Good Guns! WW3? Riots! Holder! Rights Activists!

What good guys do with guns.

Stop bad guys.

Cops? Were none around..

Be safe.


Distracted whilst WW3 brews?



From anti American protestors…Is all they are!

25 Shocking Photos From Zimmerman Riots Sweeping The Nation


Like they did with Benghazi? Fast and Furious?

Stand your ground!

Holder wades deeper into Zimmerman battle, calls for review of ‘stand-your-ground’

Another group of liberal idiots doing their best to impose their ideals on others. Pressuring a non elected government agency to impose unlawful harassing restrictive laws on Americans.
Bet these assOs are Pro Abortion also.Save the pigs, kill the babies!!
Animals have a right to be treated humanely, slaughtered humanely and grilled, barbecued, etc.
Is why the good Lord gave them to us!!
Boyfriend Shoots at Armed Home Invaders to Rescue Woman and 2 Children – See more at:
Boyfriend Shoots at Armed Home Invaders to Rescue Woman and 2 Children – See more at:

Wild Bill. Disability. N. Korea. Felony BB Gun? Strike? War? Iran! New World Order! Loons!

Wild Bill..

Ignorant, arrogant community organizer… With no experience…


How does that work? Or not..

Record Number of Workers On Disability


North Korea Provocation Continues as Pentagon Suits Up


Holy crap…Fail all over the place here..

7-Year-Old Nabbed On Felony BB Gun Charges


NKorea Clears Military for Nuke Strike on US North Korea warned that its military has been cleared to attack the U.S. using “smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear” weapons, while the U.S. said it was strengthening protection in the region and seeking to defuse the situation.

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This is disturbing…Buck Ofama would probably go down in history as the first President to get our asses kicked!!

Is Obama Looking for a War to ‘Fix’ Economy?


Iran also?

Iran taking a page out of North Korea’s book


Biden: New World Order!!!??


Loons. Complete and total Loons. Am so glad my sons are grown and ready to move one…If and when they have kids and we are close enough..We will be damn sure to help them raise them and keep the Loons at bay!!

It Takes a Village of Left-Wing Loons

Gun Stuff..A Warning…Ammo?…Teachers and Guns…Banks..

Retired Special Forces General Issues Stark Warning To AmeriKA

Where’s the proof UN soldiers are operating on American soil?…
Foreign troops to confiscate American guns under UN treaty…
FEMA exercises include foreign troops…


From Rabble Such As This, Rise a People Whom Defy Kings.

All that is required for the success of evil is for good men to do nothing. Do not be mislead. The good men are not doing nothing. The good men are biding their time, waiting for what comes next. Tyranny will not pull through, and the triumph of freedom will always be there for those who are vigilant, patient, and prepared.


Nationwide Ammo Shortages: The Ammo is Gone

Got some? No!! To bad I guess….


Ban alcohol…Oh wait..Tried that once…

Blevins failed a preliminary alcohol test at the site

Like banning drugs…that ain’t working so well either..

He has two previous felony drug convictions.


Wrong House…


Only in California…Could someone say this…

Yes..She said shot with an ‘unloaded’ gun…Damn the stupid is strong….


Teachers And Guns: An Educator Explains Why She Learned To Shoot

Fish was one of a dozen or so educators in the Tar Heel State who attended the free firearms training course at Triangle Krav Maga combat center in Cary, just west of the capital, Raleigh.

“I’m still debating whether I want to even have a gun of my own,” Fish tells AOL Jobs. “But I wanted to be well informed if I decide to do that.” (Fish asked to be identified by her maiden name to protect her privacy.)


CBS’s Charles Osgood: ‘Is the Constitution Worthy of the Reverence in Which Most Americans Hold It?

Excuse me? The media should just shut up and report..

Let banks go Bankrupt?!?! Worked for Iceland!!!


Will You Submit & Obey?

No I will not and I agree with this…

“I will not register my weapons…

“I am not your subject…

“I am not your peasant… .”

I am not a “tough guy.” I am not looking for a fight. Rather, I desperately wish to avoid one. I’m a middle-aged American just trying to live my life, work, enjoy my pastimes and my friends and family. To be an American. A free American. I dearly value my life. Which is precisely why,  if I am backed into a corner by those who refuse to leave me be – even though I harm none – then I will turn and fight. God help me.

God help us all.

Totally agree and I hope those in power realize this..But I think they do not…I see blood on the horizon..


Obama to bring “World Tax” back from Copenhagen


Dear Kevin:

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Below, please find an important alert from the United States Justice Foundation.


Stop Barack Obama’s Copenhagen Treason
Prevent a One World Order!


The United States of America was born as an independent, sovereign, nation in July of 1776, when our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. The sovereign and independent status that America has cherished for over 200 years may come to an abrupt end in December, 2009, if Barack Obama signs the Copenhagen Climate Treaty.

What is the Copenhagen Climate Treaty?

The Copenhagen Treaty has two stated goals:

  • Transfer wealth from Industrial Nations (The United States) to Developing Countries.
  • Dictate energy use and consumption to Industrial Nations (The United States)

Now, just so we are clear…

  • Goal Number One is Global Socialism
  • Goal Number Two is a Global Dictatorship

Stop the Copenhagen Treason – Prevent a One World Order!
Tell the U.S. Senate: Do Not Dare Approve this Treason!

The Copenhagen Climate Treaty audaciously states:

Industrialized countries have a dual obligation under the Treaty, representing their overall responsibility for keeping the world within the limits of the global carbon budget and ensuring that adaptation to the impacts of climate change is possible for the most vulnerable. This dual binding obligation takes the form of emissions reductions as well as the provision of support to developing countries.

Lord Christopher Monckton, the former advisor for science policy to former British Prime Minister, and former President Ronald Reagan ally, Lady Margaret Thatcher, believes that if the U.S. signs any climate treaty coming out of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December, it could subject the United States to a global dictatorship.
“This treaty of Copenhagen, which is going to be negotiated by the states’ parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in December, is going to…establish for the first time in human history a global government,” he warns.

Stop the Copenhagen Treason – Prevent a One World Order!
Tell the U.S. Senate: Do Not Dare Approve this Treason!

The devastating immediate economic impact of the Copenhagen Climate Treaty:

  • Limit manufacturing in the U.S. by cap and trade regulations = Loss of Jobs
  • Limit personal consumption of energy by law and costs = Loss of Freedom
  • Hyper Energy cost Inflation
  • ALL goods and materials to become more expensive = Double Digit Inflation
  • Transportation to become more expensive = $10 per gallon gas prices
  • Halt the US Recovery = Prolonged Recession / Depression
  • Assure and accelerate the shift of economic growth and profitability from the U.S to emerging markets = Loss of Opportunity
  • Increase Imports for emerging countries who will not be subject to the same carbon emissions limits = Unfair Competition, Increased Trade Deficit
  • Cause the U.S. to become an even greater debtor while China becomes an even bigger creditor = More Red Debt
  • Add momentum to the movement away from the U.S. Dollar toward an alternate single or composite world reserve currency = One World Currency
  • Increase the cost of Treasury borrowings = Ballooning Deficit
  • Drive up federal and state taxes = Suffocating Taxes

Stop the Copenhagen Treason – Prevent a One World Order!
Tell the U.S. Senate: Do Not Dare Approve this Treason!

During a visit to Germany in the midst of the Presidential Campaign last year, Barack Hussein Obama declared, “I am a citizen of the world.” In front of one million adoring Germans, Obama had announced to the world that he indeed prioritized globalism over patriotism.

The U. S. Constitution mandates that treaty ratification must be advised and consented to by a two-thirds majority in the U.S. Senate. This would normally be a tall order for any President, if said President valued the Constitution.

An Obama advisor once said that he [Obama] regarded the U.S. Constitution as merely a piece of paper…and he saw it as a barrier to the things that the Left around the world want to do – and, therefore, they were going to find ways of circumventing it.

Stop the Copenhagen Treason – Prevent a One World Order!
Tell the U.S. Senate: Do Not Dare Approve this Treason!

Let’s compare the Copenhagen Climate Treaty to Cap & Trade.

The Wall Street Journal called Cap & Trade “the biggest tax in American history” and The Washington Times reported that cap-and-trade legislation will levy a $3.6 trillion gas-tax increase that will impact every American and important segments of our economy.

Cap & Trade will cause massive inflation, record unemployment and entire industrial sectors will flee the country in search of profits.

As dreadful as Cap & Trade would be for the United States economy, if the Copenhagen Climate Treaty is signed and ratified, it will be far more dangerous to the economic and political future of this country.

Stop the Copenhagen Treason – Prevent a One World Order!
Tell the U.S. Senate: Do Not Dare Approve this Treason!

The Copenhagen Climate Treaty will strip America of its Sovereignty, and subject us to laws, rules and huge taxes levied by a one-world, leftist, elitist governing body that wants to steal America’s wealth to punish us for our success as a nation. Worst of all, Americans will NOT have the power to vote these elitists out of office, impeach them, or hold them accountable in any way whatsoever.

THIS MAY BE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR LIFETIME. If we do not stand firm and united against this treasonous treaty, the greatest country in the world may be forever subservient to a One World Order and it will have happened on our watch.

Stop the Copenhagen Treason – Prevent a One World Order!
Tell the U.S. Senate: Do Not Dare Approve this Treason!

Gary Kreep, Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation

P.S. America’s sovereignty, prosperity and economic independence are all at stake. This is NOT a green or environmental issue. The Copenhagen Climate Treaty is nothing short of a scam to lead our great nation into servitude.

The Main-Stream-Media will not cover this. It is up to us, the vigilant grassroots, to clearly demonstrate our passion for our sovereignty to Congress and the White House.


To donate by check, make payable to:

United States Justice Foundation
National Processing Center
PO Box 131637
Dept Code 2127
Houston, TX 77219-1637

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