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The UN Wants Your Guns11!

Push for Gun Control Treaty Continues « Conservative Libertarian Outpost.

And most of the worlds that still allows people to protect themselves and be free!
But as long as we are Citizens and able to defend ourselves and not subjects with little or no way to protect ourselves from tyranny and oppression the UN and those like them (Obama) cannot come and “redistribute” the wealth  and prosperity to those whom have none.

Because they live under some despot or dictator or in some third world country that cannot and never has gotten its shit together.

And the UN is their forum to whine complain and try to take waht they cannot build, develop or create on their own.

So why do we allow it?

The UN needs to go. To some Third World country where it will fit right in and the US can quit supporting and putting up with its BS.

Like Somalia, or Iran or Cuba or Chavezuela…..that would work…