Gruesome weekend leaves Chicago police chief reeling…

When will they figure it out?

Gun control fail. Crime control fail…So who will they blame?


Another 40 people were wounded in weekend shootings, McCarthy said.


Take, for example, the death of 7-year-old Amari Brown. McCarthy said the boy was the unintended victim of a bullet meant for his father, a ranking gang member.

The system failed Amari, the police chief said. Amari’s father, who has been arrested 45 times and has a lengthy criminal record, should not have been on the streets, McCarthy said.

Source: Gruesome weekend leaves Chicago police chief reeling….

Public Health Threat In Minnesota…

Kills more then then homicide…Yet nary a peep..No outcry, no Citizen’s Against Drug Overdoses….

Why is that?

The runaway use and abuse of prescription opioid painkillers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone has emerged as a public health threat in Minnesota. They now cause more deaths each year than homicides, according to a Star Tribune review of state death records.

Combined with other prescription-related deaths, they also account for more fatalities than car wrecks. Deaths from prescription and illegal opioids such as heroin have risen nearly sixfold since 2000, reaching 317 last year, state records show.

Is this why?

caused by pharmaceutical company promotions, patient demands for quick fixes,

Money to be made by Big Pharm…

Source: Opioid overuse kills more Minnesotans than homicide..

Building a Mighty Team

Building a Mighty Team

November 29

"These are the names of David’s mighty men…" (2 Sam 23:8).

David and Jesus pulled together two teams that were the most unlikely groups to accomplish what they achieved. David’s small army of men became known as "David’s Mighty Men" because of their extraordinary exploits. However, they were the rejects of society.

Jesus’ team was made up of common men who would never have been chosen by other rabbis’. They would here been men who would not have qualified for mentorship by most rabbis’ of their day. Yet, they were chosen by the superstar of up and coming rabbis’ – Jesus.

We can learn three key things about David and how he related to his Mighty Men. First, David’s men came to him as a result of battle. They had fought together and learned first-hand from one another’s capabilities. They had covered one another’s backside on several occasions. And they trusted each other.

Second, David modeled servant leadership with his men. When three of his mighty men risked their lives to obtain drinking water for him during a battle, David refused to drink it, choosing instead to pour it out onto the ground. This no doubt made a big impression on his men and only drew greater devotion to him because of his own sacrifice.

Finally, David and his men experienced God-size victories when they were the underdogs. The fought bigger armies and more resourceful enemies themselves. They saw God’s hand in their victories.

Keep these things in mind as you build your own team. Learn from the management styles of David and Jesus by modeling their servant-leadership.

Bodily indulgence

Bodily indulgence
1 Corinthians 9:19-27
"I beat my body and make it my slave so that … I myself will not be disqualified …" (v.27) A third area of life in which we need self-control is that which has to do with bodily indulgence. The body, by its very nature, is comfort-loving and too much comfort is debilitating to the soul. The mother of John Wesley is reported to have said: "Whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind, however innocent it may be in itself — that thing is sin to you." David Hill puts it this way: "There is before each one of us an altar of sacrifice, unseen but real and present; and on this altar we are called to offer ourselves. There is some crucifixion of the flesh, some physical self-sacrifice, the abandonment of some bodily indulgence which the spirit of man knows that he is called to make."What are some of the things our bodies clamor for? One is food — and generally speaking, we eat far more than is good for us. Another thing the body clamors for is sleep.

People differ in the amount of sleep that they need, but we must watch that we do not spend more time in bed than is good for us. How delighted, too, the body becomes with the luxuries of life. It has been said that the luxuries of one generation become the bare necessities of the next.

We must not go too far and see the body as an enemy that has to be continuously afflicted. Self-control helps the Christian to offer to God an obedient personality which is not cloyed by comfort or sluggish from indulgence, but sensitive to guidance and ready for all His perfect will.

O Father, once again I ask that You dwell deep within me by Your Spirit and help me to be free from the clamoring desires that would cancel out my effectiveness. I ask this in and through Your peerless and precious Name. Amen.

For Further Study
Philippians 3:10-21; Proverbs 23
1. What causes some to backslide?
2. What are your eating habits like?

Well This Confirms It….

I guess I am….A racist..

  • Anyone who wins a debate with a Leftist, a Democrat, a Jihadist, a Communist or a person of color.
  • Anyone who disagrees with Obama.
  • All those who oppose the implementation of Sharia Law.
  • Anyone who thinks Islamic supremacists are a threat to Western civilization.
  • Anyone who supports Israel’s right to exist.
  • Republicans and White people and Tea Party people and NRA members.
  • Anyone who thinks we should have border security.
  • Anyone who supports the idea we enforce our immigration laws.
  • Anyone who believes voter ID is required to insure free and fair elections.
  • All people who think America is exceptional

Go read the rest…..See if you are…

Source: 39 DIFFERENT THINGS: That Automatically Make You A Racist…

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." -Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged


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