Gun Stuff..Justice?..Petty DICtators…Reid Declines..Holder is Holder..

“Is it reasonable to expect wisdom from the ignorant? Fidelity from the profligate? Assiduity and application to public business from men of a dissipated life? Is it reasonable to commit the management of public revenue to one who has wasted his own patrimony? Those, therefore, who pay no regard to religion and sobriety in the persons whom they send to the legislature of any State are guilty of the greatest absurdity and will soon pay dear for their folly.” –John Witherspoon, A Sermon Delivered at Public Thanksgiving after Peace


Our Legal System Is NOT About “Justice”!

Castle Doctrine going to protect you after you shoot? In your own house?


Because they are not there to save you. They are not there to protect you. They are there to respond after the incident is over and well..investigate..

Why You Should NOT Count on the Cops to Save You


As the petty little DICtator should..Not to be confused with the petty little DICtator Buck Ofama…They should both STFU and disappear..

Emanuel Getting Return Fire for Pressuring Banks on Guns

After learning that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had asked Bank of America and TD Bank to pressure Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger into accepting gun measures being offered by the Obama administration, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has fired back, sending his own letter to both gun companies, both banks, and Emanuel. Cruz characterizes Emanuel’s efforts as hardly qualifying as “modest common sense gun control” then invites both banks to move to Texas while encouraging Emanuel to “keep efforts to diminish the Bill of Rights north of the Red River.” Others, including Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) Chairman Alan Gottlieb were somewhat more direct, accusing Emanuel of acting “like a Chicago gangster and not a public servant”. Gottlieb also suggested that “gun owners and supports of the Bill of Rights should stop giving Chicago a line of credit by purchasing municipal bonds.”

You can read Senator Cruz’s letter here.


From the Shooting Wire..

Between The Berms: No Country For Old Men

In the battle to protect our second amendment rights we’re not exactly faring so well.

First, we failed on three irrefutable laws of politics. In politics they say “speed kills” which means that responding with speed, or attacking with speed, kills your challenger. And NO, not literally “kills” but figuratively. Nothing about our response or communications plan suggests speed.


Democratic consultant James Carville once famously said, “If you don’t feed the press the press will feed on you.” We’ve been living proof of that over the last couple weeks.

And then there is the truest of political laws that “if you don’t define yourself for the voters then your opponent will define you for them”. We’ve been defined by our opponents in this fight just about every second of every day.

We’ve dropped the ball on all three of these, and as a result we have suffered greatly.


Buck Ofama, the fails keep rolling in and his PR Firm, once upon a time the media, keeps ignoring it.

Yet somehow keep coming out ahead when the do fail..

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approved the $256 million sale of A123 Systems’ operation, despite warnings from military insiders and lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the sale presents a danger to national security.

A123 Systems, which went bankrupt despite the Obama administrations’ $249 million in green energy funding to produce advanced lithium ion batteries, controls 91 patents for the sensitive technology.


Well this is somewhat of a kick in the ass for Feinstein! The most Impotent Dhimmicrap in the Senate says ummm not so much..

Reid declines to endorse Feinstein’s assault-weapons ban


Holder…Acting out, as usual, unconstitutionally and well beyond his scope..But then like Buck Ofama his Lord and Master, he is an arrogant effing prick..

According to reports, Attorney General Eric Holder has begun the implementation of three gun control measures related to President Obama’s Jan. 16 executive orders.


I lurves it when the entitled folks so enamored by Buck Ofama come out against him!!

Super Bowl-ers Come Out Against Obama’s Remarks About Football


In the name of what? Why??

Thousands of poor Brazilian families are living in wretched conditions at make-shift refugee camps after being evicted from their homes at gunpoint by federal forces, some of whom were sporting United Nations logos, according to sources.

Oh look!! The UN involved? More petty little pissants running around…I see UN in my neighborhood! Well things could go badly..

Sign the petition!! Ban Feinstein and those like her!! Not inanimate tools!!


Stoned looking hippy liberal chick says what??

Hey!! Where do you stand on abortion and what do you think God thinks of that??