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Where is the Outrage?

Over this?

From the so called anti violence crowd(s)?

Or because no eveel gunz were involved there will be no dancing in the blood of victims nor lighting candles?

I will say it slower this time so you anti freedom/gunz/violence can keep up..

W h e r e  i s  t h e  O u t r a g e?

Just this month, a Bristow woman pleaded guilty to child neglect charges for leaving her 2-year-old son alone in a hot van, killing the boy; a Sterling woman was arrested for allegedly killing her 20-month-old daughter in 2005; and a Manassas woman was charged with murder for allegedly causing the death of her 3-month-old son by neglecting him.

Or again, because of “color” they

have some type of damn excuse?

So hoodies? Candle vigils? Why no dancing in the blood of the victims?

No gunz ?

Wrong “color”?




For a week!!

Boyz off to Montana on a weeklong Mission Trip to here! More here!

Anyhow they are enroute, staying in Rapid City tonight, worshipping here tomorrow morning(that be Sunday folks!)

Anyhow a large group of kids and parents gathered at our Ministry Center and saw them off.

The 6 boys 10th – 12th graders hung by the van ready to leap in a grab a seat and they did!

Two to a seat leaving one open seat for the 5 girls going. That did not last long as they were quickly all ordered into the back 2 seats, 3 apiece!! By take charge Amiee whom sorted things out.

And away they went!