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Police State(s)! Murder. Cronyism! Marriage!!! Vacation? Nullified!

Nevada is in the running…

Nevada Cops Commandeer Private Homes, Arrest Residents for Objecting

Think about that folks….

Although Massachusetts is running a close 2nd..

Joshua Garcia, 8, Saves Dad After Car Crash, Taken From Family by State.

WTF is this bullshit?

The Department of Children and Family Services claims that it has to investigate the family, the crash and why father and son were driving in the middle of the night, which is lawful in Massachusetts.


Apparently the murder of a 15 yo by a …. well click the link!

15 year old girl slaughtered in Seattle thrill killing

Is more acceptable to today’s media and leftist societal leeches then Paula Deen saying nigger…Bullshit!!


Yeah…cronyism, favoritism, bullshitism!!!

Liberal nonprofit that pressed Shulman to target conservatives houses his wife’s group

Marriage is between a man and woman. Government has no business in it!!!

Pope Francis Affirms: Marriage Is Between One Man and One Woman

And God gave us free will and the ability to make choices, right or wrong…So you can go ahead and ‘choose’ what and how you want to live..


Just because..


Oops? Just a little lie? What? Our leader Buck Ofama and ec SOS Shillsry made and art of it!!!

State Dept.: Oops… We Lied.. Kerry Was Yachting During Egyptian Coup


Boston. Conclusions!? Remember. Media Douches! Snark! Media Idiots! Nice!

The Boston Bombs

And an anemic response from our Government spokes people, including Buck Ofama!!


Right Wing Extremists? Not so much…

Lets JUMP to conclusions said leftist talking heads everywhere!!


Who were they watching, the so called Department of Homeland Security?

And remember…


It certainly does…Lots of them around it seems..

Marathon Bombing Brings Out Liberal Douche-Baggery


The dumbest … Followed by pure snark!!!

Dumbest line of the day so far…


Idiots keep jumping out and making idiotic comments!!

Chris Matthews on Boston Bombings: ‘Domestic Terrorists…Tend to Be on the Far Right’



Read Actor’s Inspirational Message on Humanity’s Inherent Goodness Following Marathon Bombings


Jerusalem, Israel — April 15, 2013 … Shortly after terror bombs exploded and murdered over 12 people at the Boston Marathon, members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah were reported to be dancing in the streets of Gaza, handing out candies to passersby.
A number of Palestinians had danced in the street in celebration of the 9/11 attacks in 2001 on the World Trade Center and Washington resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans.
The head of an Islamic terror organization in Jordan – the Muslim Salafi group says he’s “happy to see the horror in America” after the bombing attacks in Boston.
“American blood isn’t more precious than Muslim blood,” said Mohammad al-Chalabi, who was convicted in an al Qaeda linked plot to attack US and other Western diplomatic missions in Jordan in 2003. “Let the Americans feel the pain we endured by their armies occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and killing our people there,” he said today…more…


Snowstorm. War. Mental. Controversial. Civil War.

East got a bit of snow.  Media played it up like it was another end of world event. Becasue it was the East coast.

We deal with shit here and ignore the media for the most part, at least those of us with a shred of common sense do.

When I called my Sister about Dad yesterday, the Bro in Law and I were chatting about the storm as he said they two feet of snow, had snowshoed  down the drive, a long one I guess and where generally enjoying it all. I mentioned the ‘no travel or jail time’ their wonderful Governor imposed and he laughed and said well we do live in the Parent State…’

Found this at America’s Watchtower..

While Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick desired to flex his muscles by calling out the snow gestapo and threatening his subjects with arrest and fines for simply trying to get home after work or for going to the store to buy milk for the babies New Hampshire took a more reasonable, trust in the intelligence of the people approach by declaring a snow emergency and asking people to use common sense–a concept foreign to nanny staters–there were no proclamations from a government who felt they had to babysit the public.

Damn politicians, wanna be important, assOs…Supposed to have a bit of snow here today..will see..we will ignore Gov Markie Dayton for the most part..


I wonder about this…

The U.S. Government Is Preparing For War Against The American People

If so they need to disarm us first…And that ain’t happening..

Then they need to remember how powerful our ‘hunting’ rifles are, how well we can shoot them and then considered getting sniped with any number of big bore high velocity hunting rounds…Think about it..Hunters raised with guns and afield, many of them veterans. And your coming after them? Okay then. Bring it!!


An actor? Biden met with and ‘actor’? Goes to show how ‘real’ the world is today…Buck Ofama and Biden playing pResident and Vice pResident, meeting with some ‘sctor whom plays a MD on TeeVee…Damn thats the problem the idiots in Washington are all play acting!!

Biden Holds Meeting On Mental Health With… Actor Bradley Cooper?

The 2nd Amendment is there to protect ALL of the other Amendments..Which includes the first..
So I call bullshit on this!!

2nd Amendment ‘too controversial’ for radio

“How ironic and maddening that the president is flying around the country, on our dime, trying to sell gun control but I can’t BUY air time to respond,” said Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Steve Vaus, creator of the Buck Howdy character.


Is he? Is Buck Ofama pushing us into this?

Civil War?

Over the last four years, the Obama administration has violated nearly every Article of the US Constitution and every Amendment in the Bill of Rights. They have worked to ignite racial tensions, class warfare, religious confrontations and political divisions far worse than those that led to the first American Civil War.

Over 70% of Americans oppose ObamaCare… so of course, Obama rammed ObamaCare through in an unprecedented misuse of executive power that shut out the entire legitimate legislative process, as spineless Republicans sat quietly on their hands watching it all happen. The people said “no more deficit spending…and no more raising the debt ceiling…” so, Obama ignored the debt ceiling and ran up the federal debt by more than 60% in one term.

The ideological divide in America is not only deeper than ever in history, it is now galvanized. With the leftist gun grab underway, the moment when push comes to shove is fast approaching.

Since his second stolen election, Obama and his Marxist minions are doing all they can to ignite civil disobedience from more than half of the nation’s population. But are the new American Marxists pushing for much more than civil disobedience?

Bring it Buck Ofama….


So Sick of..

Politics and Party Lines..

I used to vote for what I felt was the most qualified candidate and yes that may have been a Democrap…or Repuklikan…even an odd independent now and then…

But as party lines and the “National” Parties took over and grew stronger they took over grassroots, local and State parties..

Telling and dictating and threatening if they did not toe the line..Finding and supporting candidates whom held those same viewpoints..Forcing many voters like myself into voting for candidates we truly did not want, but the options were so limited as to what the other side was doing and I find myself voting for Republicans becasue they are more closely aligned with my beliefs and values..

Which include..

Small Government


Pro business

2nd Amendment Rights

Even then they sometimes step on those and I often disagree with them, as I do today with the so called GOP candidate Romney..

And find myself leaning towards Ron Paul, yet the “establishment” in the GOP Party, whom failed to find a real Conservative Candidate and instead gives us Romney the RINO, is doing everything it can to shut Paul up and shut him down…

Why? Even though he has a few, okay more then a few, out there ideas, he says a hell of a lot that makes sense..

Yet the powers that be are against Paul, against real Conservative values, against people like myself, struggling to make ends meet, worried about tomorrow and seeing some a$$o currently in the WH doing jack shit to make changes and every thing he can to make a spectacle of himself and show the world how “important ” he is, when he has done, jack shit, for me.

I see nothing currently from either side, especially the left to offer me hope, just angst, worry and anger, yes anger…

We no longer are allowed to vote for the best candidate, we must choose between the candidate whom believes or so they say, in what I support and they give verbal homage to that.

Obama promised hope and change, gave us change and no hope..

So we have Paul, still fighting and getting delegates and Romney the presumptuous candidate for nomination to run against the worst pResident ever…

And the National GOP Party threatening those whom would choose different then what they want..

This is Freedom?

I say ‘eff you GOP! ‘Eff you Democraps!!
Let the People truly decide..

1 vote per citizen and make damn sure they are citizens! Quit coercing and cajoling and threatening us..

Quit trying to buy votes and intimidate voters.

Let us choose based on what we see and hear from the candidates, not what the pundits, talking heads, celebrities, talk show hosts, idiot comedians turned in “experts” think…I do not care what they think becasue they are all irrelevant…no matter whom they support..

I will not vote for Obama..been ‘effed enough by that a$$o.

I would grudgingly, very grudgingly vote for Romney and then most likely get “effed by him…

Ron Paul? I am thinking I could actually vote for him, although with some reservations…

Escaped convict wounded; baby unharmed in car; vests ‘save’ Mass. police | StarTribune.com

Escaped convict wounded; baby unharmed in car; vests ‘save’ Mass. police | StarTribune.com.

How can this be?

They have the sooper strict gun laws in Massachusetts!!
How can a bad guy have teh gunz and shootz someone??

They must need more gunz lawz!!

Yeah more, that’ll fix them gun owners and taxpayers bad dudez!!

For sure it will…

Mass. schools face high price of keeping athletes safe

Mass. schools face high price of keeping athletes safe.

Apparently Ambulances in MA bill for standing by.

Here we just do it and I have stood by at many a football game,

But now they are going to put extra burden on coaches, their staffs and parents.

A  new state law requiring parents, students and coaches to go through a head injury safety program.

A requirement by the MIAA that all 374 member high schools have a medical professional at every hockey and football game.

A mandate that all MIAA coaches — volunteer and paid — must complete a training course that teaches how to administer first aid, recognize steroid use and hold safe practices.

More government growth, more interference., more regulations, more hoops.

And I do believe Mass has wonderful Socialized Health Care!
Could that be the problem?


Silliness and just plain stupidity!

Over at Borepatch there is a bit about the wonderful nanny state he lives in that apparently believes in making sure he will not hurt himself by picking up and wandering about with an empty .22 casing in his hoof. It appears that is a bad, dangerous thing and must by legislated against. By what are apparently idiots in Government!! Now as you read his post it becomes more and more apparent that stupidity rules when it comes to firearms and gun control in Ma.

Whoa…How or why would anyone live there? But then I recall I have some family there, but then they are the type that beleives the Governmenty will cure all ills and only they as ed-jee-kat-ed Leftist Democrats know what is best, as the rest of us are un-ed-jee-kat-ed rednecks whom run around shooting people for fun!!!

But anyhow you will find a bit more about the silliness of these gun laws at MArooned and Ambulance Driver’s place.

Friday, with wind, freezing rain, sleet, snow, Global Warming!! Plus extras!!

With all the evidence of Gorebal Warming being undone one wonders why? Why did these people perpetuate this hoax on us? Money? Power? What?

Climategate: CRU Was But the Tip of the Iceberg

a new study has uncovered compelling evidence that our(USA’s) government’s principal climate centers have also been manipulating worldwide temperature data in order to fraudulently advance the global warming political agenda.

Here we have another reason to have guns!!

From America’s Watchtower we have a couple of items about our dear beloved Leader (I’m kidding!). First he continues to blame others and reinforce my belief that the Left and Liberals in general will never hold theselves responsible nor accoountable for whatever happens! They will always blame others!!

Like this one! Obumer’s favorite fallback!! Blame Bush!!

Which leads us to this! And I am liking it and hoping it carries on and on and on….

From One Big Dog we have this Obama Says He Lost Touch With The People. Will someone please tell me when he had touch with real people? Not those on the left whom feel the government should (it shouldn’t) and could (it cannot) provide for their every whim and fantasy? But those of us whom work hard, pay our taxes, beleive in this great country of ours and are smart enough to have realized the Obama was/is a sham and has no clue what is really happening?  Lost touch?? Hell he never was in touch with those that make this country work!!

And speaking of this Great Country of ours, I see over at ARRA News this about the “Land of the “Mostly” Free!” But I think we can right that wrong!!

Over at Townhall, Charles Krauthammer gives us his version and take on what happened in Massachusetts and Scott Browns victory. As usual Krauthammer “nails” it. No pun intended!!

Over at Charming, Just Charming we have this tidbit, click it and go read the rest of his “Good Morning  Blog World” for 01/22/2010

We are…or at least we were…a representative constitutional republic. And my friends, what that means is that the majority is not supposed to be able to take away the rights of the minority by popular vote. However, the left wing forgets this unless it is going against them and then they scream about their rights….and the NY Times will be the first to scream

One of my favorite blogs, although I have plenty I like to read when I can, is Conservative Libertarian Outpost.

Here a couple of posts which caught my attention this morning, Feds Respond to Firearms Freedom Act out of Montana, which I think is a great idea!! As it is time for the States to assert their rightful powers as granted them by the Constitution and stop this steamroller of a Federal Government that is trampling its way across the land and ignoring “We the People”! Also check out  State of Disunion : Epic Fail Obama. Yeppers Jim Bob that pretty much says it all about this Mistake you idiots elected!!

Sure looks like he is giving us the finger!!

Oh yes found this today. Awesome!! especially the last line “Government is the PROBLEM!”


Allright! Enough for now! This dang cheapass mouse I have is history!!


It Feels like…Whatever…

Thursday 21st, post surgery 2 weeks on legs, right leg still hurts a bit, but considering what it went through suppose it is to be expected. What I don’t like is the redness around the incision sites on lower right leg! Have a MD appt at clinic I’ll ask them later today.

Been an interesting week with Scott Brown a Republican winning in Blue Massachusetts taking a Kennedy seat!! Well thats what the libtards clained! It we Ted’s and should quite obviously go to another Democrat! Ooops, apparently not enough of the serfs in Massachusetts felt the same way.

The struggles in Haiti continue with the recovery effort. 50 nations are there and helping, with the USA (of course) leading the way and the United Nations claining they are doing something, what I do not know, but something. Earthquake side stories include stories of parents frantic to find their missing kids, which every parent would be, but to begin blaming the US Government for not doing enough? Come on! There college students were not “forced” to go there. They went on their own. There are always risks involved and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time! It is not the United States fault there was an earthquake in Haiti and why is it the US’s problem now? How about some accountability and manning up and realizing whose flippin fault it is, it was called a choice and they made it!!?? And apparently the really wealthy bahs-turds in Saudi Arabia and Iran feel it is beneath them to help out with the billions they have made off their Oil. No compassion no money, oh yeah those are Muslim Nations!! Yet celebrities and organizations have been poruing help into the relief efforts.

Then we have the nutjob, conspiracy theory idiots out there and this one takes the cake! Death Rays from Alaska!!! Yep that what caused the earthquake, well then there was Pat Robertson’s idiocy coming forth!! Guy is looney! And as you can see in the article, Rush is not far behind him!! Even that nutjob in Venuzuela, Chavez is jumping in on that one!!! What the heck are these people smoking or taking? Keep it to yourselves please, cause I don’t want to see it start spreading!!!

Back to the Oblabbermann tries to “backtrack or refute” on his comments true or not, lets hear about Oblabbermann, I am sure he has said and done his own share of idiocy.

Jobless claims rise. Well Obama’s efforts continue to work well, or not…

Is this Pelosi, unplugged. Or coming unglued? Watch this and decide for yourself

Back to Barack Hussein Obama, I swear this is never going to go away! Should it or shouldn’t it?

How about a few links from Liberty Sphere for your reading pleasure!! On a variety of subjects today!! Including 2nd Amendment ones!

Here is a little something to make you think about how truly biased, dishonest and misleading the mainstream media is.

D.C. Migration? Seems people are fleeing high tax, social program frindly, antii business states like Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Californistan and New York!! Why are they headed to D.C.?

You knew this was coming. Seems to be the rage these days. Although it is pretty darn funny!!