Dayton’s Shell Game

Dayton’s Shell Game Sends Mixed Signals On Middle Class Taxes

Minnesotans beware.

Governor Mark Dayton has been very clear on where he stands with raising taxes on businesses and “the rich” – yes you.

It’s much harder to figure out where Governor Dayton and the Democrats are coming from on the issue of taxes and the middle class.

They held a press conference this week touting new projections that property taxes would actually decrease in 2014. Keep your eye on those projections, by the way – they come from the same agency that predicted e-pull tabs would finance the new Vikings stadium.

So the Governor says low property taxes are a good thing for hard-working Minnesotans. We agree. But he had to raise over $2 billion in new taxes and fees, much of them on the middle class and even poor Minnesotans, to pay for lots of things including his supposed $121 million property tax reduction.

So which is it? Are higher taxes good or bad for the middle class?

Perhaps Minnesota families can use their projected property tax savings, if it ever materializes, to pay for all of the other cost increases they will experience because of the Dayton/DFL 2013 budget:

  • Higher energy bills.
  • Fewer choices and higher costs for childcare under forced unionization of childcare.
  • Higher premiums, higher co-pays, higher prescription drug prices and even fewer hours at work because of the healthcare exchange legislation.
  • New tobacco taxes.
  • Higher costs to download music and other files from the Internet.
  • Higher costs for car rentals.

Each day it becomes more apparent – Republicans stood against wasteful government spending and for an economic recovery that would continue producing middle class jobs, and what Mark Dayton and the Democrats really wanted was bigger government and more spending.

Yes Minnesotans, beware. Despite their spin, the Democrat’s all-tax-increases budget taxes everyone. And raising taxes in one area to supposedly reduce taxes in another is more than a gimmick, it’s a shell game. Make sure you are watching their other hand.

Tax Increases!

My local Representatives to the Minnesota House and Senate are both teachers. They have never as far as I know, maybe college worked outside the Public Sector and lived off the Taxpayer.

And they pretty much do nothing to help the taxpayer out always looking for more money to handout to their Teacher Union friends, Union supporters and special interests.

And one is a complete ass.

Here is an article on how the Middle Class in Minnesota is taking it in the ass once again.

Thanks to DFL tax and spend legislators…



Booming! A Deal! Tax and Spend! Magpul. Airlift! Made Where? Hunters! Smack!! MAIG! Mob Rule!

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. … Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” –Cesare Beccaria


NRA Young Blood!!


Business booming? Well you can thank Buck Ofama and his gang of leftist Dhimmcraps and RINOs in Washington, New York, Chicago, Colorado, Kalifornistan and elsewhere! No there is a list of places to never have to go!!! Or want to!!

Guns and ammo sales spark jobs boom

High Gun Demand Bolsters Conservation Efforts Across America


For Concealed Course..

Well except for the State I happen to be in. A Nanny State for looney politicians and Bureaucraps!!

Concealed Carry Certification for 35 US States!


The Taxmen are named Markie Dayton, Kevin Dahle and David Bly!!

Governor Dayton—a tax-and-spender gone wild— is currently touring Minnesota, touting his flawed $38 billion budget proposal that would increase spending by  7 percent over the next two years. The plan contains $1.8 billion in tax increases, including an income tax hike on those making at least $150,000 per year and a 59 percent cigarette tax increase—from $1.58 to $2.52 per pack—aimed primarily at lower and middle class residents. While the $1.1 billion deficit poses serious challenges, the effects of this tax scheme could be devastating for Minnesota, especially as health care costs skyrocket and Americans are forced to pay higher federal taxes.

Taking a cue from elected officials in Washington, Dayton is once again using the infamous “everybody ought to pay their fair share” rhetoric that we hear all too often. His plan to make Minnesota’s top income tax rate the 3rd highest in the country would cause the state to struggle in attracting new businesses and high-income earners, while the tobacco tax increase would disproportionately harm those most affected by the continued economic slump. As the Governor’s plan moves through the legislature and liberal lawmakers propose even greater tax hikes, we must take action now and stop this runaway tax train.

Click here to take action, today!

As NTU State Affairs Manager Lee Schalk has stated, “By proposing significant income and tobacco tax hikes and increasing spending, Governor Dayton has put Minnesota’s recent and future economic growth in jeopardy.”

Dayton’s tax-and-spend mentality is the wrong approach, especially in this still-sluggish economy. We’re counting on your help to stop this dangerous tax proposal before it’s too late.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Click here to contact your state legislators
  2. Click here to email Governor Dayton
  3. Call Governor Dayton’s office toll free at 800-657-3717
  4. Tweet the Governor: @GovMarkDayton

You can learn more about Governor Dayton’s tax hike scheme at

It’s time to create a better Minnesota by halting a 7 percent increase in state spending and $1.8 billion in tax hikes.


For the Record

“We are told that one of the reasons that [Colorado] Gov Hickenlooper [signed] the magazine ban is the statistic presented by the Golden police chief that an increasing number of Law Enforcement officers have been shot with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds since the expiration of the federal AWB. Since most handguns ship with standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 or even 15 rounds, that would make sense … but what that statistic doesn’t tell you is that the average number of rounds fired in a criminal homicide is less than 5 rounds. The capacity of the magazine never comes into play. It just happens to be what is in the firearm, regardless of how many rounds were actually fired. This is just another example of how the anti-gun lobby has to twist statistics in order to find support for their position. The real, objective facts support none of their agenda, so half truths and distorted statistics are used to tell the story they want to tell…. As this fight continues, ask for the whole picture. Ask how polls were conducted, and what questions were asked before believing their ‘stats’. Question bias is another favorite tactic of the anti-gun lobby. Accept no statistic without the whole picture.” –Magpul Industries Corp.


EMS crews: Why we airlifted injured K-9 to animal hospital

Because in this case…The K-9 was worth more then the scumbag…


Well this makes sense!!

U.S. Border Patrol Uniforms Manufactured in Mexico


And how much did the tree hugging anti hunting groups generate? Other then money to lobby against hunting, hunters and the conservation they provide?

America’s Gun-Buyers, Sportsmen Generate $882M for Wildlife Conservation in 2012


Smackdown on ObamasCare!

#Obamacare Smackdown: 15 Tweets on National Healthcare Disaster


For where?

4 Star General Warns Marines To Prepare For New Battleground


More Embarrassment For Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors Group


And this is a shocker because??

Liberal Politicians Horrified As Polls Show They Lose Their Jobs If They Support Gun Control


Read: Mob Rule….Eff that shit!!


Kids, Guns.Assault or Sporting? Brat. Helmets. Minions. Pay to Seize.

Why yes! Kids and guns go together.

With proper training and use..

Seems to have worked well for myself, many, many friends and family..

Get over it..


The difference between an Assault Rife and Sporting Rifle..

Politicians, anti gun/freedom, gun grabbing thugs, Media, should learn the damn difference.

By not doing so, they only show how stupid and idiotic they really are..

But that does not stop them from wanting to grab and disarm us.


Unprecedented: Spoiled-Brat President Does Intentional Harm


Bend over.

Grab ankles..

Here comes Markie Dayton, David Bly, Kevin Dahle and the rest of the free spending, we have unlimited funds so lets bury the taxpayer DFL controlled state houses.

- MEDIA CONTACT: Amy Strenge, (651) 296-7633
Senator Dave Thompson
District 58 Serving Dakota County

Office: 131 State Office Bldg., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
For Immediate Release February 28, 2013
State Budget Forecast Improves Again
Now is Not the Time to Raise Taxes

(St. Paul, MN) -
Today Minnesota’s Office of Management and Budget released the state’s
February budget forecast. The projected deficit dropped from $1.1 billion to $627 million. Our state is in far better financial condition than it was two years ago, when we faced a $5.1 billion deficit.
“Two years ago, Governor Mark Dayton insisted that Minnesota’s economy would be damaged
without massive tax increases. Republicans held firm and balanced the budget by setting priorities and holding back the growth of government. Two years later our economy is improving, tax revenues are increasing, and the state is in better shape.
“ But now Governor Dayton and DFL legislators want to raise taxes
on every Minnesotan. This will
hurt families, slow our economy, and return us to a cycle of low growth and big deficits,” said
Senator Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville), Assistant Minority Leader

Fuck…..Sorry, but that is how I feel right now…

Moving would be an option today and I know a few that are considering it.


Bicycle Helmet Laws: Good At Keeping Kids Off Bikes

Yep keep the kids safe…Now they won’t ride their bikes…

Won’t play ball or any sport it seems unless it is organized…

Don’t see kids running around, playing, until the street lights com eon anymore..

Kick the can?


Hide and seek?

All the other outdoor activities we used to do..

Which has led us to where?

An unhealthy, please me, all about me generation of kids..

Well that worked well.


Of course they do.

Actual facts, data and truth?

Not from the minions and sheeple following Buck Ofama..

Obama minions caught spiking Taliban attack statistics


Anti Freedom, Socialist, Big Government Dipwad is what I think it should say..

A Democrat Congressman Wants States To Get Paid To Seize Guns

Or another Kalifornistan jerk off that sees this as another way to fleece the Sheeple…



News From St Paul..

By our former State Rep whom was shoved aside into another district by redistricting and allowed our former, former DFL (Dumb F***ing LIEberal) State Rep to return..A true Union loving, Spend, spend, spend, special interest worshiping former teacher whom I swear never did a days honest work!!

Thanks to all who attended Saturday’s town hall meetings I hosted with Sen. Kevin Dahle in New Prague and Elko/New Market. It was especially interesting to hear the serious concerns people have regarding the DFL’s proposal to raise taxes on all Minnesotans. I shared my own thoughts on why I oppose the governor’s tax increases during a recent press conference (my comments begin at the 1:50 mark of this video).


We also met with several corn, soybeans and pork producers for breakfast on Saturday. The DFL’s new sales taxes – which also would apply to business-to-business transactions – would greatly impact our farmers and ranchers. I appreciated these folks sharing their perspective on these tax increases as well as on other issues facing our agricultural economy.


Speaking of taxes, a DFL sponsored bill would raise the excise taxes on beer, wine, and liquor by nearly 1,000 percent. Yes … 1,000 percent. As an example, the tax on wine would go from $3 to $30 per gallon. These new taxes would be on top of the $3.7 billion in tax increases already being proposed.


Yet Another Positive Budget Forecast

The budget we enacted in 2011 continues to produce positive effects for our state’s economy and is good news for taxpayers. The latest in a string of positive reports brings us to nearly $3 billion in surplus revenue for the budget enacted by the Republican majorities and the governor in 2011. That is an incredible turnaround from the $6 billion shortfall we faced as a state in 2010 (without raising taxes).


The report also indicates an improved outlook for 2014-15, with our projected shortfall having shrunk from $1.1 billion to $627 million. As a result of the positive budget numbers from the last quarter, an additional $290 million will go to our schools, leaving the school shift at 86.5 percent (the shift was at 70 percent in 2010). Here is a recent article in which I explain the reason we must pay back the shift fully in 2013. 



Dayton’s K-12 Budget

In 2011, we had to make up for $500 million in one-time federal stimulus funding. We not only made up for that gap, we added another $100 per pupil to the K-12 funding. The governor in his budget increases per-pupil funding by only about half of that amount.


Another issue we must address is how to help offset the increased health care costs borne by school districts under Obamacare. School districts are beginning to indicate they may seek levy increases this fall to pay for the increases costs associated with compliance to Obamacare. The governor and the DFL majorities ignore this issue in their K-12 budget.


The governor’s budget also does not address the remaining $800 million we owe still owe our schools. By his inaction the governor actually borrows another $84 million from our schools to pay for other priorities.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently printed a commentary I co-authored with Sen. Sean Nienow with more on this subject. 


Legislative Survey

Please let me know your thoughts on the challenges and opportunities we face in Minnesota by responding to a brief survey.


Warm regards,



Democide! Control. Politicians. No Gun.

Is what it is.

Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom

Democide is the elimination of a despised group by a government. It includes genocide, politicide, and other forms of state-sponsored mass murder. The hated minority headed for extermination may be defined by religious, racial, political, class, cultural or other attributes. Between 200 and 260 million people were the victims of democide in the 20th century, several times more than were killed in international wars during that period.

Go read it all and watch the video…Then sleep well afterwards..If you can.

SO folks, who is the hated group right now in America? Jated by the left. The Anti Freedom crowd and the Government?

Is those whom hold firmly onto their beliefs…In God, in Country, in Family, in Freedom, in Firearms. Notice how all those are under attack?

Think about it..


Bongino: There is no gun control, there is only ‘people-control’

That is what it is all abour. They cannot control us completely if we are armed. No matter what they do to us, if we are armed we can fight back..

Those willing to can. Those in power do not want that. So by foisting ‘gun’ control on us…They control us. Completely. To do what they want us to do.

Including dying..You disagree?

Look at history..


Warning: Politicians – We Will Not Allow You To Disarm Us

But will they listen? I know the 2 DFL politicians David Bly and Kevin Dahle representing my district at the State level will not.
Pretty damn sure it is a hopeless cause with Amy Klobuchar (spit) and Al Franken (failed clown) representing us.
So what happens when the grabbing begins?
Do they really think with 90 million gun owners and 300 million guns out there…Someone won’t get shot? maybe a lot of someones?
Are they really that rodrammed stupid?

No gun mentioned..

Man dies after assault at St. Paul bar

So no real crime here. Just a disagreement..Move along.


What if. Hoax. Deadly Machines. Whittle. Gun Makers. Ammo. Dwight. Conscription.

“In a despotic government, the only principle by which the tyrant who is to move the whole machine means to regulate and manage the people is fear, by the servile dread of his power. But a free government, which of all others is far the most preferable, cannot be supported without virtue.”

Samuel Williams, A Discourse on the Love of our Country, 1774


A game of what if?

What if doesn’t lend itself to dismissing efforts of anti-gun right groups. Especially when the game leads you to recognize how similar arguments and positions are across the entire country.

And “what-if” all gun companies “fired” law enforcement agencies in states where new anti-gun measures have been passed. You know, companies all refused to sell guns, parts or accessories not legal for “civilian” use to law enforcement.


Government run propaganda machine. Bought and paid for with Tax Payers dollars..Such Bullshit..

PBS To Spread The Sandy Hoax


Ban snowmobiles! Or ban Cheeseheads driving snowmobiles!! Stop the carnage! Think of the children!!

Wisconsin Hits 14 Snowmobiler Deaths this Season; Surpasses 2012 Total


Whittle…Disarm the gazelle so the leopard will leave him alone….yeah…That’ll work…Like the leftists stupid whistle or piss yourself when you are going to be raped…

He makes so much sense the gun grabbers probably start gibbering and wetting themselves…


Gun manufacturers. More and more telling the anti gun crowd to eff off and go elsewhere...

Maybe the Guv’mint will start their own manufacturing…Those guns will work…Not!! and be inexpensive! NOT..


Thank you Senator Kevin Dahle DFL Minnesota and all your fellow anti 2nd Amendment politicritters…

Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Ammo prices…



Here is a little ammo searching help..

But damn.. the prices!!


Good gun…Senior citizen protects self and others..What were her choices gun grabbers!

‘You’re Looking At the Business End of A Gun’


NRA Ad….

They do not give us Rights. (Politicians)

Come and take it..


Dwight Yoakum..



New Bill Would Require the Conscription of “All Persons Between the Ages of 18 and 25 to Perform National Service”

This week Charles Rangel, a crazy politician from New York who has recently been pushing for regulations on private gun ownership, is now putting forward a bill that would force young people to take up arms for the state, or at least work in some uniformed way to help the government with their never ending war effort.

H.R. 748 would require everyone from 18-25 to join:

“uniformed services or as civilian service in a Federal, State, or local government program or with a community-based agency or community-based entity, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, to provide for the registration of women under the Military Selective Service Act, and for other purposes.”

Not only are the wars currently taking place around the world totally inhumane and illegitimate, but the very concept of conscription is nothing more than slavery, forcing someone to do something against their will.

Not only that but a mandatory draft would put people into a dangerous situation and force them to kill against their will.

With no end in sight for the wars across the Middle East and now Africa, it should be no surprise that bringing the draft back would definetly be on the agenda.

They may be able to dress up the language and make it seem like its no big deal, but a bill of this nature could certainly be used to force unwilling people into war in foreign lands that they have no desire in fighting.

Although, this will probably be targeted mostly at developing auxiliary citizen police forces to suppress people at home, at least for now anyway.

Murray Rothbard on Conscription Video:

H.R. 748: To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 to perform national service bill here:


K-12 Education: Fewer Students, More Money

K-12 Education: Fewer Students, More Money.

Today, Minnesota’s measurement of the number of students attending public schools (the average daily membership, or ADM) is almost 20,000 fewer students than just 10 years ago. However, the total spending for K-12 education in Minnesota has increased by $2 billion dollars since 2001. This represents a 2 percent decline in enrollment and a 36 percent increase in cost — “fewer students, more money,” indeed.

Interesting. less students, more money, funding disparities. Education Minnesota wants the golden egg. Much like the current Minnesota Nurses Union and their unreasonable demands and threats of strike.

Seems a common theme here that want to fuck the taxpayer or consumer. Hmmm Unions maybe??