**ALERT ** Baby DNA Vote in MN Senate TOMORROW, Wed, April 25


TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 25, the Minnesota Senate has scheduled a floor vote on the Baby DNA (Genetic Privacy Repeal) bill, SF 2047 (Marty).

This means every member of the Minnesota Senate will be asked to vote yes or no on repealing parent consent and eliminating genetic privacy rights for every newborn citizen into the future.

Please contact your Minnesota State Representative: sen.firstname.lastname

Ask them to vote NO on Senate File 2047 (“Newborn Screening Modifications”).

Author: Sen. John Marty (D-Roseville).

Reasons to Oppose SF 2047 Include:

1) SHIFT OF CONTROL: This bill is not about newborn screening; it’s about what happens after newborn screening is done. It’s about who has primary control over every newborn’s DNA. Today parents have it. The bill shifts control to state government and the MN Department of Health, which will store and use it without consent.
2) REPEALS PARENT CONSENT: The bill repeals today’s informed written parent consent requirements for government storage, use, analysis, and sharing of Baby DNA (taken at birth for the state government’s newborn screening program). Government claims a right to every newborn citizens’ DNA at birth. This is a repeal of genetic privacy rights.
3) BURDEN ON PARENTS: The bill replaces today’s parent consent requirements with parent dissent (opt-out) options. Government has first dibs to Baby DNA taken at birth unless parent know it’s happening (studies show they don’t), know they can object, and take action to object through filing a government form. This places an undue burden on parents and violates parent rights and genetic privacy rights.
4) GENETIC RESEARCH PERMITTED: The bill allows Baby DNA to be dissected, analyzed and used for “newborn screening studies" and "test development” without parent consent – This is genetic research because newborn screening is considered the nation’s largest populationwide genetic testing program. A Univ. of Michigan study found almost 75% of parents opposed to research without parent consent.
5) ALLOWS GOVERNMENT SEQUENCING OF CHILD: Nothing prohibits the government or their contractors from fully sequencing the entire genome of the child as a part of newborn screening studies and test development. The complete genetic blueprint of the child could be detailed and placed in a government file. Already the federal government has provided 4 institutions $25 million to develop a genomic sequencing program for newborn screening.


9:00 a.m. – (live) Senate floor session
Special Orders:
S.F. 2608 (Saxhaug) Grand Rapids central school commission authority repeal
S.F. 2642 (Pappas) Lawful gambling clarifying, technical and conforming modifications
H.F. 2659 (Metzen) Threading services cosmetology licensing exemption
H.F. 2536 (Pappas) Women’s Economic Security Act
S.F. 2390 (Sieben) Elections administration provisions modifications and technical changes; special school district #6, South St. Paul; school district election districts dissolution
H.F. 2948 (Sparks) Economic development obsolete and redundant laws repeal
S.F. 2449 (Hawj) Omnibus lands bill
S.F. 2047 (Marty) Newborn screening program modification


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