Government. Dorner. Fitting. Slingshot.

Facts are pesky things Buck Ofama…

They show how full shit you really are!!


Eric Holder: Banning Homeschooling Doesn’t Violate Fundamental Rights

No? How about we ban government and idiots like Eric Holder?


Reports: Christoper Dorner in gun battle with police

2 deputies shot.

This guy, Dorner is running them LEOs ragged out there..



Heart Attack Grill’s ‘spokesman’ dies of heart attack

Water balloon silencers?

Another boycott.


What they think they are bullet proof or something??

 Newsman finds himself in middle of shootout


Full auto…Slingshot?


In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012) – Big Journalism.

Someone with enough fortitude to stand up for what he believed in.

And the left is gleefully attacking the deceased and dancing on his grave already…Shows their true colors, yellow..

UPDATE or is it and ADD-ON?

JayG tosses an interesting take on Breibart’s passing.…as someone whom worked in EMS and  has seen kids as young as 12, yes 12 have heart attacks and high school athletes fall over DRT(Dead Right There)from Sudden Cardiac Arrest I know it is quite possible for one Breitbart’s age to die from SCA. But JayG does toss out a good Tin Foil Hat perspective…just tossing this out there..