Colion Noir! Press #! My Junk! What? Homeschooling! Oversight? Job!

I am the LORD your God. You shall have no other gods before Me. - Exodus 20:2-3


“If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.”

Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 33, 1788


Colion Noir…Hollywood Hypocrites…


Big Brother..Is time to change Big Brother, into little step brother

Hello. This is Verizon Customer Service. Press #1 for English, #2 for Spanish and #3 for Obama.

NSA Scandal: Hey Congress, Big Brother ‘Touched My Junk’!

What can we, as gun owners do?
Besides buy, hoard, reload and well whatever ….

What Can Gun Owners Do?


People are figuring it out. Not education in today’s Government run schools. Indoctrination and compliance to big government is the goal today.

So smart parents that can are home schooling….How long until the Government decides to regulate this!

Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster Than Public School Enrollment


Synthetic Cannabis…Don’t do it!!


Collusion…They all need to go..Politicians, Bureaucraps, Appointees…And no replacements..

Senators blocked oversight of NSA

surveillance programs,” the petition reads.Read more…


Hey!!! I want that job!!

Public Worker Made $330K Without Working Single Day

A former employee of the San Francisco Bay Area’s transportation system earned more than $300,000 – the year after she resigned. “I hope it becomes a big stink,” said one BART customer. “This is an agency funded by taxpayers … They should have stricter controls.” Read more…

Shouted Down! Spam? Control! Muslim Shooter! WTH Texas? Figure it Out! Bat Cave!

» Ecclesiastes 10:18: Because of laziness the building decays, and through idleness of hands the house leaks.

“Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the Church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do His work and build up the Church, the Body of Christ.” ( Ephesians 4:11-12).


As it should be every time a Muslim speaks against Freedom and a Government Hack supports them!!!

TENNESSEE: Muslim group’s anti-free speech forum drowned out by outraged Americans in defense of their most important Constitutional right


Nothing better then some liberal hack media person like Letterman being “Upset” with the Unicorn Liar!!

Letterman ‘Upset’ and ‘Discouraged’ Obama Lied About Romney Wanting Detroit To Go Bankrupt

Facebook. Censoring those whom stand for Freedom..Or sing about it!!

See what Facebook calls ‘spam’


Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970′s, “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.

The government has long controlled the oil supplies…

Now they are focused on controlling every ounce of food you eat.

Will you be controlled like a sheep, or will you choose your own destiny?


In a gun free zone mind you.

Media Covers Up Muslim Mass Shooter in California


So Freedom is not so big after all in Texas? WTH?

Pursuit. Gun Treaty. Impeachment! Buy an AR! Backdoor!

Definitely ….

The True Pursuit of Liberty…

I tried the political…I tried being active in our local political scene….I sought the GOP nomination to run for State Rep. They choose a known ‘Name’ the Mayor of a small burg and construction company owner. Whom did shit to run a campaign and win…They even came back to me, the House Speaker even sought me out at the State convention to see if I would be interested in running, as their picked candidate was worthless. He stayed in and lost, not by much, but still lost to a damn union loving, socialist assO!

I ran for School Board and drew in 2500 plus votes, just missing out. Scared a lot of people as I was quite vocal in displaying my displeasure with the local School system.

n continued to be active, but lately am seeing a lot of nothing from the local GOP scene. A number of so called leaders of the BPOU seem to be more left leaning then I like..IN fact a couple are full of themselves and I think are more Dhimmicrap then anything else.

Sample in comments section here..

So now? I pretty much let my feelings be known, my total disgust with our current libtard, socialist in office…Through LTE‘s. social media, face to face if the morons would ever have a ‘townhall’ meeting when working people can make it. I make no friends locally with my Right leaning views.



This is a miscarriage…A big, huge, miscarriage of Justice…My Rights were not given by Man. My Rights are mine and if you think for one minute I will give my Right to speak out and my Right to defend myself….Eff you, eff the horse your riding, the dog your following and the sheep your chasing!!

Remember that…Molon Labe.

Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone: “U.N. Arms Trade Treaty”

Wild Bill..Impeachment..
Buy an AR. The old fashioned way…You may need it.. – No Credit Cards, No Paypal, No Problem


Well they know damn well the front door atack did not work. SO being the sneaky government assOs they are they will try a different, underhanded, probably illegal attempt to control our Guns and therefore us!!

GOA Submits Comments Opposing Backdoor Gun Control Efforts by Health And Human Services


Good luck with that Biden!! You damn Statist assO!

Biden Tries to Gain Back Support for Gun Control

Read more:

Gun War! Obama Attacks! Safer? Unreasonable!

Who is winning the Gun War?

‘Who Is Winning the Gun War?’ … My Take & Its Is Not The NRA

The UN Gun Treaty. Will the Anti Constitution scum sucking Buck Ofama sign it?
Please do Buck! Then prepare for the backlash of disgust and anger and fear, fear of your power grabbing schemes and big government. Long ago I read an article by a Russian mathematician stating the US of A would Balkanize by 2020…I am thinking it is time to prepare for that. Becasue that assO in the White House and his thugs and minions emplaced in various governemnt offices and agencies have one goal. That is ruining America as we know it. And talking with all the people I know and deal with. Lots of anger and angst out there. Also lots of angry gun owners…Lots whom distrust, dislike, despise the Federal, State and Local Government today.

New Risks & Dangers Loom For USA As Arms Trade Treaty Opens For Signature


“The Obama attacks on freedom of religion and on the right to keep and bear arms reflect the administration’s intolerance of individual freedom,” John M. Snyder said here today. He’s the senior rights activist in Washington, according to Shotgun News.Snyder said, “The Obama assault on religious freedom is despicable. Its mandate to force people to act against their religious conscience in insurance payment for abortion is tyrannical.

Obama Attacks on Guns & Religion are Assaults on Freedom


When the police are 5 minutes away…

Civilians are Safer than Police


Another Buck Ofama War? Sending Marines into harms way for what? To side with who?

US Marines Deployed To Syria, Perhaps — Intel Blackout (via

Breaking news today: US marines deployed to Syria, perhaps, as they were seen heading north toward Syria from the assault ship just off Jordan’s shore. Debkafile, in an exclusive report Wednesday, revealed that 1,000 members of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Force disembarked from the USS Kearsage…

Continue reading

Paid Leave? Arrested? More Arrested? And Another! No Pay! Fail!

Outrage? PAID LEAVE!? This is beyond that. This bitch should be fired, arrested and persecuted for using her office to advance Buck Ofama‘s reelection!!

Outrage: Tyrannical IRS Director, Lois Lerner, Put on Paid Leave



Tweets spark have more consequences then ‘beheading‘ someone? England may as well change it’s name to IslamLand!!

In Wake of Bloody Beheading, British Police Arrest 2 Twitter Users for Anti-Islamic Tweets

The really, really formerly Great Britain…


Colorado, having gone to the Left appears trying to catch up to all the stupid that the left so likes!!! Damn I would have been in big trouble in today’s piss poor public schools!!

Area Student Arrested For Making A “Tornado in a Bottle”


What the hell? Free speech anybody? For criticizing a pointless Federal Government led by a completely pointless, arrogant Narcissistic Buck Ofama? Time to reboot one thinks!

Jailed for Facebook comments, Marine sues


Time to fire every damn one of these crooks!!

Open Letter To Congress: Those Who Voted for “No Budget, No Pay”


Becasue of politicians spending money on special interests, windmills and pipe dreams instead of spending it where they should, Especially politicians on the left, but also the right have led to this…Again they should all be arrested, tried and sent away for a long time!

Thousands of bridges similar to I-5 span at risk of freak accident due to outdated designs


Royalty! Is Over! A Deal! Print it! Throws Like! Pulp Fiction! Butt Hurt!

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” –John Adams

“The White House issued new embassy personnel guidelines. They guarantee rescue. From now on, every U.S. embassy must include a gay basketball player, an illegal alien and a woman in need of free contraception, and the Marines will be there in minutes.” –comedian Argus Hamilton


Royalty. George Washington refused to be crowned King. Apparently Buck and Mooch Ofama have no such reservations and appear to be thinking they are…Royal Pains in the Ass!

King and Queen Obama to Host Another White House Concert Despite Sequester and Scandals

What? They finally woke up?

Honeymoon Is Over: Olbermann and Other Liberal Media Figures Turn On Obama


Can’t hardly beat this deal!!

Missouri Resident Offers Free Land to Gun Makers

OutdoorHub Reporters

Somewhere in the Howell County, Missouri are three parcels of land which come free of charge, at least to any company which manufactures firearms or firearm accessories. The generous offer has been made by landowner John Negri in the hopes of drawing in some of the gun makers who are leaving their native…


25 bucks in plastic and a a 1700 dollar printed and you have..


Throws like what?



Enough said…

Here is all of it!!


Newspulper Headlines:

We Blame George W. Bush: “Obama’s Disastrous Second Term” –

We Blame Barbara Bush: “When in Doubt, Blame the Mom” –Lenore Skenazy syndicated column

Shortest Books Ever Written: “Why You Should Feel Sorry for the IRS” –

Questions Nobody Is Asking: “Holder Is at It Again: Do These Guys Ever Tell the Truth?” –Washington Post website

Bottom Story of the Day: “Carney Caught Lying to Press Again” –

(Thanks to The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto)


Butt Hurt are they?

Anti-gun group sues to overturn law requiring every home to have a gun

WASHINGTON, May 22 (UPI) — An anti-gun group is suing a small city in Georgia for enacting a law that requires the head of every household to own a gun and ammunition. [ FULL STORY ]

Voluntary? Facists! Camp Bastion! SNAKE! Intimidation! Insensitive!

Voluntary? Taxes are voluntary? Well dammit give me ALL my money back!! Plus interest!!

Slap My Head Alert! Outgoing IRS Chief: Taxes Voluntary

I know how I would like to target Fascists and such..But lets not go there. Wouldn’t want the Government to think I did not like it!!

7 Liberal Fascists Who Are Fine With Using the IRS to Target Political Enemies


Benghazi. Not the only Buck Ofama cover up..

The Camp Bastion Cover-Up

Benghazi isn’t the only bloody disaster being covered up by the Obama administration. As I reported in a series of columns and blog posts last fall, three days after the deadly siege on our consulate in Libya, the Taliban waged an intricately coordinated, brutal attack on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Two heroic U.S. Marines — Lt. Col. Christopher Raible and Sgt. Bradley Atwell — were killed in the battle. Many surviving Marines have been honored for their brave, quick-thinking actions to save their comrades and civilians caught in the crossfire.

Family members are angry that military brass are still trying to suppress details of the fateful budget and strategic decisions that led to the attack. But they won’t stay silent. “This is political,” one Camp Bastion relative told me this week. “Just like Benghazi, they don’t want people to know.”


Cripes….I hate snakes!!

Record-setting Burmese Python Captured in Florida’s Miami-Dade County


Bring it…Bring all of it…Because I have plenty to give back and I am at the point in my life where I do not give a shit what I say or do. Buck Ofama you have royally pissed me off!! Your followers? Spineless, back stabbing, under handed, sneaky assOs, whom are worthy of nothing more then the shit they stand on..Like flies drawn to shit they are..

Culture of Intimidation


Insensitive, loutish, liberal bitch..But I repeat myself!!

‘Tornado clearly targets conservatives’: Daily Show creator faces backlash over insensitive tweet


Zombie gun control bill? Not on our watch!

Zombie gun control bill? Not on our watch!

An update from the capitol:

Senator Ron Latz (DFL-St. Louis Park) announced last night that he intended to resurrect a gun bill this morning, after the leadership had announced that there would be no gun bills heard this year.

We were able to mobilize a quick reaction from our Facebook page (, and we worked this morning with Latz and other legislators to ensure that only good language got through the House finance committee.

We are at the Capitol this afternoon, keeping an eye on things and making sure nothing bad gets added in conference committee.

The streamlined bill contains some genuinely positive improvements to the NICS system, which should help ensure that prohibited people are actually entered into the national system — and removed when their prohibitions are over.

The fact that the Sen. Latz and the committee voted only for a bill that met with GOCRA approval is a testament to the influence that YOU have at the legislature. Your voices, emails, calls (and maroon shirts!) reminded our civil servants who they work for!

If you value the work we do, please consider purchasing a membership! Already have one? Give one as a gift!
Please forward this email to gun owners and civil rights supporters, and ask them to sign up at

DonateTwitter Facebook

GOCRA – P. O. Box 131254 – St. Paul, MN 55113

3D Guns! IRS. Clinton. Mindless Idiots! More Stupid! Practicing. Sound Moderator. Answers!

“Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression.” –James Madison



“So the State Department has asked the creator of the 3D gun design to remove the blueprint from his site. Because, you know, you can totally block people from downloading something — especially by drawing attention to it with a government crackdown. Smart move, people. Totally got all that toothpaste back in the tube. Love how our government is basically filled with Einsteins — no matter where you turn, there’s a bureaucrat with crazy hair and a mustache. Like Einstein. Well, 3D gun printing has been stopped now and forever. Anything else we should talk about? Benghazi? No? Hillary in 2016? Alright.” –humorist Frank J. Fleming


From CNS News

Internal IRS Mandate: ‘Be on the Lookout’ for ‘Organizations Involved In … Educating on Constitution and Bill of Rights’

Pickering: No Need to Ask Clinton About Benghazi, Because He Questioned People Who ‘Attended Meetings With Her’


Gimme a break!! Mindless teen girls is what we have here…Stupid!

Teen Girls Love Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Thousands of American girls have developed a crush on the Boston Marathon bombing suspect and are using social media to exonerate him. The hashtag to FreeJahar, referring to 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has been trending on Twitter and Facebook. Read more…
And now for something really stupid!!

School District Plans to Ban Tucked-In Shirts So Fat Kids Don’t Feel Bad

A school district is considering disallowing tucked-in shirts because they believe wearing a shirt untucked can better hide an obese student’s belly. Read more…
Ahhhhh…They are probably just, you know, practicing or some such thing…

REPORTED – UN Tanks & Supplies On the Move – Local Militias Mobilized – Maine

Yeah. That is it…Practicing…For something…


Oh hell yes!!

Sound Moderator.

Does anyone really think they can stop this short of an all out war and shutdown of society?

If so we have some real idiots pretending this country!!!


We all are…Lots of answers to a lot of questions..

Families of SEAL Team 6 demand answers