Morning Miscellany ………………..

N is for Nazareth…

The Islamic militants mean it for evil when they mark homes with “N” for “Nazarene.” They assume it’s an insult, an emblem of shame. Others once thought that of the cross. But in that intended slight, we are reminded of who we are, and why we belong to one another, across the barriers of space and time and language and nationality. We are Christians. We are citizens of the New Jerusalem. We are Nazarenes all.


 Protecting our borders..

Citizen Militias..

Doing what Washington and Obama won’t!!


Which ‘Tale’ would you want to be in?


Senate Democrats…Not so worried about what is happening at the border, the Obama scandals, the Middle East, the Ukraine,…Nope..

But those darn guns!!!….Yep..


Petition to remove Silencers and hearing protection as NFA regulated items..


More War on Women..

From gun grabber Gabby Giffords..


Teachers lose again in Wisconsin…




Islam encourages it..


A lying Democrat..



Gun sales rise and crime falls..

Can the gun grabbing left not see that?

Apparently not..

So tells me is more about controlling the People then anything else..

Molon Labe bitches..


Punished with a presidential motorcade

Punished with a presidential motorcade

One poor lady in Los Angeles yesterday just wanted to get across the street to the hospital so she could give birth to her baby (she was in labor), but found herself obstructed by Obama’s limousines and motorized security armada–phalanxes of police escorts and barricades blocked her way to the hospital entrance on the other side of the boulevard as Obama hustled past, on his way from one glitzy democrat fundraiser to the next.

The unfortunate commoner woman had to hole up in a bus stop shelter, coping with her painful birth contractions and trying to take measured breaths while Barack O’breezy’s miles-long procession rolled on through, en route for a personal visit to Hollywood producer Shonda Rhimes’ multi-million dollar mansion.

Priorities, yo.


Miscellany ………………..

Once again..

Ban guns..

Folks get robbed..

At gun point..

See how that works?


Hey Femnazi’s in America..

This is war on women..

What you claim is in America..

Is bullshit!!


The Constitution?

Worked well up until Obama came on the scene..

And now Justice Kennedy calls it ‘flawed’?

That sumbitch is flawed!!

Another deluded so called ‘celebrity’..

Lives in a cloistered world and writes make believe horror crap!!

Gun Free College…

4 robbed at gun point..

Worked well..


Miscellany ……………

Shotguns with silencer..

What could be wrong with that?



Obama’s America!

Mexican gang member is dead after a shootout with the police near the Texas-Mexican border. Hope and gangs, shootouts, and drugs; this is Obama’s America.


Guns welcome..

Brings in business!

Imagine that and think what anti gun rich mobster and thug Bloomberg thinks about it!



Illegals have had enough and are making demands???

I demand we round them up and ship their asses back to wherever the cam from!!

Leave my beef alone..


She is none to bright..

Ditz comes to mind..


That Other ‘Dead Broke’ Democrat

The most despised political constituents in America are rich liberals, the self-anointed “intelligentsia” who lord over the Leftist proletariat, and are tolerated only for the graft they dispense to all manner of liberal causes and campaigns.


Ted gets cancelled..

By LIEberals playing the racist card..



Morning Miscellany ………..

Does not like dogs does this cop..

So he shoots it..

Dog killer!!!

Never trust anyone whom does not like dogs..


Bill Maher rails against the ‘military police state’..

But makes it appear that the LIEberals are the only ones that do..


Civil Rights..

Only for Progressive LIEberals and only their versions..

Anyone else’s does not count, nor matter…


Israel after being attacked with missles, daily from GAza and Hamas is fighting back..

Secretary of State, John ‘Traitor’ Kerry is ‘to the rescue..

And caught on a ‘hot mic’

bitterly criticizing Israel for Palestinian casualties and implying that he needed to come to the rescue.

You think the Israelis are sick of Obama and his regime yet?


MS-13 gang members crossing the border..

But what about the ‘children’ wails the left…

As they do nothing…


Hey Chase Bank!!!

How about it is none of your damn business!!

Gun stuff..

From a Christian viewpoint…


In my book..

One more strike against Rand Paul..

Does he share for Freedom…

But do not care for him..


Criminals ignore laws..

But Progressive control freaks like Nanny Bloomberg, whom wants your guns, thinks passing more laws..

Will stop mass shootings..

So is apparent, since they ignore the problem..

What they really want is control,,

So you are all good little drones and can make Nanny Bloomberg richer..


Obama shows whom he wants to win in Gaza..

Not the Israelis..


Global Hatred…

Nothing raises the hackles of dictators, tyrants, and oligarchs more than the idea of a substantially armed citizenry. Disarming present or potential opposition has been the fundamental game plan of murderous rulers since Ancient Egypt and Rome.

For America’s 2nd Amendment!!


Crossing Obama..

Can be bad for your Health..

As is crossing Hillary..


Miscellany …………………………………….


Covering up for..


Makes sense..


Nobody needs to be lectured by a…


A government thug…

Especially one of Obama’s Thugs..


Microsoft to slash 18,000 jobs..

Bill Gates pushes for unlimited guest worker visas..

The rich will get richer, screwing Americans as the do it..


Glenn Beck…

Whom I never much listened to and when I did..

Was left shaking my head and wondering why I bothered..

Now this..

And reading the comments to article..

Texas may not be the best place for him..


More Joan lies, from Weer’d.


Seems to me this means….



Miscellany ……………..

Hunters hunt…and kill..

They are also greater conservationists then any tree hugging, PETA squealing leftists will ever be..


Russian kids learn how to handle guns…

Muslim kids are at the range learning how to shoot..

American kids? At the mall or some such dumbass place..


Not only is our Government, led by Obama allowing a mass invasion..

The Military is training the Mexican Army..

Think about that..

I’ll be reloading more ammo and such stuff..


Rolling Stone rag..

Latest celeb based authority on guns..

Another laugh a minute..


Border control says it will not obey..

If Obama’s NAZIs were to use force to disperse protesters standing against Obama’s illegal alien invasion…

So be it..


Media BiASS: Ignore It…Maybe It Will Go Away…

CNN’s Cuomo Mocks IRS Scandal During Immigration Segment; Asks ‘Where is the Humanity’ to Help Kids at Border?


On Monday, viewers of CNN saw the hosts of New Day continue their championing of the Obama administration on illegal immigration with co-host Chris Cuomo asking for the rule of law to be set aside. Cuomo also mocked Republicans for being obsessed with the IRS scandal and not responding with compassion to the “flood of child humanity.” Cuomo soon mocked: “You spend weeks subpoenaing emails, on you know, on – what’s going on with the IRS, but you really not going to fight your way into these kids? It’s cause you don’t want to.”


ABC and NBC Continue to Ignore Latest In VA Scandal


ABC and NBC continued their tradition of ignoring the latest controversy surrounding the Veterans Affairs department. On Monday morning, only CBS This Morning covered the news that the VA has problems paying veterans for service-related injuries with NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America ignoring the developments. On the evening of July 14, only the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley covered the latest revelations while ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and NBC Nightly News were nowhere to be found. The CBS Evening News provided a full 2 minute and 19 second report on how “some employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs altered records to make it appear that vets were receiving disability checks faster than they actually were.”


ABC, NBC Ignore Latest on VA Scandal; CBS Allows a Scant 21 Seconds


Of the three morning shows on Monday, NBC and ABC ignored the latest controversy enveloping the scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs department. Only CBS This Morning bothered to cover the news that the VA has problems paying men and women compensation for service-related injuries. This Morning co-host Charlie Rose sped through the story in just 21 seconds. [See video below. MP3 audio here.] Rose quickly related, “The agency is now accused of sloppiness and improper work, paying claims to veterans injured while serving.”


CNN’s Whitfield Tosses Softballs at ‘Inspirational,’ ‘Visionary’ Marion Barry


Fredricka Whitfield put on the kid gloves for Marion Barry on Sunday’s CNN Newsroom, and acclaimed the former D.C. mayor as a “visionary.” Whitfield skirted mentioning every single controversy Barry has been involved in through his long career save one – his “infamous drug bust in 1990.” She also spotlighted the Democrat’s conspiracy theory that the FBI set up the sting to take him down for helping the poor: “You draw that correlation that all of those things that you did for the underserved community…and the design of this drug bust.” The anchor deferentially let Barry take credit for everything supposedly going well with the city of Washington, D.C., but failed to bring up the fact that the District became the “murder capital” of the U.S. during his tenure as mayor.


Martha Raddatz Laments: With So Many International Crises, John Kerry Can’t ‘Prioritize’


Echoing past defenses of Jimmy Carter, Good Morning America’s Martha Raddatz on Monday indicated that there are simply too many international flare-ups for John Kerry and the Obama administration to focus on just one. Referring to the ongoing violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Raddatz lamented, “But diplomats really only so much bandwidth when they’re dealing with things. They have to prioritize.”


Obama-Nominated Justice Kagan Officiates at Wedding of CBS News Reporter to Ex-Obama Staffer


Julianna Goldman, who endured a marriage to former MSNBC host/reporter David Shuster, got married on Saturday, in Aspen, Colorado, to Michael Gottlieb, a former associate White House counsel for Obama. The New York Times reported on Sunday that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, a former colleague of Gottlieb’s at the White House, “officiated.” Goldman was Bloomberg’s White House correspondent until a few weeks ago. “Next month,” the NY Times item noted, “she is to join CBS News as a television correspondent in its Washington bureau.”

Miscellany ………………….

Impressive…lots of them…

And what happens when you piss them off?

And also note they are not the ones causing the streets to run red with blood, as the media and anti gunners like to proclaim.


Successful Conservative woman, yeah the type the Left loves to hate, calls them out on the supposed War on Women!

Spineless, Whiner in Chief….runs and hides from his scandals..

Takes a man to own up to his mistakes and misdeeds, Obama is not the man!!


Another killing..

In St Paul..

And for what?


Ya think?

Of course the Feds are hoping for an ‘incident’!
So they can show their ‘Authority”!!

And crack down on those violent right wing extremists because of a crisis orchestrated by Obama and this regime of thugs!
Push, push, push….


The stupid is back….

Fire can’t melt steel!!!

Yeah that stupid!!


This woman would have gotten smacked..

And I use the term woman loosely…

Hard…Bitch..Tolerant of nothing…


Miscellany …………………..

Japan’s figured it out..

Obama’s America will not be there for them..

No country went quite as far down the pacifism hole as Japan, but with North Korea and China moving in, and Obama laser focused on tranny bathrooms, Green Energy and making nuns pay for contraceptives, the land of the Rising Sun has gotten the message.

Fired after ordered to move?
Won’t fire on Americans?
Oliver said, “The feds are pissed that they haven’t been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday–they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back.
Where were they during the Occupy Whatever protests?
Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap (MSNBC) are shocked!!
They put up a poll on Constitutional Carry..
And did not get what they wanted..
And are SHOCKED!!
I have since been told by various teabagging anti-Obama racist scumpuppies that I was wrong, but I was told this in such a way as to convince me that I must be right, even though I was going on gut feeling at the time.