WTF?? Fire in the Sky. Idiots. Rules.

Facebook gets a tax break??


Did Fuckerberg donate to the Buck Ofama Reelection “Steal the Presidency Campaign!”?




More fireballs!!

Cuba and San Fran!!


Apocalypse Wow

Pics from Russia’s meteor..Big boom..


Idiot Alert

Idiot? That is to kind of a word for this MsNBC (NowBarackChannel) talking dipwad..

Where do these people come from?


Shut up Dr. Carson?

Oh no!! Keep going !

If you are offending Babbling Bob Beckel  and Buck Ofama..Keep going!!

Archbishop Beckel of the First Church of Political Correctness must finger Dr. Carson’s “sin” precisely because Dr. Carson correctly diagnosed Obama’s disease, and by association, Beckel’s as well.  In decrying the hypocrisy and tyrannical nature of political correctness, Dr. Carson sought to correct Beckel’s irrational politics, a mental disease he shares with Obama, a contagion now infecting half the country.  Like Obama, Beckel is a hypocrite and a tyrant, both men pretending to be Americans interested in liberty and justice for all.

What are the symptoms infecting the PC police that Dr. Carson correctly identified, directly and by inference?

> Pervasive irrationality
> A distinct lack of common sense
> Systemic illogic
> Hyper partisanship to the exclusion of problem-solving
> A refusal to compromise rooted in malignant narcissism
> Drunken spending and chronic waste of other people’s resources
> Weak and meandering foreign policy
> Immoral and amoral domestic policy
> No leadership skill
> Empty suit syndrome
> Seething promotion of godless hedonism

The fact Archbishop Beckel and President Poser are so offended indicates the height of Dr. Carson’s success at the prayer breakfast.

Warning NOT PC..I hate PC is one of the Stoopidest things that have been brought into America!!

13 Politically Incorrect Gun Rules


This is what needs to change..A socialist run government populated by sheeple…