Not The Forgotten War For Some Of Us ..

Today in military history: Chinese overwhelm Allies in North Korea

Dad went in as a 19 year old Private, 6 months later a 20 yo Sergeant, squad leader. Fought at both Heartbreak Ridge and Bloody Ridge.

He told a lot of stories, especially while Deer hunting, often commenting how the weather, cold, reminded him of Korea.

One story he told us was about a hill they needed to take, after a couple of attempts, where the LTs leading the attempts  were carried back KIA, he was ordered to take the hill. He told them he would, but on his terms, so being the Minnesota Northwoods raised farm boy, he led his squad  in the backdoor and took the hill.

Dad always hated bugles, as that is what the Chinese Army used apparently to announce themselves..He also was a bit racist towards Asians. Not blatantly but he was.

I have his uniforms and medals. Packed away and my eldest wants them someday.

So it is not the Forgotten War for our family.

Ten OMICRON “variant” predictions for 2022 and beyond…

globalist authoritarian playbook stripped naked

Prediction #1: Omicron variant hysteria will be used to reset everyone’s vaccine passports to zero, coercing people into a whole new round of vaccines for this new variant. Those stupid enough to go along with omicron variant vaccines will be signing up for a never-ending series of spike protein bioweapons injections, which will eventually kill them.

Prediction #2: Omicron hysteria will be exploited to justify aggressive vaccine mandates, demanding that this “new emergency” overrides all human rights, medical freedom and body autonomy.

Prediction #3: Although the omicron variant has so far only been found in fully vaccinated people, the lying corporate media will blame its origins on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #4: The omicron variant will be used as a cover story by the corporate media to try to explain away all the Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) deaths caused by covid vaccines. Even as vaccinated people die in large numbers, the media will blame the unvaccinated (see #3, above) and demand that unvaccinated people be completely locked down and denied access to society.

Prediction #5: Omicron hysteria will be used to attempt to criminalize dissent against vaccines, mandates, government “authority” or the covid criminals behind the gain-of-function research, such as Anthony Fauci. All such dissenting speech will be designated a “danger to society,” and those who utter such speech will be accused of killing people.

Prediction #6: Mass hysteria pushed by the journo-terrorist media will justify governors ordering more lockdowns, leading to more supply chain failures, product scarcity and price inflation.

Prediction #7: If the media can push the omicron hysteria with enough ferocity, it will be used to either cancel the 2022 mid-term elections or demand universal mail-in voting, citing the “extreme dangers” of anyone going out in public.

Prediction #8: Every economic failure caused by the incompetent, criminal Biden regime will be blamed on omicron. This imaginary “variant” instantly becomes the scapegoat for sky-high energy prices, supply shortages and empty grocery store shelves. The media will blame everything on omicron, and then they will blame omicron on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #9: At some point, either the omicron variant or the next one that’s unleashed will be used to justify door-to-door mandatory vaccines in America, along with the medical kidnapping of anyone who resists, taking them away to covid concentration camps for efficient extermination. (This practice has already begun in Australia, where the military is kidnapping indigenous people and taking them away to camps at gunpoint.)

Prediction #10: Omicron won’t be the last variant that’s used to evoke mass hysteria and multi-billion dollar government payouts to Big Pharma. This scamdemic will be repeated every year or so, in perpetuity, for as long as the people remain in fear and go along with it.

Fauci …

Comment from Glenda T. Goode ..

On this post ..

I have not been posting on my own blog lately and I apologize for taking these occasions and writing these ridiculously long responses to other’s topics. It just seems easier and I can address the issue that grabs my attention.

As to this article, this notion is not all that far fetched when you look at the larger picture and beyond the past 20 years or so.

The left, primarily the socialists/communists in our government (both parties are in on this) have been looking for a way to disarm and gain social control of the population since the concept of Socialism/Communism rose up in the 1800s. Ever since the United States Of America was founded, the bureaucrats and their political counterparts have been looking for a way to eliminate monarchies and any other form of government in order to establish a complex top down system of governance that would preserve their power and ensure that they would be in control and not the people ever.

The US was a serious problem because we were the first outlier and the symbol of freedom that these power hungry people knew would have to be extinguished if their plans were to go forward. We have been fighting against this insurgency since our founding., Our founding fathers knew that this and did their very best to create a system that would avoid this future.

Understand that Fauci as well as all the layers of government are part of the cabal that is trying to take over not only our nation but the entire industrialized world. They don’t care much about the primitive parts of the world as they can be eliminated if need be if they decide to step out of the zone they are allowed to play in.

This cabal is more than willing to create and hatch a virus upon the world in order to expedite their process. Trump threw a huge monkey wrench in their plans and set them back a decade at least and had he carried on in a second term perhaps farther. Covid 19 was their method of shutting Trump down and ratcheting back Trumps gains and advancing their agenda. Add the obvious corruption in the 2020 election which was intentionally overlooked by the bureaucracy and all law enforcement agencies as it is another step in the process of ending our free republic.

If you look at the actions of the state against the January 6th demonstrators you can see that they are trying to send a signal to any who might dare to oppose their agenda that any resistance will not be tolerated.

We will not easily be able to reverse any of this while we are dominated by this regime. The government/police state we are under will not back off. They are so close to their goals. Only by removing them from power completely can any notion of freedom and our future be guaranteed.

RFK Jr is a noted anti vax activist and I have no idea if he sees this as a part of the bigger picture or if he is only focusing on his particular interests. We do not have the luxury of picking one target to be concerned with.

Our time is dwindling and our options are getting fewer and fewer. We can sit and wait but not for very long. The cabal is deepening its roots into our society and our lives with almost irrevocable activities that will not go away easily or quietly. Winning elections will be more than difficult with the cheating systems now built into our elective process. Even if we are tremendously successful we will be faced with the iron will of the joint federal and state bureaucracies who will resist and fight us at every step with the courts and cabal supporting them and waging a constant publicity war against any who resist them.