Ted.Dorner. Killers. Panetta. CNN. Knee Jerk.

Being, well, Ted!!

Nugent Smacks ‘Gangsters in the White House’


The media, feeding BS to the Sheeple..

Dorner and the Media Game


Cold Stone Killers


Panetta: US Risks Being Second-Rate Power

The United States is at risk of becoming a second-rate power if automatic budget cuts go into effect, plunging the U.S. armed forces into the most significant readiness crisis they’ve faced in more than a decade, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned. Read More


The stoopid is strong with this one…But it is CNN..

We know they use the Stoopid well…


Knee jerking Democrats..

Using whatever they can to deprive citizens of their rights..



People speaking out against the Knee Jerkers..


Gun Stuff..Gitmo..Buck Ofama..Myth..NYT..Globull Warming..


Of course these are Conservative Blacks, no relation to the Half White, Arab a little black in him Buck Ofama.


Whine. Point fingers. Blame others. Toss them under his damn bus. Buck Ofama. No accountability, no accepting responsibility..Is why I cannot stand the worthles Bahs-turd..

Charles Krauthammer: I love to hear the president whine about FOX News and talk radio


Attn: Global Warming Alarmists

China has 19% of the worlds population, but consumes 53% of the world’s cement, 48% of the world’s iron ore,47% of the world’s coal … and the majority of just about every other major commodity.


Yeah. Another rich liberal elitists whom thinks because of that he is so empowered to dictate how the less fortunate live and provide for his greed..Eff him..

Mayor Bloomberg: Guns for Me, Not for You


Mr ColionNoir..


Christians against guns are just Sheeple whom go to church on SUnday and then live in the Secular world thinking they are Believers tthe rest of the week. Hypocrites whom do not understand what teh 2nd Amendment means and have forgotten WHY the Pilgrims and others came here so many years ago! To ESCAPE religious persecution you fools. And why the 1st Amendment and all the others need the 2nd Amendment to back them up!!

Gun Owners Against Christ? … J. D. Longstreet


22 Signs That Barack Obama Is Transforming America Into A Larger Version Of North Korea

#1 Obama has appointed numerous socialists and communists to important positions in his administration.  The following are just a few examples that were highlighted in a recent article by John Perazzo

  • Obama named Van Jones, a longtime revolutionary communist who famously declared that “we [are] gonna change the whole [economic] system,” as his “green jobs czar” in 2009;

  • he appointed Carol Browner, a former “commissioner” of the Socialist International, as his “environment czar”;

  • he appointed John Holdren, who not only views capitalism as a system that is inherently destructive of the environment, but strongly favors the redistribution of wealth, both within the U.S. and across international borders, as his “science czar”;

  • he named Hilda Solis, a former officer of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (the socialist wing of the House of Representatives), as his labor secretary;

  • and he chose Anita Dunn, a woman who has cited Mao Zedong as one of her “favorite political philosophers,” to serve as White House communications director.


But wait!! Buck Ofama was going to close Gitmo….?

Office established to close Gitmo is closed…

Well now…

Salon shows the myth behind Obama and Gitmo..

The Obama GITMO myth


Affordable Care Act is going to eff you..

Despite its newspeak name, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will neither make healthcare more affordable nor protect patients. Make no mistake about it … government medicine will serve a government agenda. The Congressional Budget Office has already published the alarming numbers showing how health care costs will skyrocket under this legislation. But what’s worse is that Obamacare will do nothing to protect you as a patient.

It’s right there in black and white, in Section 1311(h). You know, one of those sections Nancy Pelosi warned us about when she said we’d have to “pass it to know what’s in it.” Section 1311(h) empowers a single bureaucrat with no medical training – the Secretary of Health and Human Services – to “standardize” the services your doctors can and cannot offer you. The real goal of this stealth clause? To reduce health care consumption, period.

This means that even if you’re covered by a private insurer, and even if the treatment your doctor is proposing is perfectly legal, the government can still tell your doctor he’s not allowed to give you that particular treatment. And if your doctor decides to do so anyway, the government can shut down the practice entirely.

With legislation like this, it’s easy to see why now more than ever before, it’s vital to make every effort to be as self-reliant as possible when it comes to your health.


New York Times Displays Its Gun Fear on Sunday’s Front Page

Between the multiple editorials calling for stricter gun laws and the denunciations of the NRA by its reporters, it’s safe to say the urban liberals at the New York Times lack a cultural affinity for guns. Using the Sandy Hook massacre as an excuse, the paper treated as vital and disturbing Sunday front-page news something that’s been going on for decades: The gun industry encouraging youth to engage in recreational shooting, hunting, and firearms training.


Trust them they say..

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT — The sobering footage was uploaded on YouTube by an anonymous user. It is unclear who filmed it.

In the video, which goes in and out of focus, the pop and sizzle of the electric stun gun can be heard before someone shouts ‘nice shot’ from off camera as the man falls to the ground.

Within seconds, two officers stand over the motionless man and begin kicking and stomping on him as he lay on the grass. A third officer drives up in a police cruiser with the sirens blaring and joins in the attack.



Just say no..To Buck Ofama’s gun grab..

220 Sheriffs Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control


War Hammer….


Gun Stuff and More …..

The Gipper

“The gun has been called the great equalizer, meaning that a small person with a gun is equal to a large person, but it is a great equalizer in another way, too. It insures that the people are the equal of their government whenever that government forgets that it is servant and not master of the governed. When the British forgot that they got a revolution. And, as a result, we Americans got a Constitution; a Constitution that, as those who wrote it were determined, would keep men free. If we give up part of that Constitution we give up part of our freedom and increase the chance that we will lose it all.” –Ronald Reagan

But, but, but…We voted for him!!! How can this be!?!?! Dumb assed Liberals..

Requirement…To carry…By Vermont…Works for me…

Why Not? Why not what? Car control!! They kill!! More then guns, a lot more!! Cause untold amounts of trauma and the costs on the system are incredible..

Escalators. Dangerous. Ban them!! NOW!!!

The Sheeple were confused..

Inconvenient facts…More Guns = Less Crime…

Speaking of dumb liberals..Buyers remorse maybe?


Who needs a stinking warrant? Not apparently needed in America..

And why shouldn’t it be? A packed Gun Show? When the Freedom hating gun grabbers are trying to take away out tools, because they apparently do bad thing. Mine must be defective…

The anti’s in St Paul are coming for them. Going to be a rough ride..

A list of those not smart enough to realize a gun is a tool. And a list of those whom use guns to make a living, yet call them ‘evil’!

Bank of America freezes deposits..Of Gun Manufacturer… Stupid…

As long as murder is so profitable, you won’t see this stop. But let us have the right to protect ourselves? Damn. Can’t have that!!

A vaccine to prevent gun violence…..

Oh hell yeah!!! Gun appreciation day!!!! You bet….

Autoloaders…rifles….guns..versatile…listen to the gun grabbers squeal…

And it is not Evil Black!!!

One more reason I will never fly again…

What about Benghazi?

Obamacare, freezes, layoffs, all kinds of fun…

Oh no!!! No ARs?? How about a Mauser??

Big push to take your guns…Molon Labe..

In the event of….

1st Amendment? Free Speech? We don’t need no stinking 1st Amendment!!! At least here in Wisconsin we don’t!!!

Protect and serve, later, maybe, your on your own for now…

More gun laws, for the law abiding to have to comply and the criminals to ignore, more stupid from the Stupid Capital..

Don’t be interrupting this woman’s pedicure…She’ll draw one on you…

No pay t0 play…Well someone is. Just not the moochers.. Pretty much summarizes all that is wrong with America today..

So heaven forbid you lost or no longer have access to your ‘boomsticks‘!! Now what?? A few suggestions….

Just imagine…If King George III…

Here, brighten your day..

Interesting article on facing an active shooter. After peeing my pants I wold hope to be able to get my gun out and protect self, family etc…

Have no time for the Obamacare, Dhimmcrap supporting AARP? Neither do I!!!

Dear Editor,

I’m sure there are a number of subscribers to Off the Grid who are 50 or over and are still unhappily members of AARP and wish they had an alternative.

Well, there is a good one and it is AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens. I was very happy when I found them a few years ago and I recommend them to everyone I can. They have a website at http://amac.us/  Check them out and see if it’s something you would recommend to Off the Grid subscribers.

Best wishes,


Dear Robert,

Thank you for your email and I most assuredly can recommend the AMAC for those over 50. They are a conservative organization for those of us who have finally reached the later stage of life. My husband and I are both members. If you’re a conservative and a senior, and don’t want to use your hard-earned money to support an organization like AARP that doesn’t really care about your interests, then go to the Association for Mature American Citizens and check them out. http://amac.us/

The Editor