Pursuit. Gun Treaty. Impeachment! Buy an AR! Backdoor!

Definitely ….

The True Pursuit of Liberty…

I tried the political…I tried being active in our local political scene….I sought the GOP nomination to run for State Rep. They choose a known ‘Name’ the Mayor of a small burg and construction company owner. Whom did shit to run a campaign and win…They even came back to me, the House Speaker even sought me out at the State convention to see if I would be interested in running, as their picked candidate was worthless. He stayed in and lost, not by much, but still lost to a damn union loving, socialist assO!

I ran for School Board and drew in 2500 plus votes, just missing out. Scared a lot of people as I was quite vocal in displaying my displeasure with the local School system.

n continued to be active, but lately am seeing a lot of nothing from the local GOP scene. A number of so called leaders of the BPOU seem to be more left leaning then I like..IN fact a couple are full of themselves and I think are more Dhimmicrap then anything else.

Sample in comments section here..

So now? I pretty much let my feelings be known, my total disgust with our current libtard, socialist in office…Through LTE‘s. social media, face to face if the morons would ever have a ‘townhall’ meeting when working people can make it. I make no friends locally with my Right leaning views.



This is a miscarriage…A big, huge, miscarriage of Justice…My Rights were not given by Man. My Rights are mine and if you think for one minute I will give my Right to speak out and my Right to defend myself….Eff you, eff the horse your riding, the dog your following and the sheep your chasing!!

Remember that…Molon Labe.

Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone: “U.N. Arms Trade Treaty”

Wild Bill..Impeachment..
Buy an AR. The old fashioned way…You may need it..

ForSaleAR15.com – No Credit Cards, No Paypal, No Problem


Well they know damn well the front door atack did not work. SO being the sneaky government assOs they are they will try a different, underhanded, probably illegal attempt to control our Guns and therefore us!!

GOA Submits Comments Opposing Backdoor Gun Control Efforts by Health And Human Services


Good luck with that Biden!! You damn Statist assO!

Biden Tries to Gain Back Support for Gun Control

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Facebook Sunday…

A bit light today..

Last few days have been spent fighting the crud off. Seem to be keeping it at bay, but still am not feeling the best..

Yesterday Christmas with MBWITW’s side…Noisy, hectic, spent most of my time sitting in the Living Room on the edges…Between the Nephew, Niece and all their little ones, wow…One nephew, ex military couple of rounds in Iraq, decided to test the old guy so we went around a bit before he decided..


A.) He could probably maybe take me down, finally.

B.) He would probably maybe take more lumps then he wanted to before it was over.

C.) His younger brother asked him if his stupid brain cells kicked in when he saw us going at it…

Was just for fun mind you.

Now is off to church…


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