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“The entire background check system is flawed.  Not only is it unconstitutional — and disarming many law-abiding citizens — it’s failing to keep guns out of criminals’ hands and is not keeping people safe.” — GOA’s Erich Pratt in USA Today, July 28

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Lucky-Gunner Update

Erich Pratt

A couple of weeks ago, GOA alerted you to the Lucky-Gunner giveaway, which will result in the Brady Campaign dishing out thousands of dollars to the top vote-getting gun groups.

We were fourteenth at the time, but now thanks to help from activists like yourself, we have been in and out of first place — currently residing in second.

If you haven’t voted yet, please take a moment to do so right now.  It will literally take you only a couple of seconds — and by doing so, you will be helping to multiply our lobbying efforts so we can keep wavering legislators in line!

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GOA in USA Today

After a recent spate of shootings — in Charleston, South Carolina; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Lafayette, Louisiana — USA Today asked Gun Owners of America to respond.

Many in the media and on Capitol Hill are calling for greater restrictions on firearms owners.  But GOA pointed out that current gun control restrictions are failing to stop bad guys from getting guns.

Not only that, the entire background check system is “flawed,” said GOA’s Erich Pratt to USA Today readers.  Not only is it denying guns to honest Americans, it’s “failing to keep guns out of criminals’ hands and is not keeping people safe.”

So what does prevent mass shootings from occurring?

Pratt cited the Florida pastor, who this past December, prevented a possible mass shooting — and saved the lives of several men, women and children — when he used his concealed firearm to incapacitate a shooter.

And he reminded readers of the many law-abiding citizens who halted mass shootings this year — in a Philadelphia barber shop in March; on a crowded Chicago street corner in April; or in a Youngstown, Ohio bar in June.

These are just a few of the many self-defense cases, Pratt said, where armed citizens have stopped massacres, and enabled others to stay safe.

Again, Gun Owners of America wants to thank you for your support of our lobbying efforts — and for helping us to stay on the Front Lines and in the Public Square, educating Americans on the importance of our Second Amendment rights.




One Sunday morning, the priest noticed little Alex standing in the foyer
of the church staring up at a large plaque. It was covered with names
with small American flags mounted on either side of it. The seven year
old had been staring at the plaque for some time, so The priest walked
up, stood beside the little boy, and said quietly, "Good morning Alex."
"Good morning Father," he replied, still focused on the plaque. "Father,
what is this?" he asked the priest. The priest said, "Well, son, it’s a
memorial to all the young men and women who died in the service."
Soberly, they just stood together, staring at the large plaque. Finally,
little Alex’s voice, barely audible and trembling with fear, asked,
"Which service, the 9:45 or the 11:15?"

Media BiASS: Daily Dose of Leftist Crap….

Networks Praise Obama’s ‘Scolding’ of Huckabee, GOP Field; Bashed Bush for Hitting Obama in ‘08

The “big three” networks of ABC, CBS and NBC gleefully promoted on Monday evening President Obama’s “scolding” of 2016 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee over his criticism of the Iran deal and his “scathing words” for the GOP field as candidates “are trying to out-trump [Donald] Trump.” Not surprisingly, the networks also sided with then-candidate Obama on May 15, 2008 when the same three networks chided then-President George W. Bush and fellow Republicans for a “two-pronged Republican attack” on Obama.

CBS Reporter: Clinton E-Mails Issue of ‘Trust’ Is With NY Times, Not Hillary

During an appearance on CBS This Morning: Saturday, reporter Paula Reid desperately urged viewers to not blame Hillary Clinton if a possible Department of Justice investigation reveals she sent classified State Department documents from her private e-mail server: "This particular issue really shouldn’t have any impact on Clinton. The issue of the e-mails has been out there for a long time. This is not a criminal matter. In fact, it’s far from it. If there are any questions about trust — trustworthiness it comes from the New York Times or the Department of Justice."

ABC’s Dowd: Republicans Shouldn’t ‘Go Overboard’ on Latest Hillary Clinton Scandal

According to ABC analyst Matthew Dowd, Republicans shouldn’t "go overboard" on news that Hillary Clinton sent classified information via e-mails from her private server. Dowd appeared on Good Morning America, Monday, to lecture: "If I were the Republicans, I would let that go. Part of the problem they have is if they go over board on it."

NYT’s Egan Finds Trump Inevitable ‘Monster’ of Racist, Vet-Smearing, Birther GOP

Timothy Egan, who wrote liberal screeds for the New York Times as a reporter before finding a more fitting habitat as one of the paper’s stable of left-wing anti-Republican columnists, piled on the GOP’s current presidential front-runner in "Trump Is the Poison His Party Concocted," in the paper’s Sunday Review. Egan suggested Trump is only the inevitable end result of toxic GOP racism and attacks on war heroes like….John Kerry?

David Brooks: ‘I’m for Doing All the Gun Control You Can Think of’

Appearing on Friday’s PBS NewsHour, New York Times columnist David Brooks reacted to the tragic shooting at a Louisiana movie theater last week by immediately calling for “doing all the gun control you can think of.”

NBC Cheers Longshot Transgender Candidate as ‘Campaign Trailblazer’

In the midst of a 2016 presidential race overflowing with candidates, Monday’s NBC Today instead decided to devote three minutes of air time to a Maryland congressional contender with little chance of even securing the Democratic Party’s nomination for the seat. Co-host Matt Lauer introduced the fawning segment: “Caitlyn Jenner getting a lot of attention right now, but she’s not the only transgender American breaking new ground.”

Minnesota Gun Owners PAC calls upon Governor Dayton to allow the Minnesota National Guard members the means of self-defense

Minnesota Gun Owners PAC calls upon Governor Dayton to allow the Minnesota National Guard members the means of self-defense….

“Following the attack on military facilities in Tennessee last week, it’s clear that our military servicemen and women are being targeted for attack here in the United States,” said Bryan Strawser, Executive Director, Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC). “It’s unconscionable that we do not allow them the means of self-defense while serving our state.”

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