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Morning Miscellany ……………..

Armed robbery points a shotgun as your sister..

What do you do?

Let him shot, rob, pillage unhindered as the Anti gun groups, such as Bloomberg’s puppet group, Mom’s Demand would have you do?

Or open fire with your gun and stop him?


A woman shoots a home invader..

In her living room..

Again what would she have done if disarmed as Mom’s Demand so want us to be?


 Because this is what Mom’s Demand want..

To allow others to beat you, rather then you being able to defend yourself…


Green Beret slaps Politicians with pointed letter…

A portion..

Due your ineptitude in your decisions with regard to who we back with foreign aid, and your complete lack of a spine in dealing with global threats, we find ourselves, for the first time in ages, being looked at with eyes filled with disdain and disrespect.


Revolt!! In Minnesota!!

Against revolting Mooch Obama’s ‘lunch’ rules…




 John Kerry says this ‘little thing called internet makes it hard to ‘govern’ people’.

You mean ‘rule’ don’t you Kerry?


Miscellany ……………..

Israeli IDF saves Irish troops from Islamic Extremists…

And you’ll hear nothing from the Alphabet Media..


How wrong is this?

Same Judge, same Prosecutor whom let Ray Rice walk..

Looking to prosecute 27 year old mom.

For a ‘legally’ carried gun in Pennsylvania..

But not in the Police State of New Jersey..

Unless of course your a famous athlete ..

Such bullcrap!!


How gun control works..

No public gathering other than those organised by ISIS will be allowed at any stage. No guns will be allowed outside of its ranks.

So no. You won’t take my guns..


Obama gets told no!

To tee times on Trump owned golf courses..

IRS audit in 3..2…1…


Morning Miscellany ………………

The Lying King Obama…

On National TeeWee!!


The War on Women

Using Gun Control in the efforts..

The leftist gun grabbers are missing one big fact…

Or ignoring it..

More and more women are buying guns..


Pisshead Morgan, leaving CNN..

Still threatening the NRA..

Didn’t he try to do that on his show?

And is one reason, after getting his ass handed to him, he no longer has a show?


Tom Udall – DemocRAT, Bernie Sanders – Socialist..

Trying to ‘fix’ the First Amendment..

In the DemocRATs favor..

Along with Harry Reid they are..


What would happen if you broke the Law 1800 times?

Probably find your ass in a cell somewhere!!
Then why hasn’t Buck Ofama?


This is today’s gun control nutjobs, advocating violence against law abiding, legally armed citizens..


The lousy economy…

Is all your fault you money hoarding, money saving, people!!
Well the Fed says it is!!

Morning Miscellany …………………….

“Where knowledge is a duty, ignorance is a crime.”– Thomas Paine.

And our ignoring the antics in Washington, particularly by Obama and his thugs has to change..


Beheading Grandmothers..

Is what Muslims do in England…

Here in America also but our media ignores that!


Police knocking at your door?

Police have no warrant?

This gut shuts them down..


Judges in Ohio are special..

They can legislate and make shit up..

Like no need to obtain a carry permit for firearms..


Jimmy Carter, he who is know the 2nd worst President ever..

Fund raising for terrorists..


Rape prevention tips from LIEberals are pointless….

Your not protecting yourself!

Using their tactics will probably make things worse for you!


Yeah it always works to comply with the bad guys demands…

At least the anti gun crowd would say it is….

Not so much..

“The clerk cooperated fully, yet the suspect still shot him in the head one time, gathered the money and left the location,”

Arm yourself..

No one else will protect you!

This is how it should work!!

And this…

Don’t mess with old guys…



Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

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