Republican Politicians are Sicker than We Thought.. and it Matters

Repuplikans. Worthless these days. Not as much as DemocRATs, but getting there….


I went to Spain to see european socialism up close. I returned home with new friends and a new appreciation for the freedoms we have in these United States of America. This trip also gave me a fresh perspective on our recent election. As a spanish businessman said when talking about the United States,

“It isn’t just the laws or the taxes; it is the freedom.”

The Republican leadership in Congress lost this election. Trump saved the economy for them, but that wasn’t enough. Team Ryan failed to deliver to the conservative base. If you protest, then please consider that we still have Obamacare, open borders, government funded abortion, and gun regulations that infringe on our rights. Ryan built that, and his inaction will sink the Republican Party for years. I don’t expect things to change even though the republicans remain in power for the next two months.

Maybe Speaker…

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