Media BiASS: NBC Ignores ‘Brutal’ Poll for President, Latest Bad News on ObamaCare Debacle

NothingButCrap Ignores ‘Brutal’ Poll for President, Latest Bad News on ObamaCare Debacle

Despite a running time of four hours, NBC’s Today show on Tuesday skipped a blistering poll for Barack Obama and the latest news about the disastrous rollout of the President’s health care law. Yet, the morning show managed five minutes for discussing the new TV special from singer John Rich and three minutes on table etiquette for Thanksgiving. Not exactly pressing topics. In contrast, both ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS This Morning covered the new wave of bad news. An ABC News/Washington Post survey found Obama’s approval rating at just 42 percent, what Jon Karl referred to as “the lowest job approval we have ever seen” for his presidency. GMA’s George Stephanopoulos conceded that these are “brutal numbers.” Karl even relayed this result: “We asked voters if they can have a mulligan on the 2012 presidential election, who they would vote for? A plurality now say they would vote for Romney over Obama.” The journalists also focused on what the administration knew in advance of the impending ObamaCare collapse.

MostlyShitNothingButCrap Guest Tucker: GOP ‘Pandered to’ ‘Bigots,’ ‘Racists’, ‘Homophobes’

Appearing as a guest on Monday’s PoliticsNation on MSNBC, syndicated columnist Cynthia Tucker charged that Republicans “pandered” to “bigot” and “homophobes” in the 2004 presidential election, and later threw in the word “racists” as well, as she and host Al Sharpton responded to Wyoming Republican Senate candidate Liz Cheney’s dispute with sister Mary over the same-sex marriage issue. Tucker began: “But let me also say I don’t blame Mary Cheney at all for going public with her hurt and her disagreement. Because, you know, Reverend Al, gay Republicans for years have stayed hidden in the closet, as it were. Given their resources, their money, their votes to the party while party big wigs went out there and pandered to the bigots and the homophobes.”

Media BiASS: ABC and Dan Rather Perpetuate Myth Right Wing Hate Killed Kennedy


ABC and Dan Rather Perpetuate Myth Right Wing Hate Killed Kennedy


Lee Harvey Oswald was far-left defector to the Soviet Union, but you’d never know that from Sunday’s ABC This Week which focused on Dallas as a cauldron of segregationist hate for President Kennedy without any mention of the political orientation of the actual assassin. Using Dan Rather as his expert, ex-CBS and current ABC reporter Byron Pitts perpetuated the myth that right-wing hate was somehow responsible for what occurred in Dallas: “Nowhere in Texas did the jagged edge of segregation cut deeper, anti-Kennedy sentiment spew any stronger. This flyer [“Wanted for Treason”] greeted the President when he arrived.”


NBC Sympathizes: ‘Humble President’ Was ‘Strikingly Contrite’ About ObamaCare Failures


On Friday, NBC’s Today tried to cast President Obama’s Thursday press conference about the ObamaCare disaster in the most sympathetic light possible, with co-host Savannah leading off the show by proclaiming: “The humble president….President Obama does damage control on the botched health care rollout with his legacy hanging in the balance.”  Introducing the segment moments later, Guthrie claimed the President was “falling on the sword over this health care rollout disaster.” In the report that followed, White House correspondent Peter Alexander emphasized Obama’s supposedly humility: “The President the first to admit that he has a lot of work ahead of him to regain the confidence of the American people….[he] was strikingly contrite.”


MSNBC’s Taylor: ‘Bozo Caucus’ Republicans ‘Fanning the Flames of Hatred and Bigotry’


On the Thursday, November 14, PoliticsNation, MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor asserted that Republicans who are pushing Attorney General Eric Holder’s impeachment are a “Bozo caucus” who are “fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry.” Taylor: “So what this is about is about fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry and pushing people to the polls on their behalf. And so the problem with that is it keeps your base incredibly small. And so the necessity of reaching out and broadening that base in order to win national elections, that gets lost in the mush. But I’m not sure that any of the people that belong to what I call the “Bozo caucus,” I’m not sure they really care about that.”


Not sure about CBS, seems like they are drifting away from the rest of the Lamestream bullshit..
CBS: Obama’s ‘Patch’ of Insurance Cancellations ‘Fell Flat'; ‘Created Another Mess’


Major Garrett pointed out on Friday’s CBS This Morning that the politician’s Thursday “attempt to fix the problem of canceled insurance policies…fell flat”, as it failed to satisfy his Democratic allies in Congress, who are nervous about the next election. Garrett devoted much of his report on the morning newscast, as well on Thursday’s CBS Evening News, to his hard-hitting questioning of the politician, where he hounded the politician over the ObamaCare debacle.


NBC: Polar Bears Like ‘Passengers on the Titanic’ Because of Global Warming


Teasing an upcoming story on Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams warned of “the habitat of the polar bears melting earlier and faster than ever” and promised “a jaw-dropping look at a way of life quickly disappearing.”  In the report that followed minutes later, chief environmental correspondent Anne Thompson kept up the global warming alarmism: “This 10-month-old polar bear cub practices his ice-breaking skills on the tundra….But Dr. Steve Amstrup, chief scientist of Polar Bears International, says the greenhouse gases we are putting into the atmosphere threaten the cub’s future.”


Media BiASS!!! MRC Alert: NBC Absolves Obama: President ‘Didn’t Intentionally’ Lie About ObamaCare

NBC’s Todd: President ‘Didn’t Intentionally’ Lie About ObamaCare


While NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd did question President Obama on the failed ObamaCare rollout during an exclusive interview on Thursday, the network political director tried to downplay the notion that the commander-in-chief actively lied in promoting the health care law: “‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.’ You said it a lot during the run-up. At this point, though, it’s obviously something – a promise that has not been able to be kept….What happened?”  In his next question, Todd came close to accusing Obama of deception, but quickly equivocated: “Do you feel like you owe these folks an apology for misleading them? Even if you didn’t intentionally do it, but at this point, they feel misled. And you’ve seen the anger that’s out there.”



ABC, CBS Acknowledge Obama’s ‘Broken Promise,’ But Knock Americans’ ‘Sub-Par Insurance’


ABC and CBS on Thursday and Friday reacted to Barack Obama’s health care apology by acknowledging his “broken promise.” At the same time, both networks attempted to spin the NBC interview with qualifiers on the millions of Americans who will be losing their health insurance. After explaining what the President originally insisted and then showing his apology, CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley justified, “The plans are being canceled because they don’t meet the minimum standards of the President’s health insurance law. That’s something that was always in the legislation.” Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos opened the program on Friday by announcing, “Broken promise. The President says he’s sorry.” Jon Karl noted that the apology is “for the millions of Americans who have received cancellation notices from their insurance companies, despite [Obama's] repeated promise over and over again that nobody would lose their insurance.” However, he then shifted into spin mode.


NBC Hypes President’s ‘Direct Apology’ for ObamaCare Failures


Touting chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd’s exclusive interview with President Obama on Thursday, Nightly News anchor Brian Williams proclaimed: “We are all about to hear the President of the United States apologize, and not just for the troubled rollout of this new health care website, but for the fact that his promise to the American people that ‘If they like their current health insurance, they can keep it,’ has not held true for all.”  In the report that followed, Todd sympathetically observed: “…the President’s apparent broken promise about folks keeping the plans they like has been weighing heavily on the entire White House. So it was a chastened commander-in-chief that I spoke with earlier today.”


MSNBC’s Joy Reid Frets Obama Will Have to ‘Placate’ People Who Like ‘Junk’ Insurance

On Thursday’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC political analyst Joy Reid condescended to people angry about their health insurance policies being cancelled as she fretted that President Obama may have to “placate” the “three to five percent” of people who apparently are not intelligent enough to realize the insurance they like is merely “junk.” Reid: “It does sound, it’s very frighteningly going back to Congress to get more junk policies grandfathered in, just to placate the five, the three to five percent of people who are having insurance they have, so they like having it, left lawful, when that insurance is usually junk.”

FacistBook! Stupid Schools! Drone Me! Celeb Turns? Mom, Gun!Media BiASS!

Facebook fail…

Free speech not allowed there..

Change it to FacistBook!

Patriotic Truckers Filing Lawsuit Against Facebook for Banning Their Page


The stupid that is today’s Public Government Schools…All about indoctrination!!

7 Kids Who Were Punished By Schools For Using Imaginary Guns


Don’t drone us Obama!!

Which states have drone laws?


Kalifornistan….Losing Celebs now?

Hollywood Celebrity Turns To Republican Party After Disgust With California Democrats, and His Reasoning is Great


Mess with the Mom…Get the Momma Grizzly..With a gun…

Oh dear what about the Anti’s? You give them bad guys as victims!! They can’t use them as well as innocent victims!!

Mom Protects Home with Gun Twice in Four Months


Media BiASS!

CBS’s Schieffer Frets ‘Ultra-Conservatives’ Blocking Congress from ‘Addressing the Country’s Problems’

Resurrecting an ideological tag from the 1980s media era, on Monday’s CBS Evening News, the network’s chief Washington correspondent, Bob Schieffer, fretted over how “ultra-conservatives” in the House – a label he used twice – are making a mess of things. A rankled Schieffer asked: “Will the moderate and more establishment Republicans continue to go along with the ultra-conservatives who are determined to delay health care?” He soon mused: “The real irony here is that unless the gridlock is broken, health care – which Republicans want to stop – will be funded while other parts of the government will shut down, exactly the opposite of what the ultra-conservatives wanted.”

NBC: ‘Article of Faith’ (Not Fact) That GOP ‘Paid at the Polls’ After ’95 Shutdown

On Monday’s NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie acknowledged the liberal spin that congressional  Republicans were punished electorally after the 1995 government shutdown was more a matter of faith than fact: “I mean, for 17 years it’s been an article of faith that Republicans paid at the polls after the shutdown in the 90s. But these new House Republicans aren’t so sure that’s true.” That observation was in response to chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd declaring: “…while there are that small band of loud conservatives who are wanting to, you know, not cave, not give in to anything, do whatever it takes to stop the health care law, there is a growing chorus of moderate Republicans who are telling Boehner, ‘Don’t do this. You remember how bad this was for the Republican Party 20 years ago. What are you doing? You’re putting the majority at risk.'”

CBS Lets Sebelius’ Former Adviser at HHS Spin for ObamaCare

CBS This Morning did its best over two days to put the most positive spin on the rollout of the ObamaCare insurance exchanges. On Saturday, the newscast turned to Bloomberg’s Peter Gosselin, who likened the exchanges to “shopping for anything online on Amazon”. However, the program failed to point out that Gosselin once worked in the Obama administration, and advised HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on health policy. Two days later, the morning show turned to CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger, who followed Gosselin’s lead in likening the exchanges to a popular website: “This is really like going to shop for a flight on Travelocity.”

O’Reilly Dismisses Matt Lauer’s ‘Absurd’ Notion That GOP ‘Move On’ from ObamaCare Opposition

In an interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Monday’s NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer urged Republicans to abandon their opposition to ObamaCare in order to avoid a government shutdown: “By the latest count, there have been something like 40 efforts in the House to either get rid of ObamaCare or defund it. And yet, as John McCain said last week…’We lost that fight.’ The Supreme Court has upheld ObamaCare as constitutional. Do you think the Republicans should move on?” O’Reilly flatly rejected the idea: “No. It’s a bad deal for the folks. That’s absurd, why would they move on?” Lauer interjected: “It’s law of the land, though.” O’Reilly continued: “They can tweak it and make it better. Right now it’s hurting the economy. Doctors say they’re going to quit. Nobody knows what they’re gonna pay.”

George Stephanopoulos and Old Boss Bill Clinton Avoid Benghazi, Charity’s Scandal

George Stephanopoulos scored an interview on Sunday with his old boss, Bill Clinton. In return for this exclusive, the former Democratic operative turned journalist avoided any mention of a scandal at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), of Benghazi and how the bungled response to the terrorist attack might impact Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for president. Instead, Stephanopoulos used the ten and a half minute interview to gently query his former supervisor: “I know you can’t answer anything about 2016. But when you look back to the last campaign, if you could boil it down to one, what is the one big lesson you learned from it?” As was common in the two part segment, the This Week anchor allowed Clinton to speak for long stretches. He only broke up the ex-President’s answer on the 2008 primaries to murmur, “A pretty titanic battle.”

Media BiASS!!

Media BiASS…So much crap, so little fact…

ABC Puffs Bill and Hillary Clinton Enjoying ‘Long Walks,’ Skips New Scandal

New York Magazine Fawns Over the Clintons: ‘Most Celebrated Political Marriage in American History’

‘Clinton News Network': CNN Puffs Up Hillary’s 2016 Prospects

CNN Keeps Paddling Republicans Who Voted to Defund ObamaCare

Chuck Todd Blames ‘Political Paralysis’ for Lack of Gun Control

CNN: House GOP ‘Inmates Are Running the Asylum,’ Holding the Economy ‘to Ransom’


Another Pro Murder Appointee! Blame! Media BiASS!

Where does Buck Ofama find these people?

Life means nothing to these LIEberals!

We were put on this world to procreate, raise children and try to leave it a better place.

But evil fights that…

And this is evil!!

Obama Nominee for Judge Says Abortion Frees Women From “Conscription Into Maternity”


Gun free zones.

Victims waiting for evil to happen…

Politicians and Gun Free Zones To Blame For Another Tragedy


Media BiASS!!

NBC Frames Doctor’s Call to End Violence as Plea for Gun Control

English shithead! Time to kick this Redcoat out!


Pisshead Morgan Rips NRA ‘Cowards,’ Begs Obama to Take ‘Action’ Against Mass Shootings

Becasue it is what the Sheeple want. Not news. Just entertain me and give me crap!!

Superficial GMA Devotes More Time to Britney Spears, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Than Massacre

Like the State Propaganda Ministry and the LIEberals politicians and gun grabbers Hoplophobes are not politicizing it? Hypocrites!

NBC’s Lauer Tells Russian Lawmaker Politicizing DC Shooting to ‘Shut Up’

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Gets Schooled by Garry Kasparov on Obama’s ‘Red Line’ Waffle

Sorry shit head. We don’t! We do despise talking heads like you and the State Run Media…

Aaron Sorkin’s Fictional Republican: Why Must We Hate Gays, Science and the Poor?


Media BiASS!! Freedom of Speech! Liberals, Molon Labe! Blame Bush!!

Media BiASS!

One of the most pointless people ever…

Stephanopoulos Rationalizes Obama’s Economic Failures: ‘It’s Bigger than Washington’

Hold it maybe Schultz is? Pointless, more-so…

A Puzzled Ed Schultz Marvels: ‘It Amazes Me That People Don’t Love Obama’

Cripes….State Propaganda and Bullshit Ministry!!

ABC, CBS and NBC Censor Newly Released IRS Scandal E-Mails

More of the same!

NBC Downplays Good News for GOP in Latest Poll

Damn…Hype yourself up ABC you really have fallen in the dung heap..

ABC Touts Obama on Syria: A ‘Threat of Force’ in ‘Showdown of World Titans’

Hey CBS..The Pope is supposed to be Catholic, I wonder about this Francis dude…

CBS Hypes Francis As ‘One of the Most Progressive Popes in Modern Times’


And since the lame stream State Run Propaganda Ministry cannot have anyone disagreeing with them, or pointing their biASS and ineptitude out..

We have this!!

Media Shield Law Heralds the Death of the 1st Amendment



I don’t care who you are…You can be my local city council member, mayor, county commissioner…You come for my guns…Be ready to fight me for them…

Legally and otherwise!!
Molon Labe bitches..

Liberal States Gunning for your Rights



GOP Must “Hate” Obama More than They Love War

“How much of the Republican resistance to this action is rooted in their hatred for this President?…How much of the problem in the Republican caucus with this action is just distaste for the President?”
— Co-host Krystal Ball on MSNBC’s The Cycle, September 4.

“Let me finish with this: I believe that this debate over Syria is offering a road map to the Republican nomination for President next time. The candidate who wishes to be the nominee will be the one who positions himself as directly as possible against President Obama. Why? You know. It’s for the simple new definition of the Republican Party: it’s the anti-Obama party. The more you hate Obama, the more you are deeply entrenched in the deepest bunker of the GOP.”
— Chris Matthews wrapping up MSNBC’s Hardball, September 4.

“Diane, there are two things that you hear a lot in this part of the world [the Middle East]. First, you recognize the catastrophic calamity to American credibility that the claims about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were. People don’t believe this President or this administration when they talk about this attack on August 21, and they want to see and hear real evidence, not the claims of the Secretary of State or even the President.”
— ABC News chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran during live coverage following Obama’s speech, September 10.

“I don’t want to re-litigate Iraq, but the blunt fact is that some of the questions that were asked —  Congressman [Juan] Vargas [D-CA] asked both [Secretary of State John] Kerry and [Defense Secretary Chuck] Hagel yesterday, ‘Are you lying? Because we were lied to about weapons of mass destruction.’ There is such a credibility gap between the White House and Congress, the leftover, the hangover from the Iraq War.”
— Anchor Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, September 5.


Media BiASS!! Smackdown! Huh? No Tingle? More, Huh?

Media BiASS!!

NBC Gives More Time to Hillary Clinton Getting an Award Than to Benghazi Anniversary

Hiding something for your Boss and Hillary are you Kerry?

Networks Ignore John Kerry’s Refusal To Let Benghazi Survivors Testify to Congress

Lying State Run Propagandists!!

Nets Blast ‘Dangerous’ Growth of Income Gap Between Rich and Poor, Forget Who’s President

Chris Matthews Decries Violent NYC Riot, Forgets It Was Pushed By MSNBC Colleague Al Sharpton

MSNBC Guest Joan Walsh Calls Limbaugh ‘Racist Troll’

MSNBC Anchor and 9/11 Truther Toure Denies He’s a 9/11 Truther


Obama….Syria…..Leno lays the smack down…



Works? Are these people really that stupid? And they vote?? ThinkProgress? There is no thinking involved it appears!

Trader Joe’s Dropping Insurance For Employees; ThinkProgress Says This Means Obamacare Works!


Really? Matthews realized he was just pissing himself when he thought it was a ‘tingle’ over Obama’s election (stolen, fraud filled election BTW!)

Now he appears to be turning on poor Buck Ofama!!

Matthews: Remember when US had a real leader, like … George W. Bush?




Census: Americans in ‘Poverty’ Typically Have Cell Phones, Computers, TVs, VCRS, AC, Washers, Dryers and Microwaves


Iran. Syria! Media BiASS!!

Intercepted Secret Order Reveals Iran’s Plot For Revenge Against U.S. If Syria Is Hit

Iran warns of the rape and killing of one of Obama’s daughters and of mass abductions, brutal killings of Americans if he attacks Syria

FLASHBACK: Iranians Prepare Terror Campaign Inside U.S. — ‘There Are Numerous Revolutionary Guard Cells’ Inside Border…

Iran Recruiting ‘Invisible Army’ To Infiltrate U.S. Though Southern Border


Do you Buck Ofama? It changes hourly! No one really knows what the hell you are trying to do.

Distract us from all your failures and eff ups in America I am thinking!!!

Obama: Americans Won’t Be Able To Understand My Syria Policy


Led by Buck Ofama of course. With his henchmen McCain and Graham.. Their eligible children and relatives.

Along with the Senate..and reinforcements from the ranks of the:

IRS, NSA, EPA, FBI, CIA, FDA, FCC, FEMA, TSA (all of them!) Homeland Security, DEA, etc..

No military needed. They can stay home and defend our borders..

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria


Media BiASS!!!

Really? I bet this bitch supports sex ed for kindergartners also!!

CNN’s Carol Costello Aghast at Rush’s Kids Book: ‘I’m A Little Sick Now’

Ministry of Propaganda!!

NBC’s Todd Blames GOP for Obama’s Denial of Setting Syria Red Line

More Propaganda ….. and ….bullshit!

Chris Matthews: GOP ‘Hate’ of Obama Will Propel 2016 Contenders to Vote No on Syria

Propaganda continues..

NBC’s Mitchell Blames Iraq ‘Hangover’ for Obama’s ‘Credibility Gap’ on Syria

Just does not end…The crap from the media…

CBS Points Out Obama’s Odd ‘Red Line’ Denial; NBC Spins It As ‘Redefined’ Line

Oh look!! Shiny! Squirrel!!!

Tabloid Nightline Devotes More Time to Sexy Songs, Jogging and ‘Amish Mafia’ Than Syria


Media BiASS! Hitler, Obama! Don’t Like? Ban! Reduce Crime! Gun Control Fail!

Media BiASS!!!

CBS Hypes ‘Big Star Power’ Promoting ObamaCare Exchanges

As Benghazi Anniversary Nears, NBC’s Williams Skips Topic in Susan Rice Interview

MSNBC Panel Goes After GOP for ‘Obama Derangement Syndrome,’ Forgets Bush Hatred

New MSNBC Ad Appropriates Martin Luther King to Push ‘Dream’ of Liberal Hosts

NBC’s Guthrie to Rumsfeld: Do You Take ‘Responsibility’ for ‘Specter of Iraq’ ‘Looming’ Over Syria?

Flashback: ABC’s Diane Sawyer Dished With Assad Over His Love of Shania Twain and Ipods

Chris Matthews Slams Obama’s ‘Disastrous’ Syria Plan: ‘We’ll Be Killing Poor People’


Hitler vs Obama – He’s Just One Man


Fine. There are businesses that cater to gun owners and do not ‘discriminate’ and I will gladly spend my money at said places over those that discriminate…

Gun Owners ‘We Don’t Like Your Kind Here’ – When is a Civil Right Not a Civil Right?


Buck Ofama done being reasonable and acting in good faith….Is obvious he wants total control and will act how ever he needs to…Good luck with that Buck Ofama!

Obama’s Ban On Surplus Relics Reveals His Anti-Gun Extremism


Like totally. Like Chicago and such Democratic utopia of gun control and no crime…Oh wait..

Maybe not..

President’s Gun Control Executive Order Will Totally Reduce Street Crime



Physician states there is not any research to support gun control..

More guns actually equal lass crime and that gun control equals more crime. Rapes, murders, etc.