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Counterpoint to Bob Costas Rant..Plus..

Using SNF for his forum and his biased views.

And another ‘journalist’ proving he is as biased and uninformed and lame as Costas..

Jason Whitlock claiming…the Democrats KKK and the NRA are…

The SAF launches a project…

Against Mayor Nanny Bloomberg and his ‘Criminals Mayor Against Guns Owners”

SAF has ‘Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors!’

We should all get behind that one!!!


How is That Gun Control..

 Working for Chicago

Shootings: 8 Killed, At Least 30 Wounded In Weekend Violence.

Oh wait..Is not it appears…

And I read somewhere  Mayorwhats his nutz‘ claims Chi-Town is the most ‘American‘ of cities..

One hopes not…as it appears the gun control in Chicago is killing people…

And Gun Control Stopped….


 Dutch youth league football linesman dies after attack.

A Dutch man has died after being kicked and punched by a group of teenage football players for whom he acted as linesman in a Sunday league match

Apparently the gun control did not have one damn thing to do with this. Other then he was out numbered and ???

Hey Bob Costa!!

What about this one??