Media BiASSed:

Media Prematurely Dancing on Trump’s Political Grave


Donald Trump’s first year in office isn’t even half over but the liberal media is ready to bury it. Journalists went crazy over the James Comey dismissal with constant comparisons to Watergate.  CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin called it “A grotesque abuse of power…the kind of thing that goes on in non-democracies.” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews opined that the move had a “whiff of fascism.” His colleague Mika Brezezinski went as far as to declare the Trump administration “over.”

2CNN, MSNBC Still Obsess Over Trump Before Being Dragged into Covering Manchester


As the news was unfolding out of Manchester, England on Monday night with we now know was an act of radical Islamic terrorism, the 7:00 p.m. Eastern hours of CNN and MSNBC felt that it was more important to spoon-feed viewers the latest bombshell reports about President Trump and the intelligence community.

Priorities: ABC Worried About Potential ‘Anti-Islamic Backlash’ After Manchester Terror Attack


Twenty-two people are confirmed dead and dozens more injured, after a suicide bomber set off a bomb in a concert arena late Monday night in Manchester, England. Even more sickening is the fact that thousands of young children and teens were at this concert. Despite the horrific nature and impact, ABC was eager to downplay the motive behind the deadly attack. In fact, ABC was more worried about the perpetrators than the victims, warning that this could provoke an “anti-Islamic backlash” across Europe

MSNBC’s Tur and Obama Flack Fight Over Who Was Supposed to Smear Trump Before Election


On Tuesday, former CIA Director John Brennan appeared before a Senate committee to testify on what he knew of the allegations that members of Donald Trump’s campaign were in contact with the Russians. In Brennan’s statements, he explained how the investigation got started. For MSNBC’s spotty political historian, Katy Tur, this meant that someone in Obama administration was to blame for not leaking to the press so they could smear Trump before the election. But for one Obama lackey that blames rest on the media’s shoulders.

Partisan WashPost Editor Convicts Trump: This ‘Feels Like’ Watergate


The Washington Post’s executive editor has convicted Donald Trump. One would assume the only solution is impeachment. Appearing on CBS This Morning, Marty Baron touted the Post’s war against the President. He concluded, “When I was coming out of high school, there was Nixon and Watergate. And so, I wasn’t in the middle of that, obviously. But this feels like that in many ways.”

The View Defends Notre Dame Walkout as Patriotic; Compares Pence to KKK


Overly sensitive students at college campuses everywhere have learned that if you protest a conservative speaker on your campus, you will be lauded by the media as “brave” and “patriotic.” That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday’s The View, when the panel finally got around to discussing Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony last weekend, where a large group of students walked out during Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech to his alma mater.

Nets Fear ‘Deep Cuts’ in Trump Budget, Ignore Ballooning Debt


On Monday and Tuesday, the broadcast networks all read from the same liberal script as anchors and correspondents blasted the Trump administration’s proposed budget for making “deep cuts” to “social safety nets” that would be “especially cruel” to the poor. Not once was the nation’s nearly $20 trillion debt mentioned in any of the one-sided coverage.

Lie First, Lie Always: Green On Green …

I am done with the GOP.

Worthless shits..

Minnesota’s anti-gun orcs – “Protect” MN, Moms Want Action, and the ELCA – are claiming victory today; the legislative session has ended without two very useful Second Amendment bills even getting to the floor.

‘State’ rejects nothing when you have a small group of elected assholes politicians whom cave to loud, obnoxious, screaming and squealing from a small group of assholes anti gun witches..Whom use hysterics, never facts and logic to get their way…

I am going to the gun store dammit!!!

Source: Lie First, Lie Always: Green On Green | Shot in the Dark

Fostering the Right Environment

Fostering the Right Environment

May 24

“Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herd” (Prov 27:23).

Janice was a high level executive who required excellence and exceptional performance from those under her leadership. She was the general manager of a credit card unit when five of her 2,000 employees were found to have deliberately hidden $24 million in losses that she was accountable for. Her “no failure” policy brought great pressure upon her employees and she failed to recognize how this leadership style affected others. It discouraged employees from bringing problems to her. She was an intense perfectionist whom others saw as intimidating and confrontational. She was extremely opinionated. Her subordinates were fearful of reporting any bad news so they lied about it.

Do you feel like what you accomplish is never quite good enough? Do projects have to be just right? Do you feel you must give more than 100 percent on everything you do or else you will be mediocre or even a failure?

Perfectionism refers to a set of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors aimed at reaching excessively high unrealistic goals. Perfectionism is often mistakenly seen in our society as desirable or even necessary for success. However, studies show that perfectionist attitudes actually interfere with success. The desire to be perfect can both rob you of a sense of personal satisfaction and cause you and others to fail to achieve as much as people who have more realistic strivings. Janice lost her job over this situation but was later offered another chance to salvage one of the company’s smaller businesses. She realized that she needed to be much more understanding of people around her. She learned from her experience and succeeded in her next assignment with the company. The solution to becoming a transparent person is to get feedback from those around us. This is the only way we will avoid perfectionism. We must ask for the feedback and be willing to respond to input.

What would others say about your management style? Do you foster dialogue and encourage others to bring issues to your attention? Are you willing to work with your team to solve problems together?

A second look

May 24
A second look
For reading & meditation: John 12:20-36
“Jesus replied, The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.’ ” (v.23)

Having experienced the principle that life is always preceded by death, we return now to focus again on the incident which launched us into this study the coming of the Greeks to Jesus. I firmly believe that this incident has been greatly overlooked by Bible expositors and commentators. We usually take the text, “Sir, we would like to see Jesus” (v.21), and leave it at that. But this is one of the most momentous events in the life of our Lord – an event that is next in importance, in my judgement, to His temptation in the wilderness. In many ways, it was more subtle than the wilderness experience, for the wilderness represents the temptation that comes at the beginning of one’s ministry, while the coming of the Greeks represents the temptation that comes as one gets close to the end. It is often as one gets close to one’s goal that the temptation to compromise, or to take an easier way becomes more acute. Just as, in the desert, there was a pull to get Jesus to take another way, so here we see a similar situation. As I said at the beginning of our study, we cannot be at all sure that the Greeks arrived with the intention of enticing Christ to come to Athens, but it is significant that their arrival threw Him into a spiritual crisis. Assuming that to be so, the issue before Him was acceptance in Athens or rejection in Jerusalem. A philosopher’s chair, or a grisly cross. A similar issue confronts those of us who are His followers. Do we go the way of the cross, or do we go the way of the crowds?
Father, my mind is made up – I want to go Your way. Help me to come out clearly on Your side – for You and against everything that is against You. This I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
For further study:
1. What was Satan’s aim in tempting Jesus?
2. What did Christ accomplish through overcoming him?

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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