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Networks Silent on Clinton Aide’s Ties to Radical Muslim Journal

A major report broke in the New York Post on Sunday that laid out top Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin’s past where she worked for a radical Muslim journal. “For a decade [Abedin] edited a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the US for 9/11,” wrote the Post’s Paul Sperry. But you would never know it if you watched the “Big Three” networks ABC, CBS, and NBC on Monday. They neither covered it in their morning shows nor their evening broadcasts.

CBS Omits Details of Clinton Foundation Pay-For-Play from E-Mail Report

With the fresh batch of newly released e-mails regarding the Clinton Foundation, thanks to a Judicial Watch lawsuit, came new revelations of strong connections with the Hillary Clinton State Department. The e-mails added more fuel to the accusations that foundation donors “payed-to-play.” Donors such as S. Daniel Abraham, the man behind Slim Fast, and the Crown Prince of Bahrain got special meetings with the Clinton through her top aide. Even with these startling new details CBS Evening News failed to report them Monday.

CBS, NBC Minimize Colin Powell’s Slam of Hillary Clinton on E-Mails

Colin Powell, who the networks hyped when he endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, has now slammed Hillary Clinton for attempting to “pin” responsibility of using a private server on him. Yet, CBS and NBC on Monday minimized the story with CBS This Morning noting it for just a scant 29 seconds (out of a two hour program).

WashPost Expose: A Young Trump Pulled on Pigtails, Threw Rocks

CBS This Morning on Monday eagerly hyped a new expose by the Washington Post: As a child, Donald Trump pulled pigtails and threw rocks at kids. This is the same Washington Post that went after Mitt Romney for allegedly forcing a haircut on another boy in 1965. Talking to reporters Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish, CBS co-host Norah O’Donnell wondered, “You go all the way back to his childhood to help reveal some of Donald Trump. What did you learn?”

CNN Deceptively Edits Conway to Promise Trump Won’t Attack Personally

After being caught on Monday August 15 selectively editing video from the Milwaukee riots, by MRC’s Kristine Marsh, CNN was at it again a full week to the day later. This time they deceptively edited Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway speaking on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos. In CNN Correspondent Jessica Schneider’s report on The Lead she claimed Conway promised Donald Trump would refrain from personal attacks, even though she said no such thing.

MSNBC Host: ‘Why Is It So Important’ for Obama to Visit Louisiana? ‘It Costs a Lot of Money!’

While speaking on Monday afternoon to the editor of the Louisiana newspaper that’s been critical of President Barack Obama’s vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard while the Bayou State floods, MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle wanted to know why it was “so important that the President” tour the devastation because “it costs a lot of money” for him to go anywhere.

Election Lawyer Blasts ‘Lunacy’ of MSNBC Denying Voter Fraud

Appearing on MSNBC during the 11 a.m. ET hour on Monday, attorney and former Republican National Committee counsel Mark Braden denounced an attempt by anchor Tamron Hall to dismiss claims of voter fraud as “extraordinarily rare” and “minuscule.” He also called her out for citing statistics from liberal “advocacy group” that she labeled “nonpartisan.”

Amy Schumer: My Liberal Politics May Hurt My Career, But I Don’t Care

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer absurdly claimed if only she kept her “mouth shut” about her “real feelings about politics or gun violence” that “career-wise” it “would be financially better for me, but I don’t care.” This is coming from someone who currently can be seen all over your TV in a national ad campaign for Bud Light. The star of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer came on Friday’s edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show and proudly told Rose she’s not afraid to offer her political stances on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and gun control.

Faith Proved Genuine

Faith Proved Genuine

August 23

"Even one of their own prophets has said, ‘Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons.’ This testimony is true. Therefore, rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth" (Titus 1:12-15).

In December 1983, The Princeton Religion Research Center published a landmark survey conducted for The Wall Street Journal by the Gallup Organization. The researchers measured a wide range of moral and ethical behaviors, such as calling in sick when not sick, cheating on income tax, and pilfering company supplies for personal use. The results were disappointing, to say the least.

But what the researchers found most startling was that there was no significant difference between the churched and the unchurched in their ethics and values on the job. In other words, despite the fact that more and more people were attending churches, churches seemed to be having less and less of an impact on the moral fiber of their people, at least in the workplace.

To quote the researchers: "These findings will come as a shock to the religious leaders and underscore the need for religious leaders to channel the new religious interest in America not simply into religious involvement but in deep spiritual commitment."

"Either these are not the gospels, or we’re not Christians," said Thomas Linacre, Henry VIII’s doctor and Renaissance thinker, after given the four gospels in Greek. Linacre recognized a great disparity between those who proclaimed Christ and how they lived their lives.

If our faith life is not validated through our behavior then one must question if we even have a genuine relationship with Christ. The apostle Paul didn’t like what he saw in the believers on the island of Crete. They proclaimed Christ with their mouth, but their behavior looked no different than those who did not claim Christ.

Pray that your faith is "proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed" (1 Peter 1:7-8).

“Be Careful, Little Eyes”

"Be Careful, Little Eyes"
For reading & meditation – Mark 9:42-50
"And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out." (v. 47) What are the principles we must follow if we are to move from weakness to strength in relation to this matter of evil thoughts? The first is: Take steps to ensure that you are not contributing to the problem by the literature you read or the things you watch. One great philosopher said that if you want to evaluate the moral tone of a society, just examine its literature. These days it is hardly possible to pick up a newspaper that does not contain a picture oran article that is calculated to inflame our passions. We live in an age which is preoccupied with sensuality and hedonism (the pursuit of pleasure). Any discussion on this subject must inevitably be linked with sex, as this is one of the main ingredients in the problem of evil thoughts. Although sex is not evil in itself, few topics can so engross the mind or kindle our curiosity. People with a passionate nature, however high their ideals, often fight a battle in their mind and imagination with sexual fantasies. These, in turn, make them the kind of people of whom Montaigne speaks with much contempt: "Men and women whose heads are a merry- go-round of lustful images." Fix it firmly in your mind that the first step to victory over evil thoughts is to cut off the supply at the source. Burn any books or magazines in your possession that others might describe as "really hot." Turn off the TV when it violates biblical standards. Avoid newspapers that go in for nudity. Saying "no" to sensuality is the same as saying "yes" to God.

Prayer: Father, help me to realize that although Christianity is a privilege and not a prohibition – it does have prohibition in it. Today I am going to make up my mind to say a firm "no" to the things that are not of You. Strengthen me in this resolve. Amen.

For Further Study
2 Samuel 11:1-17; 1 John 2:16; Luke 11:34; Ephesians 1:18
1. What was the source of David’s downfall?
2. List six ways in which Satan tempts us through our eyes.

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