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Miscellany Lite …..

Not much tonight…

Was at a wedding today followed by wedding reception and dance…



No rioting?

White officer shot by black felon!!
Of course no Alphabet Media will trumpet this all over the news!!
Nor will raicists, Obama, Holder, Sharpton or Jackson mention this or show up to instigate any rioting..


 Another politician claims the false science of GolBull Warming is the worst crisis ever!!


Crying like babies when the tables are turned..


Morning Miscellany ……………….

Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap..

MSNBC host, promotes ‘abortion’.

These people are sick and wrong..


This how America used to deal with murderous barbarians…

Time to do that again with Islamic terrorists…


Bloomberg’s anti gun crusade failing?

One can hope…


Red State Dems…

Fleeing Obama on gun control..

And everything else they can..


LIEberal Senator trying to cover up IRS scandal…

Trying to make sure his own butt is covered maybe?


20,000 M16s stolen?

Well that is comforting!!

50 Hollywood hypocrites..

We’re against the evil guns!!
But not when making movies to make a few bucks!!

Pizza Parlor refuses to give into hate groups..

Is their business…


Thursday Morning Miscellany ………

Obama and Holder file to sue the city of St. Anthony, Mn…

For NOT allowing a Islamic Indoctrination center in their city!!

Imagine that, Obama and Holder supporting Islam..



The rogue government agency that keeps on regulating…

Guess I need a ‘short barreled shotgun’.

Why? I have no damn idea, but if the government wants to regulate..

Then I must need one..


Anti gun Arizonia Democrat loses..

To a slightly pro gun Democrat..

Well I guess that is a bit better..


Is best not to mess with or point a gun at old guys..

Especially old veterans..

They might just shoot you..

6 times in fact..


Left wing, pro environmentalist group, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, has complaint with IRS filed against it..

For not reporting donations from rabid left wing environmental groups.

Makes one wonder how pro hunting and fishing Backcountry is?



Teaming up with the enemy, that would be the UN, to attack America..



How can we have glaciers forming??

What about the GloBull Warmening???


How to speak Leftist…

Miscellany ………………..


I for one would not like this..

And would be a bit unwilling to be part of it..

I’ll be down in my bunker doing some reloading now…


Tim Tebow gets blasted for his Christian Faith, and some so called sports media are no better then the asswipes on CNN, MSNBC, etc. for the comments they have made..

Well tell me this..

Do they do anything like…



Where the heck is the logic in this!!!??

Never mind…

Mooch and the USDA involved..


Black thug, suspect in robbery, assaults police officer and gets his thuggish ass blown away..

LIEberal media and racists Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder go nuts…

700 men, women, children are slaughtered by ISIS and you hear..[chirpchirp]..

Go figure..


Police shootings anywhere?

Lets protest!!

In Chicago? [chirp,chirp]


The kids are upset.

With self appointed school lunch nutritionist Mooch Obama!!!


Even in Connecticut..

Being anti gun and reporting stupidly..

Can cost you your job..


This how the free market works..

Get the damn government out of it!!

But of course oh blameless one Obama!!
You have to blame someone..

So blame America!!

Islamists demand what?

CAIR needs to be run out of America and back to whatever sandpile they came from..


Mid-Day Miscellany ……

Girls just wanna have guns…

6 million of them…

Feminists and Bloomberg’s minions, heads are exploding!!


Obama loves his big government..

More regs headed your way…


Open carry..

Where can you ‘legally’ do it??

Of course you’ll scare many..


Good Question!!
What DOES the Government do right?

Not much…


20 reasons Jefferson would not put up with Obama’s crap!!!


MBWITW and I were there for the 1989 one..

That sucked..


Where are they?

Map of where illegal aliens with murder convictions were released..


Obama goes golfing..

Kerry goes yachting..

The elite enjoying their lives…


Morning Miscellany …………………

Move along folks..

No bias, hypocrisy or stupidity here folks!!

Perry Grand Juror Is Democratic Party Activist. Sought Out a Grand Jury Witness While Serving.


The Future of the Gun..

Equals Freedom if we keep them, servitude if we don’t..


Apparently Carter is not the only President to okay a ‘botched’ raid…

Obama has one to his credit also..


Picking your food stamps up…

With your Mercedes…..


Not only is Windex good for your Mosin when using surplus, corrosive ammunition…

It is useful for a number of other tasks, besides..

Plus you can clean your windows with it!!

Milwaukee Sheriff, whom Bloomberg tried to defeat in last election with his money and still lost..

Lets Bloomberg know how he feels…



A list…

Of Obama’s attacks on America..


The end is near…

Role playing game achievements used on resumes….!!!??? 



The Government run scam that keeps on hurting…

Not helping..


Constant Training

Miscellany ……………………

Con artist.


Class warfare?

Starts with rich Bahs-turds like Tom Steyer.

Obama supporter and Global Warming promoter..


Mooch gets stiffed in Georgia..


Obama gets mocked over Ferguson..

By Egypt..


Ignorance should be painful..

Especially when one is this ignorant..


Crooked DemocRAT Governor denies the facts..

Looking to gain the hoodlum vote..

Scum sucking POS!

Black cop kills young white man!!
Where is the outrage??

When does the rioting and looting start..

Oh wait..We have to go to work..


The worthless, spineless, golfing pResident!!


The stupid intolerance in today’s government run schools…

Nothing ‘Public’ about them..


Best seller on Amazon.

My Parents Open Carry!!
Anti gun crowd’s heads are exploding!!!