Similarities to Jim Jones and the Cult of Climate Change

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Guest opinion by Arkady Bukh, Esq

The apocalypse of an alleged climate change shares many of Jones’ cult-like qualities.


Jim Jones, the People’s Temple leader, led over 900 persons to commit suicide 32 years ago. Jones was charismatic and knowledgeable of both Scriptures and human behavior.

After the mass murder/suicide and the murder of U.S. Congressman, Leo Ryan, Jones and his followers were on the news every day for weeks. Jones, who built his cult around a “doomsday” scenario — convinced his followers that the world was past due for an apocalyptic ending very soon.

The apocalypse of an alleged climate change shares many of Jones’ cult-like qualities.

There are other similar traits, but here are four:

1. Climate doomsayers believe they possess truths about the past, present and future and their truths cannot be disputed by anyone.

2. Doomsayers refuse to debate their belief. They call their dogma…

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Minnesota bonding bonanza keeps legislators on the go….

Spend, spend, spend….Because they can!! How? By taxing the hell out of everything they can…Is the DFL Parties guiding force in Minnesota!!

Water, sewers, roads, parks and other infrastructure projects dominate the spending requests. But Watchdog Minnesota Bureau also found tens of millions of dollars sought for amphitheaters, arts centers, a boat dock, ski lift, community centers and bike trails, among other pet projects.

Source: Minnesota bonding bonanza keeps legislators on the go..

The Wimpy and Spineless….

Are being produced by today’s education system. And parents whom allow it.

No backbones, easily upset and offended..

Because of this..

Another inanimate object mind you…

A ‘Symbol’..

Such as these three which I find offensive as hell.


‘If I have a Rebel Alliance wallpaper, am I gonna get reported to the Empire?’

These spineless little twits are our future?

We are so effed…

After a student filed a “bias report” accusing a student with a Confederate flag sticker on his laptop of racism, Framingham State University officials offered offended students counseling.

Source: College Offers Counseling For Confederate Flag ‘Victims’ …

I am going to my ‘safe space’ now, also known as my ‘gun room’…


Unwholesome Talk

Unwholesome Talk

November 27

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen" (Eph 4:29-30).

The way you interact with fellow employees at work can often determine whether you will be the leaven for Christ in your workplace or be viewed as one of the multitudes. Two defining situations in the workplace involve joke-telling and discussions about employees and bosses.

If we laugh at off-color jokes we give permission to the person telling the joke that it is OK to continue this activity in your presence. If we fail to laugh, we discourage this behavior. When someone is about to tell a joke in my presence, I stop them and ask, "Is this a clean joke? If not, I don’t want to hear it." This will define future situations with that person and it will get communicated to others in the office because of your response. You might become known as the religious person in your office, but that is OK.

The other situation that can define you is how your talk about management is in front of other employees. In a workplace it can easily become a "we" versus "them" culture. If this happens you violate Paul’s command to honor those who employ you. "Teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, to try to please them, not to talk back to them, and not to steal from them, but to show that they can be fully trusted, so that in every way they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive" (Titus 2:9-10).

"LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy hill? He whose walk is blameless and who does what is righteous, who speaks the truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue, who does his neighbor no wrong and casts no slur on his fellowman" (Ps 15:1-3).

Remember, you are always a witness at work, whether you use words or not

Choose your “cause”

Choose your "cause"
Matthew 6:24-34
"… seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (v.33, NKJV) Some people attempt to come into the Christian life at the level of self-control rather than at the level of love, and quickly discover that it does not work. I tried to come into Christianity this way. There was a time in my teens when I was greatly attracted to Christianity, but not willing to make the full surrender which it so clearly demands. Every day I would start out with the thought and purpose that I would do everything in my power to keep myself from sin — and every night I fell into bed feeling a failure. How could a diseased will heal a diseased soul?Then I surrendered my life to Christ and something wonderful happened — His love flowed into my heart and as I began to love Him, all lesser loves soon dropped away.

A university professor, writing on the subject of loyalty, says an interesting thing: "There is only one way to be an ethical individual and that is to choose your cause and then to serve it. This central loyalty to a cause puts other loyalties in their place as subordinate. Then life as a whole is coordinated because all lesser loyalties are subordinated."Translate his thinking into New Testament language and you find an interesting similarity. The "cause" we choose is Christ and His Kingdom, and when we seek them first, then all other things, including self-control, are added to us. This does not mean, of course, that once we become Christians we automatically become people of supreme self-control. We have the potential for that, but it becomes a reality only as we continually surrender and submit to Christ’s control.

O Father, I am so thankful that when I threw my will on Your side, You threw Your will on my side. I am controlled because I am under control. Amen.

For Further Study
1 Corinthians 9:19-27; Romans 8:13
1. What did Paul bring into subjection?
2. What was the danger if he failed to do so?

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." -Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged


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