Gun Control! Scandals! A Gun! Monsanto Mercs!

“War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” –economist John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)


Chicago style. Works well and has for years. SO why change it? Lets try and spread it to all America so then we can all live in fear!!

Memorial Day weekend violence erupts across city of Chicago

And the hit parade of scandals keeps on rolling….rolling…rolling…

No end to scandals in sight for embattled Obama White House

If only one had a had a gun. Known how to use it. Then this scum sucking, mouth breathing, shitpile would not be alive today.

Man charged in Anchorage couple’s murder, sexual assault of 2-year-old

And you will hear nary a peep from anyone of the anti gun, anti freedom, anti personal rights  crowd. Because? A gun wasn’t used so no real victims.
This asshole deserves to be hung, by the balls, with a chain and have sand poured into his asshole until the chain breaks.
Yeah…Not very Christian of one whom professes to be.
Get over it.
Now that is one way to get rid of oppostion.
Corporate armies hunting those whom disagree.

Cavemen! Media! Unions. 3D Guns! Targets!!

Savages, Cavemen, Animals..

This Is What Happens When The Savages Rule


The media blind moonbats, so far providing PR support with no reporting for Buck Ofama and his Regime of scandals and corruption, have they finally woken up?

Welcome to the party, pal.


Unions. Supporters whom helped Buck Ofama get reelected and whom pushed hard for Obamacare believing the bull shit Ofama preached are now what?

Not liking what they see? Well you asswipes made your bed with Buck Ofama so I guess you can continue to sleep with the asshole!!

Unions Continue To Whine About Health Care Law They Fought Tooth And Nail To Help Pass…

Has them in a tizzy as suddenly they cannot completely control the masses and the ability for the masses to get their hands on weapons.
To bad DHS and Buck Ofama your Despotic Leader. You pushed. Now we push.

3D Printed Guns Targeted By Homeland Security


Have you noticed how honest, law abiding tax payers, veterans and those that actually DO something in America, seem to be the targets for Government lackeys at Federal, State and Local levels?

Gun Control Targets Gun Owners

Why is that? Because we are easier to track down and ‘catch’ doing some ‘illegal’ activity that is forced upon us by those we elect to represent us, whom then pass laws at the will of Special interest groups and such.

And that is is to difficult for these same Government type goons to actually, you know, ‘catch’ a bad guy? Look at TSA and how many ‘terrorists’, they have caught and how many innocent travelers they have subjected to harassment and illegal searches and seizures?

Look at tall the success in the War on Drugs? Poverty? Oh wait…

Well let them bring a War on Gun owners. As history shows us how well Government run wars go, the Gun Owners should win in a cake walk!!

Molon Labe Buck Ofama!!


Trip Hazards!! Shameless. Cooking? Gun Printer! CCRKBA. Ammo. Team 6!

Jeremiah 17:5 (KJV)

Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.


Called TSAssO’s!

This could lead to a very bad day and ending for some..

Summer road hazards your government won’t warn you about

With the frenetic summer travel season just around the corner, hereís a little warning about a road hazard you might not expect: a checkpoint staffed by Transportation Security Administration workers.

Read More…

4th Amendment? Hello? Are you still there?


Class warfare? Looks like the American Taxpayer and Citizen against the:

The elected class and their media enablers are shameless in their desire to hold onto their reins of power.

A Shameless Bid To Hold The Reins Of Power

Boston Tea Party? Oh Hell no!! How about an all American roast , BBQ Style of our favorite politicians and medal asswipes!


Damn this Buck Ofama AssO is either a bold SOB or looking to create a real war..Minorities, layabouts, welfare parasites, Government workers, media asswipes against Americans, hard working, taxpaying, America Loving Americans…Does he think this will turn out well?

Cooking his bull shit is what it is!

Can You Smell What Barack Is Cooking? President Evangelizes Liberalism To Latent Hispanic Voters On Texas Jobs Visit


Dismantle the State: Q&A With 3D Gun Printer Cody Wilson


CCRKBA: Data Conflicts with Gun Control Rhetoric

Newly-released data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) proves that more guns in private hands do not lead to more murders, and a Pew Research study showing widespread ignorance of this fact suggests that the public has been misled, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said this week.

CCRKBA Says Coburn Amendment Made Sense, Blasts Senate

A proposal by Sen. Tom Coburn to expand gun rights made sense, and Senate anti-gunners who opposed the measure should be held accountable by voters, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said Thursday.


More ammo…Is a good thing!!!

Remington® Expands Ammunition Operations

Remington Arms Company announced Thursday its plan to expand operations at the Remington Ammunition Plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. Work on the $32 million expansion plan, which will include the construction of a new building, is expected to begin second quarter of 2013.


Families of dead SEAL Team Six members level serious charges against Obama administration


Refuses? Taxes! Research? Spending? TSA. Picture! Groundhog!! Conincidence? Cuomo! Magpul.

DHS Refuses to Answer Congress on 1.6 Billion Bullet Purchase

We elect who to represent us and the people the are questioning are hired and paid by OUR tax dollars and they refuse to answer questions?

On whose authority?

Buck Ofama whom we also ELECTED?


Federal employees who don’t pay taxes would be fired under bill that passed committee

And persecuted for tax evasion!!

An Inside Look at Left-Wing Social Science Gun Research

Upon reading the article it is quite apparent that..

Cold weather causes murders!!

Ban cold weather!!


Senate set to approve huge 2013 spending bill

Spending problem? Our Government is the ‘spending’ problem.

Eliminate most of it and move ‘forward’!


Goons at work..For the Government…

TSA: Wounded Soldiers Are Potential Terrorists

They cannot catch any ‘real’ terrorists so to justify their reason for existence…they create them!!


Heh…Great video…

Great pictures..Truth hurts..

Found here!


The Groundhog was wrong: Coldest first day of spring since 1965



Tom Clements, Colorado prison chief shot dead on eve of gun law signing

I’m sure..


As it should, as it should..

POLL: Gun-grab dooms Andrew Cuomo’s support in NY…


Colorado Gun Bills Signed, Magpul to Leave


Gone! TSA Suxage! Backdoor. Transfers. Mn Gun Grab! AssHat Professor! Fishing! Flying!?!

What did they expect? Jobs lost along with Freedom because of asshat Politicians knee jerk reactions to criminalizing the Law abiding citizens!!

BREAKING: Magpul Move From Colorado Imminent

Keeping true to their word, magazine and AR15 accessory maker Magpul will move their operations out of the state of Colorado as the governor plans to move forward with the signing of a bill that will limit magazine capacity to 15 rounds (and possibly ban most removable magazines). Most of Magpul’s magazines are 20 or 30 round magazines.

Magpul will take hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, from Colorado.


TSA Agents ‘humiliated’ Wounded Marine with Aggressive Inspection: report

Damn…To bad ‘friends’, Marine types, were not accompanying him and to bad someone does not kick TSA’s agents ass!!

Transportation Security Administration inspectors forced a wounded Marine who lost both of his legs in an IED blast and who was in a wheelchair to remove his prosthetic legs at one point, and at another point to stand painfully on his legs while his wheelchair was examined, according to a complaint a congressman has registered with the TSA.



Need more of this..

Mont. Bill Protecting from Backdoor Medical Gun Confiscation Moves Forward.


Contact your Politicritter..

Minnesota: House to take up bill criminalizing private transfers


And the leftist assOs call the Right or Conservative gun owners violent? What and assO Eric Loomis is…of course he is an insulated from reality academic assO!!

University Prof Calls for Beheading of NRA CEO, says NRA “Terrorist Group”

Seems to me this is a ‘threat’ and should be treated as such…
But we will probably hear…Chirp..Chirp…Chirp…
But in the case of an academic (a disease) assO he’ll probably squeal FREE SPEECH riding his Rights while denying others…Typical..
Now this is what it is all about!! Look at that smile!! My youngest caught an 8 lb Northern while we were crappie fishing a few years back, on the 4th of July…He was soooooo excited…Made my Summer!!
YIKES!! No way….

Gun Stuff…Plan?…Rossi..Toure’..SQUIRREL!!..Noise..Hunting..

What do I think of..

What Do You Think About the President’s Gun Plan?

It is bullshit is what I think and is going to cause more problems then he can even imagine!! But maybe that is what Buck Ofama is looking for?



Best Squirrel Rifle Ever: Volquartsen Rimfire


Shooting Tips: Rifle Skills That Will Make You a Better Hunter

Becasue it is all about ‘hunting’ right? :wink:wink: And we all want to be better at that now don’t we?


Gun Review: The Rossi Wizard
Gun-Review-Rossi-WizardGun review of the versatile Rossi Wizard, a unique multi-gun you can change from .22LR to .243 to .50 caliber muzzleloader!

Read More


Mark Levin: Obama Background Check Rant

Mark Levin makes a lot of great points here!!

They’re all so drunk on their own power they need to be detoxed!
Scum always rises to the top!!

I read that Biden had an aneurysm in the eighties. People who have aneurysms in later life develop emotional out bursts and inappropriate behavior. If this is true, Biden should never have been Vice President.

A background check on Obama would have prevented the destruction of America. Not only should they all be subjected to mental health checks, they should also be required to pass a high-level security clearance.

Joe Biden is living proof what whiskey can do to your mind. Barack Obama is living proof that cocaine kills brain cells. Both have lost common sense from their abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. There will be no place they and the other like minded will be able to hide. Americans won’t turn their back on tyranny.


What the heck is a Toure’??

Touré: Thank God for abortion
1/28/2013 10:01:52 AM  Ed Morrissey
I played this clip Friday night while guest hosting Hugh Hewitt’s show, and ended up with a deluge of callers. We haven’t posted it here yet, but Touré’s prayer of thanks for the sacrament of abortion has to be seen to be


Obama Attacks Fox; Find Out Which Host Fired Back Here


Why? Because Feinstein is a squirrel??

Why Is Feinstein Going After Squirrel Hunting Guns?

You have to hand it to Congresswoman Dianne Feinstein. She’s etched out a 20-plus year career, paid for by taxpayers, in which she gets to act out what appears to be a delusional fantasy.

Her latest hallucinations were manifested during a sensational press conference on January 24, 2013. She called for a ban of 157 specifically-named “assault weapons,” which includes of all things a squirrel hunting gun.

Feinstein knows she can bamboozle most Americans. People not acquainted with firearms will read her list and not spend one iota of effort to think critically about them.


Buck Ofama’s buddy …

Famed Egyptian democrat declares 30-day emergency, threatens Army crackdown
1/28/2013 8:31:10 AM  Ed Morrissey
Hey, remember when the man who ran Egypt ruled as a dictator with the excuse of continuing “emergency decrees” and had the Army as his hatchet men?  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss: Visit for breaking news, world news,


Mass Shooting coming to an airport near you?

Then why this?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint screeners are receiving training to prepare them for the possibility of a mass shooting at one of the agency’s airport checkpoints, and those TSA personnel are being instructed to “save themselves” should a shooting occur.

It is unclear whether the TSA is conducting the reported mass shooting scenario training at airports around the nation or only at the airport where our source, a veteran of the TSA, is assigned. The TSA source claims with obvious concern that his own life, along with the lives of other unarmed TSA personnel, would be in grave danger were an airport checkpoint shooting to unfold.

Wouldn’t surprise me at  all. Buck Ofama and his gang of Oppressive thugs err Progressives want us disarmed…So shed some innocent blood to exhort the masses to give up our Rights..Try again assO!!

Excuse me? Cancelling because of what? I am thinking GEICO needs some boycotting…

GEICO cancels auto insurance because policy holder makes gun parts for a living!


You know you live in a country run by idiots




I’m sure everyone of us could add to this list and we add to it daily!


 You know you live in a country run by idiots…  When smoking Pot is legal and widely accepted  But smoking tobacco is treated like a criminal offense.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…. You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being  in the country illegally.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…  Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions  of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of our money.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…  A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his  teacher “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class  in grade school is perfectly acceptable.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts  cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while

sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately  discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts  are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.



You know you live in Country run by idiots if… Working class Americans pay for their own health care (and the  health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to  have child after child on the “State’s” dime while never being held responsible for their own choices.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government  intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT  cards, WIC checks, Medicaid and subsidized housing, and free cell  phones.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide  99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work).



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the

constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… The rights of the Government come before the rights of the  individual.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their  children.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…  You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…. You have to have your parents signature to go on a school field  trip (or get a flu shot) but not to get an abortion.  (My personal favorite)



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a  Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to having her neck and head  searched.



You know you live in a Country run by idiots if… Using the “N” word is considered “hate speech” but writing and  singing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered “art”.




The TSA as we know it is dead – here’s why

The TSA as we know it is dead – here’s why

Charles Edwards, the Department of Homeland Security‘s acting inspector general, described the TSA as bureaucratic and dysfunctional.

Found in Spam! Not Bad..

In response to this post..Which someone on facebook picked up because site my counter has been spinning madly..

Citizens of the Republic, never Give Up. Never submit.

It is time to join the resistance—THE TEA PARTY. Obama is building his empire on the tireless backs of the American people! Obama, “America’s President” will stop at nothing to execute his plan of creating a socialist nation, grabbing your guns, your money and your freedoms! Families are suffocating under the weight of the failed policies of the Obama government. Unemployment is sky-high—over 8% for 40 straight months. Jobs are disappearing. People have given up looking for employment. Yet, with all this bad news “America’s President” demands even more taxes, while given free passes to illegal aliens. To worsen an unfavorable state of affairs Obama’s Liberal Progressives want to grab your guns again, too! This adds up to one thing: ATTACKING YOUR LIBERTIES! Obama will stop at nothing to carry out his sinister agenda. See for yourself: Obama regime seems to demanding our guns that we need for our protection, also our wallets and liberties.

Obama is becoming as any potentate, found in Middle Eastern countries or in South America. He seems to be under the impression that American people will quietly surrender this administration intrusion, sit by silently and watch fellow citizens as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpiao verbally assassinated because he enforced the Arizona state law, in name of the greater good for the greatest number. If from the beginning of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill, the laws towards dishonest business owners, a true enforced fence, and the private prison facilities would unlikely exist as they do now. BUT WE HAVE BEEN SILENTLY INVADED, BY CRIMINALS OF EVERY NATURE AND WE MUST REMOVE THEM ALL? BREAKING IMMIGRATION LAWS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN AWARD; PARENTS WHO BROUGHT THEIR CHILDREN HERE CAN STILL BE ARRESTED AND DEPORTED?

IN OBAMA’S DREAM ACT—there will be so much fraud, just as it existed in the great Ronald Reagan amnesty of 1986. You mark my words processing will be next to nothing and my guess hundreds will counterfeit documents leading to more illegal aliens encouraged to slip through a border that is open for hundreds of miles in either direction.

America’s oh-so-inept Commander in Chief will use any method to augment the tax load on the American people. His goal: the redistribution of prosperity. By not approving the Bush Tax Cuts, taxes increase. Once again, this is nothing more than a “Tax and Spend” Scheme. His redistribution of wealth will go to the voters who have no intentions of finding a job and never will. These are the rapists of the welfare systems, who prefer to stay a government umbrella of sponsored housing, living of taxpayers. Steve Eichler, CEO of TeaParty dot org, a massive growing network of millions of ordinarily citizens and legal residents who have come together to battle both the Democrats and Republicans and opening up chapters across America; as if a third party. The political masters have a fix so it is almost impossible for a third party to be elected; henceforth the TEA PARTY. The TEA PARTY will gain ground within the Republican Party and thereby presenting their influence through oncoming elections.

We have seen downplay of both political parties, the media of the unseating of Indiana Senator Richard Lugar to by a Tea Party leader Senate nominee Richard Mourdock, then just this week And now TEA PARTY favorite Ted Cruz (R) took out Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, for the outgoing seat of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Yet another Republican has bitten the dust, replaced a true TEA PARTY supporter. Both hard core Democrats and the Republicans should be very uneasy, very apprehensive indeed about incumbent politicians who despairingly are lost for words TEA PARTY growth? The TEA PARTY, which backs Ted Cruz, stated that the race is a premonition for the country. Seems to me that ordinary Americans have seen an alternative to both political parties in the TEA PARTY ranks?

In another congressional primary, Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Petri, who has served in Congress for more than 30 years, faces TEA PARTY challenger Lauren Stephens, who has raised only $6,000 and is running a low-profile campaign. Ted Cruz didn’t have a huge campaign chest of money, but he still beat Dewhurst who provided millions of dollars of our own money. This would be a good time for every TEA PARTY members to stand with Stephens and other TEA PARTY leaders to stand firm against Petri. On her webpage, she proposes eliminating the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) because of ineptitude and costs, enforcing policies against illegal immigration and making the nation’s official language English. She has stated “Having an official language is makes common sense and builds common ground.”

In Wisconsin next week Businessman Eric Hovde, is running his first race, charging that former Gov. Tommy Thompson isn’t a true conservative. Former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann, a home builder and former congressman casts himself as the most conservative candidate, and is looking for support from the TEA PARTY. Then State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald has slipped in raising money, but hopes voters remember his role in passing the conservative ideology in the Legislature.

The most dangerous personage in the Democratic Senate is the toxic tongue of Harry Reid of Nevada. Then you have to remember that Nevada has been flooded with illegal aliens and so this ancient Democrat is pandering with utmost zeal to all none citizens. He has derailed cloture in numerous laws, such as the enforcement immigration policies. We need to crowd as many new TEA PARTY members inside the Senate, to stifle the Liberal-Democrats and extract them from their seats of power.

LOOK AROUND YOU AND SEE WHAT EITHER THE DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS HAVE DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY? Instead of voting for the same old incumbents or even new faces that are representing either party, investigate who is your local, state or federal TEA PARTY candidate?

If I told you 5 years ago that America would elect a man who did the following, you would have called me extreme. Read the short list and then tell me I’m nuts: Kowtows to foreign dictators; Promises Russia (not America) he can do more when he is elected; Pushing the United Nations to grab our guns; Creating the biggest “Tax And Spend Plan” (ObamaCare) in America history for freeloaders; Highest unemployment since the October 1929 Wall Street crash; Denies self-esteem to small business owners, claiming they didn’t build their own business?

It is becoming excruciatingly clear the Tea Party must take the lead! Obama, “America’s President” is the product of a secret system of sedition and trickery. A complete underworld of dangerous swindles, unscrupulous scams and deadly con-artists that have been involved are now being exposed… and the picture is pure, raw evil, with the realization America has been duped—such as giving “Solyndra” special treatment as they contributed to Obama’s campaign. Given Obama’s past record, is it any wonder he wants to grab your guns, reach into your wallet and grab your cash for his tax coffers and then extinguish your freedom? The problem is, it is within his reach and most of the Washington Socialist Czars have applauded his actions! Are they blind or stupid—or both? If the unthinkable happens “America’s President” I will do the following the next 4 years.

Our guns confiscated once and for all, U.S. dollar replaced with global government currency similar to the failing EURO in European Union. All domestic oil drilling stopped, giving places as Brazil and other countries a right to sell us oil. Then currently a burst of regulations from Environmental Protection Agency has closed down coal mines, even though these entities have spent millions to deliver clean coal. American industry is inundated with rules and regulation forcing oil, natural gas, coal to genuflect the crazies in the environmental entities that have brought our energy supplies to almost a halt. Obama’s focus seems directed at the U.S. border, so it ceases to exist when closing down important ports of entry. IF, if Obama gets reelected, we can be assured another 100 percent amnesty for all illegals, which could cost us at least 2 trillion dollars to process—that’s according to a projection of Heritage foundation? Homeownership swapped for government housing. A bloated Public school system, with social services replacing parents; Tea Party—and anyone who opposes the “new rule”—black listed and intimidated as seen not only in Arizona but silently encroaching to other 50 states. It is time to expose “America’s President.” But, you CAN stand in the way of his power grab for America.

I have no devotion to Mitt Romney’s administration, and the serious danger of re-electing President Obama is very tangible. He will want to keep paying out taxpayer’s money to Americans who have no interest in seeking a job or in fact never bothered to work in their lives; the exclusion being attributed to the sick and handicapped. The only real alternative is the TEA PARTY, which is gathering massive amounts of voters as a storm of confidence in a PEOPLES WASHINGTON, instead of the old guard of Republicans and their opposites. Any individual can join the TEA PARTY, as long as they are here in the United States legally. The TEA PARTY is a ‘political Statement’ about a federal government that has run amok of the U.S. Constitution, which has nearly bankrupted this country.

A major problem that neither party wants to talk about, is our nation infested with common criminals from across our borders or flying in and posing as visitor, with no intent to leave. Every day the amount of illegal alien drunken drivers keeps rising, mowing down innocent family members. But it’s not crime rate just rising in the Southwest, but the spreading of these people bringing with them their odious records from across the globe. Under each of the main parties nothing will be done, as they are under the strict influence of the corporate purveyors of cash or the insane zealots who wants open borders and the broad spread of poor foreigners who want a better life, which our spineless politicians think we are beholden too.

The TEA PARTY would insist on two immigration policies being approved though the Senate and House of Representatives. But more TEA PARTY leadership must gain more seats in Congress, which seems to be actually happening? Plenty of these moderate conservatives and true believers in our U.S. Constitution are ready to influence the other lawmaker’s to enact policies that assist out of work Americans. It will open up jobs for millions of low income Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians and all other nationalities lawfully here. It is passed time we enacted the ‘Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2885) and the Birthright citizenship Act (H.R.140)? Isn’t it time that the state of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and other in the 50 states protect their state borders? Each law essential to structure our immigration policies, once again gain a steel gauntlet on our immigration policies. The Birthright Citizenship law has been mutated, as it didn’t mean that anybody who reached into America could gain citizenship, as it only was only an avenue for the emancipation of slaves after the Civil War.

Retain this information that none citizens will be voting in November, if Obama’s Liberals get there way the ‘freeloaders will reward him with their votes. One should also determine for themselves if Obama has a right to a second term. I cannot judge for anybody but myself and I have afforded the time as an Independent and a TEA PARTY associate to read the evidence concerning the birth records of Barack Obama. There are many irregularities to his family backdrop, that has some disquieting concerns for me, but THE PEOPLE should interpret about the facts of the investigation and then vote for that reason.

No Copyright. Tell everybody.

Tip…Oh Those So Useful Zip Ties…

Essential Prep Tools:
12 Clever Ways to Use Zip Ties

Zip Ties
It never ceases to amaze me that so many survival “experts” go to such lengths to recommend that people purchase super expensive emergency gear. All of this may have its place, but I prefer to make sure the simple, inexpensive preparations are covered first. In my book, that is 80% of the game!
Every prepper has a favorite all-purpose tool that they would hate to do without. For many, it’s duct tape. Others love their Swiss army knife or their Leatherman multi-purpose tool.
Another favorite is zip ties, sometimes called cable ties. Frankly, these little lengths of plastic are worth their weight in gold if you ask me. They’re tough, lightweight, and easy-to-carry. And, you can do oh-so-many things with them.
My staff and I have rounded up a dozen different useful things you can do with a zip tie whether things are smooth sailing or you’re facing a major disruption.
A Dozen (At Least) Different Tools in One
#1 Zip Ties in the Garden: Many folks I know are already in the habit of growing their own food. If not, they have plans to put in a garden immediately should the economy or our infrastructure take a turn for the worse. You can use zip ties in your garden to train your plants and increase production. Whether you want to give your tomatoes a little extra stability or teach your cucumbers to grow up a trellis instead of your fence, you can use zip ties to get the job done.
#2 Secure Hauling: If you have to move bulky items from point A to point B, zip ties may be the perfect tool for securing your load to your roof rack. If you’re using a pick-up truck, zip ties are one of the quickest and easiest ways to tie down a cover tarp to keep your load hidden from prying eyes.
Sponsored Message from Independent Living
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Right here I will show you how to take full control of your future and protect what’s yours, while these key defensive steps are still legal…
#3 Organize Your Tools: I once read a book that talked about how important it is to keep your tools and supplies organized. Otherwise, it may be difficult to find something essential in the dark. A piece of pegboard and handful of zip ties makes a cheap, easy, and effective tool organizer. Just thread the ties through the pegboard to create hanging loops for your hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.
#4 Temporary Child Safety Locks: You can use zip ties to seal a cupboard or pantry door if you need to keep visiting children out of your cleaning chemicals or anything else you don’t want them to get into. They make the perfect solution if you don’t want to install child safety locks, but need a good way to secure a cupboard or two for a short period of time. Just loop the zip tie around two handles and pull it tight.
Food Storage
#5 Miscellaneous Repairs: Whether you’ve got a loose bumper on your car, a broken pedal on your bike, or a broken flush chain on your toilet, a zip tie may be just the thing to hold it together until you can make a more permanent repair.
#6 Home Security: If you need to secure an intruder (better left to law enforcement for sure, but this is about being prepared for anything), zip ties function perfectly well as handcuffs. In fact, many police agencies and even flight crews on commercial airlines use them for restraining dangerous or aggressive people.
#7 Expand Your Home Storage: Sometimes prepping can create a shortage of space. You can use zip ties in combination with eye screws to hang small items from closet or pantry ceilings, freeing up valuable shelf space.
#8: Eliminate Tripping Hazards: Computer cables, power tool cords, and similar things can easily create a tripping hazard in your garage or office. Use zip ties to tame your cables and cords and make your home safer to navigate – even in the dark.
Food Storage
#9 Build a Shelter: With a handful of zip ties and a bunch sticks, you can improvise a sturdy shelter that can protect you from the elements if you’re ever get caught outdoors for a night. Soldiers in WWI and earlier built shelters with nothing more than sticks and grapevines, and certainly zip ties are a lot easier to tie than wild vines.
#10 Organize Your Prep Supplies: When you’re getting ready for anything, it’s natural to buy things in bulk and keep them in storage. You can use zip ties to make bundles of like items. This is useful, especially for things you have on hand for barter or that you’ll use multiples of – grab one, and you’ll get your whole bundle. You can also just count your zip ties and multiply for a quick inventory.
#11 Make Improvised Hinges: If you’re building a fence with a gate, say for your garden, chicken coop, or dog run, you can use zip ties to make a functional hinge for your gate. Saves you the fuss and expense of the usual hardware.
#12 Make Furniture: If all you have is a drill, some raw materials, and zip ties, you can build quick shelves and tables by securing the wood together with the zips ties. Just loop the ties through holes you drill in your boards and pull them tight. You can do the same thing with scrap materials like pallets and old milk crates.
Bonus Use #1 – Securing Luggage: Just run a zip tie through your suitcase zipper pulls to lock your luggage up tight. If TSA decides to search your bags, you’ll know because your zip tie will be cut.
Food Storage
Bonus Use #2 – Short-term lock replacement or temper-evident seal: It’s virtually impossible to remove a zip tie with anything but a sharp knife, something most people, even thieves, are not carrying around with them. This makes zip ties a quick way to secure many items against opportunistic crooks.
You can see why so many people stock up on zip ties. They come in multiple colors and sizes, and you can get big bags of them cheap. There’s just so much you can do with them and they can be useful in so many different situations from around the house to in your car to out in the wilderness.
Zip ties are right up there with duct tape on my list of must-have, versatile items. Buy a pack and experiment with them. I think you’ll be impressed with how many different uses you find!