

Notice the little yellow boat in the middle of the Substation?

Boat was totalled.

From Forest Lake we headed to Camp Ripley for our Wednesday sessions with the State Patrol. Only 3 more trips up there!!


Omly picture I took. Some big old plane that looked a helluvalot bigger standing there as it flew over.  Two of them were flying around the airfield.

From there we headed to Dayton, for a 1st Responder/CPR session with Dayton Fire. again all passed!

Okay, so it was not all work!!

So home this morning. the crud my kidz shared is kicking my ass and I have a class tonight to teach……..

Well better then having nothing to do!!

Tuesday Night..

Tired, long day after a short night. Taught in Brooklyn Center last night. BC Fire approx 35 or so FFer’s. Was a good class and al went well, good bunch.

Today was in Brooklyn Park with 55 Police Officers, CPR, 1st Responder refesher stuff. Pediatric Assessment, medical. trauma, Pediatric Airway Skills and the ever popular Am-be-lance show and tell, always well received because so often officers and FFers are asked to do, get or help with something and they do not have the familarity with the trucks.

Always interesting teaching cops, they are good at medical stuff, I know some people doubt this, think all they do is drive around looking for people to harrass and give traffic tickets, always pisses me off when I hear some nitwit make some comment like that. Igjits never realize if they, spouse, Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter are sick and they call 911, cops are usually the first ones in the door. But they tend to be a bit difficult to keep on track as they all have ADD and it sometimes akin to herding cats. But I enjoy it!

They all passed the CPR  test which is something, as we usually have a couple fail. Shoot I have college kids and their smartasses fail CPR and then crap bricks when they find out they have to take another version, test but the first score goes into the grade book!! That always torks me off, most of  these students want go into law enforcement and think the 1st Responder requirement will be a breeze and then get sickly looks when I tell them what needs to happen in the 44 hour class and how much reading and homework they have to do. I tell them upfront they need to have a 70%  average at mid terms or they are out! That gets their attention as they will not get their POST if they do not pass.

But hey I enjoy it! I cannot work the trucks anymore because I picked up one to many lard belly in Northfield and destroyed my back!! So now I get to teach and find it is all good!

So I wandered off a bit there!! But as I said a long day and I need relax!!