Morning Miscellany ………….

Let us place a bet, I’ll show you my gun and bet you don’t have one..

Oops….You lose..

I do have a gun!!!

Getting a clue yet Obama?

Appears people have had enough of your crap..

And are speaking out about your illegal ALIEN invasion…


In fact Obama..

They are getting so sick of your crap..

They are taking matters into their own hands..

And defending our borders from your illegal Alien invasion..


Obama and his pals…

The Taliban and Moslem Brotherhood..


America needs Americans to be armed..

Look at Washington and think about what the Obama Regime is doing..


A common sense letter to Obama and his lack of common sense when it comes to ‘gun laws’.


Well we know this..


Obama impeached?

Think about whom replaces him..

Biden! Dumber then a rock..


The lame DemocRATS..

Ignore the real problems and scandals of Obama..

And get hysterical over the name of a ….

Football team..




Media BiASS:

NBC/WSJ Poll: 54 Percent Say Obama ‘Can’t Lead, Get the Job Done’; Nightly News Skips Damning Stat


Fifty-four percent of respondents in a brand new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll believe that President Obama “can’t lead, get the job done,” contrasted with 42 percent who say he can. What’s more, a healthy plurality, 41 percent, also answered that “the performance of the Obama administration” has “gotten worse” in the past 12 months. Yet the NBC Nightly News ignored those stunning numbers in its June 18 broadcast. Anchor Brian Williams additionally failed to tease the poll in his opening preview of the night’s stories.



Chuck Todd: In New Poll, Public Is Telling Obama ‘Your Presidency Is Over’


Appearing on Wednesday’s NBC Today, chief White House correspondent and political director Chuck Todd reported on the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing President Obama’s poll numbers taking a nose dive and made this stunning declaration: “This is as if the public is saying, ‘Hey, buddy, your presidency is over. You may not believe it is, but your ability to lead and convince us that you have the right policies anymore, we’re not listening.’” That observation was prompted by co-host Savannah Guthrie highlighting: “Let’s show the poll number you call the dagger. ‘Can the President lead and get the job done?’ 54% say no.”



3. Fox News Asked Hillary Clinton Three Important Questions the Liberal Media Haven’t


It took six television interviews but Hillary Clinton was finally asked questions that have remained absent during her book tour to promote Hard Choices. On Tuesday, Clinton sat down with Fox News anchors Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren and for the first time on television was asked about the IRS’ targeting of conservatives, the NSA spying on Americans, and the American Marine held captive in Mexico.



Sensitive MSNBC Host Warns Viewers About Someone Using the ‘Racial Slur’ ‘Redskins’


MSNBC is the network where ex-host Martin Bashir suggested that someone defecate and urinate on Sarah Palin. Yet, the suddenly sensitive Joy Reid on Wednesday warned viewers that she was about to feature someone saying the word “Redskins,” what she deemed to be a “racial slur.” Hours after the U.S. Patent and Trademark office had cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, Reid played a clip of Senator Harry Reid attacking the team. The host fretted, “And I just warn people, he does use the name of the team. So, I’m just going to warn you guys about that in advance.”



Networks Ignore Report Claiming Clintons Trying to Avoid Paying Estate Tax They Support


On Wednesday, June 17 Bloomberg reported that Bill and Hillary Clinton are taking advantage of financial planning strategies to avoid paying a hefty estate tax, even though the Clintons are prominent supports of the estate tax. Despite the report, ABC, CBS, and NBC have all ignored the story on both their morning and evening newscasts. According to Bloomberg: “The Clintons are using financial planning strategies befitting the top 1 percent of U.S. households in wealth. These moves, common among multimillionaires, will help shield some of their estate from the tax that now top out at 40 percent of assets upon death.”


Republicans. In Name Only..

Voting to take your Right to self defense away..

Which is what Obama wants and apparently 1 in 3 House Republicans..

Including Minnesota’s, Erik Paulsen (202) 225-2871.

Representing Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.

He was the only Republican member of Minnesota’s House delegation to support:

According to Dudley Brown of the National Association of Gun Rights one in three Republicans decided to vote against your rights by supporting Barack Obama’s agenda to label millions of American’s “mentally ill”.  The Obama administration has been successful in denying more over 175,000 of our nations veterans their Second Amendment rights in this manner and are attempting to expand this to every American.

Another RINO.

And not the only one..


Morning Miscellany …………

Tony Blair pins the blame on where the fall of Iraq belongs..



Egypt pins the blame on Hillary and Obama for conspiring with the Muslim, Brotherhood. 


Obama, has left us friendless in the Middle East..



According to CNN talking head Tapper..

1 victim = mass shooting!

Common Core math?


Obama needs what?

We just need him out of the WH and in prison…


Imagine that!!

The Las Vegas killers ..

Were part of the Occupy Something movement..



Illegals should have no rights..

Other then the right to go back to wherever they came from..

As for the Right to Vote as this DemocRAT claims..





Miscellany ……………

Obama’s latest rant…

Which included a spiel about Australia’s gun laws being so wonderful..

Ain’t so..


Bloomberg’s paid anti gun marchers in Brooklyn..


Once again someone needs to learn how to count..

Or maybe they are using Common Core math!


Okay Dr. Carson..

I was not planning to, but nice to hear you say this..


Raise minimum wage?


Your being replaced…

By a robot!!

Do leftists ever think?



is the NSA..

As is the whole of the Obama Regime..



Feeling is mutual Obama!!

Only I am thinking a good swift kick!!


With our current spineless politicians in office?

This won’t happen!



Morning Miscellany…………………

100′s will march for Bloomberg’s Anti Freedom crusade in Brooklyn..

Well see how many..

All paid to march I am betting!!


Palin calls for Congress to grow a spine..


Her’s is much stronger then most all now there.

We have this..

So now we have Obamacare, the Benghazi cover-up, the VA healthcare scandal, Common Core, Bowe Bergdahl, a huge influx of illegal immigrants, $17 trillion in debt, IRS targeting of political groups, federal land grabs, no Keystone pipeline, Russian aggression, Iraq and Syria in turmoil…and the list goes on. And on. And on.

 And Congress has so far done what?
Especially mine John Kline….the sounds of silence from him!!
Made squeaky noises is about it..

Obama does nothing about Marine held in Mexico…

But someone is…
Obama you pointless ass…
Facts the bane of those wanting to ban guns..

Reality is….


Gun control works — the number 1 cause of unnatural death confirms it:


I own guns..

For hunting and self defense!!

This is why!

Gun ban supporters..

Tell me again why I shouldn’t?

Because your belief the police will protect me is hopelessly wrong!!


Gun News…..

This will be ignored by the Media. Obama, Holder and Bloomberg’s anti gun groups..

Facts, the bane of the left..

Gun sales up, crime down.

They just don’t care.

Disarming us is all they want.

A good example of what happens when disarmed.

Easy targets/



Now that’s a chunk of change..

And what it has cost New York’s economy…

With it’s SAFE act causing tool makers to abandon them..


That pointless organization for terrorists, despots, dictators and such..

Often referred to as the United Nations…

Still working on banning guns..


In Kalifornistan…

A city council defies a majority of public opinion and it’s own planning commission..

Bans legal gunshops..

Wonder how this will work out in the next elections?

And also from Kalifornistan…

Your gonna have to register them bullets son…



Media BiASS:

Amid Scandals and Crises, NBC Does Fawning Interview With ‘Father-in-Chief’ Obama


Despite Al Qaeda being on the rise in Syria and Iraq, numerous unanswered questions remaining about the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange, and the ongoing VA scandal, NBC News decided to send former first daughter and Today show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager to the White House to conduct a softball interview with President Obama on fatherhood. Today co-host Savannah Guthrie teased the pro-Obama fluff at the top ofThursday’s broadcast: “Father-in-chief….In an exclusive interview with Jenna Bush Hager, President Obama gets personal about his own childhood without a father and what it’s like to raise kids in the White House.”


ABC Ignores Its Own Journalist Hounding Carney on Obama’s ‘Accomplishments’ in Iraq


Thursday’s World News on ABC led with the rapid advance of an Islamist group into the heart of Iraq, but glossed over how correspondent Jonathan Karl grilled outgoing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over how this development casts doubt on two of President Obama’s supposed “top foreign policy accomplishments: ending the war in Iraq and decimating and destroying core al-Qaeda.” Terry Moran noted how “President Obama today, resisting pleas from the Iraqi government for immediate U.S. air strikes to turn the tide, tread cautiously.” Martha Raddatz later underlined that “Obama said himself today that these fighters could end up being a significant threat to our homeland.” But neither journalist mentioned how their colleague sparred with Carney about the President’s past boasts about Iraq and al Qaeda.


Networks Dance Around Mentioning President Obama When Discussing Increased Iraq Violence


Al Qaeda militants have seized control of two cities in Northern Iraq, including Mosul the nation’s second largest and Tikrit, the hometown of Sadaam Hussein. Despite the increased violence, all three network morning shows did their best to downplay or ignore the Obama Administration’s Iraq policy for potentially contributing to the violence. On Thursday, June 12, ABC, CBS, and NBC all provided extensive coverage on the latest violence on and the danger of the radical Jihadists taking over parts of Iraq but the networks downplayed President Obama’s decision to quickly withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. The only reference to was to fret that the administration was unclear whether or not to send in military support,


Even Jimmy Fallon is Taking Jabs at Obama Now


With his approval ratings dropping and numerous scandals swirling around him it could be argued that America is going through Obama Fatigue right now. And maybe the President himself is getting tired of it all too. Or at least that’s what Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon noticed when he took a jab at Obama on Wednesday night.