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ABC and NBC Censor Latest IRS Outrage, CBS Gives Story Only 19 Seconds


On Thursday morning, ABC and NBC refused to cover the latest revelation in the IRS scandal. Politico reported on Wednesday afternoon that former IRS official Lois Lerner cautioned her colleagues about what they write in emails in case any of them come under congressional investigation. Wednesday night’s broadcast evening newscasts were similarly uninterested in the latest IRS development, though FNC’s Special Report with Bret Baier, at6 PM EDT, ran a full story from Carl Cameron and discussed it during its panel segment.CBS This Morning did not do much better than ABC ior NBC on Thursday morning, as the news warranted only a 19 second mention during the 7:30 a.m. half hour when covering headlines from publications across the country.


Words Do Matter: CNN’s Bolduan Berates Perry on Immigration With Liberal Talk Points


Thursday’s edition of New Day on CNN included co-host Kate Bolduan’s continued efforts to loyally follow the Obama administration by lobbying and mocking anyone who dared suggest that they do not support the President or his immigration policy. Thursday’s guest in the hot seat was Texas Governor Rick Perry. From start to finish in the eight minute plus interview, Bolduan attacked Perry on everything from securing the border to solving the issue of the undocumented illegal immigrant children to whether he “could get past the politics” and support President Obama.


CBS Host: Is Perry Calling Border Crisis Obama’s ‘Katrina Moment’ Just ‘A Bunch of Bull’?


Talking to political director John Dickerson on Thursday’s CBS This Morning, co-host Norah O’Donnell tried to dismiss Texas Governor Rick Perry calling the current border crisis President Obama’s “Katrina moment”: “Is there some truth to that or is there, as we say in Texas, is that a bunch of bull?” Dickerson flippantly replied: “Well, you know, the Katrina moment since that disaster has gotten kind of thrown around, it’s become something of a political cliche. I think this might be the President’s maybe twentieth Katrina moment.”


CBS Breaks 102-Day Blackout on Captive Marine; NBC Still Won’t Acknowledge Case


U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi has been held in a Mexican prison for more than three months for accidentally crossing into Mexico with weapons and NBC News has yet to acknowledge the story. On Wednesday, July 9, Sergeant Tahmooressi made his first appearance in a Tijuana courtroom and on Thursday both ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS This Morning covered the developments whereas NBC’s Today remained silent.


Only CBS Identifies Israel’s Targets as ‘Terrorists'; NBC and ABC See ‘Militants’


Of the three morning shows on Thursday, only CBS allowed that Israel’s targets in the ongoing violence could be called “terrorists.” ABC and NBC described “militants ” The networks all highlighted the plight of Palestinian civilians hurt or killed by Israel. But their journalists failed to wonder if Hamas was using people as human shields. Instead, Good Morning America’s Alex Marquardt highlighted, “So far, around 80 Palestinians killed, the vast majority civilians.”


On CNN, Conservative Pollster Conway, Joy Behar Spar Over the Future of ‘The View’


Kellaynne Conway and Joy Behar faced off on Wednesday’s CNN Tonight over the future of ABC’s The View, particularly in light of Rosie O’Donnell rejoining the cast. Host Don Lemon wondered, “Will the panel reflect American politics?” When Conway asserted that the program didn’t need to be political, Behar sarcastically asked if the conservative pollster wanted the job. Conway replied, “No, no, no. I think they’re not really looking for a real conservative.”

Armed! Kahr! Stealin’! Lying Buck Ofama! Pimps! .Irregular Immigrant’? Texas?

“Detroit has become the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy. What happened was Detroit’s population dropped something like 70 percent, but the government got bigger. The tax base got smaller, but the government got bigger. Thank God that kind of thing could never happen in Washington.” –comedian Jay Leno


Thanks to Ohio Gun Owners, Zimmerman will be armed once again.

In spite of Eric Holder’s totalitarian wants.


Kahr Arms sets the record straight..

On Wiki..

Straightens their misguided bullshit out!

Nobody asked, of course you have a Right to voice your opinion, so do others…

You do not have a right to impose your opinion on others though.

So shut the hell up!!!

Plotting and planning. Straight from the WH on how to lie, cheat, intimidate and steal a Presidential Election!!!


Proof! Don’t believe a word Buck Ofama says…Not one single damn word…

Taking car of those whom scratch his ass….Or whatever their scratching, blowing, kissing..


These two so called Reverends. And I’m the Pope..

Have pimped, lied, cajoled and caused more damn problems between blacks and whites, pure racists is what they are and have always been. And have, as the article says gotten rich off the game they play.


The UN needs to go away!! “Irregular’ immigrants over ‘Illegal’ Immigrants?

I can’t wait to see some blue helmets to shoot at!!


What the hell is going on in Texas??

Think it’s hot in Texas these days? Just wait a few weeks, until the San Antonio City Council ends its summer hiatus and resumes work on a proposed change to its  nondiscrimination ordinances that apparently will discriminate against all who take the Bible at its word and follow it.


Die? Satan? Race Riots? Games? Threats!

But, but? Backpedaling? Realizing the farce called ObamaCare is just that? A farce?

But Won’t People Die?


The Highway to Hell is paved with aborted babies and those chanting Hail Satan are leading the way..

Abortionists Declare Their Team: Chant “Hail Satan” As Christians Sing Amazing Grace


Are you ready? will this be a ‘trigger’? Race riots, those whom think they are owed and entitled using a ‘not guilty’ verdict to vent by attacking those whom support them, rioting, looting and then? Martial Law? Buck Ofama using such to push America over the bring? And finding out how pissed off the ‘crackers’ are and how willing we will be to stand and say “Hell No!“? And finding out how many ‘guns’ there are out there?

Are you ready and will you stand your ground? Do you really think Buck Ofama will protect you?

Zimmerman’s Fate and Looming Race Riots


Games…effing games…Played because Buck Ofama is screwing with America and screwing over Americans..

Bolivian leader’s plane rerouted on Snowden fear


This is how the left rolls. Do it our way or else! No democracy involved!!! Eff them!

Pro-Life Texas Legislators Receive Threats


Relocate! Not Here!! Who Is? Obama’s People! Behave? Saved?

Raising unemployment and losing tax income..Is the anti gun way…

Stag Arms to relocate; South Carolina and Texas prime candidates!


Well maybe you should just stay in Africa, your birh place, and work on fixing them as you fixed America..Oh …wait…They already are where you want America to go…

Obama tries to Tell Africa Gay Rights Should be Universal; Africa Responds – Not here Bruh!

Is why the Government fails..Because eff ups are a way of doing business for them. Now one wonders whee all these guns are? Mexico? Hmmmm…

U.S. Parks Dept. has thousands of guns unaccounted for, lacking official records


Really? Who has taken God out of the Government Public Indoctrination Schools? Who is teaching our children to be immoral and hate God?

Is not the 2nd Amendment supporters you effing idiot!!

Second Amendment Supporters are ‘Going to Hell’ says NEA Vice President


These are Buck Ofama‘s people, the ones he supports, with American Tax Dollars!!!..The Religion of Sheet Heads, Murderers, Pedophiles, Haters, Sodomites, etc.

The Monastery of St Anthony was the only safe haven, where Fr Franҫois lived along with some Franciscan friars, four nuns and ten lay Christians. But on Sunday, rebels part of a fringe extremist Islamic group, stormed that place too.”

According to the Custos of the Holy Land, Islamists broke into the convent, looted it and destroyed everything. When Fr Franҫois tried to defend the nuns and other people, the gunmen shot him dead.

Custos of the Holy Land: Fr Franҫois Mourad killed by Islamist insurgents in al-Ghassaniyah


More Obama’s people. Unreported attacks by blacks on whites…Arm yourselves. The police, government nor Buck Ofama will protect you!

Family picnic turns to horror thanks to black mob


Behave? Because they are exposing your discriminatory, racist, anti American policies?

Obama Tells U.S. Media to ‘Behave’


What? You joining your boss in smoke sessions are you? Or Senility finally kicking Biden?

Biden: ‘President and I’ Saved Economy


1,781 abortions.

1,781 abortions.
1,781 innocent lives were ended across the country in the 13 hours that Texas State Senator Wendy Davis spent filibustering a bill that would have stopped abortions for babies past 20 weeks in Texas.

One thousand, seven hundred eighty-one.

This filibuster was fueled by the blood money of the anti-abortion lobby–that’s how they killed a reform that would save lives, a reform that most Americans feel is perfectly reasonable.

Why are 150 jobs leaving Minnesota?

The DFL Way. Raise taxes, drive businesses away…


Gov. Dayton Needs to Focus on Why Jobs Are Leaving

We understand Governor Mark Dayton was to celebrate the grand opening of the business Endeavor Air today, but a health problem kept him away. On a personal level we wish him well, but when he is back on his feet we encourage him to also concern himself with the loss of another Minnesota business.

Navarre Corp announced it is pulling up their Minnesota roots and moving to tax-friendly Texas. The move means 150 Minnesota families will be scrambling for employment in an already tough job market.

Today’s announcement brings back painful memories of another Minnesota company that chose to expand in Texas – 3M. We like to brag about our high ranking in Fortune 500 companies, but when is the last time a Fortune 500 company started here or relocated here?

After his ribbon cutting duties are finished, Gov. Dayton should immediately track down a Navarre executive and conduct an exit interview to find out exactly why they are moving.

  • Did their accountants run the numbers on the impending tax increases due to kick in next week and decide the Texas business climate was more favorable?
  • Do they have warehousing costs that will soon be subject to a new tax that does not exist in Texas?
  • Are they concerned about the increasing energy costs that will hit every home and business because of the new costly mandates passed by the 2013 Democratic legislature?
  • Do they simply no longer feel welcome to grow their business in Minnesota after listening to the drumbeat of negativity toward business coming from Dayton’s office?

Whatever the reasons, Mark Dayton himself needs to find out why this important Minnesota company is heading to Texas with 150 good paying Minnesota jobs.

Stupid Bills! Benghazi! War On? Bayonet!

“[J]udges … should be always men of learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness, and attention. Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man, or body of men.”

John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776


Passed by stupid politicians catering to those whom won’t think, but will vote for the so called Senators and Representatives whom will do anything to stay in office..

Cripes the hole being dug gets deeper and deeper everyday..

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Immigration Reform Bill Amendment DOA In Senate; Employers Fined For Hiring Citizens


Hello? Benghazi? 4 murdered while Buck Ofama diddled…

Benghazi 9.11: The Truth Must Be Told Now


Buck Ofama and his war on everything..

Obama Ramps Up His War On America

But world ignores him….

World Ignores Obama Coal War


Extend your bayonet range!!!

PETA! Lambs! Fail! ATF Hearings! Paradise! Ban! Obama Backed!

Hosea 11:10 (KJV)

They shall walk after the LORD: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar , then the children shall tremble from the west.



Only yesterday, the news broke that a total of 1,647 cats and dogs had lost their lives at PETA‘s headquarters in Virginia in the year 2012 alone.

PETA Labels Animal Scientists as Murderers Through Video Game


Like Lambs To The Slaughter


We see a direct connection between the state’s nation-trailing GDP performance and the attitude of state government. So does Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He is coming to Connecticut to see if he can recruit Connecticut companies to relocate to the Lone Star State — our firearms manufacturers based here foremost among them.

Woe to Connecticut…You legislate your manufacturers into the abyss and paybacks suck..

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that Connecticut was last in the nation in economic growth in 2012, the only state where the combined value of goods and services produced (GDP) was lower than in 2011.


As it should be…Dude has a history. But then all do…Some worse then others and being a Buck Ofama appointee…well look at his track record!! Most if not all attack our Constitutional Rights and ignore them!

Jones Confirmation Hearing for ATF Director is No Walk in the Park

Two tickets to paradise!!

New Ammo Cancels Free Ticket To Terroist Paradise

Political suicide…Is easier to un-elect, recall, fire at the local then National or State level…Look at Colorado and the recalls of the Anti Gun politicians!!

Illinois, is a Firearm Ban Coming to Your Community?

Then the costs of defending the locals stupidity against the suits that would be filed…Taxpayers would fund the defense of those morons enacting any bans!!
These are the people/terrorists Buck Ofama is backing. These are the people he wants to give refuge to…These are the People that want to destroy America…

Obama-backed Syrian jihadists massacre Christian village population

Why then is that SumBitch Buck Ofama doing this?


WTH?? Gun Control? Erotica! IRS and AR15s? Rednecks? Cover up! Persecution!

Is the matter with Texas?

This is bullcrap!!

The Principal should be deep sixed and given a job as a janitor at Wall – Mart, at best…



And this surprises who?

Did they actually think gun owners and liberty loving Americans would sit back while they trampled the last and only Right we have to remain free?

Dhimmicraps…A special kind of idiot!!! A middle finger salute is all you deserve!!


But of course Buck Obama supports the wrong side gain…Libya, Egypt, Tunisa, the list goes on and on and on..


Of course she has no experience…Probably a donor to the Buck Ofama charade. Hell Buck Ofama had no experience and still does not!!

So why would anyone be overly surprised to see this, She reads erotica outloud!?

His whole damn administration is filled with assOs…


Well I guess we need to ramp up our training..Of course ammo could be a concern!

But IRS agents training with AR15s?

Seems a bit much…Or are they training all Government employees to harass Americans more so then they do already?


This what should happen all the time…To Feds. State and most if not all politicians.

Time real Americans get busy and let them know..

Mad as hell does not cover it anymore…Rednecks? Oh hell no! Americans!!!

The Feds came to talk down to them since they are considered rednecks. Those rural white people who are not politically correct are called rednecks. Rednecks are the only under-class who have no protection or advocacy. They are the only group that can be mocked, ridiculed and made the butt of jokes. The worst of the ghetto blacks are forbidden to be called the equivalent of redneck, the N word. There is no RN word. Nope, they are rednecks, trailer trash, crackers, white trash and worse.

I mean who the hell pays the bills? Certainly not those clamoring for free handouts!!

Cover up…Using a Government agency to investigate a government agency…Hell why bother??


No wonder Mueller couldn’t answer a single question on it today. There is no evidence that the FBI has contacted a single tea party group in its criminal investigation of the Internal Revenue Service, according to the groups the IRS abused. “We have not been contacted by any federal investigative agency and, to date, none of our clients have been contacted or interviewed by the FBI,” Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice told The Daily Caller on Thursday. The ACLJ has filed suit against the IRS on behalf of 25 conservative groups, with additional groups being added in the next couple weeks, according to a spokesman. “I have been very surprised that I have not heard from anybody and frankly, none of my clients have. I talk to other tea party leaders on a regular basis,” said Cleta Mitchell, the lawyer largely credited with pushing the IRS abuses to the forefront. “It’s been a month and I can’t see any evidence of an investigation of the IRS,” Mitchell told TheDC Thursday. She represents nine tea party groups targeted by the IRS. Tea Party Patriots — a group with thousands of local chapters — “has not been contacted by the FBI” either, according to Jameson Cunningham, the group’s spokesman.


This is Freedom?

This is America?

Sure as hell does not appear to be either!!

This is persecution and fail!!!


Policies. Fail!!

To bad…

Wounded Warrior Project Exposes Their Anti-Gun and Anti-Religious Policies


There is no ‘tolerance’ from these assOs for any but their own ilk…To hell with them then!!




Where In The Law Is Tolerance For Religion Against LGBT Activism? (via

“Our obligation is to define the liberty of all, not to mandate our own moral code,” wrote Justice Kennedy in his opinion in Lawrence v. Texas (quoting another case, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey). Lawrence was the United States Supreme Court decision granting Constitutional protections…



Stop THIS One IRS: Tea Party Groups To Protest IRS Tuesday (via

Thanks to President Obama, the Tea Party is one again engaged and enraged. Tuesday, May 21, Tea Party members all across the country will be meeting at their local IRS offices to protest the targeting of conservative groups by that organization. You too can protest IRS’ targeting of conservative…

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