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Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. [VIDEO] PA Anti-Gun Rally Shows the Ignorance and Hypocrisy of Gun Control Supporters – 2014-03-24 13:49:49-04
    If you need more proof that the anti-gun movement preys on the ignorant, this video should help you out.  At a Pennsylvania gun control rally a man is seen passing out literature that actually debunks the myths of gun control. But instead of trying to engage in a debate, a supporter of the rally calls the man a parasite and follows him around to take away the literature the man is handing out.  I lost count of how many times she calls him a parasite. The man, although apparently not welcome to the rally, was very civil in his tone… Continue Reading…
  2. Vermont Sheriffs Defying New Anti-Gun Ordinances in Their State – 2014-03-24 14:58:17-04
    It looks like law enforcement officials in Vermont know more about the constitution than elected lawmakers in the state.  A growing number of sheriffs in Vermont are voicing their defiance over 3 recent gun control ordinances. The ordinances were passed after blindly following states like Connecticut and New York in a rush to push through more gun control laws before people had time to think about the effectiveness and constitutionality of these measures. According to Watchdog.org, “Sheriffs have a constitutional duty to refuse to comply with such ordinances,” said Richard Mack, president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association…. Continue Reading…
  3. [VIDEO] NJ Lawmaker Rips State’s Anti-Gun Bill to Shreds: “It will not save one life” – 2014-03-24 16:32:44-04
    You probably have never heard of New Jersey Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, but after giving a speech like this, you won’t soon forget him. In opposition to legislation banning magazines over ten rounds in New Jersey, Carroll gives a great floor speech which needs to be sent to Governor Christie. It’s amazing how silly the argument is for pushing a ban on gun magazines over 10 rounds, but if more people understood that this is an attack on freedom, it would make even non-gun owners wake up and reject this kind of legislation. In the speech Carroll slams the idea… Continue Reading…
  4. Mob of Teens in Downtown Louisville Randomly Assault at Least 6 People – 2014-03-25 00:41:17-04
    When a group of 200 teens gathered at Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville, Kentucky “some of them were up to no good”, according to local police.    15 to 20 male teens in the group started robbing and assaulting people that they came across, and within a time span of 2 hours at least 6 people had to be treated at the hospital. Watch news video of the teens raiding a convenience store below. Some of the victims were in serious condition as a result of the potentially lethal rampage that the mob went on last weekend. When a 13-year-old girl… Continue Reading…
  5. Intruder Calls 911 After Being Shot by Homeowner While Attempting to Break into His House – 2014-03-25 11:15:30-04
    They (anti-gunners) say 911 is all you need if someone is trying to break into your house.  After all, who really needs a gun when we have our local law enforcement to protect us.  The problem is that criminals don’t wait for good guys with guns to show up.  Fortunately in this case, the homeowner WAS the good guy with the gun. But in this case it was the intruder that ended up having to call 911 after he was shot.  The homeowner woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone on his balcony trying… Continue Reading…
  6. Rep. Keith Ellison: I Wish the Democrats Would Come Out Against the 2nd Amendment – 2014-03-25 12:37:50-04
    Most of us already know that certain lawmakers wish the 2nd amendment would just be eradicated from our constitution.  But rarely do you hear them actually say it for fear of committing political suicide. But during a Bill Maher interview, Rep. Keith Ellison (D) decided to admit that he wishes the democrats would just come out against the 2nd amendment entirely.  Of course then he tries to back pedal by saying he really just wants “common sense gun safety rules”.    But the admission is really that these gun safety rules are the equivalent of trampling on the 2nd amendment and… Continue Reading…
  7. NY Daily News Has Irrational Meltdown Over Church AR-15 Giveaway – 2014-03-25 13:19:49-04
    One look at this cover of the NY Daily News and it’s pretty obvious that a few editors have some serious hoplophobia (the irrational fear of guns) going on. Perhaps they should point out that millions of Americans own this “mass murder” machine without ever killing anyone.  In fact more die from hammers and kitchen knives, so should we start calling those items mass murder machines as well? According to the NY Daily News article, An upstate gun nut went to church Sunday and walked out the winner of a high-powered assault rifle similar to the one used to slaughter… Continue Reading…
  8. Wells Fargo Manager Fired for Bringing Her 9mm Gun to Work with Her, Now She is Suing – 2014-03-25 15:05:22-04
    Ivette Ros is a gun owner who takes her gun with her almost everywhere she goes.   She is a 37-year-old single mother of 3 and having her gun with her gives her the added peace of mind that she can protect herself or her family if the need arises. But Wells Fargo just caught Ros bringing her gun to work and decided to fire the branch manager. Ros is now suing the bank for violating her constitutional rights and other rights and protections offered under Florida law.  But Wells Fargo bans employees from bringing guns to work except in special… Continue Reading…
  9. Dick’s Sporting Goods Now Requiring Their Own Background Checks for Ammo Purchases – 2014-03-25 16:09:54-04
    You have to wonder if Dick’s Sporting Goods really wants the business of law abiding gun owners anymore.  After Sandy Hook they removed all the black semi-automatic rifles from their shelves, and now there are reports that the company is mandating their own background check system for the purchase of ammunition. I almost always either buy my ammo online or from local mom and pop shops here in town, so when I first saw this story I couldn’t believe a store was going above the law to require background checks on ammo purchases. But according to the Gun Rights Across… Continue Reading…
  10. [VIDEO] Woman Uses Gun to Save Life at Bus Station, “Something told me you might want to carry your gun tonight” – 2014-03-25 21:02:20-04
    A Texas woman who uses public transportation 30-40 times a week had a strange feeling that she would need to carry her gun last Saturday.  She was on the sidewalk near the bus station when 23-year-old Jamail Koroma passed by her. And if she hadn’t been carrying a gun that night this whole situation could have ended very differently. According to wfaa.com, “I felt him change his gait, and at the time I had by bag here,” she said, motioning by her side, “and I put it on my shoulder, just to hold it safe.” He not only made Lanphere… Continue Reading…

Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. AR-15 80% Lowers Available on Amazon as “Paperweights” – 2014-03-17 10:34:24-04
    Just to show how ridiculous the gun control argument is, some have listed 80% lowers on Amazon as “paperweights”.  After all, it’s merely a chunk of metal and does make a great decorative piece for any home.  They can’t call it an AR-15 lower, but someone got a little creative with their listing. The Amazon listing here has this description of the lower (just in case it’s taken down and you miss it): Highest quality 7075-T6 paperweight on the market, Identical in every cut to look exactly like an 80% lower, show off that you support the second amendment with… Continue Reading…
  2. [VIDEO] Nearly 1,000 Gun Registration Forms are Burned in New York in Protest of “Safe Act” – 2014-03-17 12:11:25-04
    New York lawmakers had no idea they would wake up the beast when they signed the dotted line on unconstitutional gun control laws.  But it looks like more and more New Yorkers are standing up against the so called “SAFE Act” which bans hundreds of rifle makes and limits gun magazines. In an open protest again this gun control law, New Yorkers in Saratoga Springs have gathered to burn their gun registration forms, refusing to comply with the gun law. According to Poststar.com, The forms are used for people to register with New York State Police firearms that meet the… Continue Reading…
  3. SC Pub Faces National Outrage from Gun Owners After This Sign Called Gun Carriers Losers – 2014-03-18 18:37:11-04
    If you want to commit business suicide this is exactly how you do it.  You post a sign that makes fun of gun owners and calls them losers and then expect to get their business. An anti-gun sign never made anyone safer, but a certain pub in South Carolina though it would be a great idea to post the sign in the picture above in its window.  After all, this would keep any armed criminal from even darkening the door while the helplessly disarmed people inside would be perfectly safe right? But rather then just say that concealed weapons were… Continue Reading…
  4. “The ATF Has Called a 14-inch Shoestring a Firearm” Says Cali Gun Store Owner in Interview – 2014-03-19 17:44:45-04
    The ATF has deemed that an 80%  lower is a firearm (even though it’s little more than a paperweight), and they used that as justification for raiding a gun store in California. If you have been paying any attention at all to gun rights issues in the last week you have seen the story of ATF agents ignoring a restraining order against them so they could raid gun store, Ares Armor in California.  See video of what happened here. Here is an interview we found of the owner of Ares Armor speaking out against the ATF and the agency’s anti-gun… Continue Reading…
  5. Montanta Homeowner Shoots Intruder After Ordering Him Not to Move – 2014-03-20 11:01:18-04
    Even though the anti-gun activists tell us that you don’t have to worry about criminals breaking into your house in the middle of the night (After all, you have 911, right?), a Montana homeowner was forced to defend himself early Monday morning in his home. A burglar decided to invade the Ravalli County home just before 4am.  The homeowner woke up to the sound of the crook breaking a window while entering the house. Before going to investigate the strange sound at 4 in the morning, the homeowner made a crucial decision.  He grabbed his handgun first. When he went… Continue Reading…
  6. Employees at Washington Coffee Shop Are Packing Guns After Series of Robberies – 2014-03-20 15:36:22-04
    Well it’s obvious this isn’t Starbucks, the company that asked all gun owners to leave their guns at home so criminals could rob their stores without the fear of being hurt. This coffee shop in Spokane, Washington decided to start packing heat after a string of robberies.  Jitterz Java is refusing to play the victim card and is now encouraging employees who have concealed carry permits to bring their guns to work. Three robberies in one month prompted the decision and one of the crimes was even caught on surveillance video. According to KXLY, “I would rather have it and… Continue Reading…
  7. SC Pub Has Yelp Page Remove Negative Ratings from Upset Gun Owners – 2014-03-22 11:52:19-04
    A few days ago we wrote about a South Carolina pub that decided to insult gun owners by posting the above sign on it’s window.  We, along with a few other pro-gun websites, linked to the pub’s Yelp page since the business does not have a website.   Well, apparently the business was tired of all the negative reviews from gun owners and decided to ask (or pay) Yelp to remove any negative comments that came from pro-gun supporters. Backstreets Pub and Grill  perhaps was not informed that gun owners are some of the most organized and pro-active people on earth,… Continue Reading…
  8. Illinois Middle School Butchers the 2nd Amendment and Image Goes Viral – 2014-03-22 18:42:40-04
    We waited to post on this story because we wanted to make sure this was not a fake.  But all of our research and numerous reports have confirmed that the image above was actually taken from a middle school workbook to teach children what the 2nd amendment is really all about. Schools continue to be battleground for 2nd amendment rights, as students are being suspended for wearing NRA t shirts, pretending their pencils are guns, and merely just talking about guns. Reports have confirmed that Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois is being “bombarded” with messages and phone calls about… Continue Reading…
  9. [VIDEO] Oregon Woman Stops Intruder with Her Handgun, Waiting 23 Minutes for Police – 2014-03-23 16:27:57-04
    Her dogs did not stop the intruder.  Her home alarm system did not stop the intruder.  Not even her “No Trespassing signs” stopped the man who broke into her house.  But the moment Lisa Atkin pulled out her handgun the intruder stopped in his tracks. Then she had to wait 23 minutes for police to arrive at her rural home on that Wednesday morning.  So much for the “just call 911 and you will be fine” approach that the anti-gunners want us to take.  When seconds count… well, you know the rest. Watch Video of this news story: According to… Continue Reading…
  10. At Least 11 Hurt in Shootings Last Weekend in Gun Control Haven of Chicago – 2014-03-24 12:00:01-04
    Even if you are a die-hard anti-gunner, Chicago’s strict gun laws and uptick in gun violence have to make you question the effectiveness of gun control laws.  But if you are a common sense thinking pro gun supporter, stories like this are really not shocking. Criminals break laws.  That’s what makes them criminals.  And disarming law abiding citizens does nothing to stop those criminals from getting their hands on guns and using them to hurt people.  So the worse thing you can do is what Chicago has attempted to do…..  make it nearly impossible for law abiding Chicago residents to… Continue Reading…
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Morning Miscellany ……

Getting worried are they?

They should be…


Oppression of women?

Feminists do it best….


Brain dead….Like this…


Senate reverses pension cut

The only senators to vote against the bill were Tom Carper (D-Del.), Dan Coats (R-Ind.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).


Well it is the party of Death for a reason…

More Proof


And these Humanists are doing what? To help starving kids…what?

Not much except whining about others trying to help them..

Ever notice how that seems to be the leftists way?


Oh no!!

They are not registering their legally bought guns!!
Even though we made it illegal by passing knee jerk, dumb ass laws!!

I hope they continue to refuse to submit to tyranny..


Boycott! Less! Success! EPA Suxage! Taxes! Pelosi! More EPA! Gun Banners! Enough!


I agree. Planned Parenthood has one agenda…Abortions, money, there is nothing else in their plan and now they are subverting the Girl Scouts…Don’t bother trying to sell me cookies.




Americans want LESS gun control?

Took a poll to figure that out? I think the sales of guns and ammo, plus the outcry whenever the gun grabbers open their lying mouths, plus all those getting carry permits would have been good indicators…

Guess pollsters need a reason to exist…



The one success story thanks to Obama!!


The EPA…They destroy industries, ruin lives, increase unemployment and then say this??

EPA Administrator: We ‘Look at Climate Change As Something Where We … Can Grow Jobs’

Climate change is a hoax…And a non elected federal bureaucracy is ruining America…



The worst states to be in for taxes…

And of course I am in one..


Top State Income Tax Rate: 7.85 percent
Sales tax: 6.875 percent
Property tax per capita: $1,412


Pelosi is an idiot..But we knew that!

Isn’t she the one that said ‘we have to pass it, to know what is in it?’

Well you did…Now own it!


More EPA bullshit…

Banning wood burning stoves..

During one of the coldest and snowiest winters in years..



Lies, misinformation, bullshit..

Is all the anti gun lobby has..

Because facts don’t back their outlandish claims out..

So they use the ‘sky is falling’ routine


See above?

More gun banners lies and bullshit..


America…Fly over America.

Has had enough..

“He’s not president as far as I’m concerned. … Should be executed. He’s an enemy combatant.”

She complained that Congress is doing nothing and that “allows this moron to make decisions.”

“He has no authority. None.”


President Obama declared his strategy for gun control in 2014.



Tonight, at the State of the Union address, President Obama declared his strategy for gun control in 2014.

Since he couldn’t get the United States Supreme Court to declare that his anti-gun hysteria in Washington, DC and Chicago, Illinois was legal, he has vowed to move forward on additional gun control measures on his own.

From the rostrum in the United States Congress, the President said on live television that he would do so, “with or without Congress.”

He’s not even hiding it anymore.  He will attempt to enforce his anti-rights agenda without following the constitutional process of lawmaking.

The State of the Union address was framed, both before and after, by ads on most major news channels by the anti-gun Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC.  These ads called for additional gun control measures under the guise of “gun safety”.

This is nothing more than a coordinated assault on our liberties!

This needs to stop.

Morning Miscellany…

The Things Every Man Should Have

Really..Basic things. Tools..So many today think they can get an ‘App’ to save their asses!!


Dictator Buck Ofama.

Following those he seems to admire most. Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler..

Wants total control and how better then to silence those against him..

Stay armed and ready..


More attacks on those whom oppose Dictator Buck Ofama..


The Constitution?

Buck Ofama hates the Constitution..

And anything he hates is worth defending and fighting for!!


I’m betting these assOs do not follow any laws..

Especially ‘gun control’ laws..

And why are we not kicking their asses back to the sandbox they left?



Gun Free Zone..

Oh how well they work!

Another ‘anti gun’ states shows it fails the People..


Lies, lies, everywhere a lie..

Is the current despotic administrations way..

It’s only way..



Is all about control.

Control our Healthcare.

Control our guns..

Control us…

Wake up idiots!!


How to really fight back against terrorists..

Some have it right..


Not so much…


About time…The Mooslim Jihadists got a taste of it..


Sold out, in cahoots with..

The Devil..


Police State?

Martial law?

Is what Buck Ofama wants..


Evening Miscellany…


Seems to me this would be invasion of ones privacy…

Lets once again publish the names, addresses and whatever else we can find on the employees of this rag..





Message From the Left: If You Buy a Gun, You Will Kill Yourself

Leave it to our “friends” on the Left to draw exactly the wrong conclusions from a given set of facts. Take gun control, for example. In Leftspeak, “gun control” — harsh restrictions on gun ownership — makes the world safe by removing guns “from our streets.” However, notwithstanding the dirty little secret that the Entitlement Class currently controlling the levers of U.S. political power wants to disarm the public en route to its ultimate goal of statist tyranny, scholarly studies like those published in economist John Lott’s book “More Guns, Less Crime” have conclusively shown that implementation of gun control laws is directly correlated — and strongly, at that — with violent crime rates. Further — as the title of Lott’s book also suggests — per capita rates of gun ownership are inversely correlated, again strongly, with crime rates. As another data point: The NRA notes that gun ownership is at an all-time high at exactly the same time the nation’s murder rate is approaching an all-time low.

But never mind the facts. Leftists have never let those pesky things get in the way of a good yarn. Fortunately for them, the halls of Pollyanna-academia are filled with mush-heads who stand ready to “refute” these inconvenient truths. The latest effort was recently published in the otherwise-reputable Annals of Internal Medicine. Now why, one might ask, would a journal of internal medicine focus on a political issue like gun control? Great question; we can’t answer it. The gist of the study is the “conclusive” finding that having a gun inside one’s home makes one more likely to successfully attempt suicide.

Of course, the authors of this brilliant study ask us to check our brains at the Left-think door before we critically examine their findings. As Jacob Sullum of Reason magazine notes, these researchers would like us to put aside the fact that someone contemplating suicide might actually have the malice aforethought to go out and buy a gun; or that “the same personality traits or circumstances that increase their risk of suicide also make gun ownership more attractive.” Sullum further asks, “In how many cases, if any, did an abusive husband disarm his wife and use the gun she bought for self-defense against her? Were the people who committed suicide determined enough that if a gun had not been available they would have killed themselves anyway?” Who knows? No one bothered to investigate these obvious questions.

The problem is that no analysis beyond a first-order glance at the data was made during the study. The pre-biased authors had a conclusion in search of research data to support it, as is often the case with such “studies.” Without knowing the details of each death, the study — though full of facts — is wholly worthless because so many other independent variables which bear directly on the results were not even considered, let alone evaluated. Not to worry, however: For the ideologically driven, facts that don’t support the forgone conclusion may be readily discarded.

However, in debunking the latest leftist gun-control tripe, let’s not forget to keep our eye on the ball: At issue here is not “how safe” we feel with or without guns. The real issue is whether we, as U.S. citizens, have the right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment — period. The Constitution’s answer is, “Yes.” Setting aside the buffoonery that renders this study worthless, even if its claims were accurate, its findings would have no impact on our constitutional rights.



Tea Party got you panty wetting scared do they Chuckie?

So change the rules?

Go ahead you elitist LIEberal goat!



What is wrong with America?

Well lots, starting with the asswipe in the White House and all those Politicians elsewhere.

But when you allow killing babies with nary a word from the Media…Yet have squealing fits and tantrums over someone refusing to bake a damn cake?

There you have it…America is screwed..