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Morning Miscellany …………..

The Obama Blaster….Has the media LIEberals in a frothing, tizzy!!


Roadshow of ‘Pro-Abortion Peacemakers’? 


Government overreach or some really stupid shit they need not worry about!
But they do.


Buck Ofama does not like America’s ‘suck it up’ attitude…

Tough..You just suck Obama!!

About time numskull football players began to get smacked for their crap!!

Worry? Afghan Soldiers missing in Massachusetts? Worry?


A list. 8 things that are caused by Global Warming. According to those whom buy that crap!

Scary to think people really believe this!!


The Globull Warming Prophet, Al ‘Clueless’ Gore. Loses his microphone when quoting Jesus in hos ongoing Climate Change scam.



Morning Miscellany ………

Only a gun ban group would memorialize…a convicted violent felon…


Mooch Obama; The worst wing!!!


Mooch Obama: Take for granted??


Mooch Obama: Kid’s with cancer? ‘Life is hard!”..Whatta bitch she is!


One in four want to secede in America!!!


A whole lot of angry people..


I agree with Phil!!!

Remember Obama was supposedly for the ‘Middle Class”. Not so much…


Latest Brady Bunch scandal!! Is how the Left rolls!


Obama’s dead pool…..


Free speech and Government Schools: Not so Free!


Kids won’t move out? Your not alone!!!


Biden: Another day, another gaffe!

Democrats loving ISIS!

Morning Miscellany ………………….


The Brady campaign is searching for it..


By suing an Ammo re-seller for the Aurora shootings..

‘Cause you know those ‘bullets’ just have minds of their own!!


 Same gun grabbing actions from Obama…

Just different rhetoric and bullcrap..


And now Obama wants to know what race/ethnicity you are..

When buying a gun!!

Isn’t that profiling?

Thought Obama’s head thug, Holder, was against that?

Globalists are after America’s guns.

By destroying our Rights..

Molon Labe!


If I am out hunting and find you following or stalking me?

My prey just changed and the woods can be a big empty place..


Those in Washington, those ‘rich’ folks, that are anti gun..

Want your guns..

So they can better control you..


As if we don’t have a few ‘serious’ problems, that should be and need to be addressed by our duly elected Politicritters..

But no…

Instead they worry about bullshit issues..

Like team names.


Media BiASS: Fools For Obama….

ABC Skips Own Poll Showing Record Lows for Obama on Leadership and Foreign Policy


Tuesday evening marked a return to ignoring President Obama’s poll numbers for ABC News as its evening newscast, World News Tonight with David Muir, failed to report on the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll and its findings. Between its morning and evening newscasts, ABC News refused to report on their poll, which found that just 43 percent of Americans say the President “is a strong leader,” which is the lowest since he became President. Meanwhile, 55 percent of Americans say that he is not “a strong leader,” which is a new career low for him in this poll. Plus, “Americans by a 10 point margin, 52-42 percent, see his presidency more as a failure than a success.” In contrast, NBC Nightly News both unveiled and discussed its own NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.


ABC and NBC Barely Mention Obama Approval ‘Near Record Lows'; CBS Ignores


On Tuesday, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today, offered mere seconds on President Obama’s approval rating hitting “near record lows” amid his reluctance to aggressively combat ISIS terrorists. CBS This Morning skipped any mention of the dismal poll numbers for the commander-in-chief. On Good Morning America, after touting broad public support for the kind of military action against ISIS that Obama would likely announce in aWednesday night address to the nation, co-host George Stephanopoulos noted: “It comes at a time when he’s facing some real popularity problems. We see 56% of the country disapproving of how the President’s handling foreign policy.”


ABC, NBC Skip: Family of Beheaded American Slams Obama for Treating Them Like ‘Pawns’


A family spokesman for an American who was beheaded in Iraq appeared on CNN, Monday, and slammed the Obama administration’s handling of the death. Barak Barfi accused the White House of playing a “game of bureaucratic infighting and Jim [Foley] and Steve [Sotloff] are pawns in that game and that’s not fair.” On Tuesday, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today showed no interest in the condemnation of the Obama administration.


Clift Crushed Bush’s Coalition Building in 2003, Takes it Easy on Obama Now


In the 2003 run-up to the Iraq war Eleanor Clift mocked George W. Bush’s 39-nation strong “coalition of the willing” as the “bullied and the bribed,” but fast forward to today and The Daily Beast reporter is taking a much different tone with Barack Obama’s 9-nation grouping. On the September 7 edition of the syndicated McLaughlin Group, Clift claimed Obama’s response to ISIS was an opportunity for “Obama to chart a course and I think bring renewed purpose for the rest of his presidency and to put policies in place that will leave his successor a better hand than he was dealt when he came into office.”


Chuck Todd: Hillary 2016 Obstacle? Liberal Media is Sick of Her


On Monday, NBC’s Chuck Todd came on PBS’s Charlie Rose show and handicapped Hillary Clinton’s 2016 prospects and the new Meet The Press host stunningly predicted one of Clinton’s biggest obstacles would be the liberal media. When Rose asked Todd to rate Clinton’s chances, Todd responded: “If she were running to be the second woman president, I think she would not even be considered a frontrunner. She’d be just considered another candidate.” Todd then added: “There is a Clinton fatigue problem but it’s in the press corps.”

Media BiASS:

1. CNN Guests: ‘Handcuffed’ Obama ‘Has Very Little Ability to Sway’ Global ‘Crises’


On Monday’s New Day on CNN, Jonathan Martin of the New York Times and Bloomberg’s Margaret Tavel ran to President Obama’s defense over his handling of ISIS. Martin hyped that “the President is in a tough spot here….these two beheadings of journalists…have really outraged a lot of folks….and the President is forced to act. But again, there is not any appetite in this country to put ground troops back in that region. And so, the President is somewhat handcuffed.”


2. GMA Lobs Softballs At Wendy Davis During Promotional Interview


Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat who is currently running to replace Rick Perry as the state’s next governor, spoke with Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts for an interview that aired on Monday, September 8. Davis appeared on ABC to hawk her memoirForgetting to Be Afraid in which she revealed how she had two abortions in the mid-1990s. Throughout the two segments, Roberts treated the Texas Democrat to a fawning interview in which she played up how Davis “isn’t shying away from tough issues, both personal and political” before asking “why are you sharing so much right now? So personal.” Roberts hyped how Davis’ new book “has so many people talking.”


3. With Midterms Looming, Chris Matthews Spies Sexism from GOP Candidate Thom Tillis


MSNBC may be gearing up for another election season of the “war on women.” The Hardball host on Friday speculated whether the Republican senatorial candidate from North Carolina engaged in sexism by aggressively attacking his Democratic opponent. Before showing clips of Thom Tillis sparring with Senator Kay Hagan, Matthews sneered, “But sometimes, the more we watch, the more we avert our eyes.”


4. CBS Touts Cosmo ‘Going Political,’ Brings on Editor to Slam GOP


After Cosmopolitan magazine announced it would begin endorsing political candidates in the 2014 midterm election, Friday’s CBS This Morning eagerly brought on the publication’s left-wing editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, who proceeded to push liberal agenda items and bash Republicans. Co-host Gayle King touted the magazine “going political” and planning to “cover the midterm campaigns with a laser focus on issues it believes are crucial to women.” Moments later, Coles made it clear those issues would all be from the left: “…there are two in particular that we feel really strongly about….equal pay for equal work, which you would think in 2014 would be an issue that would already be done….and also access to great health care and to contraception.”

Media BiASS: Pathetic News..

ABC Hits Obama from Left on Immigration, Hypes ‘Anger This Morning’ Among Hispanics


Following President Obama’s decision to delay any executive action on immigration reform, ABC’s Good Morning America did its best to hit the president from the left for failing to offer legal status to potentially millions of illegal immigrants currently living in this country. On Sunday, September 7, co-host Dan Harris played up how “there is anger this morning in the Hispanic community over a decision made by President Obama. He had promised to take action soon on immigration reform, protecting families from the threat of deportation. But now he’s saying he’s going to wait until after the elections in November.” Harris then turned to reporter Jim Avila who lamented how President Obama’s decision to wait has hurt his relationship with the Hispanic community.


Networks Skip Bombshell Benghazi Claim: Rescue Was Delayed By CIA Official


Despite a combined eight hours of available air time, NBC’s Today, ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS This Morning on Friday ignored a bombshell new book claiming that a CIA official delayed a rescue attempt for the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi. Instead, the networks devoted 66 minutes to the death of Joan Rivers. Two of the co-authors of 13 Hours, men who were on the ground in Benghazi, appeared on Fox News, Thursday and insisted that the delay was deadly. Special Report host Bret Baier talked to Kris Paronto and John Tiegen, CIA security operators who told him that a station chief told them to stand down from a rescue attempt for at least 30 minutes. Baier asked point blank: “If I gave you that 30 minutes back, would Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith be alive today?” Paronto responded, “Yes, they would still be alive.”


Republican Demands DOJ Turn Over Lerner’s Ex-Employee, Nets Refuse to Report


The IRS targeting scandal has all the intrigue of a political thriller. First it was the missing e-mails, then destroyed hard drives and now a missing person in the form of one-time Lois Lerner underling Andrew Strelka. On September 3, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding to know, by a Friday deadline, the information on the whereabouts of Strelka. In the letter Jordan suggested the Department of Justice was hiding Strelka from the House Oversight Committee investigating the IRS-targeting scandal. Incredibly, this accusation has yet to be covered by any of the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network evening or morning shows.


The View from His Helicopter: Matt Lauer’s Worst Moments of Wealth Hypocrisy


On Wednesday, the New York Post reported that in addition to Matt Lauer’s $20 million annual salary, NBC News recently agreed to start flying the Today co-host back and forth from work to his lavish estate in the Hamptons. Such details of Lauer’s one percent lifestyle stand in stark contrast to the common-man image he projects on the morning show. In fact, Lauer has frequently used his media pulpit to preach liberal talking points on class warfare and income redistribution. Here is a sampling of his worst moments of wealth hypocrisy at the anchor desk.


Reuters Editor at Large Likens U.S. Death Penalty to ISIS Beheaders


While promoting a book of news photography on CBS This Morning on Saturday, Sir Harold Evans, editor at large of the Reuters news agency, called the electric chair a “monstrosity” and said seeing a picture of one was “almost as appalling, in its sense, as these barbarians who have taken the heads off journalists in the desert.”

Morning Miscellany ………………..

I bet the the tree hugging, climate change scatterbrains will hate this!!
Electric cars not doing so well!!!

Gun maker stands up against Obama and Holder’s tyranny!!


Gun restriction of so called ‘assault’ weapons and CCW’s lead to higher murder rates?

But why is it then that the anti gun crowd and media try to make the sheeple believe the streets would run red with blood if CCW’s were issued to more law abiding citizens and the evil assault weapons were not banned?

That apparently is not happening!!


The difference between a confident President and a narcissist?


He is the Narcissist in Chief!!


So there, power move…


Loon Alert!!

On MSNBC of course…

Leave the ISIS alone!!
Because murdering and slaughtering women. children and anyone else whom does not bow to them is their business!!

Don’t mess with old dudes..

Especially those in Tuxedos..

Even when it is 3 to 1 in the thugs favor!!