Marine’s response to “Gun worshiping Marine veteran an embarrassment to those who’ve served” fallacy.

Marine’s response to “Gun worshiping Marine veteran an embarrassment to those who’ve served” fallacy.

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I am dismayed to read such harsh opines targeting Corporal Joshua Boston over his letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Some have even called for his ‘death’ because the belief and exercise of his 2nd amendment rights. Joshua Boston is an excellent example of what our service members have given and they strive to protect, our freedoms; Free speech, protection from government overreach, and freedom to bear arms just to name a few. Before I digress, I would like to focus on usmcdiorio’s post on how Mr. Boston is somehow “a disgrace” to us who served.
First, the Marine Corps is a gun worshipping organization. We pride ourselves as experts in the application of violence. As an infantry squad leader with two combat tours to Iraq, I can attest that guns are a way of life in the Marines. Even after service, many Marines own and maintain weapons similar to service weapons. There is absolutely no disgrace in the fact that a veteran wants to protect what he and countless others have fought for since the American Revolution. Weapons in the civilian population form protection against two things: criminals and government. If it weren’t so, the founding fathers would not have placed it in the bill of rights. This is no different for veterans and non-veterans.
Second, usmcdiorio criticizes Mr. Boston’s challenge of authority….What authority? Senator Feinstein is a public servant. She has absolutely no authority over any one individual in this country. The United States is founded on laws. Laws are the only authority in this country that one is bound by. Diorio’s misguided pretensions ignore the fact that a veteran has no duty to the government or individuals that form it.
Further, usmcdiorio does not see why civilians NEED “semi-automatic, high-capacity weapons”. I don’t see the need for a car with over 100 horsepower. I don’t see the need for 60-inch televisions. I don’t see the need for a 10-bedroom mansion. As you can see, this kind of logic is quite illogical. Even more so when you consider that less that 500 people per year are killed by semi-automatic, high-capacity weapons. Banning these will not remove the millions that are already in civilian hands. Further, banning these will not prevent the next mentally disturbed mass murderer from committing his crime. Why? Because the focus is not on the sick people who commit such murders, but on the tools they use. If we followed this logic, we would restrict engine sizes in response to drunk driving.
As a Marine Corps Sergeant, I DO NOT apologize for the actions of Joshua Boston. I applaud him for standing up for his rights. Any suggestion that he showed ‘ignorance for the pain of Newton” is absurd. He, like myself, would give anything to prevent such tragedies. Veterans like him are already standing guard at many schools across the country, placing their bodies between any threat and innocent children. Joshua Boston is a United States Marine. A man of action, not words.

Marine’s response to “Gun worshiping Marine veteran an embarrassment to those who've served” fallacy. - CNN iReport