“get ‘assault weapons’ out of society”

Once again. A politician whom apparently is clueless….Or she knows where we can buy these ‘Assault Weapons’..

  1. "I support the Second Amendment, but…."

  2. "No one is trying to ban your guns."

All gun owners know that neither of these statements is true, but it’s rare that a legislator will admit it publicly

Last night, Rep. Tina Liebling in HD 26A said during a candidate forum in Rochester that it was time to:

"get ‘assault weapons’ out of society"

"Assault Weapon", of course, is just a made up term to make something sound scarier than it really is.

Rep. Liebling did not elaborate on her definition of an "assault weapon", but her party brought forward an anti-gun bill in 2013 that gives us a pretty idea of what she probably had in mind:

  • Bans on many commonly owned rifles, including many rifles used for deer hunting
  • Required registration of these firearms
  • Mandatory annual inspections by the county sheriff of your home to ensure "safe storage"
  • Upon your death, the firearms must be moved out of state, turned in to law enforcement, or even destroyed

Deliverance from the Black Hole

Deliverance from the Black Hole

September 30

As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you" (Joshua 1:5b).

A black hole is a place of total nothingness. It’s a time in our life when God removes the resources and supports that we normally rely on to feel secure – our careers, finances, friends, family, health and so forth. It is a preparation time.

When you find yourself in a black hole experience, don’t just sit and brood. Take stock of your life. Take a look at your relationship with God.

First, ask God if there are any sins, habits, or attitudes that He might be judging in your life. It’s important to discern whether the trial we face is the result of God’s discipline for our sin?or if it is preparing us for a future leadership role.

Second, when you enter a black hole, don’t trust your feelings. Trust God. Your feelings will tell you, "God has rejected you. Abandon hope. He has left you utterly alone." Feelings change; God never changes. Feelings come and go; God is always with us.

Third, remember that your black hole experience is not only intended to refine and define you; it’s also intended to influence and change the lives of hundreds or even thousands of other people. Our adversity is not just for us, but others in our sphere of influence.

Fourth, don’t try to hurry the black hole process along. Remember, when Joseph was in the depths of the pit, there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t climb out, jump out, levitate out, or talk his way out. All he could do was pray and wait upon the Lord.

Fifth, lean on God. Even when you don’t feel like praying, pray. Even when you don’t feel like reading His Word, read. Even when you don’t feel like singing songs of faith, sing. When you pray, don’t just talk; listen. Be silent before Him and listen for His still, quiet voice.

Sixth, be alert to new truths and new perspectives. During a black hole experience, God often leads us to amazing new discoveries. A black hole can be a storehouse of unexpected riches for the soul.

Doing What Is Right

Doing What Is Right
For reading & meditation – Philippians 2:15-16
""… continue to work out your salvation … for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose."" (vv. 12-13) We ended yesterday by saying that the biblical response to all of life’s problems is to take advantage of the unfailing grace of God, and turn our setbacks into springboards. I know that some will respond to that statement by saying, ""It sounds good in theory, but it’s hard to put it into practice. What about the hurts that some people carry inside them, that make it difficult or sometimes impossible for them to make use of God’s grace to turn their problems into possibilities?"" I do understand and sympathize with the wounds that people have, which sometimes militate against their desire to respond to life in a biblical way. I know from firsthand experience the arguments that people can put forward to avoid doing what God asks in His Word. However, I must take my stand, and so must you, on the authority of Scripture, and affirm that God never asks us to do what we are incapable of doing. Much of evangelical Christianity, I am afraid, is man-centered. We need a return to a God-centered position which does exactly what God asks, whether we feel like it or not. I freely confess that there are times when I don’t feel like obeying God. I know, however, what is right – that God has redeemed me and that I belong to Him – and I do what He wants me to whether I feel like it or not. What controls you in your Christian life – your feelings or what you know God asks and expects you to do? Your answer will reveal just who is in the driver’s seat!

Gracious and loving heavenly Father, teach me the art of responding to life, not with my feelings but with a clear mind and a clear resolve. Help me to do what is right – whether I feel like it or not. For Jesus’ sake. Amen..

For Further Study
John 14:15-31; Luke 12:11-12; 1 Corinthians 2:13
1. How do we express our love for Christ?
2. How are we enabled to do this?

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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