Looming Bailout

Looming Bailout

Governor Dayton’s Minnesota implementation of Obamacare, MNsure, is failing on many fronts. Aside from the 140,000 canceled plans, higher premiums, higher deductibles, and reduced choice that Obamacare and MNSure have brought to our state, we now know that Obamacare in Minnesota (MNSure) has failed to attract enough sign-ups to be financially viable in the future. Who will pick up the tab?

KSTP News reports that MNsure has fallen woefully short of the commercial enrollments needed for financial sustainability. (Watch Video Here).
Governor Dayton’s Obamacare exchange is a total failure. In fact, Governor Dayton’s MNSure mess is now the subject of a congressional hearing. (Full Story)

When will Democrats admit that Obamacare (MNSure in Minnesota) is broken and is hurting Minnesota families? 

Minnesota’s Legislature’s Assault On Free Speech!!

IRS Targeting is not the only Avenue of Attack


As we’ve learned, the IRS under the Obama Administration has been weaponized against conservative non-profits in an effort to stifle opposition speech, but that’s not the only avenue of attack. A partisan bill was introduced in the Minnesota Legislature, but ultimately defeated last year that would impose onerous new regulations on grassroots organizations like Minnesota Majority, Tea Party groups and numerous other non-profits

It’s back this year and it contains all manner of vague, subjective language (like “clearly;” “reasonable;” and “biased,” that will allow a small 6-member board, appointed by the governor to determine who has violated the proposed new campaign finance laws and who has not. “Bias” is often in the eye of the beholder. In this case, it’s up to the governor to determine who the “beholders” are.

HF1944/SF1915 proposes to create “free speech zones” on the calendar, allowing the state to determine when grassroots groups can engage in unfettered speech and when such speech would be regulated.

Last year, Governor Dayton pledged not to sign any elections bill that didn’t have “strong bipartisan support” and legislators mostly seemed to respect that, but this year, it looks like Democrat leaders want to test the waters and pass bills that will alter our election laws on a purely partisan basis in hopes that the governor will break his pledge and sign them into law.


Take Action Now!


This onerous bill has just passed both the Minnesota House and Senate Elections Committees despite lack of any support from the minority party (Republicans).


The Democrats arecurrently fully in charge of Minnesota’s government and are still aiming to stifle free speech in an apparent effort to keep it that way. With your support, we beat this back last year and Governor Dayton pledged not to sign any election bills that lacked “strong bipartisan support.” Hold him to it and simultaneously remind your own district’s lawmakers by clicking the Take Action Link.


 Take Action




New Minnesota Session. New Gun Grabbing Legislation!


After the humiliating defeat of every bit of gun control proposed last session, you’d think that the gun grabbers would learn.

Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.

On Thursday, a Senate committee will hear two bills — six hours apart — that would infringe on the rights of Minnesota gun owners.

Gun Confiscation Court Orders

Civil rights opponent Ron Latz, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced SF2639, a bill that would create de facto confiscation of firearms from persons accused of domestic violence. THE BILL WILL BE HEARD THURSDAY EVENING, March 20, at 6 p.m. in Room 15 of the Capitol.

While GOCRA has no love for wife-beaters, this bill goes far beyond protecting victims, and would impose a back-door theft of personal property through exorbitant fees.

Capitol Carry Traps

Based on the flawed recommendations of lame duck Lieutenant Governor Prettner Solon’s capitol safety advisory committee, and steamrolled by lame duck Representative Michael Paymar, SF2690 would impose additional red tape hoops to jump through, and “gotcha” felonies for permit holders visiting the State Capitol Complex. THE BILL WILL BE HEARD THURSDAY, March 20, at noon in Room 15 of the Capitol. 

Bad information leads to bad policy, and the information presented by the Department of Public Safety at those committee meetings this summer was terrible: the DPS spokesman had no idea that the DPS managed the permit holder database!

This bill would create a trap for harmless permit holders whose meaningless, duplicative, unused notifications “expired.” A visit to any capitol-area building — even the Minnesota History Center — after this false “expiration” would turn a permit holder into a felon.

Disturbingly, SF2690 was introduced by A-rated Senator David Tomassoni. We believe, at this point, that he was handed the bill by his caucus leadership, and doesn’t fully understand its meaninglessness to public safety, nor its the legal trap it would create for law-abiding permit holders.

Between now and the hearings, we’ll be gathering support at the Capitol to challenge these bills — either by changing them to respect our rights, or killing them outright.

We need you there to remind your representatives who they work for!

Victory goes to those who show up!

Get involved…..!!!

Precinct caucuses offer an incredible chance to influence the political process in our state. The very few people who show up set the course of the party for the year.

By showing up at the caucus, you can steer your political party toward gun rights! Minnesota’s state constitution, unlike most other states, doesn’t have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms provision. We can change that.

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Find Your Caucus Location:
  2. Be Prepared:
    Print several copies of the RKBA resolution for your party, and fill in your name and contact info:

    Republican Party of Minnesota: http://www.gocra.org/pub/caucus-2014-Republican-RKBA.pdf
    Minnesota DFL Party: http://www.gocra.org/pub/caucus-2014-DFL-RKBA.pdf

  3. Go to the Caucus:
    Caucuses start at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Show up around 6:15 – 6:30 to sign in and find your precinct.
  4. Present the RKBA Resolution:
    When the time comes for resolutions to be presented, hand over a copy. You will have a brief opportunity to explain the need for the resolution. Others will have the opportunity to speak for or against it as well.
  5. Become a Delegate:
    Submit your name as a candidate for delegate (or alternate, if all delegate slots are filled). You will then have the opportunity to affect policy at the next level.
There’s more info below about the process, but just remember this: victory goes to those who show up, so go to your caucus, and invite your pro-gun-rights neighbors!

The Importance of being a Delegate

Delegates select who is running and what the issues are!  That’s why being a delegate is so important: all politics is local and most things in politics are decided by those who show up.
The precinct caucus is the entry zone to affecting politics from the grass roots. All of the later conventions select from delegates elected at the previous level. This is your chance to get involved and have your opinions heard through interactions and support of candidates, as well as affecting the party platform with resolutions.
Precinct caucuses are open to any eligible voter.  Eligible voters attending the caucus are asked to sign in and to be comfortable supporting the positions of the party.  At the most grass roots level, delegates are selected from the Basic Political Operating Unit (BPOU) — your local precinct. The process then continues in a pyramid fashion from the Precinct Caucus to the BPOU Convention, to the Congressional District Convention to the State Party Convention. At each level, delegates are chosen to pass on to the next. You cannot skip a step! You must be present to win! The only way to get inside and affect your party is to start at the precinct caucuses and work your way up.
Over the course of these caucuses and conventions, resolutions on the important issues of the day, and endorsements of candidates for elected office take place.  Resolutions continue on to the state convention and make their way into the party platform. Platforms offer a clear picture of the philosophical and policy goals of the party. The degree that candidates support or distance themselves from the platform provides insight into those candidates’ positions.
Endorsing candidates is far and away the most important activity of delegates. The endorsement provides candidates with the benefits of the party including access to volunteer lists, party organizations, and, of course, party money.  Endorsed candidates have access to party funds as well as state campaign finance money.  Many elections have been won or lost at an endorsing convention. In a horse race, those wh o pick the horses can determine who wins the race!
Remember: parties, political campaigns, and politics are run by people, and people listen to those they remember and recognize. Being able to say, “Hello, we met at the caucus“ is a much stronger opening than a cold call.

Resolution for an amendment to the Minnesota constitution:

WHEREAS self-defense, and defense of home, family and liberty is a fundamental human right; and

WHEREAS the Minnesota Constitution contains no provision guaranteeing this right; and

WHEREAS forty-three other state constitutions contain a guarantee of such rights;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Minnesota ____ Party support an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Minnesota to guarantee the right to keep and bear arms which states as follows:

 The right of individuals to acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer, and use arms for defense of life, liberty, self, family, and others, sanctity of dwelling, and for all legitimate purposes, is fundamental and shall not be denied or curtailed. Any restriction must be subjected to strict scrutiny. Registration, mandatory licensing, special taxation, fees, or any other measure, regardless of type, manner, or purpose, that suppresses or discourages the free exercise of this right, is forbidden.

Get educated, show up, get involved, and make a difference. Thank you!

Government officials are parasites; they don’t produce anything.

The Fatter the Government, The Skinnier the People

The U.S. Debt, not including unfunded liabilities, is over $17 trillion dollars.  The sociopaths who are driving the titanic will be arguing over raising the debt ceiling again.  If we look back to September of 2011, which was the last loud debt-ceiling argument, gold rose 21% in a period of three months while politicians caused a major corrosion of confidence in our leaders.  When governments are broke, everything is fair game.

Government officials are parasites; they don’t produce anything.  They only feed off of those who do.  As one person said, the fatter the government, the skinner the people.  And when government officials cannot meet their obligations or fulfill the promises they made to the public, they’ll figure out ways to appropriate the public’s money to fund their projects.  Government officials don’t produce wealth; they only redistribute your wealth.  Desperate government officials will always resort to expropriation, which is outright confiscation.

If the Federal Reserve is currently buying 90% of the U.S. Treasury market and they are going insolvent, who do you think the government will lean on to pick up the slack?  The answer is YOU. Ten thousand Baby Boomers will turn 65 years-old every day until 2030.  And while the government has a debt problem of $17 trillion, not so coincidentally, our country’s IRAs, 401Ks and retirement accounts amount to that same number:  $17 trillion.  What a convenient resource for the Federal Government.

So here’s the plan:  The government will nationalize retirement accounts like IRAs, 401Ks, pensions, 403Bs, etc.  so that you will be forced to use a portion of your retirement wealth to purchase U.S. government debt – debt that will ultimately default, as it is not possible to sustain our astronomical debt nor the deficits that create it.

Plan to Nationalize Private 401K and IRA Retirement Accounts

If you do some research on US Bill “HB5337,” you will find the plan to nationalize retirement wealth.  On May 6, 2012 Lauren Schmitz, a research analyst at the Bernard L Schwartz Center for Economic Analyst (SCEPA), introduced HB5337.  This 401(k)/IRA de-privatization is the brainchild of Teresa Ghilarducci, whom through funding from the White House and the Ford & Rockefeller Foundations engineered a new “Regulatory & Tax Incentive.” The purpose is to force Americans to convert their Retirement Accounts into Government Managed accounts.

This plan to nationalize private 401K and IRA retirement accounts is being deceptively publicized as the government protecting the public against business failings or state bankruptcies.  Your cash, your retirement funds, your bank deposits and your investments are at huge risk of being confiscated by the government through some contrived reason or another.

The Democrats cheated in 2012, and who knows what they have planned to win the 2014 elections.

Democrat Senate Caucus Fine Due Today
Tip of the Iceberg

The first check from the Democrat Senate Caucus to pay their fine for illegal campaign spending, $50,000 of the total fine of $100,000, is due today.
The $100,000 fine is one of the largest in Minnesota history, and was handed down after the discovery of a scheme of over $300,000 in illegal expenditures between the Democratic Senate Caucus and 13 Senate Democrat candidates.

Unfortunately, this fine is only the tip of the iceberg when compared to the millions and millions being funneled into Democrat campaigns from wealthy out-of-state donors and Minnesota’s large government unions, 
reported in an article by the Star Tribune
The Democrats cheated in 2012, and who knows what they have planned to win the 2014 elections.

If the States Were Chicks

 If the States Were Chicks.


Sarcasm aside, in the end, Minnesota (and her upper midwest socialist sisters) need to realize something:

They’re like fat women.

What socialist, liberal, and leftist politicians of the Arctic States of America have to realize is that they already have an uphill battle to keep productive people in their states.  Their weather sucks, snow sucks, and 8 hours a day of sunlight during winter also sucks.  So what do they do to sweeten the pot?

Foist some of the highest taxes on its population.

This is like a fat wife having the audacity to be overbearing and nagging on top of physically repugnant.  Not only is the place unattractive, but it’s abusive and intolerable as well.

Political Drones From Minnesota..

In lock step with Obama..






Peterson, Collin C.

These DemocRATS vote as told…





Bachmann is the only one that ever speaks up…

From Kline and Paulsen? Chirp….chirp…

I keep hammering away using their website contacts forms, email and twitter…

Appears some have Facebook pages…Hmmmm..

Then of course we have




As our Senators..

Damn the leftists in Minnesota can pick them and then elect…using fraud and with a SOS in Mark Ritchie aligned with Acorn..


How can we trust Mark Dayton on anything when he’s lied so much?

Via email from MNGOP.

Of course he lies! Show me a DFLer in Minnesota the does spew bullshit and lies!!


Governor Mark Dayton snuck in another whopper yesterday regarding the Vikings’ seat licenses.

His comments yesterday about the Vikings seat license plan completely contradict several previous statements on this subject, and he needs to be held accountable. Apparently, the press is not interested.

The point of catching politicians in lies is not just a “gotcha” moment. The point is, if they lie about one thing – like E-pulltabs, the farm equipment repair tax, school shifts, taxing just the rich – they will likely lie about another. Soon you can’t trust anything they say.

Here are Dayton’s comments yesterday (October 3, 2013) regarding personal seat licenses:

“We wouldn’t have agreement here and we wouldn’t have a team staying here if we wouldn’t have been willing to accede to that demand [seat licenses] from the team’s part from the very beginning of the process with the legislature.”

But wait, on August 9, 2013 Dayton said the seat licenses were “snuck in there.”

“They are relatively minor in the scheme of the entire project things, like the personal seat licenses, that as far as I’m concerned snuck in there.”

And back on November 13, 2012, he sent a strongly worded letter to the Vikings saying:

“Now comes word that the team is considering requiring some season ticket holders to pay for part of the “NFL Team/Private Contribution” for construction costs. I strong oppose shifting any part of the team’s responsibility for those costs onto Minnesota Vikings fans. This Private Contribution is your responsibility, not theirs. I said this new stadium would be a “People’s Stadium,” not a “Rich People’s Stadium.” I meant it then, and I mean it now.”

In the same letter, Dayton said he “would urge the Board not to proceed [with seat licenses] and “If necessary, I will go to the legislature next January and urge that the authorization be rescinded.”

That headline-grabbing tough talk last year from Mark Dayton on behalf of the “People’s Stadium” resulted in $10,000 personal seat licenses approved yesterday by his stadium board. And now he tells us he was lying before, and the seat licenses were in the plan “from the very beginning of the process.”

Nothing this governor says should be taken seriously by the legislature, the press and especially the voters in the 2014 election.

Top 10 Un-Affordable Care Facts

Top 10 Un-Affordable Care Facts 


The only thing you really need to know about Obamacare and Minnesota’s version of Obamacare, MNSure, is that:


Congress and the Minnesota Legislature will not have to use it.


Of course there is much more that is wrong with Obamacare and its Minnesota version, MNSure, but the sheer volume and magnitude of the problems make it hard to sort out.  So in the end, this is all you really need to know!


But for those of you trying to keep track and understand the massive implications of this government takeover of our healthcare industry, here’s a top ten.

1.      Politicians are shielding themselves from the effects of Obamacare.

Like so many other government regulations that the masses just can’t live without, in a quiet move President Obama granted special exceptions to Congress.  READ the full story here.

2.     Obamacare requires the IRS to own your personal health care and financial data.

Last week, the private personal data (including social security numbers) of 1600 Minnesota citizens was illegally sent out. Governor Dayton casually brushed it off saying: “There are going to be mistakes, there are going to be glitches…”  If the governor’s cavalier attitude doesn’t give you pause, maybe the fact that all of this personal data will eventually end up with the Internal Revenue Service does.  Not to worry, Al Franken will help direct the IRS’s use of it.






3.     Millions are being forced off the insurance they like and onto Obamacare.

Remember the promise “and if you like your insurance you can keep it”?  False advertising.  Large national companies like Home Depot and Trader Joe’s are pushing their employees to Obamacare.  UPS is dropping coverage for spouses. The first million enrollees to Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange will be forced there from the state’s existing Medical Assistance plan, the high risk insurance plan and MinnesotaCare, our plan for the working poor. Some believe this was the intent of Obamacare’s incentives from the beginning.  Single payer here we come?   READ the full story here.
4.     Costs are going up under Obamacare and MNSure, and unequally on outstate Minnesotans.

When the Dayton administration rolled out the costs for coverage under MNSure (Minnesota’s Obamacare) they highlighted the exchange’s low premium rates – when compared to other states building Obamacare exchanges. An ironic comparison since Minnesotans aren’t allowed to purchase health insurance from other states. When compared to the private marketplace within our borders, so far the new rates are not holding up very well. And the costs disparities from one county to another are also raising concerns READ the full story here.

5.     The medical device tax is killing Minnesota jobs.

Medical devices really have nothing to do with health insurance reform except that President Obama needed to tax them in order to pay for the ongoing costs of Obamacare. Lucky for him, Sen. Al Franken arrived in Washington just in time to cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, including creating a new medical device tax in Minnesota, the hotbed of the medical device industry. Rep. Erik Paulsen has been shining a spotlight on the damage done to Minnesota businesses because of the new medical device tax and is working for its repeal. READ the full story here.

6.     The Obamacare implementation appears to be a disaster waiting to happen.

Obamacare is a great example of a government program forced through Congress on a timetable dictated by politics that never had a chance to succeed. Each time the law faced an insurmountable challenge, President Obama unilaterally waived a requirement or extended a deadline in order to keep it moving forward. Here in Minnesota, many red flags have been raised about whether the Obamacare exchange known as MNSure will be able to successfully meet the October 1 deadline for going live. READ the full story here.

7.     Employers are forcing people to part-time status to avoid Obamacare.

The 40 hour work week for many people is now being reduced to 30 hours. Investor’s Business Daily is keeping track of companies across the country making changes to their definition of part time employees in order to avoid the health insurance mandate of Obamacare. The list topped 300 companies last week and is still growing. Several Minnesota organizations are included on the list including the city of Mankato which reduced part time employee hours to below 30 to avoid the Obamacare mandate. READ the full story here.

8.     Even the unions want out of Obamacare.

Unions fought hard for their benefits, and they’re not going to give them up just because a president they supported passed a healthcare reform bill. Unions across the country have dealt with Obamacare in two ways: some have asked for and received exemptions from the law and others are speaking out publically against it. Most are concerned they will lose their “Cadillac” insurance plans when the law prohibits them in 2018. Some unions are even passing resolutions against Obamacare. READ the full story here.

9.     Obamacare’s economic distress is already being felt as employers are adjusting in advance.

Businesses as well as state and local governments are preparing for the full implementation of Obamacare in ways that are not good for a healthy, growing economy. Obamacare raises taxes, forces people into part-time work and raises the overall cost of healthcare. READ the full story here.

10.  We are adopting a Democratic-Socialist model right before our eyes.

Even before full implementation, we are seeing increases in food stamp recipients, high unemployment among young people, lower workforce participation rates and more people living in poverty. A recent report showed over $30,000 of possible annual government benefits are available in many states including Minnesota.  Coupled with the move to part time work, it’s no wonder median incomes have dropped.  The European model of reducing work and relying more on government benefits is on its way.  READ the full story here.


For all these reasons, and more, voice your support to your Congressman to defund and replace Obamacare!