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Because we have a pResident, intent on


Americans to force his ‘Socialist, commie views on us’ and let the Mooslims take over and impose their ‘religion’ on us..

And pulling stunts like


because that is what any good tyrannical, control obsessed politician will do when they are in tyranny mode..

Americans whom believe in American and hold it’s Constitution and their Rights and Freedoms dearly..

We find ways to prepare…

Like this….

And learn how to take care of oneself and family..

Like this….

Do you really think we are going to remain free, with Liberty and Justice for all with the current regime of thugs, despots and whatnot running our country?




A List! Complains!? RINO! Tyranny! Tyrant!

A list of anti gun celebs, whom use guns and violence in their Movies, and would not have a career to speak of without doing so..

And others..

NRA Releases List of Celebrities, Organizations that Support Gun Control



Alleged robber complains about being shot at

Lucky they missed…

Problem would have been solved at that point!!

What a damn RINO!!!

MCCAIN MCSUCKS: John McCain lavishes praise upon outgoing Mayor Nanny Bloomberg


You don’t deserve to be President…

So how about we remove your commie ass as soon as possible…

Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free


It is a tax..lots of taxes…


More New Taxes and Fees: How You’ll Pay for Obamacare in 2014


Pissant wannabe DICKtator…

The Bullying, Lying, Spying Tyrant In The White House

We have a tyrant in the White House. His level of bullying, lying, spying, distorting, manipulating, intimidating, demonizing and using propaganda to cram his policies down our throats is unlike any President in history. His name is Barack Obama. More »


To Protect? Russia! Permit Approved! Recalled!!

“Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.” Roman 12:19 (NIV)


And serve?

By beating the hell out of you, your family and the dog?


Cops brutalize family during traffic stop


DO you get the feeling that Russia has had it with Obama and his Administration?

Becasue it sure looks like it!
Buck Ofama…Dragging America down…

Meanwhile in Venezuela, a Russian naval flotilla stages an anti-U.S. show of force


Oh yes..

Special Ops Group Invites Bikers To Join Their ‘permit approved’ Rally



Gun rights and Freedom trump stupid laws and Tyranny!!!

Colorado state senators recalled over gun control support



King Obama!! Ignorance? Illegal!

King Obama.

Using his unConstitutional Powers to dictate his will upon his subjects!!

Morning Bell: Obama Grants Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants Without Congress


Cluelessness. Ignorance.

The Lefts never ending stupidity involving an inanimate object..

Pride of Ignorance on Firearms


LIEberal media encouraging Buck Ofama to be the Dictator he is!!

New York Times Encouraging Buck Ofama’s Illegal Acts!!


This Week’s ‘Braying Jackass’ Award

Barack Obama: “[I]f, in fact, people start thinking the government’s the problem instead of the solution, then what that leaves you is whatever the marketplace does on its own. And what we’ve seen is a marketplace that increasingly produces very unequal results. So it disempowers our capacity for common action to do something about poverty, to do something to help middle-class families.”

Short Cuts

Comedian Jay Leno: “The secretary of the treasury told Congress that we will be out of money by October. And of course a lot of Americans are shocked by this. Didn’t you think we were already out of money? … Here’s my question. What happened to all that money we gave them last April 15? … Before we give the government any more money, show us some receipts.”


Going to get this done are you Buck Ofama?

Molon Labe assO!

Obama offers steps on gun control


Nullify What? Tea Teams! Shame! More STD’s! The Bull. Inappropriate Quotes!

Obama Administration Seeks To Nullify The Nullifiers

The most corrupt and dictatorial administration in  history continues it’s charge to Tyranny…

Woe to those whom stand in their way..

Woe to those whom come for our Rights…

They think we won’t fight?

Molon Labe Buck Ofama, Molon Labe!!


Tea Teams USA Forming Now – Update

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Americans have been too passive in dealing with the liberal/socialist/communists in our country. Its time to pick a fight…


Obama moves to ‘shame’ Congress into approving gun control package

How about we ‘shame’ Buck Ofama on Benghazi and all the other bull he has pulled??


Mess with the Bull and…

Man walks away from bison attack unharmed


For EMS Providers…

Top ten inappropriate quotes for on-the job use

“I feel the need… the need for speed.” While it may be satisfying to channel your inner Maverick, the time to do it is not when you’re explaining why you were caught exceeding the posted speed limit on a BLS interfacility transfer.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” I know we’ve all had that supervisor whose interpersonal skills were on a par with Vizzini’s, but when they keep using the word “accountability,” perhaps this is not the way to point out that it only seems to apply to everyone but him.

“You use your tongue purtier than a twenty-dollar whore.” While it violates my deeply held belief that there is no inappropriate time for a Blazing Saddles quote, saying it right after a managerial pep talk liberally salted with meaningless corporate buzzwords like “synergy” and “interoperability” would not be well-received… even if his mind actually is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

“Rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.” I so want to use this quote every time I get gigged for scene time compliance. I may use it yet.

And when I do, would you mind me using y’all as references on my next employment application?

“He’s pinin’ for the fjords, he is.” When triaging patients at an MCI, it’s probably not appropriate to refer to your black-tagged patients this way. Unless, of course, your patient actually is a dead parrot. Then it’s awesome.

“I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille.” As tempting as it might be to indulge your inner Cisco Kid, it probably wouldn’t do to answer this way when asked in a job interview to name your greatest weakness as a medic.

“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war!” Shakespeare probably doesn’t set the right tone for a friendly Dispatchers vs Ambulance Crews flag football game during EMS Week, so… no, wait. On second thought, that sets the tone perfectly. Use that one with my blessing.

 “Be respectful to your superiors, if you have any.” You probably shouldn’t espouse this Mark Twain quote as your personal philosophy when you’re defending yourself against a charge of insubordination.

“It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do… go through his clothes and look for loose change.” We’ve all been called to that drunken party where someone called an ambulance for a cardiac arrest that turned out to be only drunk. And aside from pointing out that the victim constantly pushing the chest compressor’s hands away is a reliable sign of life, it’s best not to use this Miracle Max quote, no matter how tempting. Because as quick as you can say “designated driver,” there will be someone at the party who is sober, and they’re going to get all pissy about your perceived lack of professionalism.

 “To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women.” When asked to express your plans for professional growth on your next performance evaluation, it’s probably not appropriate to quote Conan the Barbarian.


Ummm..Go fly a kite…Just maybe not from a moving car…

Man hurt flying kite from moving vehicle in Calif.


Democide! Control. Politicians. No Gun.

Is what it is.

Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom

Democide is the elimination of a despised group by a government. It includes genocide, politicide, and other forms of state-sponsored mass murder. The hated minority headed for extermination may be defined by religious, racial, political, class, cultural or other attributes. Between 200 and 260 million people were the victims of democide in the 20th century, several times more than were killed in international wars during that period.

Go read it all and watch the video…Then sleep well afterwards..If you can.

SO folks, who is the hated group right now in America? Jated by the left. The Anti Freedom crowd and the Government?

Is those whom hold firmly onto their beliefs…In God, in Country, in Family, in Freedom, in Firearms. Notice how all those are under attack?

Think about it..


Bongino: There is no gun control, there is only ‘people-control’

That is what it is all abour. They cannot control us completely if we are armed. No matter what they do to us, if we are armed we can fight back..

Those willing to can. Those in power do not want that. So by foisting ‘gun’ control on us…They control us. Completely. To do what they want us to do.

Including dying..You disagree?

Look at history..


Warning: Politicians – We Will Not Allow You To Disarm Us

But will they listen? I know the 2 DFL politicians David Bly and Kevin Dahle representing my district at the State level will not.
Pretty damn sure it is a hopeless cause with Amy Klobuchar (spit) and Al Franken (failed clown) representing us.
So what happens when the grabbing begins?
Do they really think with 90 million gun owners and 300 million guns out there…Someone won’t get shot? maybe a lot of someones?
Are they really that rodrammed stupid?

No gun mentioned..

Man dies after assault at St. Paul bar

So no real crime here. Just a disagreement..Move along.


Stop shouting!: My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice ….

Stop shouting!: My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice …..

Oh yes!

Found this in the rubble of Borepatch’s place as he flees the tyranny of the Masschuhoweveryouspellit and heads south to freedom!

What an awesome in your face post!!

Needs to be redistributed!

All over the place!!!

Here is a tidbit!!

Realizing that you are losing your grip on the public schools, that the youth that propelled the boy-king to victory have abandoned you, that the bitter, blue collar white workers are now Tea Party grandmas and grandpas, that you have lost control of the federal checkbook and the legislative calendar,

now you want to petition for peace?

now you cry out for civility and consensus?

I have a message for you:

Go. To. Hell.

When you retreat back to the comfort and safety of your salon filled with like-minded Hopeium addicts, perhaps you can rouse them from their stupor long enough to send them this message.

We don’t want civility.
We don’t want to “play nice”.
We don’t want to “compromise” with you.

GO READ IT!! Damn links at the top of this post!!