Media BiASSED: All Hail The Leftists….

Scarborough Idolizes Elizabeth Warren: ‘Fills the Stage Like Led Zeppelin’

In the aftermath of the Clinton/Warren rally in Cincinnati, MSNBC correspondents hailed the “magic” of what was apparently more like a “rock concert” than a campaign event. On Tuesday, Morning Joe exhibited more of the same as they obsessed over Clinton and Warren’s “really good chemistry.” Yes, another MSNBC groupie took the compulsive idolization to another level, as host Joe Scarborough likened Warren to rock n’ roll legend Led Zeppelin:

ABC Hails Clinton/Warren Ticket as ‘Bold,’ Mentions Pat Summitt

All three networks on Tuesday hyped a possible Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren presidential ticket, but the journalists on ABC’s Good Morning America were the most effusive. Former Democratic operative and Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopoulos cheered, “Elizabeth Warren, certainly a bold choice. An all woman ticket would be brand new.”

Nets Yawn at Secret Service Agent’s Expose of ‘Volcanic’ Hillary

The network newscasts have shown no interest in an ex-Secret Service agent’s unflattering portrayal of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s time at the White House. Gary Byrne, author of Crisis of Character, appeared on Fox’s Hannity, Monday, but has been all but invisible on ABC, CBS and NBC.

CNN’s Bernstein: Trump Coalition Has ‘Awful Lot of’ ‘Bigots,’ ‘Hateful People’

Appearing as a guest on Monday’s CNN Tonight, during a discussion of white supremacists who have shown support for Donald Trump, CNN political commentator Carl Bernstein asserted that there are "an awful lot of bigots and nativists and a lot of hateful people" in Trump’s coalition as he renewed his charge that the GOP candidate is a "neo-fascist."

Nets Cover Benghazi Report, Find No ‘Wrongdoing’ by Hillary

On Tuesday, while all three network morning shows covered the newly-released House Benghazi Committee report, the broadcasts also dutifully parroted Democratic talking points attacking the credibility of the findings and concluded: “It does not appear to uncover conclusive evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.”

Sneering NYT: ‘Fear That Brexit Has Given License to Xenophobia’

Sneering New York Times writer Dan Bilefsky on Tuesday tarred Brexit voters as inciting bigotry and “xenophobia.” This is despite the fact that in paragraph five, the journalist conceded that “police in at least two major cities said they had not recorded an increase in hate crimes after the vote.”

Comedy Central’s Noah Mocks ‘Motherf**ker’ Pope Francis, Catholic Church

Left-wing comedian Trevor Noah still found a way to blast Pope Francis on Monday’s Daily Show as he gave mild praise to the pontiff over his recent remarks: "The Pope says the Church and all Christians should apologize to gay people…My question is, how?’s not like Hallmark makes ‘Sorry, I oppressed you for centuries’ cards." Noah later dropped an obscenity: "It almost seems like the higher up the Pope goes, the more progressive he becomes. We got to send that mother-f***er into space just to see how liberal he can get!"

Desert Training

Desert Training

June 29

"O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water" (Ps. 63:1).

The desert holds a special place in God’s Word. The Scriptures portray the desert as a place of inspiration and exaltation – a place where people met God in a powerful new way. King David wrote the 63rd Psalm while in exile in the Desert of Judah. He was hiding from his son Absalom, who wanted to replace him as king of Israel.

For Joseph, a deep pit in the desert was the first stop on a 13-year journey through desolation and despair. That 13-year desert experience served to break Joseph’s self-will and self-confidence. It taught him that he could not control anything and that he needed to rely on God to manage the events in his life. Joseph’s desert trial prepared him by scorching the youthful pride and arrogance out of his young life so that when he was 30 years old he could rule Egypt at Pharaoh’s side in a spirit of humility and servant-hood.

Before becoming king of Israel, David was a shepherd. Part of his training for leadership involved hand-to-claw combat with the beasts of the wilderness, including the lion and the bear. Elijah learned the principles of spiritual leadership while in the wilderness of Gilead. And Jesus was tempted and tested for 40 days in the desert before He began to preach.

Perhaps God has given you a dream, but now it seems that your dream has withered and died under the scorching desert sun. It seems that God has gone away and is not listening to your prayers. But I want you to know that that your dream still lives. God is with you, even if you can’t see Him, hear Him or sense His presence. He is preparing you in the desert.

Disturbing complacency

Disturbing complacency
For reading & meditation: Proverbs 13:1-10
"The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied." (v.4) Today we come to the fourth of the seven pillars of wisdom – diligence. The wise are those who persevere, who persist in following that which is right, who stick with it and never give up. One of the great needs of our day is for diligence to be put back into life – especially among the young. A Christian educator writes: "Diligence in the young is something that is built into them not by precept but by example. In today’s world there are not enough examples of diligence to inspire or guide." Diligence does not seem to be esteemed in the way it once was. Prior to my conversion, I lacked greatly in diligence simply because I chose not to apply myself to anything. Then in my teens Christ came into my life and by His coming disturbed my complacency and challenged me to apply myself to the things that were before me. The result? I covered more ground in the first year following my conversion than I did in the previous two or three years. A year or so after my conversion, an uncle of mine said to my father, "I wondered whether he had been really converted but by his diligence I can see he has found God." Forgive the continued personal emphasis, but if it had not been for the diligence I learned at the feet of Christ, I would not have been able to continue writing Every Day with Jesus. I learned diligence from the One whose life and character were the very epitome of this quality – Jesus. He is diligence personified.

Gracious and loving Father, I also long for this facet of wisdom, the quality of diligence. Prune from me all laziness and indolence, all lethargy and dodging of responsibility, all complacency and pride. In Jesus’ Name I ask it. Amen.

For further study:
2 Timothy 2:1-15; James 4:17
1. What were Paul’s words to Timothy?

2. What does James say is sin?

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