Media Cover-ups!!: Nothing to See Here, Move Along: ABC Waves Goodbye to New Hillary Clinton E-Mails

Nothing to See Here, Move Along: ABC Waves Goodbye to New Hillary Clinton E-Mails

Deeming it not pertinent for their viewership, ABC’s World News Tonight refused to cover on Tuesday night the latest round of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails released by the State Department despite having briefly reported on them on Monday hours before they were actually released. Joining ABC in their zero coverage of Clinton was Spanish-language network Telemundo (which also failed to mention the scandal on Monday’s Noticiero Telemundo before the e-mails were made public).

Andrea Mitchell on Hillary E-Mails: ‘Are We Ever Going to Get Out of This Cycle?’

Fretting over Hillary Clinton’s ongoing e-mail scandal on Tuesday, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell wondered: “Is she ever going to get out of this cycle?” The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza bemoaned: “…when the federal judge ordered the release of these things at pretty regular intervals….this was the worst outcome for her presidential hopes….We’re not talking about her plan for college affordability. We’re not talking about energy. We’re not talking about income inequality.”

CNN Panel: ‘Nothing’ In Hillary’s E-Mails ‘Reeks of Illegality’

Tuesday’s New Day on CNN completely glossed over the fact that 150 out of 7,000 pages from the latest release of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail from her tenure as secretary of state contained classified information. Instead, John Berman wildly claimed that "as far as I can tell, nothing in here that reeks of illegality in what we’re seeing here." Alisyn Camerota wondered, "If there’s no smoking gun, when does the e-mail issue go away?" Nia-Malika Henderson even asserted that "in some ways, these e-mails, kind of, help, because there’s no ‘there’ there."

NBC and CBS Parse E-Mail Scandal: Hillary Not in ‘Legal Jeopardy’

With the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal ongoing, on Tuesday, NBC’s Today and CBS This Morning assured viewers that the Democratic front-runner was in no “legal jeopardy.” On Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd: “I mean, the central accusation, what people are worried about, is did she mishandle classified information?…is there a smoking gun on that issue?” Todd replied: “No, there’s not.”

ABC Warns of Clinton ‘Scandal,’ But Doesn’t Give ‘Critics’ Air Time

The journalists on Good Morning America allowed that "critics" see Hillary Clinton’s e-mail controversy as a "national security scandal." However, Martha Raddatz and George Stephanopoulos didn’t allow any of these unnamed "critics" on the show. Amy Robach promised, "Her critics calling it a national security scandal. What her e-mails are revealing about her work and family this morning." But even though a graphic noted, "critics calling it a national security scandal," none appeared on GMA.

Esquire’s Pierce: Iowa Caucuses Controlled by ‘Freakish Minority of Freakish’ GOP

The cavalcade of liberal contempt for conservatives continued on Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show on Tuesday night, as Esquire‘s Charlie Pierce, formerly with the Boston Globe, described the Republican Iowa caucuses as being controlled by "a political party that’s gone insane. The Iowa caucuses are a freakish mechanism that have been controlled since about 1988, by a freakish minority of a freakish Republican party."

NBC Treks to Arctic Alaska to Find ‘America’s First Climate Change Refugees’ ‘Living in Fear’

As part of President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska this week to promote climate change, Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News showcased investigative correspondent Cynthia McFadden’s trek to Arctic Alaska ahead of Obama to meet “some of America’s first climate change refugees” due to rising seas near their villages.

Redford Takes Potshot at W, But Inadvertently Reveals ‘Truth’ Not Dan Rather’s Motivation

A Tuesday USA Today preview of the movie Truth, which presumes Dan Rather’s 2004 “Memogate” hit piece against President George W Bash was accurate, conveyed the hostility of actor Robert Redford, who plays Rather, toward Bush. But Redford also undermined the “truth” premise by relaying that “loyalty” was Rather’s main motivation in defending his flawed story.

Beware of Mixture

Beware of Mixture

September 2

"Then they said, ‘These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt’" (Ex 32:4).

Moses had gone up onto Mount Sinai to meet with God and receive the Ten Commandments. He left his brother Aaron in charge. Aaron had been mentored by his brother Moses. However, we learn that Aaron still has vestiges of Egypt residing in him. He had not had a complete conversion from the ways of Egypt to the ways of God. His leadership was not strong enough to thwart a rebellion in the camp and he allowed the people, and even encouraged the people, to make an idol of gold. Later, he tried to justify his actions by saying the idol was a God of Israel.

Today we see such mixture in the body of Christ. We promote guaranteed prosperity without the cross. We call adversity a sign of a lack of faith. We promote New Age philosophies mixed with the scriptures and call it a new freedom in Christ. This is only mixture. It is an abomination to the Lord.

And because Aaron has mixture in his own life, he was unable to be truthful to Moses when confronted with his actions. "He said to Aaron, ‘What did these people do to you, that you led them into such great sin?’ So I told them, ‘Whoever has any gold jewelry, take it off.’ Then they gave me the gold, and I threw it into the fire, and out came this calf!’" (Ex 32:21-24).

Did you notice Aaron’s explanation? Out came this calf! – all by itself. Aaron attempted to deceive Moses. Aaron failed to fulfill his role as a strong, Godly leader. He allowed "mixture" to have power over the people of God.

Pray that you will be faithful to the Word of God and not allow new philosophies to distort its ageless truths.

Decide to Believe

Decide to Believe
For reading & meditation – James 1:2-12
"… when he asks, he must believe and not doubt …" (v. 6) Another important principle to employ when dealing with honest doubts is this: Make a conscious decision to doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs. Living an effective Christian life, as we have been seeing, depends on how willing we are to exercise our wills in favor of God and His Word. To do this requires faith in the fact that God has revealed Himself in His Son and through the Scriptures. As a teenager, I had many doubts about the Scriptures but, one night, I made a conscious decision to accept them as the eternal and inerrant Word of God. Notice, I said "a conscious decision." I decided by an action of my will to doubt my doubts and believe my beliefs. I then found an astonishing thing. Both doubt and faith are like muscles – the more you flex them, the stronger they become. I had been using the muscles of doubt to a great degree, but unfortunately, I had failed to exercise the muscles of faith. When I made up my mind to accept the truth of God’s Word by faith, muscles I never thought I had began to function. Now, many years later, those muscles are developed to such a degree that I find, where God is concerned, it is easier to believe Him than to doubt Him. I trace the beginnings of my own spiritual development to that day long ago, when I decided to take what one theologian called "the leap of faith." Perhaps today might become a similar day of decision for you. Decide to doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs. Now!

Prayer: O God, perhaps this is the secret: I have used the muscles of doubt more than the muscles of faith. From today, things will be different. I decide to take You and Your Word on trust – now let it work. Amen.

For Further Study
Hebrews 11; Matthew 15:21-39; Romans 10:17-21
1. What different aspects of faith are shown in Hebrews 11?
2. How did the Canaanite woman overcome the obstacles that confronted her?

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