Media BiASS: Only LIEberal Crap…

Labeling Overdose at the New York Times: Gabriel on ‘Hard-Right…Right-Wing…Christian Right….Social Conservatives’


Political reporter Trip Gabriel’s front-page report from the Iowa hustings in Thursday’s New York Times was, even by the paper’s standards, an amazingly dense thicket of ideologically loaded labeling, with the word “conservative” or “hard-line” or “right wing” cropping up in seemingly every sentence: “Conservatives Are Looking to Unite Behind an Alternative to Bush.” In all, the word “conservative” appeared a whopping 18 times in headlines and non-quoted material in Gabriel’s 1,200-word story — a total of 28 labels in all.

NBC and CBS Skip Democrat Label for Scandal-Plagued Jesse Jackson Jr.


NBC and CBS on Thursday failed to label the scandal-tarred Jesse Jackson Jr. as a Democrat. Instead of identifying his political party, Today co-host Savannah Guthrie carefully explained, “And former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. left an Alabama prison this morning, accompanied by his family.” She then noted that he would serve more time in a halfway house.

Shock: CBS Covers Own Poll on Declining Support for Hillary Clinton Following E-Mail Scandal


After the network morning and evening newscasts ignored a Reuters poll showing tumbling support for Hillary Clinton last week, the CBS Evening News bucked the trend and covered the results of its own poll that also found dwindling support for Clinton in light of recent scandals. While the program spent only 32 seconds on the results of the poll, anchor Scott Pelley was still able to highlight three key results from the poll that served as bad news for former Secretary of State Clinton as she’s expected to launch a presidential campaign in the near future.

Chris Matthews to Cruz: Don’t Question Patriotism…Like I Did


Liberal MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews on Wednesday fumed over what he saw as Ted Cruz questioning the patriotism of Democrats. This is despite the fact that the cable anchor has questioned the patriotism of people he doesn’t like. On Hardball, Matthews read a quote of the Republican Senator: “Understanding Harvard law school is very important to understanding our president,” Matthews quoted Cruz, citing how Cruz claimed that “there were more self-declared communists on the Harvard faculty that there were Republicans.”

ABC and CBS Continue to Omit That Soldier Died While Searching for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl


Following an announcement that Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl would be formally charged with desertion and endangering his fellow soldiers, on Thursday morning, ABC and CBS continued to omit the fact that at least one member of Bergdahl’s military unit died while searching for him in Afghanistan. In addition, the “big three” (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks once again ignored a June 2014 clip of National Security Advisor Susan Rice praising Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl as “serving with honor and distinction.”

MSNBC Guest: ‘Nothing Says, Let’s Go Kill Some Muslims, Like Country Music’


Yet again, MSNBC had to issue an on-air apology, after one of its left-wing guests on Wednesday made an outrageous statement. On Now With Alex Wagner,’s senior editor Jamilah Lemieux responded to Senator Ted Cruz’s statement about listening to country music after 9/11 by snarking, “Nothing says, let’s go kill some Muslims like country music….I mean, really? That’s absurd.”

Look Out! While Driving, ABC Reporter Warns Against Distracted Driving


Watch out for ABC journalists on the road! According to AAA, the most dangerous thing you can do while driving is to talk to another person in the car. Yet, that’s exactly what Nightline reporter Linzie Janis did while reporting on the new study. While barreling down the road, Janis talked to Robert Sinclair Jr. of AAA. He was in the passenger seat and the journalist drove.

Hearing the Voice of God-Even on the Job

Hearing the Voice of God-Even on the Job

March 27

"I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me. . . . My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me" (John 10:14,27).

Tom Fox is a successful financial investment manager who heads up a workplace ministry in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. He used to be troubled when he heard Christians say, "The Lord told me . . . " He certainly had never heard God speak to him like that. "What is different about those people and me?" he wondered. In the book of John, Tom had read that Jesus had said that His sheep hear His voice, but he didn’t understand how they could do that. His pursuit to answer that question began his quest to discover how to hear God’s voice himself.

Today, Tom realizes that God does speak and that we, as His children, can hear His voice. He has discovered how to hear God’s words of guidance in his daily life, which includes the day-to-day operations of his business, and he is teaching others how to hear God’s voice as well.

A friend of mine told me a story about an experience he had in Israel that demonstrates how sheep know their shepherd’s voice. He and his wife were visiting some of the famous biblical sites when they saw a group of shepherds and their flocks. They watched as three different shepherds put their sheep in the same pen for the night, and they wondered how in the world the shepherds would separate their sheep the next day, since none of them had any identifying marks on them.

My friend got up early the next morning to watch the shepherds gather their sheep. The first shepherd went over to the pen and called out to his sheep. One by one, his sheep (and only his sheep) filed out to follow him. The same thing happened with the other two shepherds. My friend said it was amazing to watch how only the shepherd’s sheep followed him while the others remained in the pen–and all because they recognized his voice. What a picture of Jesus’ words spoken centuries earlier.

Ask God to help you hear the voice of God–even on the job.

Victim – or victor?

Victim – or victor?
For reading & meditation – Ephesians 1:11-23
"’ the immeasurable greatness of his power in us who believe, according to the working of his great might ‘" (vv.19-20, RSV)

Permit me to ask you: What will the obstacles and opposition you meet do to you today? Will they make you bitter, or will they make you better? The last word is not with them, but with you. If your own concerns and interests are well and truly "dead", and you are committed to pursuing God’s purposes, then the issue is not so much what your circumstances will do to you, but what you will do to your circumstances. The Christian who understands this has the power to say to life – do your worst, I have the resources to take every negative and turn it into a positive. Nothing successfully opposes the believer whose life is hidden with Christ in God. Jesus once faced great opposition in His ministry: "They were filled with madness, and began to discuss with one another what they should do to Jesus" (Luke 6:11, Weymouth). Here was opposition in its most terrifying form. What did Jesus do? Listen again to the Weymouth translation: "About that time He went out ‘ into the hill country to pray" (v.12). Prayer, that powerful means of communicating with God and controlling, not so much the situation as the outcome of the situation, made Jesus, not a victim, but a victor. One of the major purposes of God seems to be that of producing character in His children. Not their ease, not their happiness – except as a by-product – but their character. And how is character produced? One way it is produced is through overcoming difficulties. So don’t groan at the obstacles and opposition that face you today – grow in them. They help to sharpen your character – and your wits!

Prayer: O God, forgive me that so often I cry to You for tasks equal to my powers. Help me to pray instead for power equal to my tasks. I ask this, not for my sake, but for Yours. Amen.

For Further Study
Romans 8:28-39; Revelation 1:5-6
1. What are we through Christ?
2. What should we be doing in life?

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