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Media BiASS: More of the Same…No News…

Chris Matthews, Guest Mangle Boko Haram Issue Into Racial Jab at GOP

Chris Matthews mocked Republicans on Friday’s Hardball over their hawkish stance towards Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamist group that recently kidnapped hundreds of girls. Matthews made a thinly-veiled racial attack on the GOP during a panel discussion on the terrorist organization: “By the way, when did the Republican Party take this keen interest in Africa? I may have missed that one.” Guest Michelle Bernard, who is of Jamaican decent, quickly followed the MSNBC host with a more overt racially-based jab at Republicans: “I was about to say. It was very nice to see all these – all these conservatives – you know, beating the battle drum for justice for people who look like me.”

Benghazi Watch for Friday: NBC Skips New Investigation; ABC Offers 12 seconds

The House on Thursday voted to create a select committee to investigate Benghazi, but NBC’s Today, a four hour program, on Friday totally ignored the story. In contrast, the show spent two minutes on the topic of how many times a week people should shower. ABC’s Good Morning America allowed a mere 12 seconds for the latest details. News reader Amy Robach emphasized, Republicans on Capitol Hill are opening an eighth investigation into the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.” She added, “Today, Democrats are meeting to decide whether to boycott the new investigation, calling it election year politics.” CBS This Morning offered a scant 15 seconds. Co-host Charlie Rose quickly derided, “Thursday’s vote to create the committee stayed mostly along party lines with 225 Republicans voting in favor. Only seven Democrats backed the probe.” On Thursday, CBS’s Nancy Cordes featured Democrats such as Congressman Gerry Connolly complaining, “For political reasons, to keep the base fired up between now and the midterm elections.”

On CBS, Michael Smerconish Slams Talk Radio’s ‘Horrific Impact on Polarization and Incivility’

Appearing on Friday’s CBS This Morning, Sirius XM radio and CNN host Michael Smerconish hocked his new fictional novel about the talk radio business entitled Talk, and denounced the industry: “I think it’s entertainment masked as news and I wanted to expose it because I think it’s had a horrific impact on polarization and incivility in the country.”  Smerconish was teed up by co-host Gayle King, who described the book as “the story of an influential conservative radio personality at a crossroad against the backdrop of a presidential race,” before proclaiming: “…many times when I used to listen to talk radio, it’s hard to do now, I used to listen to these guys, Michael, and say, ‘They can’t possibly believe what they’re saying.’ And after reading your book…the character says it’s all for show. Half the time they don’t mean what they’re saying. It just is a way to just rile up the crowd.”

On The Kelly File: Donate to a Non-Profit Conservative Group and Your Odds of Being Audited Go Up Tenfold

On Thursday’s edition of The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly invited on attorney Cleta Mitchell, who represents groups targeted by the IRS, to talk about a new House Republican report that found ten percent of Tea Party donors were audited by the IRS, compared to just one percent for ordinary taxpayers. So far ABC, CBS and NBC have failed to cover the new report.

Packed! Erroneous? RINOs! LIEberals! Obamacare!

More Court Packing

Once again, Senate Democrats took advantage of having “gone nuclear” and ending the filibuster for judicial nominees. In the dark of night Thursday, the Senate confirmed Cornelia Pillard to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals by a vote of 51-44. That makes two additional Obama nominees on the court with the lightest workload, and it gives leftists a 6-4 advantage on the court that hears most challenges to executive actions. On top of that, National Review’s Patrick Brennan calls Pillard “probably the most extreme of President Obama’s judicial nominees this year.” Why? Well, for example, Brennan says she opposed a church’s right to be exempt from normal employment-discrimination law in order to decide on a minister. The Supreme Court disagreed with her, 9-0. Beware…



Erroneous? How can that be? Someone had to write the code to enable this to happen. SOmeone had to ask that such be possible? Erroneous?

How about blatant stealing!! Endorsed by those in a position to make it happen!

Erroneous my ass!!

Reports of erroneous WA health exchange debits


War? because the ‘established’ RINOs want everything their way? And no other need apply? Bull!! No better then the DemocRATS dictating and controlling their party!!

Well I am a Conservative and I see nothing in either party worth supporting!! I will not support candidates whom do not support the Constitution and my Rights!!

RINOs…Is hunting season…

The Republican establishment and insurgent groups brace for all-out war


And speaking of not supporting our Rights, the LIEberals are blatantly trying to take them away and silence all those whom speak out and oppose them…

Screw that..

Liberals take aim at freedom of speech and religion


Supported it did you?

Now live with it.

Or make it go away…

I have no sympathy or time for you!

New York’s Cultural Elite Blindsided By ObamaCare


Media BiASS: Tortured Football Analogy: Ed Schultz Compares Obama to Auburn; Republicans are Alabam

Tortured Football Analogy: Ed Schultz Compares Obama to Auburn; Republicans are Alabama

Perhaps the White House told Ed Schultz to compare the administration to a powerhouse football team? On Monday’s MSNBC program, the liberal host offered a most tortured analogy: Barack Obama is just like the University of Auburn’s football team and the Republicans are the defeated Alabama. Schultz even replayed Saturday’s exciting final play, swapping out Chris Davis for the President: “Holy smokes, we’ve got a return by ObamaCare! This is Chris Davis. He’s a believer! He’s got all those Obama blockers out there!” Screaming as he narrated the game’s final seconds, Schultz continued with his fantasy interpretation: “It’s going to work! It’s going to work! Look at ObamaCare! It’s going to work! They ain’t giving up. One hundred and nine yards in Jordan Harris stadium!” Considering his disdain for conservatives, the host leveled his harshest comparison at Alabama: “Even the arrogance of Alabama, who thinks they can beat everybody anywhere, any time, any day, even with one second left, they think they’re going to get it to you. And that’s where they’re just like the Republicans!”

NBC’s Gregory Cuts Off GOP Congressman to Spew ObamaCare Propaganda

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, as Republican Congressman Mike Rogers denounced ObamaCare’s “unprecedented confiscation of people’s health care,” moderator David Gregory interrupted to parrot White House talking points defending the disastrous policy: “…you talk about confiscation, the reality is there’s also a lot of people who are going to have the potential to get insurance who never had insurance. And you have a small piece of the market where people may lose plans. Many of those will get better plans in the individual market.”  Rogers attempted to push back against Gregory’s assertions: “But David, that’s not true. David – a hundred million people [may lose their insurance].” Gregory just kept talking over the Congressman, citing a poll that 54% of Americans think the ObamaCare problems will be solved and concluding: “That’s a level of credibility and belief in the system that presumably is very important.”

CNN Pundit Shrugs Off Obama’s Lie: ‘Every President Is Going to Lie to You’

On CNN Sunday evening, liberal ESPN columnist LZ Granderson justified the President’s repeated lie about ObamaCare, claiming that Americans knew he did it for their own good. “And, time and time again, Americans have said we can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us because we believe in his heart, he has the best interest for the American people,” Granderson insisted.

MSNBC’s Hayes: ‘Republicans Sabotaged Healthcare.Gov’

On Wednesday’s All In on MSNBC, during a discussion of how to deal with conversing with conservative relative during Thanksgiving dinner, host Chris Hayes at one point seemed to claim that Republicans “sabotaged” the ObamaCare Web site, Healthcare.Gov. CBS contributor Nancy Giles also complained that she “hates” it when people who “hate government” get into power and then “dismantle” government.

Attkisson: Fast and Furious Whistleblower ‘Rare Example’ Amidst Obama’s ‘War On Leaks’

Sharyl Attkisson touted ‘Fast and Furious’ whistleblower John Dodson as “a rare example, especially amid the Obama administration’s war on leaks” during a segment on Monday’s CBS This Morning. Attkisson, whose reporting on the arms trafficking scandal won CBS a Edward R. Murrow Award, spotlighted the ATF senior agent’s new book on “the inside story of why he went public to expose the government’s false denials about its gunwalking secrets.” The correspondent also pointed out how “there’s still a court battle over the ‘Fast and Furious’ documents that President Obama is withholding from Congress under executive privilege.” She also featured a clip from Dodson where he emphasized that this is an ongoing controversy that deserves more media attention.

Global Warming Alarmist Sam Champion Leaves ABC for Weather Channel: His Top 5 Most Unbelievable Quotes

ABC announced on Monday that weatherman and global warming alarmist Sam Champion will be leaving the network for the Weather Channel. Champion has developed a long history of the most hyperbolic predictions about climate change. Additionally, the ABC personality has promoted bizarre environmentalists such as No Impact Man, an activist who shunned toilet paper. On February 8, 2008, Champion ridiculously asked Good Morning America viewers, “Could global warming one day force us into space to live?” On June 25, 2007, the weatherman promoted Colin Beavan, the anti-toilet paper No Impact Man. When his ABC colleagues expressed skepticism, Champion reassured Chris Cuomo that the host could keep “your toilet paper,” but didn’t mention the rest of the country. Here are the five most obnoxious examples of Sam Champion’s environmental extremism:

GOA: What the Heck Were Republicans Thinking?



What the Heck Were Republicans Thinking?

GOP pulled the plug on a die-hard gun rights advocate

Well, the results from Tuesday’s high-profile gubernatorial elections are in.

A moderate-to-liberal gun control advocate (Chris Christie) won in New Jersey, while a die-hard pro-gun advocate (Ken Cuccinelli) barely lost in Virginia.

Cuccinelli lost a squeaker (48.0 to 45.5 percent), even though he was outspent 4-1 by his anti-gun Democrat opponent, Terry McAuliffe, who was able to blast $15 million more dollars into the state for advertising.

Gun-grabbing advocate, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, also pumped in more than a million dollars into the race.

So how did the national GOP counter?  Well, according to The Washington Times, “The Republican National Committee spent six million dollars less this year than it did in 2009 [for Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell]. Cuccinelli was outspent three to one during most of the campaign and as much as ten to one in the closing days.”

During the last two weeks of the race, the Cuccinelli ad campaign went “dark,” as they were unable to answer the vicious lies and attack ads that were filling the northern Virginia airwaves.

Conservatives in Virginia are furious.  Says The Washington Post:  “The election loss [in Virginia] reignited anger among conservative Republicans who believe that the party’s moderate wing … had not backed up their candidate with money or support.”

Indeed, gun owners wonder if the additional $6 million — that was spent on Bob McDonnell four years ago — would have helped get an additional three percent of the vote for Cuccinelli.

Sadly, while Republicans were holding back in their support of their candidate, the Democrats were funding a third party candidate to take votes away from Cuccinelli.

Libertarian Robert Sarvis received immense help from an Obama-fundraiser, Joe Liemandt, who helped Sarvis get on the ballot.

According to a report in The Blaze on the day of the election, “A major Democratic Party benefactor and Obama campaign bundler helped pay for professional petition circulators responsible for getting Virginia Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert C. Sarvis on the ballot — a move that could split conservative votes in a tight race.”

This Obama benefactor was the BIGGEST contributor to the Libertarian Booster Pac, and the Sarvis candidacy had the desired result — as Cuccinelli fell short of McAuliffe by less than three percent.  (Sarvis took six percent of the vote.)

Why didn’t Republicans adopt the same strategy?  If a Green candidate had drawn votes away from McAuliffe — the way Sarvis did for Cuccinelli — then it would be the Republican candidate who would be the governor-elect today.

Bottom line: It appears that the national GOP, by sitting on its collective hands, views the enemy to be conservatives and Tea Party activists.  They would rather have a Clinton fundraiser like Terry McAuliffe be governor of Virginia, rather than an accomplished public servant who brilliantly articulates Republican goals.

This is truly a travesty.  It’s important that gun rights supporters ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY contact the Republican National Committee and voice their displeasure.  Otherwise, we’ll see these same types of sellouts occurring everywhere in 2014.

ACTION:  Please contact Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and let him know how disappointed you are that the national GOP would not get fully behind a solid, pro-gun conservative Republican.  Tell him that he needs to quit if he’s not going to support real Republicans.


You can contact RNC Chairman Reince Priebus at the contact form for the RNC:  http://www.gop.com/contact-us

Or you can call the RNC at:  202-863-8500

NOTE:  The contact form has a 1,000 character limit.  The pre-written letter below is just barely under that limit.

—– Pre-written letter to Reince Priebus —–

I am very disappointed about your meager “support” for Ken Cuccinelli in VA.

It was reported in The Washington Times (11/6/13) that you slashed by 2/3 the support you gave to Cuccinelli, compared to the millions of dollars the RNC gave Bob McDonnell four years ago.  That missing support — $6 million total — could have helped get an additional three percent of the vote (and the victory) for Cuccinelli.

The big issue of the campaign was the anti-gun ObamaCare law.  Cuccinelli almost won the race by emphasizing what a disaster this horrible law is.

You have made it clear by sitting on your hands that you view the enemy to be conservatives and Tea Party activists.  You would rather have a Clinton bagman be governor of VA rather than an accomplished public servant who brilliantly articulates Republican goals.  Evidently those goals are not yours.

If you are not willing to support real Republicans, please go home.  You are as useful as a bicycle for a fish.



Some interesting facts regarding our electorate:

Number of States won by Obama 19

Number of States won by Romney 29

Square miles of land won by Obama 580,000

Square miles of land won by Romney 2,427,000

Population of counties won by Obama 127 million

Population of counties won by Romney 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by Obama 13.2

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by Romney 2.1

This last statistic is really scary!!!!


Death Threats! Vacation! Franken! Oops!

From the Religion of Peace!! How long before something happens and Buck Ofama and Shillary can balme another ‘crisis’ on this video?

Death Threats over Conservative Viral Video


The Mooch is going on Vacation!!


Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation


Franken…Failed clown, DJ, pointless Senator..

VIDEO: Franken Slams Into Staffer While Dodging Reporter’s IRS Question


Oops…..Bad move I’d say!!

Unlucky thieves throw victim in closet full of firearms


Nothing like a short little, efftarded bully throwing  a hissy fit when things go against him. Bloomberg your an ass!!

Anti-Gun “Pacifist” Mayor Bloomberg Throws a Hissy Fit and Drops F-Bombs When Questioned


Minnesota. Screwed By the Democraps!!

Of course we were.

DFL Dumb Fucking Liberals!!


Rep. Kelby Woodard (20A) – Legislative Update

Over the last two years, we can see that the policies Republicans and Gov. Dayton put in place worked. We allowed Minnesota’s economy to grow and create jobs. That $5 billion budget deficit we faced in 2011 took a dramatic turnaround and grew into a more-than $3 billion budget surplus. What was once a 7.5-percent unemployment rate is now at 5.3 percent. Just last year, 55,000 new jobs were created and 60,000 Minnesotans took a risk and worked hard to start their own business. And the best news is, Minnesota’s economy continues to improve and revenues continue to come in higher than projected.

The Democrats have chosen a dramatically different approach. This session will be remembered as the year Democrats used their one-party control at the Capitol to pass historic tax increases, raise state spending to never-before-seen levels and focus on divisive social issues. As a result, the final tax bill for Minnesotans includes $2.1 billion in new tax burdens. With these increases, Minnesota will become the fourth-most taxed state in the union. Included in these new taxes is a business services tax and…

Mom & Pop Shop Tax, New 4th tier tax: $1.12 billion by increasing income tax on top bracket by 25 percent, including small businesses. This makes Minnesota’s income tax rate the second-highest in the nation for comparative income.

Cigarette Tax: $408 million from increase of $1.60/pack (from $1.23 to $2.83).

Sales and Gift Tax: $137 million by expanding sales tax to services like warehousing and storage, IT services and telecommunications and gift tax.

Everyone pays more for necessities: Groceries like bread, milk, gas, and medical products due to warehousing tax, electric bills due to additional mandates on utility companies, health insurance due to new Insurance Exchange, new drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration, and vehicle title fees, farm equipment repairs due to new electronic and commercial repair services sales tax, and new internet purchases due to sales tax expansion.

These new taxes will be imposed on Minnesotans at a time when we are projected to enjoy an $856 million surplus in 2016-17 (before any tax increases). These taxes were imposed to increase spending by an unsustainable 8 percent.

This unprecedented growth in the budget will result in 1,300 new full-time state government jobs. Even before these new jobs are added, the Minnesota state government weighs in as the state’s largest employer with over 40,000 employees. I believe these new tax dollars would be better left in the private sector where they can be leveraged to create long term sustainable job growth for our state.

Perhaps the most heated floor discussion this session centered on a bill that leads to unionized child care providers and personal care assistants. I strongly opposed this legislation, along with the vast majority of providers themselves, newspaper editorial boards throughout Minnesota, and parents everywhere. Special interest groups, Gov. Dayton, and fellow Democrats in the Legislature were the primary drivers behind this push to treat private small business owners as state employees.