Via smartphone or tablet is a pain. Dang keyboards so small mistyped words or auto correct gets you.
Today I noticed another ‘only police should guns’ headline floating around innerweb.
I think it was from that bastion of impartial reporting, The LA Times.
So using that logic.
Only honest, ethical folks should be allowed to lead our Country. States. Counties. Cities.
Same with journalists.

Day 3……

Post surgery..
Only 1 oxy in last 36 hours.
Still a bit weak and tired. Sitting up only in hard straight back chairs. Tried my recliner yesterday. . That was a bad move. Today I hopefully will begin to take short walks..
Maybe turn my laptop on.

Day 2..

Yesterday was rough. No appetite. Enough pain to keep me in bed most of the day. Posting from tablet or smart phone which tedious at best.
Feeling better this morning and only one pain pill during the night.
The pain I had yesterday. Which was different from the pain I had pre surgery has settled down. Hopefully today will be good.

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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