Church. Independent. Hunting ‘Rifles’. God Made. Confrontation. Magpul. No Fear.

A church that’s holding concealed carry classes..

In Texas of course..

Could like that!!


Independent or dependent..

Own a gun…

Or hope someone else does when evil in the form of bad people or out of control big government comes for you.

Own a gun and be free..

Or a serf, subject, peon, peasant…

Your choice is now!!


Budget ‘hunting’ rifles!! Oh yeah!!

Because we know the 2nd Amendment is all about ‘hunting’!!


If you have not seen “God made a liberal’.

You should…



Magpul Raises Concerns over Proposed Colorado Gun Laws

Outdoor Hub Reporters

Colorado-based Magpul Industries is world-renowned for their signature PMAG polymer AR-15 magazines and firearm accessories. However, the tactical industry giant may soon be pulling up their roots if a number of bills proposed by the state’s lawmakers are passed. In a Facebook post yesterday, Magpul…


4 Reasons Why Christians Have Nothing to Fear

So, the first reason we have nothing to fear is because Jesus has identified with us in order to defeat the devil (2:14-15).


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