Dumb! Gun Laws! Gun App! Creating Criminals! Dumb Quotes!


8 Reasons..

Number 8!



How are those gun laws working out in Maryland?

Not so well?

Baltimore killings go on despite Maryland gun laws

Another dhimmcrap controlled city and state going down the toilet..


So the criminals will then know which houses are unarmed and gun free!!! Easier and safer pickings for them!!

New Android App Allows Everyone To See Who Is a Gun Owner In Their Neighborhood


New York‘s so called SAFE act.

Creating criminals out of thin air!!

(Formerly law abiding, gun owning, tax payers!!)


Dumb and dumber quotes..

8 “Best” Left Wing Quotes on Guns So Far This Year

Number ’8′!

8. If Someone Breaks Into Your Home, You’d Probably Be Dead Anyway
8, "best", left, wing, quotes, on, guns, so, far, this, year,

A concerned Denver senior citizen at a public forum on national gun control legislation asked Rep. Diana Degette (D-Colo.) a simple question: “What about me?” His question concerned limiting magazine capacity.

“My question is: What about me?” the Denver citizen asked Rep. DeGette, arguing against limiting magazine capacity. “There may not be one bad guy that comes into my house … I have to change magazines? I am a serious disadvantage. What about me?”

Rep. Degette, instead of answering his question, arrogantly smirked and mocked him with this reply: “You’d probably be dead anyway if they had that kind of firepower.” Her other response was “The [Denver Police Department] would be there within minutes.” Don’t worry, if you can keep your attackers from killing you and your family for just 10 minutes, the average response time of an emergency call, you’ll be just fine.

And if you can’t? Well, you’d probably be dead anyway.

Anti Freedom Laws! Toy Guns? Terrorist! Freedom?

“This was the object of the Declaration of Independence. Not to find out new principles, or new arguments, never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said before; but to place before mankind the common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent, and to justify ourselves in the independent stand we are compelled to take. Neither aiming at originality of principle or sentiment, nor yet copied from any particular and previous writing, it was intended to be an expression of the American mind, and to give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion.”

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Henry Lee, 1825


New laws, new attacks on our freedoms..Proof politicians do NOT listen and need to be replaced and need to have term limits imposed!!

New Gun Laws Take Effect Across the Country


Toy Guns? Okay than..Still scare the crap out of the “Afraid of Objects” crowd!!

Toy Gun March On Washington Draws 2nd Amendment Supporters


Terrorist in the Pentagon…Well the old saying is “‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!”

FBI Labeled al-Aulaqi ‘Dangerous Terrorist’ Day Before He Spoke at Pentagon

___Anti Freedom, Criminal loving Governors!!

The ‘Anti’ Governor: Cuomo Strikes Back At Gun Rights Lawsuit

And we know how well the gun control works in Chit-cago!!

IL Governor Quinn’s Soft Spot For Criminals Results In Veto Of Concealed Carry Bill

Finally anti gun, freedom, people, Kalifornistan….

NRA News Video Exposes Cal-DOJ’s Firearm Confiscation Program For What It Truly Is

There we have three States led by folks whom have forgotten how Freedom works!! Time for another Independence Day!!!


List? Gun Laws? Gun Takeaway? Targeted! ACLU!

Are you on it? Am I? Lets hope not…As I am not one to go silently into the night…

Plenty of loud ‘bangs’,’booms’, etc.

Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law


Gun Laws and the oppression of the State…Not working well in Chicago!

At Least 17 Injured, 2 Killed in Chicago Weekend Shootings


Mentality? From LEOs?

Found this at BobS’s place…I deal with more LEOs as an educator then I care to think about..

Most, especially among the ‘younger’ crowd seems to be an “Us (LEOs) Vs everyone else!”

Law Enforcement Mentality

That means that the best way to survive an encounter with an illegally armed individual is to exert complete control over everyone you stop, everyone you confront for any reason, and everyone you meet until you can confirm that they are not a threat to you.


Via Email…

Will the government ever take away our guns for minor infractions of our lives…?
They already are…



Beware…and do not attack others with your assault eggs…or else the fowl police will come looking for you…


Unbelievable! Well not really. Considering the America hating Buck Ofama is in charge!

Troops ‘targeted by NSA for anti-Obama views’


Losing his supporters Buck Ofama is!!

ACLU Sues Obama Over NSA Spying

27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine – See more at: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/27-edward-snowden-quotes-about-u-s-government-spying-that-should-send-a-chill-up-your-spine#sthash.f9OYglKY.dpuf

GOA Alert!: Senators may resurrect defeated gun control




Senators may resurrect defeated gun control
after making cosmetic changes

“A source close to the Senate negotiations [says] that two senators who voted against the background check bill would vote for it after minor, superficial changes.” — Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, May 6, 2013

ACTION: Senators who voted pro-gun last month are under intense pressure by Senate Democrats and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s hit ads to switch their votes.  We need to keep applying the heat and let them know that gun owners are ready to help in any Senate campaign, no matter which state, to defeat ANY SENATOR who votes for gun control.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FROM WASHINGTON, DC. It’s not over yet.  We can’t give up.

We won a dramatic victory last month.  But the Left has not raised the white flag yet, and they are using out-of-state rabble rousers to harass Senators who voted against the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin national gun registry just a couple of weeks ago.

It is a national gun registry because the Obama administration is copying the names of gun purchasers from 4473′s when it conducts its annual inspections of gun shops.  If everyone has to have a 4473 when they buy a gun — even through most private sales — then everyone will be in the Obama administration’s database.

Few things are more hypocritical than the spectacle of gun-grabbers whining that they don’t support national gun registries just as they get off Air Force One on a trip from Hartford, Connecticut where they cheered the enactment of a state gun registry.

THE BULLYING IS CONTINUING. Senate Democrats are bullying the Senators who voted correctly on Toomey-Manchin-Schumer.  Those who are under the most pressure to switch their votes are:

Mark Begich        (202) 224-3004
Lisa Murkowski     (202) 224-6665

Jeff Flake         (202) 224-4521

Saxby Chambliss    (202) 224-3521
Johnny Isakson     (202) 224-3643

Max Baucus         (202) 224-2651

North Dakota
Heidi Heitkamp     (202) 224-2043

New Hampshire
Kelly Ayotte      (202) 224-3324

Dean Heller        (202) 224-6244

Rob Portman        (202) 224-3353

Lamar Alexander    (202) 224-4944
Bob Corker         (202) 224-3344

If your Senator is a Republican, or is mentioned in the list above, it is imperative that you contact them again!

Right now, there are several Public Policy Polling surveys that claim Senators who voted pro-gun have lost public support.  It’s hogwash!

Gun owners can click here to read GOA’s analysis of why these PPP polls are fiction.  These polls are nothing more than a ploy to sway weak-knee Senators into reversing their votes.

Some Senators are even beginning to wonder if they are going to be punished at the polls for voting pro-gun.  And that’s why we need you right now to stay active and engaged in this fight.

CONTACT INFO:  Contact your Senators, if possible, at 202-224-3121.  Jam their phone lines. If it is not possible for you to call, then use the prewritten letter we have provided to e-mail them.

Tell them to vote against the expansion of background checks as they will allow for the registration of gun owners.And let them know that gun owners are ready to help in any Senate campaign, no matter which state, to defeat ANY SENATOR who votes for gun control.

Click here to send your Senators a pre-written email message.


Give Up? Lying Media! Snake! Gungrabbers! Dick Act! Choose!

Really? How about all law abiding, taxpaying citizens go armed. No restrictions.

Let us see how it works then.

Damn well I would bet!

CNN Poll: 4 in 10 Open to Give Up Liberties for Security

This why I do not watch nor listen to any ‘news’ source wrought on America by the liberal lame stream leftist controlled media.
They are all liars and spread misinformation on us.
Plus they serve as a PR Firm for Buck Ofama..

Morning Joe Edits Out Senator’s Town Hall Response to Gun Control Supporters


Oh really?
Hmm…In trouble I would/will be!
Liberty or Security, How Will You Choose?

When Faisal Shahzad tried to blow up Times Square Eric Holder demanded we make our “Miranda” rights “more flexible to meet our current security needs,” a call for the destruction of our 5th & 6th Amendments. And Americans cheered the government’s assault on the Constitution, a.k.a. the fight against terrorism.

Read More…


Letter to Gun Grabbers.

This is a copy of what I sent to the esteemed group of gun grabbers listed here.

Not all of them mind you. I know some of them are strong 2nd Amendment supporters.

But many are Urban, metro area reps whom are clueless about outstate, rural folks and do not give a damn.

Cripes I bet they know very little about ‘guns’!

House File 285


Once again a law that criminalizes honest, hard working, tax paying Minnesotans whom love hunting, shooting and related activities and does not one damn thing to stop crimes from happening.

You penalize citizens whom have no intention of using guns for anything other then legal activities and enjoyment. People whom have worked hard and spent their dollars on a sport they love. I some day intend to pass my possessions onto my sons. My possessions paid for with my money that I worked for.

These laws will do nothing to stop those whom willingly and knowingly break laws and commit mayhem.

This is about control and registration.

If you wish to turn folks like me into outlaws due to your inaction on the real problems, so  be it.

Get a clue.

Buck Ofama! Newton! Gov Schools! Math is Hard! Repuplikans, Whores and Sell Outs!!

Read this carefully..

Buck Ofama: Gun Control Won’t Lead to Confiscation Because ‘I Am Constrained by a System Our Founders Put in Place

Do you understand this now? He feels ‘constrained’ and works hard to remove this constraint….Hold on tight to you guns…You may using them..


IN other words..You asshat gun grabbing politicians know not what the hell you are talking about…No surprise there!!

Newtown Parent Mark Mattioli Slams Gun Control Goons, Legislators and Nancy Lanza


Schools do not teach anymore. They do not teach History as it happened, they teach it as they wished or actually believed t had happened. Now after teaching that and making American Students feel horrible about their history…SO much EVEEL America caused, they want to disarm them and the rest of us..Why?

Schools to Students: “Americans Don’t Have A Right to Bear Arms”


Math is so hard…SO just manipulate the numbers that disagree with you into ones that agree with you..Is the left’s way…And is what happens when you do not teach real world subjects in Public Schools..

From Adam Ant..

I heard something rather disturbing this morning on the news, 50% of the people believe we need more gun control, 40% believed it should stay the same and 10% believed we needed less… Then it occurred to me that the same percentages were true for the 5th grade equation below. Only 10% got this equation correct when I first posted it.
6+1×0+2-2/2= ?

The majority 60% said the answer was 1, 30% gave some other random number, and only 10% gave the correct answer of 7. 7 is the correct answer, So because the majority said 1 is that the correct answer?… NO, because we have rules for mathematical operations. Just because the majority of the people want gun control doesn’t make it constitutional or right. The equation above proves that the majority of the people get a 5th grade equation wrong 90% of the time.

All gun laws are unconstitutional because we have rules for law making just like we have rules for math. Those rules are stated in the constitution. “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”. There are no exceptions, not for felons, scary people, scary guns, crazy people, people having a bad day, etc… And I don’t see any majority over rules the constitution clause either.

Suppose the law being considered was to block all blacks from gun ownership or prohibiting blacks from being out past sun set. As a percentage of population they are more violent and commit more crimes than any other race as America’s prison populations prove. And now suppose the majority of the people said that banning blacks is what they wanted. Should the congress pass this law because that is what the mob wants? The constitution prohibits this type of law based on race. But, If we are now discarding the right of each citizen to bear arms, why not disregard this part of the constitution blocking laws based on race or national origin?

The government now wants us to ask permission from the government through a back ground check to exercise a right that shall not be infringed by that same government. And there are members of congress that don’t think that sounds idiotic. It is no less idiotic or unconstitutional then banning blacks from gun ownership or being on the streets at night.

It sounds great to say that all felons cannot own guns, or all crazy people can’t have guns. Let’s have a “No Gun List”. As if that will stop the violence. It will not. In Atlanta a gunman took 4 firemen hostage because his home was being foreclosed on. He demanded his lights and cable be turned back on… So now we need financial back ground checks for guns… OH… and I’ve seen people lose it when getting divorced, So divorced people need to be placed on the “No Gun List” too…

Just like banning blacks from being out on the streets at night will not stop them from committing crimes, neither will a “No Gun List” stop the violence… ALL Gun laws are unconstitutional. And we are being governed by a mob of people that can’t get a 5th grade equation correct… welcome to Idiocracy


Repuplikans give up the Constitution and their right to claim being called a Conservative and defender of Freedom. Beginning to look a lot like the Dhimmicraps!!

Gun bill clears Senate hurdle as filibuster falls short

And apparently the Repuplikans were pretty cheap to sell out!! Whores and Politicians, cheap….

Sen. Mark Kirk: Booze and boat parties smoothed bipartisan gun deal



History. Thugs, Union! Watching! Failure! Free Speech! LEOs Say! Hate!

2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV)

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.


Second Amendment: History’s lesson and warning
As Congress begins to consider new gun legislation this spring, it ís important for citizens and lawmakers to keep two basic facts in mind.

Read More…


Organized Labor: Still Statist Thugs After All These Years »

After graduating law school, I began my practice with a firm in New Orleans in the late 1970s, and I was soon sent to Puerto Rico, a hotbed of union activity. I got my first taste of fighting unions there, and I learned they played for keeps when another labor lawyer was shot outside his hotel. 

More »


ATF Wants To Know Everything About You »

The Federal government has already made great strides in ensuring that anonymity is a thing of the past with massive data-collection-and-storage facilities like fusion centers and a post-9/11 American legal structure that makes government’s ability to spy on citizens easier than ever. 

More »


But where does all the money go and how big a Buck Ofama donor was the head of this mess?

Another Solar Company Can’t Take The Heat, Closes Despite $10 Million In Stimulus


How about I put ‘Buck Ofama’ on my lawn? House? Paint it on my boat! Would probably cause much angst in LiberalField, Mn…

Farmer Wins Right to Display Anti-Obama Signs On His Own Property


I know. Repeating this from yesterday, but it bears repeating and is pretty much what I hear from officers I hold EMR classes for!

86% Of Police Pros Say Proposed Gun Laws Won’t Improve Or Could Hurt Officer Safety


Hate. It is strong on the Left!

Low Life Gay Radicals Send Profanity Laced Screeds to Two Girls


A State Religion..Called Government..Yes it really is a religion to the masses of entitled government employees, Public Unions, including Teachers Unions and such people whom suck off the Taxpayers dollars..

America Already Has a State Religion. It’s called ‘Government’



Golfing! Liar! Franken! Crises! Endgame? Deal? Gun Warmening?? Nutella?

“The constitution of the United States is to receive a reasonable interpretation of its language, and its powers, keeping in view the objects and purposes, for which those powers were conferred. By a reasonable interpretation, we mean, that in case the words are susceptible of two different senses, the one strict, the other more enlarged, that should be adopted, which is most consonant with the apparent objects and intent of the Constitution.”

Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

“With the rise of the state, statesmen became possible—men whose vision embraced truly grand adventures and enterprises in exploitation, oppression, plunder, and mass mayhem.” – Robert Higgs


Optics be damned! Obama has to get his 118th round of golf in.

President Obama today played golf for the second week in a row.

Terrorists Kill Five Americans In Afghanistan …Buck Ofama Goes Golfing


I am saying…He lied!!! Liar in Chief!!!

Buck Ofama Either Doesn’t Know Guns Or He lied


If so the hysterical antics will continue and I would not be surprised if another ‘mass shooting‘ does not happen soon…Just saying..

Anti-Gun Lobby Losing Steam?


Oh please! One knows Lewis can make Franken look like the idiotic Clown he really is and we know he won by cheating…But with the Liberal Courts we have..Go figure..

1,009 votes were later determined to come from felons?

4 Reasons Jason Lewis Can Beat Al Franken


Do The Multitude Of Crises Mean That The Endgame Is Near? »

The elites who control the world’s wealth are indeed working from one playbook. A look into a joint document produced by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England shows a plan to “assign losses to shareholders and unsecured creditors” as a resolution strategy for failing banks.

 More »


Deal? A deal? What the hell are our GOP Politicians doing? There should be no ‘deal’!! Any deal they make should result in their replacement!!

Background-check deal said getting close


Why not? Everything else seems to be ‘responsible’ for the false word of the GloBull Warmening Prophets!!!

Guns Responsible for Global Warming


Why? Someone? Anyone? Why?