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From a former ‘brain dead liberal’ turned Conservative and pro gun..

If, indeed, a firearm were more dangerous to its possessors than to potential aggressors, would it not make sense for the government to arm all criminals, and let them accidentally shoot themselves?


“We cannot negotiate with those who say, ‘What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable.’”

John F. Kennedy, Address to the American People, 25 JUL 1961


Found at Weerd’s Place…

More Paypal Being Anti-Gun


Tactical Joe Biden???

Biden was appearing on an online forum on gun control when he advised viewers that in case of civil unrest, you are really much better off with a (double-barreled) shotgun than with an assault rifle.


On the range: Understanding differences in firearms


How hard will president’s green agenda hit your wallet?


Excuse me???

E.J. DIONNE JR.: Obama follows in Reagan’s footsteps


Another Federal powerplay to diminish the People’s Rights..

 Effort to abolish local sheriffs a stealth federal power grab?


Why? With local police? Have they ever done this before? Practiced over American cities?


Buck Ofama ‘suggests’ Republicans unwilling to capitulate to his anti Freedom demands?

And how do you explain so many that are against your ‘gun banBuck Ofama? Are you only listening to the hysterical ranting of your sheeple? Maybe the Republicans are listening to their constituents? Like they damn well better be!!


And it is only going to get tougher…Especially when you ban them and start trying to enforce such Freedom stifling, Constitution ignoring crap!!

Leading Democrat: Gun control faces uphill climb


Global Warming Devastation Continues To Pummel The Vermont Ski Industry

More..Latest Disturbing Imagery From Heidi Cullen’s Worsening Western Drought


Polls…Mean What?

Not a damn thing..

Hell Carter polled ahead of Reagan and we know how THAT went..

First who are they polling and how?

Push pull polls? Those are bullshit!
Are they polling stay at homes?


Those already on the government payroll via employment or the dole?
I have yet to be polled! As is the same with many folks I talk to. So who are they polling?

Are they all urban dwellers?



Plus will these being polled actually get out and vote?

Of course with the Democrats they pull dead people and dogs into the polls..

Chris Stirewalt – Obama should copy Reagan and keep it simple

Washington Examiner Political Digest

Chris Stirewalt: Obama should copy Reagan and keep it simple

After coming to power amid similar circumstances as Obama did, Reagan’s approval rating slipped to 50 percent at the end of his first year and didn’t get to the sunny side of the street for almost two years.

Michael Barone – The Kennedys: The end of America’s experiment with royalty

Those who remember the 1960s understand viscerally, even if they do not share themselves, the almost mystical devotion the Kennedys inspired. Those who do not find it harder to understand, and those who come after us may find it utterly mystifying.

Susan Ferrechio – Reid Wants his local paper to fold

Reid last week fully antagonized the Las Vegas Review-Journal Newspaper, which has been critical of him, by reportedly telling its advertising director “I hope you go out of business” while the two shook hands at a Chamber of Commerce event.

Mark Tapscott – Memo to suburbanites: Government doesn’t want you to live there any more

If you like living in the suburbs, having your own little piece of God’s green Earth, and being part of the community schools, churches and civic groups, well, too bad because the “Smart Growth” progressives in Congress and the National Reseach Council have a new report that shows how much better things would be if instead you and your family lived in an urban high rise.

War of the Roses in Texas

Kay Bailey Hutchison had sweet dreams of the governor’s mansion. She’ll have to play smash-mouth politics to get there.

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